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Vol. III: Astro-Rayology
Table of Contents

Tapestry of the Gods
Volume III
by Michael D. Robbins

in progress

Interpretations of Famous People by Ray, Sign and Life Emphasis
With Explanations of All Astrological and Rayological Elements

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Mercury in Aries

Mercury in Aries or in Relation to Aries

Evolutionary Mantram of the Sign Aries:
“And the Word said: Let form again be sought”

Spiritual Mantram of the Sign Aries:
“I come fort
h, and from the plane of mind, I rule”

Quotations from Esoteric Astrology, relevant to the meaning of Mercury in relation to Aries.

1. Mercury in Aries—Involved in Harmonizing the Cosmos and the Individual:

Aries and Virgo, through Mercury and the Moon, are related to Ray 4. Harmonising the cosmos and the individual through conflict, producing unity and beauty. The birth pangs of the second birth. The Cosmic and Individual Christ” (EA 67)

2. Mercury in Relation to Aries—Setting the Jungles of Illusion on Fire:

“Through the lesser fire of mind, the ‘jungles of illusion are set on fire and dissolve in flames and then the Path stands clear and unobstructed vision is achieved’.”(Old Commentary) (EA 95)

3. Mercury in Relation to Aries—Purification Through Vision:

“This same purification [as in the case of Mars], but this time through vision, comes to the developed man through the activity of the subjective ruler of the planet, Mercury, who is the illuminating principle which releases the mind, directs the way of man through life and enables him to be aware of the divine Plan which underlies all his fiery experience.” (EA 96)

4. Mercury in Relation to Aries—Birth:

“At the same time, Aries is related to birth, through Mercury who rules Aries esoterically, and also Virgo, of which Mercury is the exoteric ruler.” (EA 98)

5. Mercury in Relation to Aries—Leads Aries to Virgo; Mercury and the Sun are One:

“Mercury and the Sun are one, we are frequently told in the occult literature. The Sun is the symbol of the Son of God, Who is the mediator between Father-Spirit and Mother-Matter. Mercury, therefore, leads Aries to Virgo (again speaking symbolically) where the idea or Word of God begins to take form, and consequently the latent life in Aries comes to the ‘crisis of the birth hour,’ prior to the birth of the Christ, cosmically considered, though the birth of the individual Christ takes place in Capricorn, at the close of the needed gestation period.” (EA 100)

6. Mercury in Aries—Related to the Birthplace of Divine Ideas:

“Aries, the ‘birthplace of divine Ideas,’ whether these ideas are souls brought into incarnation and controlled by Mars until they reach the point of reorientation and become sensitive to the influence of Mercury, or whether they are the birth of the ideas of God in the form of the hierarchical plans to which the initiate becomes sensitive.” (EA 102)

7. Mercury in Relation to Aries (and Gemini)—Will-to-Be in Form, and Will-to-be-Free of Form:

“The potencies of Gemini-Aries, instilled into our planetary life via Mercury, focus the energy of the conditioning will-to-be upon the Earth, producing initial beginnings as in incarnation, or initiation, or the start of organisation as well as organisms. It should be remembered that there is the will-to-be in form and the will-to-be free from form, but all these aspects of will are achieved through conflict and interplay of which energy both Gemini and Mercury are the eternal symbols.” (EA 358-359)

8. Mercury in Aries—with Gemini, Inciting to Trial Efforts and Beginnings:

“The influence of Mercury, as it relates Aries and Gemini to our Earth, establishes in time and space a unique situation, for it incites to trial efforts or initiates a series of beginnings in order to relate opposing forces and produce certain planned and definite effects upon our planet, thus influencing the kingdoms in nature or an individual soul-in-form. A conflict is thus initiated which leads finally to balance.” (EA 360)

9. Mercury in Relation to Aries—Leads into the Mysteries:

“2. Mercury is the expression of fourth ray energy and this is, as you know, peculiarly related to the fourth kingdom in nature, the human kingdom. It is the esoteric ruler of Aries (hence it ‘leads into the mysteries’)…” (EA 548-549)

10. Mercury in Relation to Aries—Bringing Illumination and Intuitive Understanding:

“… in the evolution of the will aspect, you have the influence of Mars and Mercury—the one bringing conflict and the death of the form and the other bringing illumination and the development of the intuition as a result of that conflict and death. New cycles of Being and of consciousness are initiated by conflict. Such seems as yet to be the law of life and the governing factor in evolution. If, however, the result of this initiating, energising will is to produce such beneficent effects of intuitive understanding and the activity of Mercury as the messenger of the Gods, it can be seen how truly through conflict the will-to-good can be wrought out.” (EA 619)


Specific Expression of Mercury in Aries

Mercury in Aries for the Average of Undeveloped Man
(As always, much will depend upon the ray of the mental vehicle)

1. Mercury in Aries—Love of novelty and new thoughts.

2. Mercury in Aries—Combative, argumentative, forceful mind.

3. Mercury in Aries—Chaotic, disjointed, discontinuous thinking.

4. Mercury in Aries—Hasty thinking, drawing overly rapid conclusions. Little patience for the development of thought.

5. Mercury in Aries—Inability to develop thought or carry it through—many beginnings and no endings.

6. Mercury in Aries—Undisciplined thought.

7. Mercury in Aries—Hot-headed.

Mercury in Aries for the Advanced Man
(As always, much will depend upon the ray of the mental vehicle)

1. Mercury in Aries—Rapid reaction to new ideas and the tendency to act upon them quickly.

2. Mercury in Aries—Great mental energy. The raging fire of mind is pronounced.

3. Mercury in Aries—Fertility and originality of thought.

4. Mercury in Aries—Daring mind, forcing the issues mentally.

5. Mercury in Aries—The mind which rejects that which is pre-established--rejecting thoughts which have gone before. Under this influence, the individual must “see for himself”.

6. Mercury in Aries—The power of debate.

7. Mercury in Aries—Mental insistence.

Mercury in Aries for the Disciple or Initiate
(The usual exoteric and psychological interpretations are purposely not here emphasized).

1. Mercury in Aries—The kind of mind that discovers new Archetypes, (i.e., those which are on the point of revelation). It is a mind open to that which is as yet unrevealed. Shedding the light of the Archetypes, especially of the “Idea whose time has come”.

2. Mercury in Aries—The bringer of ‘New Light’ via the intuition.

3. Mercury in Aries—Soul messages arrive with a ‘blast’, augmenting the conflict between soul and personality. A vigorous, interactive soul/personality dialogue. Sharp and ‘argumentative’ exchanges between soul and personality providing creative ferment and possible mental stress.

4. Mercury in Aries—The pioneering, *demanding* mind, penetrating into the formless worlds by the force of will.

5. Mercury in Aries—Willful and assertive ‘bridging’. Bridging with strenuous effort, ‘throwing or ‘hurling’ strands of substance across the “gap in consciousness” during the *Projection* phase in the building of the Antahkarana.

6. Mercury in Aries—Mentally, “taking the Kingdom of Heaven by storm”.

7. Mercury in Aries—The intuition which reveals the Will and Plan of God. The mind is unusually responsive to the Will Aspect.

8. Mercury in Aries—Mental fertility, and the pouring forth of creative ideation. The creation and propelling of “seed ideas”.

9. Mercury in Aries—Soul messages are authoritative.

10. Mercury in Aries—The soul/personality conflict (brought about by increased soul/personality communication) centers upon whether the personality is willing to live according to the new archetypes which the intuition reveals.

11. Mercury in Aries—A mind useful in discovering ‘First Principles’, ‘Causative Principles’.

12. Mercury in Aries—A mind conducive to the achievement of mental synthesis.

13. Mercury in Aries—The tendency to think in and respond to ‘mental fiats’, commands. “I come forth and from the plane of mind I rule”.

14. Mercury in Aries—A mind contributing to the willful regulation and suppression of the emotional, and physical-etheric vehicles.

15. Mercury in Aries—A mind given to thinking in terms of absolutes. (Of course this will vary with the nature of the mental ray).

16. Mercury in Aries—A mind particularly responsive to the *power aspect* of ideas.

17. Mercury in Aries—A mind (at a certain point in evolution) characterized by the ‘Will to Identification’, determined to weld subject/object into a sameness. (The higher mind of India is, I think, qualified by Aries).

Some Examples of Individuals with Mercury in Aries

Rene Descartes, brilliant R3Soul philosopher and mathematician (“I think therefore, I am”) had Mercury in the 30th degree of Aries (about 29.5).

Albert Einstein (March, 14, 1979, time may be slightly disputed) had Mercury in 3+. Immanuel Kant, Apr 22,1 1724, R3 Philosopher (Mercury 21+ Aries).

Individuals with Mercury in Aries

Hans Christian Andersen
Karl Barth
Lucrezia Borgia
Johannes Brahms
Marlon Brando
John Brown
William Jennings Bryan
Sir Richard Burton
Leo Buscaglia
Catherine the Great
Teilhard de Chardin
Rene Descartes
Albert Einstein
Elizabeth II
Eric Fromm
Vincent van Gogh
Francisco Goya
Ulysses S. Grant
Franz Joseph Haydn
Adolf Hitler
Henry James
Immanuel Kant
Joseph Lister
Guglielmo Marconi
J. Pierpont Morgan
Modest Moussorgsky
Florence Nightingale
Eva Peron
Wilhelm Rontgen
William Shakespeare
Algernon Swinburne
Rabindranath Tagore
Arturo Toscanini
Leonardo da Vinci
Wilbur Wright

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