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Vol. III: Astro-Rayology
Table of Contents

Tapestry of the Gods
Volume III
by Michael D. Robbins

in progress

Interpretations of Famous People by Ray, Sign and Life Emphasis
With Explanations of All Astrological and Rayological Elements

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Mercury in Aquarius

Mercury in Aquarius or Mercury in Relation to Aquarius

Evolutionary Mantram of the Sign Aquarius
“And the Word said: Let desire in form be ruler”.

Spiritual Mantram of the Sign Aquarius:
“Water of life am I poured forth for thirsty men”.

Quotations from Esoteric Astrology, relevant to the meaning of Mercury in relation to Aquarius.

Scorpio and Aquarius are also in a peculiar relation to each other through the planet Mercury which governs the human family (being the hierarchical planet in Scorpio). (EA 218)


Specific Expression of Mercury in Aquarius

Mercury in Aquarius for the Average of Undeveloped Man
(As always, much will depend upon the ray of the mental vehicle and the aspects to Mercury)

1. Mercury in Aquarius—Wanting to know what “everybody else thinks”; thinking as the group thinks; thought confined within group thought.

2. Mercury in Aquarius—Scattered, erratic thinking; multiple interests. “Let desire in form be ruler.”

3. Mercury in Aquarius—Initially, a superficial mind with little sense of relating to a center of identity.

4. Mercury in Aquarius—A mind swept by new ‘fads’; because it may be possible (given even the flimsiest of evidence) it is accepted, uncritically, as true.

5. Mercury in Aquarius—A mind which serves the desire to be “all things to all men”.

6. Mercury in Aquarius—A mind subject to elevations and depressions according to mood.

7. Mercury in Aquarius—Eccentric thinking, misguided, or, at least, thinking about things a “little differently”. Wrong-headedness. The thoughts of a “crank”.

8. Mercury in Aquarius—Anti-historical thinking; thought which disregards precedent.

9. Mercury in Aquarius—The tendency to believe insubstantial possibilities rather than what is established, tried and true.

10. Mercury in Aquarius—Aloof in one’s thought processes (quite different from the early phases of group mind which also apply).

11. Mercury in Aquarius—The deviant mind; deviations in sexuality arise in the mind.

12. Mercury in Aquarius—A mind which “misses the point” because it is eccentric.

13. Mercury in Aquarius—Thinking about the future—and about the future fulfillment of one’s hopes and wishes.

Mercury in Aquarius for the Advanced Man
(As always, much will depend upon the ray of the mental vehicle and the aspects to Mercury)

1. Mercury in Aquarius—Mental detachment

2. Mercury in Aquarius—Strong power of observation; keen in the observation of other human beings.

3. Mercury in Aquarius—Scientific thought

4. Mercury in Aquarius—Progressive, futuristic thinking; thought “ahead of one’s time”

5. Mercury in Aquarius—Idealistic thought.

6. Mercury in Aquarius—Original and inventive thinking. Marked capacity to conceive of original and inventive solutions; “thinking outside of the box”. Thus, always finding a way out (note square to Taurus, which often gets stuck).

7. Mercury in Aquarius—A mind conducive to the revelation of genius.

8. Mercury in Aquarius—Capacity to distribute thought far and wide. Broadcasting.

9. Mercury in Aquarius—Systemic thinking.

10. Mercury in Aquarius—Ecological thinking.

11. Mercury in Aquarius—Thoughts about the welfare of society.

12. Mercury in Aquarius—Method of induction preferred rather than deduction. A method here might be described as: keep observing and keep the concept ‘fuzzy’; give time for induction to work.

13. Mercury in Aquarius—Thought which is prone to experimentation, to trial and error.

14. Mercury in Aquarius—A mind contributing to the overthrow of paradigms.

15. Mercury in Aquarius—Because Aquarius is a fixed air sign, perhaps “idée fixe” is an issue.

16. Mercury in Aquarius—A mind good for astrology. Mercury in this sign has power to relate all the many points in Aquarius. Using the speed of light/lightning. All the many points in a chart have to be seen “all at once”—using mind and reason.

17. Mercury in Aquarius—A mind capable of following cycles of many kinds—for instance social and financial.

Mercury in Aquarius for the Disciple or Initiate
(The usual exoteric and psychological interpretations are purposely not here emphasized).

1. Mercury in Aquarius—The light of the “universal mind”.

2. Mercury in Aquarius—Shedding abroad [as Mercury does] “The Light that shines on Earth, across the sea. This is the light which ever shines within the dark and cleansing with its healing rays that which must be purified until the dark has gone”. We are here discussing a *light* as it is associated with Aquarius. With Mercury in this sign there would be a mental understanding of this light, and a capacity to distribute this light through the power of thought.

3. Mercury in Aquarius—Shedding the light of the group soul; conveying illumination from the ashramic group; illumination which conveys the multiple benefits of the group to which the soul is related; i.e., tapping with relative ease the ashramic mind.

4. Mercury in Aquarius—The power of mental telepathy, of both the vertical and horizontal kind.

5. Mercury in Aquarius—The capacity to tap the “psychic gift waves”; definite capacity to access the “Raincloud of Knowable Things”.

6. Mercury in Aquarius—Thought realized as a definite act of service to the group.

7. Mercury in Aquarius—Intuitions with definite group applications.

8. Mercury in Aquarius—To think in accordance with and to speak for the Ashram and the group.

9. Mercury in Aquarius—Progressive, futuristic mind.

10. Mercury in Aquarius—Unusual capacity for mental synthesis.

11. Mercury in Aquarius—Mind with a grasp upon simultaneity (conferred by Uranus); thus, could we imagine the capacity to think in terms of the “Eternal Now”?

12. Mercury in Aquarius—Since Mercury is associated powerfully with the number five (cf. TCF, p. 373), and since Aquarius is a major distributor of R5 energy, this combination could strongly convey fifth ray capacity.

13. Mercury in Aquarius—Distinct capacity to influence the etheric body (ruled in part by Aquarius) through the power of thought. Enhancing etheric radiation through the power of thought.

14. Mercury in Aquarius—The mind as an instrument of service in subtle healing.

15. Mercury in Aquarius—Mind distinctly capable of studying human nature.

16. Mercury in Aquarius—Strong relation to the “synthesis tier of petals” in the causal body. Relation to the unfoldment of the synthesizing knowledge petal, but, perhaps, also, to the synthesizing love petal.

17. Mercury in Aquarius—Capacity to fathom the depths of matter through the power of thought. (The lowest of the twelve Creative Hierarchies is ruled by Aquarius).

18. Mercury in Aquarius—The use in service of the constructed antahkarana. For the advanced individual with Mercury in Aquarius, “Mercury and the Sun are One”. “Life More Abundantly” pours ‘down’ across the “Bridge of Light”.

19. Mercury in Aquarius—Intelligent distribution of the contents of the ‘causal treasury’.

20. Mercury in Aquarius—In synthesis, the capacity to access the united thought of all seven Ashrams. Aquarius is associated with the entire spectrum of color, considered as a whole; i.e., with the “coat of many colors”.

21. Mercury in Aquarius—Thinking and speaking in the ‘universal language’, common to all human beings.

22. Mercury in Aquarius—The soul/personality dialogue focuses upon whether the personality is fit to accept the ‘abundant riches’ in possession of the soul. Can the personality become the “overflowing cup”, receiving a steady stream of abundance from the soul?

23. Mercury in Aquarius—The soul/personality conflict generated by increased soul/personality communication centers upon the issue of how the personality may think with living, panoramic mind.

24. Mercury in Aquarius—The messages carried from soul to personality have an inclusive and highly impersonal note. Thought from an encompassing perspective militates against the taint of personalism.

25. Mercury in Aquarius— ‘Lightning-like’ intuitions; the carrier of ‘charged’ thoughtforms; the conveyer of ‘mental electricity’.

26. Mercury in Aquarius—The mind which thinks and speaks the ‘archetype’; hence, highly ‘original’ mind in the sense that an ‘original mind’ accesses the archetypal source.

27. Mercury in Aquarius—Thoughtforms have distinct ‘fixity’; also, they are pervaded by the power of ‘solution’.

28. Mercury in Aquarius—Omni-directional mind, capable of thinking and ‘seeing’ with the multiple perspectives of the group.

29. Mercury in Aquarius—Cognizant of the many and can see them as a oneness.


Individuals with Mercury in Aquarius

Susan B. Anthony
Sir Francis Bacon
Cyrano de Bergerac
Rosa Bonheur
Luther Burbank
Frederick Chopin
Thomas Alva Edison
Benjamin Franklin
Michael Gorbachev
Jacob Grimm
George Frederic Handel
Martin Luther King
Christopher Marlowe
Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy
Sir Thomas More
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Samuel Pepys
Norman Rockwell
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Gioacchino Rossini
Franz Schubert
Konstantin Stanislavsky
Jules Verne
Andreas Vesalius
Swami Vivekananda
George Washington
Oprah Winfrey

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