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Vol. III: Astro-Rayology
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Tapestry of the Gods
Volume III
by Michael D. Robbins

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Interpretations of Famous People by Ray, Sign and Life Emphasis
With Explanations of All Astrological and Rayological Elements

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Mars in Virgo

Mars in Virgo or Mars in Relation to Virgo

(from Esoteric Astrology)

Mars in Relation to Virgo Stimulates a “Quickening”

“The power of Mars is lessened in Libra; this is the sign of interlude and Mars is temporarily quiescent, prior to gathering his forces for a renewed effort in Scorpio or for the ‘quickening’ of the spiritual life in Virgo, according to which way the wheel is turning for the man. (EA 250)

Specific Expressions of Mars in Virgo

1. In Relation to the Dense Physical Vehicle:
Under this combination the physical body is committed or dedicated to labor—to focussed work with physical substance. Mars and Virgo both either transmit or are associated with the third and sixth rays, and these two rays focus energy upon the material plane. The body is used skillfully and kept “in good working order” through strenuous work or strenuous exercise. “Blood rushes” to the area of the small intestines; this reflects the stimulation of the solar plexus center and various associated minor centers in the abdominal area. In relation to the body there is an emphasis placed upon optimizing physical energy through right assimilation, promoted through right selection of foods. Strenuous physical disciplines (in relation to food, exercise, schedule, etc.) are used to optimize physical functioning.

2. Mars (in Virgo) in Relation to the Etheric Vehicle:
This combination is focused on keeping the etheric body magnetically pure and clean. There is an emphasis on promoting etheric functioning through the cleansing effects of environal selectivity. Pure food, pure air, pure surroundings, right exercise, etc., are used to eliminate etheric obstructions, congestions and deficiencies. If “cleanliness is next to Godliness”, the Godliness thought is experienced when impurities no longer clog or reduce the functioning of the etheric system.

3. Mars (in Virgo) in Relation to the Astral Vehicle:
The influence of Mars is always in danger of stimulating fanaticism—which is desire focussed so excessively that the resultant disproportionate emphasis is destructive to the field in which the desire is focussed. Mars in Virgo gives a double sixth ray, and both these influences are capable of narrow and exclusive focussing. Together, they can influence the astral body towards a condition of militant intolerance, and a rejection of many impacting energies and forces—coming from persons, places and things. At best, the strong desire for purity and perfection can cleanse the astral magnetism, preventing its attachment to sub-standard objects of desire. This, at length, will have an elevating effect, reorienting desire towards aspiration.

4. Mars (in Virgo) in Relation to the Concrete Mind:
Mars in Virgo enhances the critical and analytical qualities of the lower mind. Mars is sharp and Virgo, discriminating. Sharp discrimination is the result. The real purpose this faculty is to reject all thought which does not contribute to the birthing of the “Mind that is in Christ”, but at first, a mercilessly critical attitude may emerge. This desire for right selection is not pursued dispassionately. The influence of Mars upon the mental field will rarely if ever be dispassionate, because Mars is the planet of passion. The Tibetan has compared the loveless mind to a rapidly revolving wheel which spins off all who would approach. “Mind repels by a powerful, strong vibration, casting off all that is contacted, as a wheel casts off all that hinders its whirling periphery.” (TWM 81)

Mars in Virgo can contribute to such a condition, and must be brought under the influence of soul love. Then will the soul have a mental instrument which is devoted to achieving perfection in the field of matter, but which refuses to violate the Law of Love in doing so. At last there eventuates what might be called a ‘perfectionistic devotion to the Reappearance of the Christ in the field of matter’.

5. Mars (in Virgo) in Relation to the Personality as a Whole:
With respect to the personality, Mars in Virgo can function very materialistically, at first. The early mantram for Virgo—”Let matter reign”—blends with the sensory, materialistic bias of Mars, to produce much focussed activity within the material/sensory sphere—the three lower worlds of human evolution. Virgo represents the material environment and the many orders of lower devic life which have built it under higher direction. Mars (aided by Vulcan) exerts power upon these lower forces—cutting, moving, removing, re-arranging, building, tearing down, etc.. This is one of the influences representing man’s conquest (Mars) of Nature (Virgo). In this earlier phase, Mars is the servant of the third aspect with which Virgo is so much associated. (EA 194, 280) This combination contributes a line of vigorous, intelligent energy to the overall presentation of personality—a personality “not afraid [Mars]of work [Virgo]”.

6. Mars (in Virgo) in Relation to Glamor:
The glamors associated with Mars in Virgo arise from a preoccupation with “doing things right physically”. (cf. R&I 126) How often the perfect kills the good! The desire to be perfect can kill that which is slowly rising, through ever lessening states of imperfection, towards the Good. In relation to this combination, the Old Commentary’s sound advice to those upon the sixth ray holds good: “Love more your fellow men.” (EP II 372) Perfection is for the Christ; thus, Christ-like methods must be used to achieve it.

7. Mars (in Virgo) in Relation to Necessary Transmutations:
This combination is particularly adept at so applying the “Frictional Fires” within the field of matter, that sufficient heat arises to create a transmutative burning ground. Mars in Scorpio is similar and even more drastic. Mars in Virgo gives us friction in the service of material refinement—fire (Mars) applied to the qualitative perfecting (Virgo) of matter. The endless material disciplines of Mars in Virgo are, precisely, transmutative.

8. Mars (in Virgo) in Relation to Sex:
There is with this combination, perhaps, less passion and complete giving of the self, because the discipline of selectivity is at work. The emphasis, as we have seen, is upon “doing things right, physically”, and this may apply to the sexual field, with a possible emphasis upon technique resulting. This would lead to a degree of emotion detachment during the act itself.

An entirely different response is also possible—militant (Mars) celibacy (Virgo). The desire to purify the entire area of sexuality may lead to non-participation. This is a drastic solution, but Mars in Virgo is given to fanaticism along various lines. If one looks at the history of Christianity (a Scorpionic religion, the Tibetan informs us), its horoscope could well have the Sun in Scorpio with the ruling planet Mars, placed in chaste Virgo. Pisces, then, would be the Ascendant.

The relation to birth must also be considered, because Mars is the planet of “birth” and “generation” (“Mars was the Lord of birth, of death, of generation and destruction.” {EA 661}), and because Virgo is ever associated with preparation for birth. A responsibility to “be fruitful and multiply” may result—as it has among many connected with the Catholic Church, and with the nationals of those countries, and the adherents of those religions which place a premium upon procreation. The two other lunar signs (Taurus and Cancer) are also involved in this urge towards procreation, and Mars in Taurus and Mars in Cancer must necessarily be involved.

9. Mars (in Virgo) in Relation to the Management and Expenditure of Energy:
Mars in Cancer was retentive and economical. Mars in Virgo is both of these, and both selective and skillful in the Management and Expenditure of energy as well. The Virgoan emphasis upon technique ensures that Martian energy is properly channeled, with right proportion in its application, so that it will do the most good. Mars in Capricorn has similar possibilities, which are even more powerful. In all questions of work, economy and efficiency are every considered important. Mars in Virgo is an inherently practical combination, giving the possibility of technical mastery of energy upon the physical plane.

10. Mars (in Virgo) in Relation to Courage:
This may not be one of the most overtly courageous combinations, but it is intelligent. David slew Goliath through bravery, yes, but through intelligence especially. The exoterically Mercurial signs modify bravery with intelligence. Ulysses had both—courage and shrewd intelligence in the service of that courage. Those who handle artillery (often under the fifth ray) may not be in the front lines (where one must be ready to confront the terror of hand-to-hand combat), but the effect of their ballistic skill can be decisive in the outcome of the war.

Similarly as in the case of Mars in Cancer, devotion (in this case, the double sixth ray) can augment daring. For those who are sufficiently advanced, a self-sacrificing loyalty is also probable, and this, with devotion, can bring about a willingness to confront very dangerous situations.

11. Mars (in Virgo) in Relation to Aspiration:
Aspiration is keen, and focussed, under this combination—though naturally, with less “fire” than when Mars is placed in any of the three fire signs. Mars in Virgo gives a double sixth ray which strengthens the aspirational tendencies. Characteristically, aspiration is towards states of purity which the aspiring one seeks to see materialize within the field of matter. Mars in Virgo (an earth sign) can produce the “practical mystic”, capable of working, in this world for a better world reflective of a higher world.

12. Mars (in Virgo) in Relation to Idealism:
The combination is potentially very idealistic, especially once materialistic selfishness has been overcome. As suggested, the idealism inclines to be a practical idealism, including the presence of a transmuted, transformed and transfigured material base.

13. Mars (in Virgo) in Relation to Life’s Battlefield and the Readiness and Willingness to Fight:
There is no great tendency or willingness to fight, but those under this combination will certainly do so in response to the call of duty. Dedication, devotion and loyalty will also stimulate the will, dutifully, to fight—in the early days to protect one’s children and dependents (for Virgo is very much the sign of Motherhood), and later to protect an ideal which one cherishes.

14. Mars (in Virgo) in Relation to the Nature of Personality Rebellion against the Soul:
Mars , in the ‘atmosphere’ of Virgo, can so stir up involvement with matter and form, directing so much energy and attention towards material enterprise and material improvement, that it becomes difficult to arouse any interest in cultivating the light, love and life of the soul. The personality rebels through preoccupation with matter. The “trees” are visible; the “forest” (the wider, higher life) is lost to sight. So many apparently ‘real’ things (i.e., material things) are desired, that one has no time for the ‘unreal’ things (the intangibilities) of the higher worlds. With respect to soul values and soul realities, the earth signs (especially when stimulated by worldly Mars) often express a rejecting energy. They are so busy doing what apparently has to be done, that they have to time for subtle things.

15. Mars (in Virgo) in Relation to Personality Cooperation with the Soul:
Later upon the reversed wheel, heights of devotion can be achieved and great “labors of love”. No chore is too difficult or too tedious for the personality to undertake if it means mobilizing for the soul. Mars in Virgo is a hard (Mars) worker (Virgo), who believes that love and work are one and the same. This combination is well suited to the life of discipleship, which unlike the life of the aspirant, is committed to hard work in service of a higher ideal or idea. The Mars in Virgo combination shows that the personality (Mars) is definitely under the training (Virgo) of the disciplining, nurturing soul (Virgo) and there is a “quickening” of soul life. (EA 250)

Add the Saturn influence and you have the perfect prescription for ‘spiritual domestication’. The labors and discomforts are only preparatory to entry into a higher kingdom of nature (the Fifth Kingdom of Souls). Without such training, the applicant would be unfit for the higher worlds. Add the Virgoan Vulcan influence to Mars in Virgo, and it can readily be seen how this combination helps the personality “shape up” for a higher living.

Miscellaneous Meanings of Mars in Virgo

1. The quickening of the Christ Life
2. Pressing towards the “birth of the Christ”
3. The labors of discipleship
4. Zeal towards perfectionism
5. Keen discrimination and analysis
6. Striving for material excellence
7. Practicality
8. Pruning
9. Purges
10. Exercise, intensive training; the form is subject to great exertions
11. Material acuity; refinement, polishing
12. Exercise, intensive training
13. Work in matter; labor; hard labor
14. Separativeness; discordant sectarianism
15. Matter reigns
16. ‘Amazonism’
17. Desire only for the realm in which matter reigns
18. Harsh criticism
19. The military
20. The Army of the Voice
21. The work of Enzymes; catalysis

Individuals with Mars in Virgo

Elias Ashmole
Karl Barth
Clara Barton
Augustus Caesar
Fidel Castro
Paul Cezanne
Princess Diana
Amelia Earhart
Richard P. Feynman
Francis of Assisi
Indira Gandhi
Giuseppe Maria Garibaldi
Martin Heidegger
Henry V
Henry VIII
Charlton Heston
Ivan the Terrible
Chiang Kai-Shek
Joan of Arc
Lyndon Johnson
John Keats
Robert E. Lee
William Lilly
Amadeo Modigliani
Modest Moussorgsky
Bonaparte Napoleon
Friedrich Nietzsche
George Patton
Emily Post
Auguste Rodin
Carl Sagan
Walter Scott
Upton Sinclair
Mother Teresa
Ralph Vaughn Williams


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