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Vol. III: Astro-Rayology
Table of Contents

Tapestry of the Gods
Volume III
by Michael D. Robbins

in progress

Interpretations of Famous People by Ray, Sign and Life Emphasis
With Explanations of All Astrological and Rayological Elements

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Mars in Scorpio

Mars in Scorpio or Mars in Relation to Scorpio

(from Esoteric Astrology)

1. Mars in Relation to Renewed Effort in Scorpio:

“The power of Mars is lessened in Libra; this is the sign of interlude and Mars is temporarily quiescent, prior to gathering his forces for a renewed effort in Scorpio or for the ‘quickening’ of the spiritual life in Virgo, according to which way the wheel is turning for the man.” (EA 250)

2. Mars Dominant in the Tests and Trials of Scorpio:

“Mars is the dominating factor in the tests and trials of the disciple, prior to the experience in Sagittarius and the initiation in Capricorn...” (EA 209)

3. Mars Brings a Point of Climax in Scorpio:

“In Scorpio, the result of all the struggles carried forward during the seemingly endless pilgrimage around the zodiac or wheel of life is brought to a point of climax, again through the activity of Mars....The disciple has now to demonstrate the strength, character and quality which he has unfolded and developed within himself during his long pilgrimage.” (EA 210)

4. Through Mars, the “War is On” in Scorpio, with Mars Ruling the Entire Personality:

“In Scorpio, with this same planet ruling his interior life, the war is on and in this case Mars rules not only the physical body but the entire form vehicle, which we call the personality in the three worlds. All aspects of the lower nature are involved in this crisis, for Mars is the esoteric ruler in Scorpio and the tests applied involve the form nature—gross and subtle, integrated and potent.” (EA 210)

5. Mars Energizing a Great Revelation in Scorpio:

“The effect of Mars is, therefore, largely mass effect and group results, producing great struggles but leading finally to great revelation…in Scorpio, it is the revelation of the vision of liberation and service;...” (EA 210-211)

6. Mars in Scorpio Promotes the Last Ditch Stand of the Personality Against the Soul:

“It will be obvious to the tests in Scorpio and the activity of Mars are potent to arouse the entire lower nature and bring about its final rebellion and the last stand, so to speak, of the personality against the soul. It is Mars who brings the world Arjuna into the active fight. The whole man is then engaged and the ‘quarrel of the sexes’ is resolved in its highest aspect through the battle between the highly developed personality or form nature and the soul which seeks to be the ultimate controlling factor.” (EA 211-212)

7. Through Mars, the Hydra Opposes the Disciple:

“The colour assigned to Mars is, as you know, red and this is a correspondence to the colour of the blood stream and hence also the association of Mars with passion, with anger and a sense of general opposition.” (EA 212)

8. Mars in Relation to the Conflicted, Dualistic Experience in Scorpio:

“The sense of duality is exceedingly powerful. Hence also the necessity for the entire life of man (for the blood is the life in this sense) to be swung into the conflict, leaving no side of human nature uninvolved; hence again the need for the disciple to carry his physical nature, his emotional or desire nature and his mental processes up into heaven. This takes place as a consequence of overcoming the ‘serpent of evil’ (the form nature with its promptings and demands) by the means of the ‘serpent of wisdom,’ which is the esoteric name oft given to the soul.” (EA 212)

9. Christianity is a Martian Religion under Scorpio:

“In connection with the symbolic connection between Mars and the blood, producing the resultant conflict between life and death (for Scorpio is one of the signs of death), it is interesting to note that Christianity is governed by Mars. One is apt to recognise with ease that the sixth ray, working through Mars, rules Christianity. It is a religion of devotion, fanaticism, of high courage, of idealism, of the spiritual emphasis upon the individual and his worth and problem, of conflict and of death.” (EA 212)

10. The Martian and Scorpionic Blood and Death Theme within Christianity:

“The blood theme and the death theme, the suffering and the dire testing of the disciple, the value of the individual conflict and the consciousness of the misery of existence are basically due to the combined influences of Scorpio and of Mars which have ruled Christianity for so long and which are only now beginning somewhat to lose their influence.” (EA 213-214).

11. Martian and Scorpionic Characteristics of Christian Nations:

“... Christian nations yet swept by hate, ruled by fear and at the same time by idealism, governed by a fanatical adherence to their national destiny and ‘out for blood’.” (EA 215)

12. The Path of the Individual Disciple is Conditioned by Mars:

“All these are sixth ray characteristics, emphasised by Scorpio and conditioned by Mars which ever rules the path of the individual disciple, and today the world disciple, humanity as a whole, stands at the very portal of the Path. The entire west is at this time under Martian influence but this will end during the next five years.” (EA 215)

13. Both Alan Leo and Sepharial give Mars as the ruler of the first decanate of Scorpio. (cf. EA 226)

14. Mars rules the first decanate of Scorpio, if Scorpio is partitioned among the members of the Water Triplicity. Scorpio, exoterically ruled by Mars, would then correspond to the first decanate.

Specific Expressions of Mars in Scorpio

1. Mars (in Scorpio) in Relation to the Dense Physical Vehicle:
Mars in Scorpio strengthens the dense physical vehicle. Mars rules this vehicle, (EA 210) and in Scorpio, the power of Mars is magnified. The muscles are strong, and endurance is increased. The blood responds powerfully to desire, The “fight or flight” mechanism is significantly activated—but there is far more fight than flight. Blood rushes to the genital areas which Scorpio rules. Under this influence there is passion and aggression to satisfy passion—especially in early days upon the Mutable Cross. Even upon the Fixed Cross, the body must be strong to fight the psychological war which inevitably rages, otherwise it will collapse under the rending and tearing process.

2. Mars (in Scorpio) in Relation to the Etheric Vehicle:
The vitality is increased; the “warrior” needs vitality in abundance. But because Scorpio is also the sign of de-vitalization and vampirism (theft of the vitality of others, or theft by one aspect of the energy system from another aspect), emotional strain, tension, and warfare may drain the energy of the etheric body. One can awaken from a night of warfare upon the astral plane in a totally devitalized condition. Therefore, the key to vitality within the etheric system is the degree to which powerful emotions are transmuted within the body of desire; emotional conflict takes energy.

Will is strong in this sign. Mars is a planet of will, and Scorpio is Hercules’ sign (Hercules—the human embodiment of will). Energy can be concentrated powerfully through whichever chakras are utilized, and perhaps overly concentrated, causing stress, irritation and inflammation. Advanced disciples must guard against the “fiery sickness”, which may come with the premature release of the internal fires related to kundalini. This is also true in relation to the other fire signs—especially Aries, which is given to conflagrations.

3. Mars (in Scorpio) in Relation to the Astral Vehicle:
Mars in Scorpio intensifies everything about the astral vehicle. Mars is the planet of the sixth ray. The astral plane is the sixth plane. Scorpio (a water sign ruled by Mars and Pluto) is related directly to the astral plane (and both Mars and Pluto to the solar plexus center which governs this plane, as well as the principle of Kama or desire). (cf. EA 78, 517) This is the combination which most directly relates to the nature and power of the desire body. In addition, Scorpio is the sign most related, archetypally, to the second initiation, during the process of which the formidable desire nature is subdued.

“In Scorpio—In this sign, the disciple undergoes those tests which will enable him to take the second initiation and demonstrate that the desire nature is subdued and conquered and that the lower nature is (by being lifted up in the air, i.e. into heaven) capable of reaching the goal for this world period, and that from the earthy foundations of Scorpio the personality can be so tested that it shows fitness for the world service demanded in Aquarius.” (EA 143)

Desire is never more powerful than under Mars in Scorpio.

4. Mars (in Scorpio) in Relation to the Concrete Mind:
Mars, contrary to most astrological thoughts, is associated with the lower mental body, and the five senses (EA 215) upon which the processes of this lower mental vehicle mostly focus. Mars also governs the sacral center (EA 78) which, also, is connected to the lower mental process. “The sacral centre—the mental elemental life—Transferred later to the throat centre.” (EP II 304) Further, in Scorpio, the concrete mind (“released into full governing activity” seizes control of the emotional nature, and is later illumined. (EA 180) Naturally, Mercury will assist this process, for Mars and Mercury rule in Aries where the individuals comes forth and rules “from the plane of mind”. But even without the assistance of Mercury in the sign, Scorpio, the power of the concrete mind to govern the emotional and etheric-physical nature will increase. The warrior must gain full control of his enemy (the aroused psychic nature), but, this is not fully possible until the illuminative potential of Mercury is released in relation to the higher mind and intuition.

5. Mars (in Scorpio) in Relation to the Personality as a Whole:
Mars in Scorpio makes of the personality the “fighter”, the “warrior”, one who is engaged in a “conflict with duality” (EA 333) This is a formidable combination for good or ill. In earlier days, one may embody the qualities of the Lernaean Hydra; in later evolutionary days, upon the Fixed Cross, the personality is willing to sacrifice itself in the arduous battle with all that it has previously been when unillumined and unredeemed. In any case, the power of the composite personality elemental is greatly strengthened, as its ability to put up an heroic fight (for or against the Good).

6. Mars (in Scorpio) in Relation to Glamors and Necessary Transmutation and Transformations:
Upon the Mutable Cross a Word goes forth which describes the quality of life in form—“Let Maya flourish and deception rule.” Scorpio is particularly connected with the power to generate glamour (and also with the power to end it). Mars, almost always separative and separating also contributes powerfully to the generation of glamour, for glamor is based essentially on wrong magnetism functioning under the illusion of egoistic separation. The first mistake is to believe in the reality of the separative ego; this is illusion. The second mistake, is to allow the illusory and separative ego to formulate desire, because such ego-driven desires ever distort reality; this is glamor.

The nine heads of the Hydra are the symbols of ever manner of illusion, glamor and maya—and there name is legion (though, perhaps, nine types of distortion are the sources of all the others. Every obstacle that the lower nature can throw in the path of soul infusion will be, eventually, recognized (and then conquered) in Scorpio. Glamor (in its three modes) is the enemy, and Mars in Scorpio is meant to evoke, challenge and then subdue the enemy (with the help of Mercury). Ancient negativity rises to the surface. All that seeks to drive the energies towards the lower centers (the function of the personality elemental—R&I 9-10) is activated. The entire ancient “miasma” is up for transmutation, transformation and eventual transfiguration (in which Scorpio also participates). So, Mars in Scorpio is the combination which summons latent glamor to the surface, and challenges it.

7. Mars (in Scorpio) in Relation to Sex:
Scorpio (with Taurus and Libra) is a sign of powerful sexuality. In early evolutionary days, this sexuality will be obsessive and obstructive to the inflow of higher energies. But Scorpio is also a sign of great control (under the first ray component of Mars and Pluto, and, perhaps, an esoteric, constellationally transmitted first ray). Mars in Scorpio “gets a grip” and regulates obsessive sexuality. Since, however, Scorpio is a sign of extremes, this regulation can turn into suppression and repression (unconscious)—witness the extremes of the Christian Church during the two thousand years of the Piscean Age. The Tibetan speaks of Christianity’s “cruel and oft illogical war against sex and its implications” (EA 212); Christianity is a Mars-in-Scorpio religion.

Later, under higher mental and buddhic impression, all of life is seen in a truer proportion. The disciple realizes he need not repeat the mistake of Hercules in Virgo and kill the “Amazon Queen”. All energies are to be wisely used, and in that wise use, transmuted and transformed. But it takes a long time and much experience before the individual with this combination can release his extreme attitudes towards sex and its expression (or suppression).

8. Mars (in Scorpio) in Relation to the Management and Expenditure of Energy:
Mars is a planet of abundant energy, and Scorpio is a sign of control. Life upon the Mutable Cross may witness much energy spent in pursuit of the lower passions, but once the Path is somewhat understood, the Mars in Scorpio individual realizes that according to how he spends his energy, so will be the success and speed of his intended liberation from form. This, then, is a combination favorable for energy control, and stern control. When the spiritual values govern the personality expression, energy is treated as precious—for both battle and ascent.

9. Mars (in Scorpio) in Relation to Courage:
Again, Mars in Scorpio provides the archetype for courage—courage of a deep and authentic kind. Some are prepared to face obvious enemies; but hidden enemies are far more dangerous, often far more powerful, and invariably more difficult to subdue. The Mars-in-Scorpio individual has the courage to face just such enemies in “fight-to-the-death” combat. Invariably, an aspect of the personality (or the entire personality as an independent, and often, wayward, entity) must die—at least, “die to itself”. Under this influence, the individual easily develops the “courage of desperation”, and becomes one (like St. Paul) who “counts all things but loss if he may but win the goal, and who, in the struggle for the mastery of the lower self by the higher, is willing to sacrifice even unto death.” (IHS 82) Christianity, says the Tibetan, is a religion of “high courage”

“It is a religion of devotion, fanaticism, of high courage, of idealism, of the spiritual emphasis upon the individual and his worth and problem, of conflict and of death.” (EA 212)

This is the kind of courage which Mars is Scorpio is well suited to provide. Man can accomplish much if he is not afraid to die. He can accomplish even more if he wills the death of all that is lowest in himself. This Mars in Scorpio does.

10. Mars (in Scorpio) in Relation to Aspiration:
“Desire in Taurus becomes spiritual aspiration in Scorpio.” (EA 209) Both these signs, Scorpio and Taurus are notable for this aspiration, as is the other sign which transmits the fourth ray, Sagittarius. There comes a point in the Scorpionic life, which the embattled individual simply has enough of the darkness. He senses the “Light of Day” behind the veil of form. He works under the “inspiration of aspiration” (EA 398) intensifying his intent to live within a higher dimension. Aspiration fuels his will-to-prevail. As he battles below, he years for that which is above, and this aspirational yearning makes it impossible for him to give up until there is triumph—or death—or both.

11. Mars (in Scorpio) in Relation to Idealism:
Mars is the planet of idealism in its most powerful placement—for Mars rules Scorpio doubly. The higher light has been seen, otherwise the battle would not occur. Intensified light reveals the darkness. Idealism for a better, higher, freer way of life, provokes and sustains the battle. The “Monster” who had no ideals, except the satisfaction of its Hydra-like appetites, becomes the warrior whose ideal is to enter the Kingdom of Souls. The vision of this possibility is firm and ready to descend upon the warrior, especially in his darkest hours.

12. Mars (in Scorpio) in Relation to Life’s Battlefield and the Readiness and Willingness to Fight:
With Mars in Scorpio, we are dealing with an archetype of warriorship. There is always a willingness to fight—even a demand that the battle take place. The battlefield of life will involve every conceivable vice, and the will to conquer it. Fortunately for the warrior, there are a number of incarnations which occur in or under Scorpio, and not all battles need to be fought in the same incarnation. But as the second and third initiations are approached, the Hydra/Dweller, becomes formidable, complex and increasingly subtle. The ready warrior will need much internal skill, and much humanity to prevail. Various positions and aspects within the astrological chart (and also the particular decanate of Scorpio which is most tenanted) may indicate the particular battles in which the subject will choose to engage or be forced to engage.

13. Mars (in Scorpio) in Relation to the Nature of Personality Rebellion against the Soul:
The rebellion will be total; the personality (as the well-armed rebel) is entirely aroused. “It will be obvious to you, therefore, how the tests in Scorpio and the activity of Mars are potent to arouse the entire lower nature and bring about its final rebellion and the last stand, so to speak, of the personality against the soul.” (EA 211) Every tactic of warfare will be used, including “dirty tricks”, subterfuge, “sneak attacks”, broken promises; “all’s fair in love and war.” The personality is fighting for its life; rather, it fights to sustain itself within the ‘realm of death’, for it fears the loss of itself in the higher worlds. Its “fight to the death”, therefore, is based upon fear. The human soul, also fight to the death, and its fight is based upon soul-inspiration.

14. Mars (in Scorpio) in Relation to Personality Cooperation with the Soul:
The greatest enemy can become the greatest friend. “The greatest sinner makes the greatest saint.” In the Mars in Scorpio combination, the soul has a brave and determined instrument willing to sacrifice itself so that soul-values may prevail within the lower worlds. The soul is many things, but the soul is, at this stage of evolution, preeminently the warrior. There is no better combination to ensure that what is intended to be the “final battle” is indeed final, with the issue decided entirely in favor of the conquering soul and its warrior-agent (the inspired, empowered, illumined personality) in the three worlds.

A Few Miscellaneous Meaning of Mars in Scorpio

1. fighting the good fight to overcome the Hydra when Mars is aspirationally activated
2. Mars in Scorpio also means to fight on the side of soul, against all negativity.
3. The disciple’s Battle of Kurukshetra is Mars within the sign Scorpio, and the decision to fight on the side of the higher good.
4. Mars forces the opposites to engage. At first this may simply be in combat, but at least they are forced to encounter one another.
5. courage, bravery, fight to the death
6. the fight against corruption
7. skill with weaponry
8. the power to ‘cut’
9. ‘warriorship’—one way or another
10. otherwise, the lower nature, and all that is of the serpent of illusion will be in revolt, and desires will be passionate for all lower things; powerful instinctual nature, strong sexuality
11. the serpent can become so strengthened that it can become a formidable opponent; the army of negativity
12. destructiveness
13. the ravages of war; scorched earth policy
14. hatred and resentment
15. the deadly enemy
16. the attack of the Black Lodge

Individuals with Mars in Scorpio

Roberto Assagioli
Vincenzo Bellini
Leonard Bernstein
Paul Foster Case
Carlos Casteneda
Benvenuto Cellini
Marie Curie
John Dee
Christian Doppler
Enrico Fermi
Stephen Foster
Mohandas K. Gandhi
Paul Joseph Goebbels
Dr. Samuel Johnson
Bruce Lee
Bela Lugosi
Martin Luther
Vanessa Redgrave
Pierre Auguste Renoir
Eleanor Roosevelt
Earnest Rutherford
Jonas Salk
Jean Paul Sartre
Albert Schweitzer
Alfred Lord Tennyson
J. R. R. Tolkien
Mao Tse-Tung
George Washington
Noah Webster
Eli Whitney
Oprah Winfrey
Orville Wright

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