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Vol. III: Astro-Rayology
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Tapestry of the Gods
Volume III
by Michael D. Robbins

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Interpretations of Famous People by Ray, Sign and Life Emphasis
With Explanations of All Astrological and Rayological Elements

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Mars in Sagittarius

Mars in Sagittarius or Mars in Relation to Sagittarius

(from Esoteric Astrology)

1. Mars and a Task of Control to be Achieved in Sagittarius:

“The Planetary Ruler of a Hierarchy.—In this particular case, this planet is Mars, ruling the sixth Creative Hierarchy, the lunar Lords (the elementals of the threefold personality) who have to be brought under the control of the solar Lord.” (EA 186)

2. Mars in Relation to Dynamics in Sagittarius:

“Hierarchical—Mars—6th Ray—Devotion. War to the death of the personality or form.” (EA 187)

3. Mars in Relation to the Sign, Sagittarius:

“…the forceful and dynamic energy of the planet Mars. This brings the entire human family, as well as the individual, under the law of strife, based this time upon sixth ray devotion to an ideal, high or low.” (EA 187)

4. Mars in Relation to the Second Decanate of Sagittarius:

“…Mars, which confers the quality of devotion and the capacity to fight for an ideal. This idealistic concept and method of work is always the characteristic of discipleship during the early stages of unfoldment upon the Path.” (EA 192)

5. Mars Energizing a Great Revelation in Sagittarius:

“Mars therefore rules Aries from the orthodox angle and Scorpio esoterically, and does not again appear in the life of the individual except as that individual responds to mass vibration in Sagittarius, where Mars appears as ruling the sixth Creative Hierarchy, the lunar lords of the form nature who must eventually be sacrificed to the higher spiritual aspect and brought under the control of the solar Angel. The effect of Mars is, therefore, largely mass effect and group results, producing great struggles but leading finally to great revelation….In Sagittarius [the great revelation is] the revelation of the purpose of soul control over the lower kingdoms in nature, via the human centre of energy.” (EA 210-211)

6. Mars Involved in Promoting One-Pointed Discipleship in Sagittarius:

“This sixth ray influence coming from three angles—orthodox, esoteric and hierarchical—and hence involving both Neptune and Mars—predisposes the race and individual man as well to become one-pointed disciples in Sagittarius. This latter constellation is ruled by Mars, bringing the man into control or closer touch with the lunar lords, the sixth Creative Hierarchy.” (EA 218)

7. Mars rules the second decanate of Sagittarius (on the Reversed Wheel). (EA 192)

8. Mars rules the second decanate of Sagittarius if Sagittarius is partitioned among the members of the Fire Triplicity. Aries, exoterically ruled by Mars, would then correspond to the second decanate.


Specific Expressions of Mars in Sagittarius

1. Mars (in Sagittarius) in Relation to the Dense Physical Vehicle:
Sagittarius is the most physical of the fire signs, and Mars rules the physical body. This, then, is a potentially highly energized combination, suggesting great physical activity, sport, dance and an emphasis upon physical exercise. The ability to run quickly (towards or away from) is likely; blood “rushes” to the thighs, giving the power of locomotion. (cf. EA 191) The muscles of the legs may be highly developed, and built for speed. All things being equal, the body is vigorous and buoyant, with spring in the step. Tendencies towards centaur-like animality are possible, and the body can respond readily to the direction of instinct. This will have to be controlled.

2. Mars (in Sagittarius) in Relation to the Etheric Vehicle:
The Earth (co-ruler of the etheric body—{cf. EA 78, 80, 507}) is the esoteric ruler of Sagittarius, connecting Sagittarius to the etheric body, prana and the spleen. Of the three fire signs, Sagittarius is most concerned with generating vitality through activity. Aries can almost will vitality into being and Leo (ruled by the Sun) specializes solar vitality with relative ease. The Sagittarian method (promoted by energetic Mars) is a cruder method, but effective. Mars in Sagittarius promotes a positive and vigorous etheric body through vigorous and often rapid activity. This is different to the Mars in Virgo approach, which preserves etheric vitality through an almost fanatical selectivity.

3. Mars (in Sagittarius) in Relation to the Astral Vehicle:
Mars in Sagittarius indicates insistent desire, one-pointed focused desire, or one-pointed aspiration—depending upon the level of evolution under discussion. One of the important keywords here is ardor. Aspiration arises through inspiration, as intuitive Sagittarius can often contact the higher sources of inspiration. If we understand that Sagittarius is the zodiacal sign through which the sixth ray is predominantly transmitted; that Mars is a planet transmitting principally the sixth ray; and that the astral plane and, consequently, the astral body are ruled by the sixth ray, we can see the potential for potent sixth ray desires and militant attitudes.

This combination focuses desire, if it does nothing else, and that focus will be high or low depending upon the development of the person. In any case, there is conferred the capacity to follow the vision with “ardor keen”, wherever that vision may lead—and it often leads into the distance and beyond the horizon. The imaginary character Don Quixote (had he a horoscope) could only have been ruled by Mars in Sagittarius. The lyrics to a song written about him have him dreaming “the impossible dream”, willing “to march into hell for a heavenly cause”, and striving “with my [his] last ounce of courage, to reach the unreachable star.”

4. Mars (in Sagittarius) in Relation to the Concrete Mind:
Mars in Sagittarius sharpens and focuses the concrete mind, helping it marshal all available knowledge for the achievement of a desired objective. This combination spurs the “quest for knowledge”, and sends the seeker on revelatory explorations. The expression of thought through word will be direct and “to the point”, and the mind will be tenacious in purposeful pursuit.

5. Mars (in Sagittarius) in Relation to the Personality as a Whole:
This combination will be a powerful force for integrating and directing the personality. In earlier evolutionary days, Mars in Sagittarius may incline to the pursuit of many errant ‘missions’—leading, really, nowhere. As time passes and experience gathers, the sense of direction becomes more certain and aligned with higher purpose—first, the purpose of the integrating and integrated personality, and, then, those of the Higher Self. In the case of the advanced man, the aspirant or disciple, Mars in Sagittarius helps create a personality that “knows where it is going”, and wants to reach the goal in the fast way possible. We can see that the influence will be very progressive, once there has been adequate experience upon the reversed wheel. Under Mars in Sagittarius, the disciple begins the mastery of time, and the initiate makes great strides, for Mars in Sagittarius means speed, and the doing in a short time what many less motivated persons take much longer to accomplish. The one-pointed disciple progresses on his way—speedily.

6. Mars (in Sagittarius) in Relation to Glamor and Necessary Transmutations and Transformations:
We can expect glamors which arise from an overly-zealous attitude—sixth ray glamors, mostly. Perhaps there will a following of the vision with such vehemence that one refuses to listen to reason. Perhaps there will be an unreasoning devotion to some cause or other, with undeflectable attitudes leading to dangerous or unproductive results. Mars in Sagittarius can contribute to the raging of ‘one-pointedly misguided desire and aspiration’ .Of the sixth ray the Old Commentary say, “Run not so straight” (EP II 372), and this is sound advice for the over-eager, over-hasty, overly-directed Mars in Sagittarius person. Mars in Sagittarius has a vision, indeed, but it needs a wider vision. Glamor arises from narrow visions, for then proportion is lost, and glamor is virtually equivalent to disproportion in consciousness. But the zealous Martian fires of aspiration are transmutative, and the barriers to wider sight are at length destroyed. Fanaticism gives way to inclusion and the light breaks in. Really, the antidote to the difficulties of Mars in Sagittarius is consciousness-expanding Jupiter in this same sign, even though Jupiter is considered the exoteric ruler and Mars the hierarchical ruler.

On a slightly less exalted note, the powerful animal nature of the Martian-Sagittarian Centaur must be redeemed, and its energies redirect away from animal-instinctual behavior towards the things of the intellect, and at last towards the revelation of the intuition. This is a sign which truly focuses on the difference between the animal and the man, and the need to transform the first into the second. Many ‘mayas’ (related to an over-active, instinctually driven physical body) may, for many lives, be the focus of the transmutative effort.

7. Mars (in Sagittarius) in Relation to Sex:
The characteristic ardor of this combination is easily transferred into the sexual field. The animalistic Centaur is highly sexual. The Tibetan tells us that “Sagittarius governs the thighs, which are the main centre of physical power and protective strength, and also the sacral centre which provides the energy for the use of the creative powers of the physical life.” Mars, too, is co-ruler of the sacral center, so with the combination “the (sexual) hunt is on”. This is a bit different from the condition in Scorpio in which “the war is on”. Because of the inherent idealism of this combination, there may be unrealistic expectations of and idealistic demands placed upon the partner. But, whatever the complications, all things being equal, the sex life should be vigorous, and (in later evolutionary stages) connected with thoughts of transmutation, elevation and the pursuit (together) of a higher life.

8. Mars (in Sagittarius) in Relation to the Management and Expenditure of Energy:
Sagittarius is a sign of control through focus and direction, which is, perhaps, different than the Capricornian method of control through regulation and discipline. According to the Tibetan, the Martian revelation conferred in Sagittarius is “…the revelation of the purpose of soul control over the lower kingdoms in nature, via the human centre of energy.” (EA 211) Mars in the opposite sign, Gemini, is involved with a dispersion and diffusion of energy. Mars in Sagittarius (on the path of discipleship, at least) gathers and directs. There may be much vigorous activity which, at times, may appear to be a waste of energy, but the energy spent is regained in health and vitality. This is a combination which offers little tendency towards purposeless activity. There is a difference between motion and action—Mars in Sagittarius knows that difference.

9. Mars (in Sagittarius) in Relation to Courage:
With this combination, one has the courage of his convictions. Mars in Sagittarius with Mars in Pisces is one of the indicators of potential martyrdom. In earlier days, and before vision and purpose have become definite, the speed of Mars in Sagittarius makes flight rather than fight a distinct possibility. This combination rules many hoofed animals whose only defense is their speed. But once the ideal is in sight, and the straight road to that ideal is understood, Mars in Sagittarius will take the straight road even if it means confrontation and danger. Idealism will supply the necessary courage.

10. Mars (in Sagittarius) in Relation to Aspiration:
Simply, this is one of the most aspiring combinations. Focalization is intensification. On the ordinary wheel, desire is focussed. On the reversed wheel aspiration is focussed—intensely so. The only danger with this combination, is that aspiration may become an end in itself, neglecting practical action which would transform aspiration into achievement. Capricorn, the paramount sign of initiation does just this.

11. Mars (in Sagittarius) in Relation to Idealism:
Again, simply, it is hard to imagine a more idealistic combination. Idealism is really focusing upon a higher and unprecipitated pattern. Towards such patterns, Mars in Sagittarius inclines the aspiration. The present state of things is never entirely adequate; the “grass is always greener…”; there is always a higher vision.

12. Mars (in Sagittarius) in Relation to Life’s Battlefield and the Readiness and Willingness to Fight:
It is said that Mars “…confers the quality of devotion and the capacity to fight for an ideal.” This tendency is only strengthened which Mars expresses in cooperation with idealistic Sagittarius. The fighting may or may not be “hand-to-hand combat”. With Mars in Aries, it would be so, but Sagittarius is the archer, and knows how to fight effectively from a distance. Whether the instruments of war be bows and arrows, artillery, or the arrows of projected thought, Mars in Sagittarius will enter the war on behalf of its ideals.

Life’s battlegrounds may arise because of the stressful contrast between the actual and the ideal. Intolerance of present conditions is always a possibility. Spain with its Sagittarian, sixth ray soul, demonstrated the meaning of religious intolerance through its inquisition, well followed by Italy with its sixth ray soul and Sagittarian personality. Not all ideals are achievable; can the idealist accept this fact? Gemini, the opposite sign is tolerant of wide diversity; Mars in Sagittarius may attempt to force all to travel the one and only road leading to the “one true vision”. Of course, with such attitudes, battles will arise. On this planet, so influenced at this time by the number four, life is necessarily full of compromise. Can the Mars in Sagittarius person accept this?

In general, the battles of life will arise as the aspirant or disciple adheres one-pointedly to the pursuit of his or her goals. Obstacles will arise, and Mars in Sagittarius travels a straight line. This is a prescription for confrontation.

13. Mars (in Sagittarius) in Relation to the Nature of Personality Rebellion against the Soul:
The rebellion of personality (influenced by Mars in Sagittarius), centers around its one pointed identification with certain favorite desires or ideas, and the pursuit of them with such force that the higher impulses and directives from the soul go unregistered. This might be called the ‘fanatical deflection of soul light’. Mars in Sagittarius will desire or aspire keenly and with one-pointed ardor; but towards what are the desires or aspirations directed. Will desires and aspirations lead towards the fifth kingdom, or back into the lower worlds of normal human evolution. Perhaps it could be said that under Mars in Sagittarius, the personality will be so convinced of the value of its own vision, that it ignores the higher vision which the soul is seeking to present. The task, then, is to align personality vision with soul vision, and this can only be done meditatively, by listening to the still small voice of the soul (once the Stymphalian Birds have been dispersed), and by attempting to see as the soul sees. Then the zealous personality will no longer be errant (from the soul perspective) and will travel in the direction conceived from a much higher point of vantage.

14. Mars (in Sagittarius) in Relation to Personality Cooperation with the Soul:
Once soul vision takes the place of the vision seen by the unillumined personality, Mars in Sagittarius will walk (or, probably, run) with certainty upon the road leading to the realization of soul objectives within the lower three worlds. So much time is wasted by mistakes, by going in the wrong direction, by getting ‘lost’ in the samsaric wilderness. The blind ever lead the blind. Mars, of course, is not the planet of sight, but if there is proper registration of soul vision through Mercury, Venus or Jupiter, for instance, Mars will ensure that the personality goes where the vision leads. Then we will have a personality mentored by the soul, and making real progress on the real Path. Under such circumstances the path itself achieves glorification (cf. EA 130), and the soul can be sure that after countless millennia of training its personality to be responsible and self-directing, at last, “the goal is in sight”.


Individuals with Mars in Sagittarius

Horatio Alger
Johann Sebastian Bach
Sir Francis Bacon
Joan Baez
Hector Berlioz
William Jennings Bryan
Andrew Carnegie
Lewis Carroll
Benjamin Franklin
Judy Garland
Billy Graham
Jacob Grimm
George Frederic Handel
Franz Joseph Haydn
Saddam Hussein
Henry James
Marc Edmund Jones
Carl G. Jung
Anton van Leeuwenhoek
Louis XIV
Edouard Manet
Vaslav Nijinski
Richard M. Nixon
Norman Rockwell
Jean Sibelius
Jules Verne

Oscar Wilde


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