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Vol. III: Astro-Rayology
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Tapestry of the Gods
Volume III
by Michael D. Robbins

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Interpretations of Famous People by Ray, Sign and Life Emphasis
With Explanations of All Astrological and Rayological Elements

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Mars in Gemini

Mars in Gemini or Mars in Relation to Gemini

(from Esoteric Astrology)

Mars Producing Certain Stages of Consciousness in Gemini:

“The conflict which produces these stages in consciousness [i.e., the synthesis of soul and form and the integration of soul and spirit] is fostered by the indirect influence of the planet Mars. Mars carries the war into the very depth of circumstance, environment and being, and confers at the same time such devotion to the visioned objective—as seen at any particular point upon the path—that final failure is rendered impossible.” (EA 365)

Specific Expressions of Mars in Gemini

1. Mars (in Gemini) in Relation to the Dense Physical Vehicle:
Stimulates activity, movement and flexibility. Both Mars and Gemini can be understood as having subtle third ray components. The down-side is restless, unsettled behavior. In general, the physical body will be lively. There may be much speech (Gemini is related to speech and, hence, to the throat center) and much movement of the arms and hands. As Mars rules inflammations and points of friction which cause trouble, there may be bronchial and lung irritations and infections.

2. Mars (in Gemini) in Relation to the Etheric Vehicle:
Gemini has a special connection with the etheric vehicle (EA 320, 352, 357) and Mars ever acts as a stimulator. This stimulated condition of the etheric vehicle is, of course, what causes the considerable physical activity. Mars in Gemini can also cause etheric irritation or friction, or disharmony between the complex energy-flows of the etheric system. This would work out as internal agitation, expressing itself in excessive activity. It is possible that this influence may be confined entirely to the mental plane, but usually there is a strong connection between the mental body and the etheric body.

3. Mars (in Gemini) in Relation to the Astral Vehicle:
Mars in Gemini will bring about a strong interplay or conflict between the various pairs of opposites to be found upon that plane. The friction of contradictory desires will be pronounced. This means a kind of on-going ‘war’ between the opposites, and relates to what the Tibetan has called the “ ‘desperate conflict of the imprisoned soul upon the astral plane’ which characterises our planetary life.” (EA 362) As well, there will be great diversity of contradictory desires with which to contend. Mars does not promise harmony and reconciliation within this diversity, but rather friction between the “so many things” which one wants to either do or be.

So much depends upon whether the person is mentally or astrally polarized. Mars in Gemini is usually considered a mental indicator (and at the mental stage of development, is so), for Mars can be associated with both the third and fifth rays, and Gemini with the third ray; but even when this is the case, there will a reflection upon the astral plane which will result in a turbulence of emotion reflective of a turbulence of thought.

4. Mars (in Gemini) in Relation to Kama-Manas:
Kama-Manas, as the name suggests, is neither entirely kamic nor manasic, but a blend of thought and feeling. Mars is associated with the principle of Kama—desire. Gemini (though dualistic) is clearly associated with mentality. With the combination of the two, the stage is set to bring emotion (Mars) into the realm of mind (Gemini) and to become passionate about what one thinks. This has its uses, but may also make mental objectivity difficult, because one is too concerned with defending or promoting one’s point of view.

5. Mars (in Gemini) in Relation to the Concrete Mind:
This position contributes to the appearance of mental conflict—the war of thoughts and ideas. Generally, as well, there will be an unsettled condition of the chitta or “mind-stuff”; concentration and meditation may be difficult. ADS (attention deficit syndrome) is, symbolically, a Mars-in-Gemini disorder. Teachers of meditation have frequently spoken of the need to subdue, tame and train the “monkey-mind”. Mars in Gemini exacerbates the mental restlessness meant by this picturesque term.

Mars in Gemini will sharpen thought, and give a “bite” to verbal expression. Skill in debate or argumentation is a probable result. From the perspective of the soul and personality, an ongoing debate or argument rages between them, and Mars in Gemini will bring forward the thoughts stimulated by each of these two adversaries, causing these thoughts to clash upon the plane of mind. What is accentuated upon the mental plane is the “quarrel” between the two “Brothers”. The resultant friction between opposing perspectives can, however, induce the appearance of light.

6. Mars (in Gemini) in Relation to the Personality as a Whole:
Mars in Gemini animates the personality, making either more active or more intelligent, or both. The sense of the duality between soul and personality, between self and others, between any given condition or energy and its opposite will be very keen. Trouble may exist in relation to a settled direction for personality expression—so many directions are possible and, under Mars, one desires to pursue them.

In general, it might be said that the sense of being “Castor”, the “Mortal Brother” of the Gemini Twins, is very strong—for Mars is a non-sacred planet. If Venus were in Gemini, there might be a greater ease in reflecting the immortal Brother, Pollux, within the personality.

7. Mars (in Gemini) in Relation to Glamor:
Glamors arising from over-activity, in general, and from the over-activity of the un-illumined, illusion-filled mind will be characteristic. Of this position (and of some others, like Mercury in Aries) is could be said—”less heat and more light”. Passion can prove disruptive of communication. The glamor of the “pairs of opposites upon the mental and astral planes” will be pronounced, and the aspirant may be caught in their ongoing friction. The glamor of always thinking that one is right and of asserting one’s point of view inappropriately (i.e., with too much force or at the wrong time) is to be expected. A lesson to be learned is that active thought is not the same as illumined thought. Those with this influence pronounced must learn to “Be still, and know that I am God”.

8. Mars (in Gemini) in Relation to Necessary Transmutations:
The major transmutations will be in relation to the quality of thought and activity patterns and, also, perhaps, of patterns of emotional response. There will be plenty of patterns, and they will be highly activated, but do they reflect soul quality? That is the question. The quantity of thought and speech, and the degree of excitation of thought and speech have little to do with its capacity to embody soul quality. Transmutation of thought and speech patterns must occur lest mind become the “slayer [Mars] of the real”.

9. Mars (in Gemini) in Relation to Sex:
Mars in Gemini represents the ‘war’ between the pairs of opposites, including Man and Woman. Conflicted relationships are probable (depending, of course, upon planetary aspects), and the conflicts will arise from the misuse of thought and speech—unkind, offensive and hurtful. There will be the tendency to argue rather than understand. The inherent dualism of both Mars and Gemini results in ‘dueling’ between the partners.

The mental plane will be more involved in sexual relations than in Taurus, and, probably, than in Aries. What one says and how one says it will very much affect sexual response. What one thinks will also play a proportionately larger role. As well, in these days of ‘cyber-relations’, what has been called ‘mental sex’ or ‘virtual-sex’ also becomes a possibility. There may also be some problem with commitment to one sexual partner, as the hunt (Mars) for variety (Gemini) may be a strong motivator. Perhaps a somewhat “light” attitude towards sex may appear. The quantity of sexual activity may be stimulated, but it may also be more superficial.

In any case, the sexual arena, so fraught with conflict already, will, with Mars in Gemini, have added to it the conflicts arising from the complexities of the mind.

10. Mars (in Gemini) in Relation to the Management and Expenditure of Energy:
This position (somewhat like Mars in Aries), tends to spend energy inordinately. The fingers drum and tap, and the leg bounces. The extremities are in motion. Energy is scattered in a diversity of undertakings, and the inherent restlessness works against economy of Management and Expenditure.

11. Mars (in Gemini) in Relation to Courage:
Gemini is not usually considered a courageous sign. Both Mercury and Gemini are associated with the color “yellow”. But Mars brings courage, and every human being is capable of courage of some kind. Perhaps, with Mars in Gemini, it is courage of thought and speech—the courage of one mind to confront another, and to enter into the clash of opposing thought. With this position, therefore, physical and emotional courage are less to be expected than mental courage. These persons are not afraid to think and to test their thoughts against the thoughts of others. This, it will be recognized, is the process of debate, which is such a sound method of training those who seek to think—even those upon the spiritual Path!

12. Mars (in Gemini) in Relation to Aspiration:
The fluctuations in the astral and mental vehicles which accompany this position, may render aspiration inconsistent. Yet there is a keen desire to experience the new, to be exposed to the seemingly endless variety which awaits discovery. One cannot expect the same passion and intensity to be found with Mars in Aries, Scorpio or Sagittarius, but one can expect a keen drive towards new experience and new thought. Aspiration depends to a degree upon one-pointedness (a Sagittarian virtue, and Sagittarius is the sign opposing Gemini). But one can aspire as well to wide, bi-polar exposure, and throw oneself, with ‘mentalized ardor’ into the many contradictions contending forces of life. Mars in Gemini promotes mental aspiration, for there is such thing as an aspiring mind. Aspiration (as an up-reaching focalization) pertains to more than the astral vehicle. Every vehicle straining to achieve a higher vibratory state, is in a state of aspiration.

13. Mars (in Gemini) in Relation to Idealism:
Again, Gemini, like the air signs in general, has some degree of emotional detachment. The ideals espoused will not have so much to do with the factor of emotional adherence (for instance, my family, my country), but perhaps more to do with following some teaching, way of thinking, or system of thought which one is willing to defend.

14. Mars (in Gemini) in Relation to Life’s Battlefield and the Readiness and Willingness to Fight:
The tendency would be to fight for ideas and thoughts which one believes to be true. There are battles upon the mental plane (to which World War II might mostly have been confined) if humanity had not chosen to precipitate it onto physical levels. Battles for truth, for freedom of thought, for the preservation of relativistic thinking, for the possible correctness of the opposing point of view—into such battles Mars in Gemini can cause one to enter. One can see how Mars in Gemini could be associated with the promotion of propaganda, with verbal battles through the media (television, radio, newspapers), and eventually with subjective ‘duels’ in the realm of thought.

15. Mars (in Gemini) in Relation to the Nature of Personality Rebellion against the Soul:
The symbolism of Mars in Gemini suggests that the Two Brothers are at war—in a state of mutual interference. The soul, the ‘higher Brother’, will ever seek to intrude itself into the habitual activities of its reflection—the ‘lower brother’. Under this influence, the ‘lower’ brother is usually preoccupied with activity or in turmoil, and thus pay no attention to the intrusive behests of the ‘higher’ Brother, the soul. Or the lesser brother may deliberately quarrel with and debate the greater Brother, arguing against Him, reasoning against Him. The mind of the personality becomes the slayer of soul reality. The ‘modifications of the chitta’ continue the reign of illusion, and the soul reality which stillness reveals never dawns upon the consciousness. This is ‘rebellion through hyper-activity”. In the continuous debate, for every spiritual position offered from ‘above’ a counter-position is proposed from ‘below’. Thus, the quarrel continues, until illumination reveals the quarreling as profitless.

16. Mars (in Gemini) in Relation to Personality Cooperation with the Soul:
Mars in Gemini can make an intelligent and incisive advocate on the side of the soul. The tradition of debate within Tibetan monasteries have for the purpose the slaying of the illusions of the mind. Once the light has dawned, the mind-stuff can be Marshaled to reveal and attack error in the thinking of one’s close associates. This practice can be offensive if there is no understanding of the purpose behind it, but when the purpose is understood, the truth of an ancient saying emerges—”better the probing finger of a friend than the arrow of an enemy”.


Individuals with Mars in Gemini

Alexander the Great
Ludwig Von Beethoven
Eva Braun
Robert Browning
Julius Caesar
Rene Descartes
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Mary Baker Eddy
Elizabeth I
Sir Alexander Fleming
Charles Jayne
Martin Luther King
Henry Kissinger
Franz Anton von Mesmer
Benito Mussolini
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Dane Rudhyar
Robert Schuman
Meryl Streep
Rabindranath Tagore


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