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Vol. III: Astro-Rayology
Table of Contents

Tapestry of the Gods
Volume III
by Michael D. Robbins

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Interpretations of Famous People by Ray, Sign and Life Emphasis
With Explanations of All Astrological and Rayological Elements

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Jupiter in Libra

Jupiter in Libra or in Relation to Libra:

(from Esoteric Astrology)

Jupiter Rules the First Decanate in Libra:
[In relation to decanates] “The true rulers of the decanates in Libra are Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury. I need not enlarge upon their effect except to point out that the result of the Jupiterian influence is to ‘open the door of the womb’ in Virgo.” (EA 251)

Specific Expressions of Jupiter in Libra

1. Jupiter (in Libra) in Relation to the Etheric-Physical Vehicle:
Jupiter in Libra contributes to balance and coordination with the physical mechanism, and dignity in its carriage. Etheric energies are unified and brought into cooperative, constructive relationship. There is sensitivity to etheric imbalances and success in compensating for them. All things being equal, a temperate and harmonious approach to the physical living is the result (but, rarely, of course—are all things equal, and many are the disruptive counter-influences).

2. Jupiter (in Libra) in Relation to the Astral Vehicle:
Jupiter brings the satisfaction of desire, and early Libran desire so much concerns human love and human relationship. The desires reach out towards these satisfactions with hopes for fulfillment, and (under Jupiter) fulfillment comes. Later, upon the Fixed Cross, we have the successful balancing of spiritual and material desire. The astral nature begins to reflect the soul. Love pours through the second ray of Jupiter, and a refined and purified astral magnetism promotes soul union (under the Law of Magnetic Impulse, the Law of Polar Union) rather than a strictly personal union. This combination of forces can be useful in promoting achievements required for the second initiation, for it encourages emotional balance, a healthy sense of proportion, and a release from exaggerated emotional states. In an atmosphere of emotional harmony, joy arises.

3. Jupiter (in Libra) in Relation to the Mental Vehicle:
In the mental vehicle, and in earlier days, the person learns how to smoothly manipulate circumstance (Libra and the third ray) to achieve his desires. Politeness, agreeableness, fair words spoken for selfish purposes—all these help this superficially pleasant person ‘orchestrate’ his environment for his own advantage.

Later, a wiser more selfless understanding of cause and effect emerges, and one learns how to maintain the right balance between the many factors which must cooperate if life is to be successfully lived. There arises a higher understanding of how all things (and all people) are mutually related and interdependent; the individual has the mental skill to develop these relationships so that fairness, peace and harmony are the result. A broadening understanding of life reveals “right relationship” as indispensable to individual and social progress and more abundant living.

4. Jupiter (in Libra) in Relation to the Personality as a Whole:
Jupiter in Libra helps the person use human society and relationship to achieve the satisfaction of personality desires and objectives. The person becomes a “social success”, popular, well-liked, and is compensated by material rewards which appeal to his personality. Later, upon the Fixed Cross, there develops a keen sense of ‘justice as beneficence’—of the rightness of “fair play”. The individual has the rights of others “at heart”. This is one of the most cooperative placements. The individual finds his place within society, and seeks (under soul impression) the general good. Because he is so often well-placed socially, he is in a position to influence many, leading them at first towards cooperative living, and later towards a loving sense of unity with the human family.

5. Jupiter (in Libra) in Relation to the Fusion of Soul and Personality:
Libra is the sign in which the marriage of soul and personality occurs. Jupiter (with Venus and Saturn) is one of the principal planets of marriage, and so often normal marriage occurs under strong aspects from Jupiter. Therefore, this combination is one of the strongest marriage indicators. Once the individual is a disciple, the importance of the spiritual dimension of living emerges into prominence, and Jupiter in Libra “brings the two together” for the benefit of both. This combination can be seen as the ‘beneficence of polar union’, or the ‘blessing (Jupiter) of marriage (Libra)’.

6. Jupiter (in Libra) in Relation to the Synthesis of Human Dualities—Head/Heart; Mind/Love; Will/Wisdom:
The sense of justice and fair play promoted by Libra, and the power of fusion characteristic of Jupiter, when united contribute to the attractive merging of all polarities. Jupiter and Libra bring the opposites together for the sake of wholeness. From the perspective of this combination, a well-balanced life is a beneficent life; Jupiter is Libra seeks, beneficence in balance. This position is one contributing to the “rounding out” of the individual, who becomes “well (Jupiter) balanced (Libra)”.

7. Jupiter (in Libra) in Relation to the Means by which the Expansion of Consciousness may be Sought:
Expansion of consciousness occurs through what might be called ‘beneficent engagement with the other’. Under the influence of Libra, one realizes that one is never complete—not at all the thought occurring in relation to Jupiter in Aries or Leo. Those born with Jupiter in Libra realize that they need others if they are to achieve wholeness, fullness, perfection. Thus, they ‘meet’ others (socially, mentally, emotionally, physically) and merge with them, absorbing them and their quality, thus expanding their own awareness through the inclusion of balancing persons (or any balancing factors) which lie beyond their own ring-pass-not.

8. Jupiter (in Libra) in Relation to the Fulfillment of Desire and the Satisfaction of Demand—:
1) initially, fulfillment for the little self; then
2) fulfillment of desire for the good of the whole—a fulfillment achieved through the outgoing expression of love. There is an old and ironic saying: “flattery will get you everywhere”. The self-centered person with Jupiter in Libra knows the social value of insincere compliments and false praise. To such an apparently kind person, much is given; the person in harmony with his environment benefits from his environment, even if that harmony is selfishly motivated.

Later, however, there comes a real respect for others, and a sense that it is “only fair” that they (as well as he) receive every opportunity for growth and expression. Those who encounter the advanced Jupiter in Libra individual, feel that he supports and values them, and is determined that their rights are respected. This social benevolence is rewarded. This combination (in later days) is the signature of “good (Jupiter) karma (Libra)”. Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote an inspiring essay on “Compensation”—the way in which the universe restores all that has been apparently taken away, and, in fact (through grace) gives even more than has been apparently taken. Jupiter in Libra is the symbol of this bountiful restoration.

9. Miscellaneous Meanings of Jupiter in Libra:

a. Jupiter in Libra signifies the blessings of right human relations. “Right Human Relations” (Libra) are for the welfare (Jupiter) of all (Jupiter).

b. Jupiter in Libra signifies that an individual may possess an expanded perspective on right human relations. Growth and benefit will come to such an individual as he lives according to the “Law of Right Human Relations”.

c. Jupiter in Libra ;signifies the blessings of justice and the benefits of fairness.

d. Jupiter in Libra can signify the growth of ethical understanding, perhaps the philosophical understanding of ethics.

e. Jupiter in Libra signifies the fulfillment that comes as a result of loving-cooperation between the “divine partners”—soul and personality.

f. Jupiter in Libra signifies a bountiful (Jupiter) relationship (Libra), fulfilling in every way—at least, in every way that has been conceived by the partners. Upon the Mutable Cross, such a relationship can exist between normal human beings, who give little or no thought of the spiritual realities behind their relationship. Upon the Fixed Cross, such a bountiful relationship must exist between the soul and personality, even if it is also reflected, horizontally, as a relationship between loving human beings.

g. Jupiter in Libra signifies the blessings of a happy marriage.

h. Jupiter in Libra signifies the giving of “more than ample” scope to each of the two partners—be they partners in an earthly relationship, or soul and personality as partners. Both grow (Jupiter) as a result of their relationship (Libra). The epitome—growthful relationship.

i. Jupiter in Libra signifies the loving-understanding (Jupiter) which arises through cooperative relationships (Libra)—such as those between close friends, partners and collaborators.

j. Jupiter in Libra signifies that expanded scope of understanding and perspective arise through action taken in close, mutual cooperation with others.

k. Jupiter in Libra represents the benefits of the social contract (which is both protective and growth-inducing).

l. Jupiter in Libra signifies the realization that “life is with people” and it’s hard to grow alone.

m. Jupiter in Libra may signify sociability and many social advantages. In a worldly sense, growth comes through social contacts, and through fulfilling the social contract.

n. For the individual with Jupiter in Libra, opportunities arise as he fulfills a social role.

o. Negatively, Jupiter in Libra may produce the tendency to expect too much benefit from social interaction, as if relationships could possibly provide all one’s needs.

p. Jupiter in Libra may incline to an unrealistic positivity about one’s intimates. A more realistic assessment comes with Saturn in Libra.

q. Jupiter in Libra may signify social positivity undertaken for the sake of social advantage.


Individuals with Jupiter in Libra

Marie Antoinette
Marc Antony
Johann Sebastian Bach
Hector Berlioz
Charles Pierre Baudelaire
Otto von Bismarck
Paul Cezanne
Winston Churchill
Bill Clinton
Henry Ford
Judy Garland
George Gershwin
Paul Joseph Goebbels
George Frederic Handel
William Harvey
Franz Joseph Haydn
Ivan the Terrible
Joan of Arc
Carl G. Jung
Genghis Khan
William Lilly
Joseph Lister
Martin Luther

Modest Moussorgsky
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Norman Vincent Peale
John D. Rockerfeller
George Sand
Percy Bysshe Shelley
Konstantin Stanislavsky
Mother Teresa
Swami Vivekananda
George Washington

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