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Vol. III: Astro-Rayology
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Tapestry of the Gods
Volume III
by Michael D. Robbins

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Interpretations of Famous People by Ray, Sign and Life Emphasis
With Explanations of All Astrological and Rayological Elements

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Jupiter in Cancer

Jupiter in Cancer or Jupiter in Relation to Cancer

(from Esoteric Astrology)

1. Jupiter and Neptune are Exalted in Cancer:

“Two planets are exalted in this sign, Jupiter and Neptune. As this is the sign of rebirth, these two planets indicate the successful development and eventual use of the form aspect and the development of psychic sensitivity both in the higher and the lower senses. (EA 341)

2. Jupiter in Cancer—Successful Form Building:

These are important developments for the soul who has chosen to incarnate. The building of adequate forms and the use and control of form are essential if there is to be wise and right cooperation with the Plan of God. Jupiter guarantees this in Cancer from the very initial stage of birth. Love as relationship to divinity and wisdom as relationship to form lie behind the soul’s intent. In space and time, for long aeons, form controls and hides the soul. This is equally true in regard to the fluid psychic nature. These (the form aspect and the psychic nature) reach an eventual concrete perfection in Capricorn to become again in Cancer the perfect instrument of service which the initiate wields as he seeks to render mass service instead of being involved and lost in the mass.” (EA 341)


Specific Expressions of Jupiter in Cancer

1. Jupiter (in Cancer) in Relation to the Three Personality Vehicles:
Jupiter and Cancer contributes to ease of expression upon the physical plane. This combination is the exaltation of Jupiter and, through it, the physical vehicle is, as it were, blessed—the strictly physical incarnation of the soul made somewhat easier and more comfortable. Circumstances conspire to meet the body’s needs and further its general welfare. The health of the physical mechanism is promoted, if excessive eating is avoided. The powers of healing and regeneration are strong. The body becomes a vehicle for successful manifestation.

Jupiter in Cancer promotes the fulfillment of material desire. Expectations within the field of form life are met. Later in the evolutionary cycle, this combination fills the astral nature with humanitarian feelings, for Jupiter is kind and benevolent, and Cancer connects to all of humanity (EA 332). The “sympathetic faculties”, over which Jupiter presides (EA 646), are awakened, the sentient nature becoming a successful reflector of oceanic (Cancer) buddhic love (Jupiter).

In the lower mental nature, the retentive faculties are expanded, the memory greatly improved. Older, may be seen as better, and thoughts turn towards the preservation of traditional values, or even the values of antiquity. Cancer transmits the third and seventh rays, and is particularly, a sign of manifestation. Jupiter (also associated with the seventh ray) promotes this Will-to-Manifest. With Jupiter in Cancer, thought finds its way quite easily into embodiment (far more so than when prolific Jupiter is in the sign of sign of mental diversity, Gemini). This is a good combination for a white magician—someone seeking, consciously, to bring the soul and its world into demonstrated presence and power upon the physical plane.

2. Jupiter (in Cancer) in Relation to the Personality as a Whole:
At first the quest for material fulfillment may be all absorbing. The personality desires, and Jupiter in Cancer successfully fulfills these desires—in form. At length, upon the Fixed Cross, this combination creates the generous, providential personality—preserving, protecting, supporting. The spirit/soul seeks to make the material world hospitable to spiritual intent; once day, spirit/soul must successfully express through matter.

Matter must adjust to and comply with the laws of the spirit and the laws of the soul. Jupiter in Cancer renders the world of matter/form more compliant to the patterns of spirit/soul, offering a relatively open door—in the lower worlds—for the free expression of the higher. Christ had no place to “lay his head”; His birth occurred in Capricorn (the initial dense materiality of which is extremely resistant to the presence of the second aspect). Jupiter in Cancer (at least upon the Fixed Cross) opens the door to the Christ, and provides Him with a pillow for His head (if not a comfortable room, instead of a manger).

3. Jupiter (in Cancer) in Relation to the Fusion of Soul and Personality:
As the Tibetan has stated, “the building of adequate forms and the use and control of form are essential if there is to be wise and right cooperation with the Plan of God. Jupiter guarantees this in Cancer from the very initial stage of birth.” (EA 341) If the form is inviting and well-prepared for the soul, the soul can more easily “take up its abode” within the form—in matter. Soul infusion is the bringing together of two dimensions—one ruled by the third aspect of divinity, and the other, and higher, by the second.

At first these worlds are in conflict; later they are in alternation; at last come integration and then fusion. Matter/form must be especially sensitized (over time) for the descent of soul, and this, the love-wisdom of Jupiter promotes. This combination invites the god within the higher chamber into the lower chamber, seeking, as much as possible, to accommodate the higher god below. The true focus of second-ray Jupiter is the soul; Jupiter in Cancer helps the soul “reach down” into the worlds of form, and embrace and uplift the lower elemental kingdoms—including them within its sphere. It is all a question of the hospitality of the form for the soul, and the inclusion of the form by the redeeming, uplifting soul. Thus, soul-personality fusion eventuates.

4. Jupiter (in Cancer) in Relation to the Synthesis of Human Dualities—Head/Heart; Mind/Love; Will/Wisdom:
Jupiter fuses and blends; Cancer fuses and blends, bringing diverse elements “under one roof”, so to speak. Jupiter in Cancer provides the ‘chamber of fusion’ or the alchemical retort in which these unions may occur. The third ray of intelligence pours through Cancer, and the seventh ray, in one of its modes, is also linked to intelligence. But in this sign, a balancing compassion (through Neptune and Jupiter) also prevails. Under this combination the dualities are brought together, particularly for expression through the form. “Embodying fusing-dualities successfully through form”—thus is the meaning of Jupiter in Cancer succinctly expressed.

5. Jupiter (in Cancer) in Relation to the Means by which the Expansion of Consciousness may be Sought:
This combination in characterized by the Will-to-Wholeness. The completion of the perfect sphere is sought. The Will-to-Inclusion is carried to great lengths; the consciousness searches the field to ensure that nothing (no one and no place) has been ignored or over-looked. In Cancer, “the Whole is seen as One.” (EA 332) Exalted Jupiter in Cancer enhances this vision of wholeness. Through the ‘Will-to-Embrace Wholeness’, the consciousness of the Whole grows and continues to expand.

6. Jupiter (in Cancer) in Relation to the Fulfillment of Desire and the Satisfaction of Demand—
1) initially, fulfillment for the little self; then
2) fulfillment of desire for the good of the whole—a fulfillment achieved through the outgoing expression of love: On the Mutable Cross, Jupiter in Cancer gives the fulfillment of desire for objects of form. Without undue labor or frustration, one receives (in form) that which one wishes to have. Conditions (as one desires them) materialize. One is fulfilled—materially.

Later, the disciple/initiate becomes the one who lovingly and compassionately uplifts the mass consciousness and mass conditions. The disciple feels fulfilled when humanity’s welfare is successfully served. Generosity pours forth to those in need, and the effects of that generosity returns to the giver as still greater ‘abundance-in-form’. Philanthropy is especially indicated. Under this combination, the ‘needs-in-form’ of the disciple/initiate are abundantly fulfilled, so that, through generosity, he can enhance the expression of the ‘soul-through-form’ for others, by helping them fulfill their ‘needs-in-form’.

7. Miscellaneous Meanings of Jupiter in Cancer:

a. Jupiter in Cancer contributes to the growth of buddhic consciousness. Jupiter and Neptune are both exalted in Cancer. Neptune is directly related to the buddhic plane. (cf. TCF 899) Jupiter transmits the second ray which is the ray of buddhi. Cancer is associated with the Pleiades, not only in the material sense, but with that aspect of the Pleiades which transmits cosmic buddhi.

b. Jupiter in Cancer enhances the benevolent impulse.

c. Jupiter in Cancer promises the fulfillment-in-form of the purpose of the incarnation

d. Jupiter in Cancer is related to the Principle of Compensation, through which the privations of the past are restored.

e. Jupiter in Cancer is a parental indication.

f. Jupiter in Cancer, when prominent in the chart, can indicate the tendency to be born into a good environment. This naturally depends upon the general conditions of the society into which the individual is born.

g. Under Jupiter in Cancer, loving-understanding is developed through the cultivation and responsible application of the protective, parental instinct. A deep and compassionate understanding of life grows through attention to the immediate survival needs of those who are dependent.

h. Under Jupiter in Cancer, one gives protection to others and receives protection from others.

i. Jupiter in Cancer is a providential combination. One provides for the welfare of one’s own forms, and for the welfare of the forms of others. One also receives from others and the environment, that which helps to fulfill one’s form life.

j. Jupiter in Cancer contributes to one’s own personality fulfillment, and confers the ability to help others reach personality fulfillment.

k. Under Jupiter in Cancer, depth of understanding, and the growth of the causal aura proceed through experience gained from close and intimate ties. The family setting is often the scene of growth.

l. Under Jupiter in Cancer there is a strong tendency to promote the welfare of family, of those who are familiar, and, in general, of those with whom one shares the closeness of instinctual life.

m. A directive for the Jupiter in Cancer person could be expressed as follows: “Provide for others, so they may be fulfilled.” One method of providence is actually to provide tangible vehicles of expression for others—including physical bodies!

n. Jupiter in Cancer is adept at promoting the personal, emotional happiness on others

o. Jupiter in Cancer indicates a full yet uplifted solar plexus response.

p. If the individual in Cancer is to “build a lighted house”, those with Jupiter in Cancer ensure that it is a big lighted house, pervaded by abundant spiritual hospitality. The ashram, itself, could be conceived as ruled by the combination, Jupiter in Cancer, for the ashram is, from one perspective, a ‘place of benevolent refuge’.

q. Jupiter in Cancer may contribute to the sense of a comfortable incarnation. One may escape the feeling that the personality forms cramp the consciousness, since there are, figuratively, many rooms in the house of personality.

r. Jupiter in Cancer is the combination which correlates with Christ’s statement: “In my Father’s house, there are many mansions.”

s. Negatively, Jupiter in Cancer can be overly protective and wrongly “enabling”.

t. Negatively, Jupiter in Cancer promotes the growth of the instinctual, lunar life. The lunar vehicles are simply allowed to grow in power.


Individuals with Jupiter in Cancer

Leonard Bernstein
Annie Besant
John Brown
Robert Browning
William Jennings Bryan
Andrew Carnegie
Catherine the Great
Oliver Cromwell
Baba Ram Dass
John Dee
Anthony Van Dyck
Desideius Erasmus
Benjamin Franklin
R. Buckminster Fuller
Galileo Galilei
Michael Gorbachev
Billy Graham
Jim Jones
Jeddu Krishnamurti
Gottfried von Leibniz
Franz Liszt
Bela Lugosi
Nicolo Machiavelli
Nelson Mandela
Benito Mussolini
Sir Lawrence Olivier
Eva Peron
Auguste Piccard
Bertrand Russell
Earnest Rutherford
Alexander Scriabin
Immanuel Velikovsky
Orville Wright
Boris Yeltsin

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