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Vol. III: Astro-Rayology
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Tapestry of the Gods
Volume III
by Michael D. Robbins

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Interpretations of Famous People by Ray, Sign and Life Emphasis
With Explanations of All Astrological and Rayological Elements

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Jupiter in Aquarius

Jupiter in Aquarius or Jupiter in Relation to Aquarius

(from Esoteric Astrology)

1. Jupiter in Aquarius—the “Hidden Server”:

[Jupiter in relation to Aquarius:] “Aquarius Air Hidden Server Jupiter: ruler and conveyor of EXPANSION” (EA 281)

2. Jupiter—the Fusion of Heart and Mind:

“Jupiter Ray Two The fusion of heart and mind. which is the subjective purpose of manifestation. This is brought about through the third and seventh ray activity [of Uranus and the Moon] on the exoteric wheel.” (EA 139)

3. Jupiter—the Inherent Tendency Towards Fusion:

“Jupiter gives an inherent tendency to fusion which nothing can arrest. The achievement of ultimate synthesis is inevitable, and this Jupiter promotes.” (EA 139)

4. Why Jupiter is the Esoteric Ruler of Aquarius:

“The coming process of planetary service through the third divine center is only truly effective when Aquarius rules and when our sun is passing through that sign of the zodiac. Hence the immense importance of the next 2000 years. Therefore, only when a man is a world server and becoming group conscious can this desired objective of manifestation begin to demonstrate. It is beginning to happen today for the first time in planetary history. It is one of the first fruits of initiation and only in the next root race of our present Aryan race will be begin really to understand the significance of the process and the true nature of the energies to be released through the medium of humanity upon the planet. … It is for this reason that Jupiter and Uranus (expressions of the second and the seventh rays) are the exoteric and esoteric rulers of Aquarius.” (EA 200-201)

5. Jupiter and Uranus (Rulers of Aquarius)—Planets of Beneficent Consummation:

“Jupiter and Uranus—planets of beneficent consummation. The second ray of love and the seventh ray which fuses spirit and matter ‘to the ultimate glory of the solar Logos are in fullest eventual cooperation.” (EA 201)


Specific Expressions of Jupiter in Aquarius

1. Jupiter (in Aquarius) in Relation to the Three Personality Vehicles:
This combination is expansive upon the physical plane. Aquarius, as “a sign of constant movement, of changing activity and recurrent mutations” (EA 141) naturally influences the physical nature towards extensive activity; expansive Jupiter furthers this tendency. The Jupiter in Aquarius person is ‘in circulation upon the physical plane’. Aquarius rules the principle of circulation; Jupiter in Aquarius promotes the circulation of prana in the etheric nature. The entire circulatory system and nervous system are vitalized. A fascinating quotation from Esoteric Healing concerning “The Seven Ray Causes of Inharmony and Disease”, reveals something of the physical (and psychological) problem of Jupiter and Aquarius (and probably, Jupiter in Gemini as well)

“The Great One poured His life throughout all parts and every aspect of manifestation. From the centre to the periphery and from the periphery to the centre He rushed, carrying abundance of life, energising all forms of Himself, producing excess of movement, endless extension, abundant growth and undue haste. He knew not what He wanted because He wanted all, desired all, attracted all and gave to all too much.” (EH 299)

With Jupiter in Aquarius, there is a tendency towards over-stimulation, over-vitalization, over-extension, etc.—all manner of excesses to which Jupiter is prone, especially in the pervasive, omni-present ‘atmosphere’ of Aquarius. Positively, and when under reasonable control, this combination contributes to the presence of “abundant (Jupiter) life (Aquarius)” radiating through the etheric-physical mechanism. What must be watched and guarded against, is the tendency towards “super-abundance”.

Upon the astral plane, and in early days, “desire in form [is] ruler”. As stated above, one wants all, desires all and attracts all. Superficial desire becomes superficial self-extension. The person desires to be involved with everyone and everything, but loses his center. Later, upon the path of discipleship and initiation, the astral vehicle becomes the instrument of expression for the outgoing energy of love. One loves widely—warmly but impersonally. The astral body expresses friendly feelings, its former superficiality developing into inclusiveness.

This combination has a powerful effect upon the mind. At first (like Jupiter in Gemini) there is mental dispersion, a lack of mental focus. There are too many thoughts lacking depth or purpose, but at least there is interest in the many parts of the one whole. Later, upon the Fixed cross, the abstract mind is easily brought into relation with the concrete mind. If Aries is atma, Pisces is buddhi and Aquarius is the manas—the abstract mind. Jupiter is also associated with the expansiveness of higher mind (spiritual or universal mind). (cf. EA 369) The mind expands under this influence, and seeks to include all within a synthesis. The related unity of things is increasingly understood, and pure-reason begins to reflect itself in daily thought.

2. Jupiter (in Aquarius) in Relation to the Personality as a Whole:
This combination contributes to the sociability of the personality. It is a contra-indication to solitude. The person seeks to gather people (Jupiter) and to gather with others of his kind, and his life is spent in association. At first he grows through reception; his life is filled with affiliations, and he is fulfilled by them; later, upon the Fixed Cross, he gives generously; he grows and is fulfilled by the wide service he offers. He is motivated by a vision of shared abundance, and he takes the “common good” and “general welfare” to heart. He knows that, “We are more—together.”

3. Jupiter (in Aquarius) in Relation to the Fusion of Soul and Personality:
Jupiter rules Aquarius esoterically. The soul is group conscious and this combination inclines the individual to think ever in terms of group and group processes. The soul seeks to end the isolated, self-centered Leonian phase of personality life. The wider, more extensive life of spiritual abundance is only possible in association with others because they are other aspects of oneself. This combination provides the opportunity for the individual to move beyond the limitations of “I” and “me” and understand the principle of “we”, of “us”. Ahamkara begins to dissolve, and the individual develops permeability. He senses the “I that is we.” The personality is no longer the center of his life; personality focus seems to slip below the horizon of consciousness, and the ‘Sun of group life’ rises over that horizon. Selflessness and group service take the place of selfishness and self-service. The higher energies made available by group invocation and group association pervade the personality sphere; soul and personality are thus, increasingly, fused.

4. Jupiter (in Aquarius) in Relation to the Synthesis of Human Dualities—Head/Heart; Mind/Love; Will/Wisdom:
Aquarius, as its glyph indicates, contributes to the understanding of life’s many wave forms—waves being the symbol of bi-polarity. The Aquarian experience with bi-polarity is described by the Tibetan as follows:

“The results of the valley experience (to use the well-known language of the mystics of all ages) and of the mountain top with its vision and light, are very vividly depicted by the sign. The Aquarian can experience the depths of depression and of self-depreciation or he can know and pass through the exaltation of the soul and the sense of spiritual power which soul control gives, and know them to be the interplay and the action and reaction which are necessary for growth and comprehension. The law of such action and reaction is the law with which he works.” (EA 141-142)

Jupiter in this sign is broadly inclusive, moving rapidly towards the synthesis of the poles. Aquarius is outgoing, extroverted, and puts forward all it has—at first, in superficial display, later in service. The outpouring of this combination, draws upon all one’s resources which are then developed in the act of contribution Jupiter and Aquarius are both inclined towards universality; they seek the complete life, the abundant life. This combination uses all its has to promote abundant living for all, and in the sharing comes the fusion of the polarities.

5. Jupiter (in Aquarius) in Relation to the Means by which the Expansion of Consciousness may be Sought: Expansion of consciousness comes through pervasive self-extension. One gives abundantly, and receives abundantly. The giving creates the vacuum for reception; the reception brings the possibility of growth and expansion. The little ego is a little vessel. The group is a larger vessel. Humanity is a still larger vessel. The disciple becomes the group; the initiate, under the influence of this combination, becomes humanity.

6. Jupiter (in Aquarius)in Relation to the Fulfillment of Desire and the Satisfaction of Demand—
1) initially, fulfillment for the little self; then
2) fulfillment of desire for the good of the whole—a fulfillment achieved through the outgoing expression of love. Jupiter in Aquarius is the symbol of abundant life realized through abundant love (“the universal love of the truly developed Aquarian”). (EA 136) Even from the earlier stages of the evolutionary process, the channels of distribution and reception are open; great is the flow from and to. At first, the many (Jupiter) superficial desires (Aquarius) are rewarded; the environment complies. Satisfaction, however shallow, comes.

Much later in the cycle of lives, “heights of noted service” are reached in Aquarius (and in Leo, its polar opposite).(cf. EA 339) The principle of compensation for self-sharing is nowhere more evident than with this combination. All on has is given; all is poured forth; and all (and still more) returns multiplied for the sake of an ascending spiral of contribution in service. With Jupiter in Aquarius, selfless outgoing love is the key to abundant return. Since the welfare of the larger whole comes first in the consciousness of the initiate with this combination of forces, he is given all he needs (in fact, all his selfless heart desires) in order to promote that welfare.

7. Miscellaneous Meanings of Jupiter in Aquarius:

a. Jupiter in Aquarius signifies the blessings brotherhood, and the Brotherhood. Benefit, growth and expansion arise through association with the Spiritual Hierarchy.

b. Jupiter in Aquarius relates to the concept that the growth and development of Humanity is sponsored, primarily, by the Hierarchy (ruled by Aquarius).

c. Jupiter in Aquarius signifies the beneficence of the Ashram.

d. Jupiter in Aquarius is the combination which symbolizes “abundant life”. The disciple/initiate influenced strongly by this combination becomes a source of abundant life. “I am come that they may have life more abundantly.”

e. Jupiter in Aquarius signifies the radiance of the causal body, the radiance of the Solar Angel expressing through the causal body. It represents (with Jupiter in Leo) the radiatory effect of the glorious “Temple of Solomon”

f. Jupiter in Aquarius signified the “unified field”.

g. Jupiter in Aquarius signifies beneficent group radiation.

h. Jupiter in Aquarius signifies the blessings of group unity.

i. Jupiter in Aquarius signifies the abundant gifts of Hierarchy and of the soul. Jupiter in Aquarius contributes to the Law of Group Progress, even though this law is governed by Capricorn.

j. Jupiter in Aquarius symbolizes the “overflowing cup”—open to the down flow of divine energy and just as liberally pouring it forth; the absorption of freely given divine gifts and their subsequent release in service; the assimilation of the gifts of higher energy, and their free bestowal.

k. Jupiter in Aquarius signifies the “beneficent server”, giving and receiving freely.

l. Jupiter in Aquarius signifies the ability to become a growth-promoting distributor of beneficent energies. Beneficence is spread—broadcast.

m. Jupiter in Aquarius is related to the principle that “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

n. Negatively, Jupiter in Aquarius can indicate the tendency towards over-association. Superficial gregariousness can become a deterrent to soul-infusion. Energies are scattered away because too much energy is put into groups.

o. Negatively, Jupiter in Aquarius signifies the waste of resources through diffusion, dispersion, and insufficiently concentrated application.


Individuals with Jupiter in Aquarius

Horatio Alger
Susan B. Anthony
Elias Ashmole
Robert Bly
Tycho Brahe
Lewis Carroll
S. T. Coleridge
Marie Curie
Princess Diana
Albert Einstein
Dwight D Eisenhower
Elizabeth II
Jane Fonda
Giuseppe Maria Garibaldi
Henry James
Immanuel Kant
Elizabeth Kubler-Ross
Edouard Manet
Marilyn Monroe
Vaslav Nijinski
Jonas Salk
Girolamo Savonarola
Meryl Streep
Arturo Toscanini
Queen Victoria
Walt Whitman

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