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Vol. III: Astro-Rayology
Table of Contents

Tapestry of the Gods
Volume III
by Michael D. Robbins

in progress

Interpretations of Famous People by Ray, Sign and Life Emphasis
With Explanations of All Astrological and Rayological Elements

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Earth in Taurus



Individuals with the Earth in Taurus
(Heliocentrically: Also see Sun in Scorpio)

John Adams
Marie Antoinette
Vincenzo Bellini
Sarah Bernhardt
Benvenuto Cellini
Nicholas Culpeper
Marie Curie
Fyodor Dosteovski
Desideius Erasmus
Indira Gandhi
Bill Gates
Michel Gauquelin
Paul Joseph Goebbels
Billy Graham
Edwin Hubble
Chiang Kai-Shek
John Keats
Genghis Khan
Anton van Leeuwenhoek
Martin Luther
Jawaharlal Nehru
George Patton
Emily Post
Dr. Francis Regardie
Auguste Rodin
Theodore Roosevelt
Carl Sagan
Jonas Salk

Astrological Interpretations
by Michael D. Robbins

commentary and projects
by Michael D. Robbins

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