Dear Friends of Humanity and of the Ageless Wisdom,

Today is November 30th, 2014. In just about three weeks, the Morya Federation opens its seventh year of work, presenting a comprehensive program of esoteric education modelled on Master Djwhal Khul’s Curriculum for the Preparatory Schools of Meditation as presented in His book: Letters on Occult Meditation.

I have written you twice in the past month and my earlier letters are included below, as each letter includes thoughts not found in the other. Please read what I have said about the opportunity presented to you—to truly educate yourself deeply in the Ageless Wisdom Tradition. The Ageless Wisdom is truly ageless and antedates the formation of our planet Earth. In fact, it antedates our solar system. It is eternal Wisdom, always true within our present universe, though naturally adapted to the type of evolution humanity is pursuing on our particular planet. There are Esoteric Schools on other planets as well, according to descriptions offer by Master DK, and such schools will naturally present the Ageless Wisdom according to the needs and evolutionary requirements of those particular planets.

The Esoteric School on our planet is discussed in the following way:

“Earth (3rd)—The School of Magnetic Response. Another name given to its pupils is `The graduates of painful endeavour' or the `adjudicators between the polar opposites.' Its graduates are said to undergo examination upon the 3rd subplane of the astral plane.” (Esoteric Astrology 693)

Just for contrast, here is the description of the Esoteric School to be found on Vulcan, a School closely related to the Earth-School. “Vulcan (1st)—The School of Fiery Stones. There is a curious connection between the human units who pass through its halls and the mineral kingdom. The human units on the earth scheme are called `the living stones'; on the Vulcan they are called `fiery stones.'” (Esoteric Astrology 693)

Note also the School on Mercury: “Mercury (4th)—The pupils of this planetary school are called `The Sons of Aspiration' or `The points of Yellow Light.' They have a close connection with our Earth scheme. The name of this school is not given.” (Esoteric Astrology 694)

Or consider the School on Venus: “Venus (5th)—The School with five strict Grades. This again is a planetary scheme closely related to ours. Its planetary Logos is in a more advanced group of cosmic students than is ours. Most of its hierarchical instructors come from the 5th cosmic plane.” (Esoteric Astrology 694)

The descriptions of the various schools make for fascinating reading but descriptions are not given for all of them, for the names and functions of some of them are part of the Mysteries of Initiation.

Esoteric Schools like the Morya Federation are certainly not the great Planetary Schools (not by far) but they do attempt to educate the spiritually advancing human being in such a way that he or she can participate with full consciousness in the type of esoteric education offered by the Planetary Hierarchy of our particular planet. Our planet is really a Great School, as are all the other planets, and all these Planetary Schools are ultimately under the supervision of our Solar Logos. Amazing really!

Well, friends, we have to begin somewhere. We are far, far from the understanding we will one day have when we are Members of the Spiritual Hierarchy of our planet (and we will be) but we are on our way, and if we choose to act with purposeful deliberation, we may hasten the day when we will be far better equipped to serve humanity on behalf of the Spiritual Hierarchy.

Try to take the long-range view. Realize that one incarnation is a relatively short time and that an amazing future lies ahead of all of us and before humanity in general. But we all need help getting there, and that’s why the Ageless Wisdom exists—to present the Truth of the Inner Life in such a way that we can absorb and express it, benefitting from the long experience of Those who have gone before us.

All esoteric training is Self-training. It is the true Inner Self which offers the training. The brilliant curriculum of Master DK is there to help us, but the responsibility of meditation, study, service and the general absorption of what is given is ours.

So this is an invitation to assume a new level of esoteric responsibility in your life. Times on Earth are especially difficult now, and probably you are pressed with many duties, demands and karmic obligations. Despite all these apparent obstacles (and let us remember that Master Morya said, “Obstacles are possibilities”), I am asking you to take on another burden on behalf of humanity and the Spiritual Hierarchy. Master Morya said, “Burden me still more”, and thereby gave us the mantram for those who would truly advance rapidly in their evolution and advance rapidly in their capacity to serve. Will you be among those who can and will accept the additional burden of intensive esoteric training? I hope so.

Please go to and look at our three types of Applications. According to your interests and experience, please select one and fill it out. We will respond to you within a week, and in all probability you will be entering the Morya Federation as a student—intensifying your role in preparing for the Externalization of the Hierarchy and the Reappearance of the Christ.

In Light, Love and Power,
Michael Robbins, Ph.D., Ph.D.E.
Director: Morya Federation
President: University of the Seven Rays
President: Seven Ray Institute


Dear Friends of Humanity and the Ageless Wisdom,

A couple of weeks ago I sent you a letter alerting you to the beginning of the seventh year of the Morya Federation, our international School of the Ageless Wisdom, providing many aspects of the New-Esoteric-Schools-Curriculum proposed by the Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul in His illuminating book, Letters on Occult Meditation. The response to my letter was very encouraging and many of you have gone to the Morya Federation Website ( to have a look at our Federation Programs, download one or other of the three types of applications, and then complete and send your application. I am very pleased with the response. Really, there is no time to lose, the launch for the seventh year begins on December 21st 2014—the day of the Capricorn Solstice.

Below, I am again re-sending my first letter to you, which I ask to read (if you are receiving it for the first time) or to re-read to really understand what we are proposing – an in-depth program of meditation, study and service which will assist that great Disciple, Humanity itself, as it strives to deepen its understanding of reality and its cooperation with the Spiritual Hierarchy of our planet.

In these challenging and dangerous times, with the world so far out of balance, we might ask, “Why should I take years to train myself in the Ageless Wisdom and its Esoteric Arts and Sciences?” “Is it a practical course of action at a time when so much is at stake for Humanity?” I will simply answer that, according to Master DK, it is the intention of many Masters of the Wisdom to emerge into visibility before the eyes of Humanity and that this “Externalization”, as it is called, will further prepare the way of the Reappearance of the Christ—the World Saviour and Teacher, Who will truly initiate Humanity into the New Age. The wonderful little book The Reappearance of the Christ,informs us of the reality of these impending spiritual events; they are no fanciful hopes and dreams but the Plan of the Lord of the World, Himself, Sanat Kumara. The entire process is supported by great Spiritual Beings on the “inside” of life. It will happen, and, in fact, is in process of happening now. We, you and I, can help, if we are trainedspiritually, and understand something of the methods to be used by the Spiritual Hierarchy to educate and redeem Humanity so that it can enter the Age of Aquarius safely and sanely—never an easy task. In short, we all are needed, and if we know more about the Ageless Wisdom and express its principles in our lives, then we can be far more useful than if we remain ignorant or relatively ignorant of the Great Wisdom.

During the Age of Aquarius, which will last more than 2000 years, Humanity must be transformed through the process of discipleship and initiation. Hierarchy’s Plan will not be achieved in a few decades—not even in a few centuries. Our ongoing cooperation is needed. Most of us believe in reincarnation and are convinced that we will be present, through various incarnations, during this transformative process occurring in the Age of Aquarius. There is no time like NOW, the end of the Era of the Forerunners (the last ten years before 2025), to make sure our spiritual training begins in earnest and persists—ever-deepening as the years pass.

So friends, a Great Opportunity is with us. Of course it can be met in many ways—not just through the Morya Federation. There are other fine esoteric schools and many other avenues of service to Humanity. Many ways lead to the desirable objective. I simply offer you the opportunity to work with us—a group of dedicated students and teachers of the Ageless Wisdom, which has attempted to adapt Master DK’s magnificent Esoteric Curriculum (which will later be fully expressed in the coming New Schools of Meditation) to the needs and capacities of present students of the Ageless Wisdom.

It is my impression, friends, that the next ten years or so will be trying in the extreme. Millions of human beings will need a “strong hand in the dark” to guide them aright. The premises on which our civilization is founded will be challenged, and Humanity will demand more—more knowledge, wisdom, understand and love. We can be there for those who begin to seek for Reality. We can offer a Vision of the Truth which will inspire and guide them on their way—IF we are trained to do so.

So please visit the Morya Federation Website (, become familiar with our programs, take a good look at our applications, and if you are inspired to join the last great push in the Era of the Forerunners, fill out one of those applications and join us. Now is the time for “Progress Onward”. For those of you who may have been hesitating, ask yourself, “If not now, when?!”

Together, we can make a difference!—a different to Humanity and to the progress of our Planetary Life!

Light, Love and Power,
Michael Robbins
Director: Morya Federation
President: University of the Seven Rays



Dear Friends of Humanity and the Ageless Wisdom,

The Morya Federation will soon begin its seventh year of active service on behalf of humanity and the Spiritual Hierarchy of our planet. Many of you may be familiar with the idea of the new esoteric schools discussed in the Tibetan Master’s book Letters on Occult Meditation. There He gave a wonderful curriculum for both the Preparatory Schools and the Advanced Schools of the future. It is wise to realize that the true new esoteric schools upon which He elaborated will appear only in the future—in some cases, many centuries into the future, but a bridging movement towards the Preparatory Schools can now begin. To this work of bridging, the Morya Federation is dedicated.

The Morya Federation sponsors three types of work for its students. The first program lasts a year or two and is called Meditation Quest. In this program students learn the principles of spiritually occult meditation. There are many kinds of meditation, we probably realize, and occult meditation deals primarily with establishing true contact between the personality (the self we usually and ignorantly consider ourselves to be) and the soul (the Inner Self, a Higher Self). Very little written work is required of students entering Mediation Quest—only a monthly meditation report—useful not only for every student, but for the mentor who corresponds with and assists each student.

Some students may prefer simply to learn the techniques of occult meditation, but for those who seek to truly learn and understand something of the vastness of the Ageless Wisdom, two more years (or even seven more years) of meditation, study and service lie ahead in the Morya Federation Offering.

The next program, lasting a minimum of two years, is called Great Quest. Deeper penetration into occult meditation, of course, continues, but the curriculum is primarily one aimed at the understanding of esoteric psychology which, as the Tibetan Master explains, includes the study of the science of the seven rays, the science of esoteric astrology and the science of the etheric force centers or chakras. As well, there is an important introduction to the Science of Raja Yoga as presented in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali (a great sage who lived more than 10,000 years ago). Alice Bailey’s book, The Light of the Soul, (featuring Patanjali’s stanzas translated into English by the Tibetan Master. DK) presents these sutras or stanzas in a way which can be best appreciated by the modern western disciple. This curriculum is particularly associated with the curriculum which will be taught in the Preparatory Schools and focuses on the human being considered as the microcosm.

Should students wish to continue with their meditations and studies after graduating from Great Quest, there awaits a minimally five-year program (Quest Universal) focusing on the macrocosm—the Greater Whole. This is the truly planetary, solar systemic and cosmic aspect of the Morya Federation Curriculum. When the Advanced Schools truly exist (and these schools really cannot begin before the Reappearance of the Great Lord—the Christ), their curriculum will have an important macrocosmic orientation—though practical occultism will also be taught. Quest Universal parallels a great deal of the curriculum to be offered in the Advanced Schools of Meditation. It should be said that it is possible to enter Quest Universal directly, if one is a student of sufficient experience with the Ageless Wisdom.

In the Quest Universal Curriculum, a broad survey is made of the great majority of Master DK’s books. There are also courses which relate to Theosophy and the works of Madame Helena P. Blavatsky (such as her masterpiece, The Secret Doctrine). The curriculum is very thorough, with a strong emphasis upon practical service to humanity as well as meditation and study. We think it offers a very good preparation for participation in the true new esoteric schools in incarnations to come.

For those who have the spiritual/academic stamina, there is also the opportunity to receive from the University of the Seven Rays a Ph.D.E. in Esoteric Studies. For this additional certificate of recognition, an original dissertation will be required.

Now, you might ask, why, at a time when humanity is deeply in the throes of world crisis, one should engage in such a program of intensive meditation and study. Each one of the distinguished and esoterically experienced faculty members of the Morya Federation would have his or her own answer to this question. Let me share with you mine.

The world crisis exists for many, many reasons—some of which are deeply esoteric, such as a type of fourth initiation through which our Planetary Logos is passing, with that stressful initiation focusing through our particular planetary chain and its Earth-globe. But there are also many other reasons, and some of them have to do with human ignorance of the esoteric realities of life. Think how even a widespread understanding and acceptance of reincarnation would change human relations across the fact of the globe. Further, millions upon million so human beings have a wishfully childish notion of human destiny and of their own particular destiny. Their erroneous beliefs cause them to do things which work directly against the welfare of humanity and their own. The Ageless Wisdom has profound yet truly logical answers for those who seek the Truth in regard to the cause and nature of the universe, the nature of our local cosmosphere, the nature of our solar system, of the many planets in that system, and of our particular planet and its “god” or Planetary Logos. The Path of high spiritual achievement is clearly described and taught, and students come to understand that their progress towards a magnificent destiny is truly in their own hands. This is a tremendous empowerment compared to the way these subjects are treated by the world’s convention religions and philosophies. If these ideas are widely taught and widely accepted a real regeneration of humanity is not only possible but inevitable. I have often thought that the Ageless Wisdom can make possible the salvation of humanity—a humanity in danger of destruction brought on by its own ignorance of life’s realities.

Well, there you have my abbreviated thought on the value of deep and persistent esoteric study, occult meditation, and the determination to serve others in such a way that will help to awaken the soul nature of humanity. It is my conviction, that work as a student with the Morya Federation can greatly assist a fuller development of these very desirable objectives. In fact I would call the spiritual regeneration of humanity and indispensable objective.

About two months now remain to fill out your application for one of our three programs. We always begin on December 21st—the day of the Capricorn Solstice. Master DK said that this was the day to begin, and we have followed His advice. The Morya Federation as an Esoteric School has as strong Capricornian quality—Capricorn the sign of spiritual responsibility and of initiation. The energy of Aries is also very strong, indicating the pioneering spiritual/academic work done within the Federation.

Work within the Federation is not only written work. We now have a vibrant webinar and broadcast program which allows students to participate in lectures on fascinating subjects in real time—via their computer. Students can also make comments and ask questions on many of these programs. Recently, when the planet Uranus crossed the Ascendant of the Morya Federation, these changes were instituted and they add a stimulating new dimension to an already broad and deep esoteric curriculum.

So it is with real anticipation that I (and all the Faculty and Administration of the Federation) invite you to join the Morya Federation as a student in one or other of its three programs. You will find your Application at --this is our new website and you can learn all about the Federation—far more than I have been able to impart in this short letter of invitation.

So—friends—those of you who wish to deepen your understanding of and participation in the realities of life, please go to our website, read about our programs, select one of our three Applications, fill it out, and join the Morya Federation striving forward with many students from all over the world—all moving forward into Greater Light and Service in these final years of the Era of the Forerunner preceding the Great Hierarchical Conclave of 2025.

In Light, Love and Power,
Michael (Robbins)
President of the University of the Seven Rays and Seven Ray Institute
Director: Morya Federation