T.O.P Short Version


1. Point of tension. Complete control of personal self - fitted for soul contact.


2. Fusion with Soul or the Angel.


3. Holding the mind steady in the light of the soul. Allowing the soul to take over holding the point of tension.


4. Definite and sustained effort to sense the Presence. The effort to 'see in the light the Angel radiates, the point of light behind all phenomenal appearances'. ( the personal self, held in the light of the soul, is attempting contact with the monad - B.L)


5. Having sensed the Presence we seek to achieve understanding of that which, through the medium of form, is seeking to embody the high purpose at any particular point in the evolutionary cycle.


6. Lifting of some world issue that seeks revelation into the 'triple light of the intuition' - personal light, soul light and light of the Presence. Resulting in




7. Preparation for revelation of that which was received through..

a) Relinquishing the Higher Way.

b) Refocus in soul

c) Pause for constructive thinking

d) formulation of thoughtform

e) Pause preceeding presentation


8. Presentation of revelation. The fiery ordeal


9. Descent of revelation into illusion and glamour



T.O.P - Even Shorter Version


1. Personality Tension


2. Soul Fusion


3. Release Tension to Soul


4. Sense Presence


5. Ascertain Purpose


6. Demand Key


7. Preparation For Release


8. Release and Burn


9. Let it Sink