Wesak Meditation

1.     Withdraw your consciousness from the personality and its vehicles and enter deeply into the presence of the soul. Feel yourself established as a soul within the field of light, love and spiritual power.

2.     Merge yourself as a soul into a deep sense of the group soul.

3.     Thus, unite in soul with the spiritually minded people of the world and with the men and women of goodwill.

4.     Visualize the group soul merging into the One Soul of Humanity. Realize that that there is no ‘my soul and thy soul’. Deeply realize “Naught is but Me”.

5.     Imagine the group antahkarana, colored with all the seven colors, but primarily the deep indigo blue of the second ray, reaching into the realms of the spiritual triad.

6.     Inwardly affirm the great Word of Power—“I see the greatest Light” as you project a line of vivid white light from an established point of tension on the mental plane into triadal realms.

7.     In the presence of this great Light of the spiritual triad, attempt to ‘feel’ the presence of the Great White Brotherhood, the Lodge of Masters, the Spiritual Hierarchy of our Planet.

8.     Realize that at this time of Wesak, They, the Great Ones, are concentrating their energies in invocation towards Shamballa.

9.     Preserving your attunement to the higher worlds, imaginatively see Them in subtle form within the Wesak Valley on the great rock which serves as a platform for the invocation of the Buddha.

10. Dwell as a group silently on the periphery yet within Their presence as they prepare for the moment of the Buddha’s appearance.

11. Focusing the invocation of the group soul, imagine the rays of Venus entering all those who are preparing—Venus conveying the beautiful light of the soul, the light of the Solar Angel, conveying a quality of higher manas sensitive to buddhi.

12. Focusing the invocation of the group soul, imagine the rays and Vulcan entering all those who are preparing—Vulcan conveying adamantine spiritual will which persists in the quest for Light despite all obstacles to Enlightenment.

13. Stand as a group within the presence of these down-flowing energies, and be imbued with the qualities of Venus and Vulcan.

14. In the spirit of preparation, attune with the energies of the constellation Taurus—the Mother of Illumination, and, in the stillness, imagine the group with which you are identified and the assembled Masters filled with the “Unfettered Enlightenment of Shamballa” inspired by the Taurean Energy.

15. In the stillness feel the growing intensity of this Taurean Light, bringing “illumination and the attainment of the vision”.

16. When the group has absorbed and identified with these available planetary and constellational energies, imagine with great reverence the appearance of the Great Lord Maitreya within the midst of the assembled Masters. The group imagines itself upon the periphery of this august body of Adepts.

17. Attempt to feel the Love of the Christ as He prepares to invoke His great Brother, the Buddha. Let us feel ourselves as a group imbued with this Love. Let it pour through our heart and soul.

18. In all reverence, and as the time approaches, let us feel ourselves as a group merging in identification with the Christ and His Hierarchy as They prepare for the yearly vibrational descent of the Buddha.

19. As the sacred moment arrives, maintain an utter group silence which absorbs as fully as possible the presence of the Buddha as, during the eight minutes of His presence, He transmits Shamballic Energy to the Christ and the Hierarchy, blessing the world. Remain in utter receptive stillness throughout the eight minutes..

20. …….

21. As the image and Energy of the Buddha recede, let us imagine that, as a group, we are filled with the Buddha’s Energy as transmitted by the Christ and the Hierarchy.

22. We are as an overflowing chalice, prepared to share this energy with anyone we may serve, and, in consecrated thought, with all humanity.

23. As a group, we spend some moments imbued with this Energy in a attitude of blessing to the world, imagining the Energy-gift of the Buddha pouring forth through us, to all humanity and especially to those in need.

24. We imagine the illumination of humanity under the reception of this Great Energy. The light content within all human beings in greatly increased, and there is a definite movement towards the Wisdom emanating from the Lord of Light.

25. We imagine the Forces of Enlightenment pouring into the planetary whole, uplifting it and enlightening it.

26. We imagine the sacred lighted sphere which Earth will one day become.

27. Resolved to hold and distribute throughout the coming year the Energy which has come to us at this highest point of the High Interlude of the spiritual year, together we intone the Great Invocation, seeing the Blessing of the Buddha pour forth over all the worlds.

28. OM OM OM