On the attitude of faith (# 56, R1)

      1.   Achieve inner quiet and outer physical comfort.

     2.   Breathe rhythmically and deeply, yet without any tension, for five minutes by the clock, and endeavor at the same time to feel the breath permeating, clarifying, and vitalizing your entire body.

     3.   Sound the OM five times inaudibly, imagining, as you do so, that the soul is sending forth each breath, and is stimulating, coordinating and aligning the bodies in the following order:

      a. The mental body with the Soul Itself.

      b. The mental and emotional vehicles with the Soul Itself.

     c. The mental, emotional, and vital bodies with the Soul Itself.

      d. The entire lower nature, the personality as a unit, with the Soul Itself.

      e.  Soul and body then unitedly breathe forth the final OM.

It is essential that you use the creative imagination as you do this exercise, for it is the divine building faculty

      Then take a minute to establish consciously the alignment set up, holding the consciousness as high in the head as possible.  Then affirm to yourself in your own words the soul contact which has been made or which you have sought

to make, and the definite alignment which is the result of the work done. It is here that you can learn the true meaning­ of FAITH.  It is ever the result of the active creative imagination.

     5. Then, take the following words or ideas into your active intelligent consciousness for the next few months:

      First month:    ..    ..    ..    ..    Alignment and the results you hope to see       working out in your particular case.

      Second month:  .. ..    ..    ..    Soul contact and its group effect in your life.

      Third month:  ..    ..    ..    ..    Assurance of the Plan and its call to you for service to be rendered.

      Fourth month: ..   ..    ..    ..    Group relationship and the part that you can play.

      Fifth month:    ..    ..    ..    ..    Joy in service and how it can irradiate in your life.      

      6.  Finally sound the OM again five times, and note, as a result of this reflective meditation, there is any difference in quality, tone, and effect produced.