ON INTEGRATION (ALIGNMENT).  # 23 (Any Ray, Creative Set VII)

Stand before an open window if possible, and breathe long and deeply.  Imagine yourself as drawing in the energy of the universe and that it is permeating every part of your mechanism, the physical body, entering via the spleen.  Do this every day, slowly and regularly.  Keep the mind steady and focussed whilst doing this. 

     1.  Attain physical comfort and work for a few minutes at achieving alignment.

     2. Then sound the OM:

          a. Three times, sending the indrawn energy out through the ajna center (the center between the eyebrows), thus purifying the physical body.

          b.  Three times, sending the indrawn energy to the heart center, between the shoulder blades, and thus stabilizing the emotional body

          c.  Three times through the throat center, thus energizing the mind body.

          d.  Then breathe out the  0 M  three times throughout the physical body.

          Use the creative imagination as fully as possible whilst doing this.

     3.  Then say the ancient mantram:

              More radiant than the sun,      purer than the snow,   subtler than the ether,

              is the Self, the Spirit within my heart.  I am that Self.  That Self am I.

     4.  Then, for the next six months take the following magical phrases or formulas as your seed thoughts in meditation, giving two months to each of the phrases.

     Phrase I     lst and 2nd months:..   ..   ..   ..   for the mental body.

     Phrase II    3rd and 4th months:..  ..   ..   ..   for the astral body.

     Phrase III   5th and 6th months:..   ..   ..   ..   for the physical body.

Phrase I.  For The Mind

     Like a golden butterfly, which flies in the face of the sun, I find myself poised upon the lotus petal of the earth.  I hover.  I stay a little moment and then I fly into the golden pathway, which leads unto the sun.

Phrase II.  For The Emotional Body.

     There is no darkness and no fog.  There is no night or day.  There are no storms nor peace, no rest nor strife.  Only the steadfast Will of God, which works towards good.

Phrase III.  For The Physical Body.

     Down from the mountaintop. I come, bringing the Light of Life, the life of light into the chalice of the form I pour this light which life confers, this life which light sustains.  I see this golden light transform the darkness into day.  I see the blue of life divine pour through the form; it heals and soothes.  Thus is the task performed.  Thus is a man of earth transformed into a Son of God.

     5.  Then repeat the Great Invocation:

Let the Forces of Light bring illumination to mankind.

Let the Spirit of Peace be spread abroad.

May men of goodwill everywhere meet in a spirit of cooperation.

May forgiveness on the part of all men be the keynote at this time.

Let power attend the efforts of the Great Ones.

So let it be, and help us to do our part.

     6.  Then say:

     May the Holy Ones Whose pupils we aspire to become show us the light we seek; give us the strong aid of Their compassion and Their wisdom.  There is a peace that passeth understanding; it abides in the hearts of those who live in the eternal.  There is a power that maketh all things new; it lives and moves in those who know the Self as One.  May that peace brood over us, that power uplift us, till we stand were the ONE INITIATOR is invoked, till we see His star shine forth.  May the peace and blessing of the Holy Ones pour forth over the worlds.

Peace            Peace            Peace

    7.  Then say the OM three times inaudibly as the soul, energizing the whole integrated lower man