The three factors to be borne in mind in working at this meditation are:

       1. The Soul, the second aspect of divinity as Light —In Him was Life; and the Life was the Light of men (John 1.4).

       2. The Sutratma or thread, the silver cord, which is occultly "The Path" and which passes from the soul on its own plane (the higher mental levels), to the pineal gland in the center of the brain, via the mental body and the emotional body.

       3. The head center, particularly that lower part of the center in which the pineal gland is located. Here "the light of the head" is to be found through concentration and meditation, and when found must be used increasingly. The aspirant finds this light and then learns to use the sutratma as the Path up to the Soul on its own plane.


1.  The stage of Ascension: arriving at that adjustment which:

     1. Align your bodies.

          a.  Physical alignment. 

Sound the Word audibly, and holding the consciousness steady in the head, look inward to the Light, which is there, even if unperceived.

          b.  Emotional body, and its clarification and stabilizing. 

Sound the Word audibly. Offer to the soul, the Master of your life, your devotion.

     c.  Mental body or mind. 

Sound the word audibly, keeping the vibration still in the head and say with full concentration:

‘As the one Sun illumines all this world so do I, the Self the Knower of the field, light up the whole field.

Light of Lights also am I called.  Beyond the darkness am I.  I am wisdom.  I am the aim of wisdom. I am

gained by wisdom. In the heart am I set firm? (Paraphrase of Gita XIII 33.17)

    2. Then meditate for ten minutes holding the mind one‑pointedly on the thought embodied in the words. This embodies a strong mental effort.  In the next few months use the following thoughts as the basis for your meditation.

          First‑month..  ..   ..   ..   Alignment with the Soul.

          Second month.. ..  ..   ..   Soul consciousness.

          Third month..     ..   ..   ..   The thread of life, uniting Soul, Mind and Body.

          Fourth month ..  ..   ..   The Life of Reflection.

          Fifth month..  ..   ..   ..   Soul impression upon the mind and the brain.

          Sixth month.. ..   ..   ..   The Soul, the Eternal Principle.

          Seventh month..    ..   ..   Continuity of' Consciousness.

          Eighth month     ..   ..   ..   Immortality.

2. The Stage of Equilibrium

     1.  After the 10 minutes of meditation endeavor to hold the mind for a minute steady—in the light.

     2.  Then repeat the obligation aloud once:

     I, an immortal Ego, the manifesting principle of a Monadic Spark of the All‑pervading light, standing at one of the crossroads of Life, choose to travel the straight and narrow Path that leads to immortality and so live eternally to spread the Light, loving and serving those who wander in the darkness.

     I, therefore, in full consciousness of the meaning of my obligation, take the oath of renunciation, and covenant with my Father in Heaven to forfeit all individual rewards of whatsoever nature in order to carry out His will on those planes of matter wherein I am a manifesting principle.

     To this end, I will to purify and control my mental, emotional and physical bodies and to do that which is necessary to make them a perfect channel for the downflow of Divine Light, and Illumination. I pledge myself also to enter into the Silence whenever possible in order to catch the orders from my Heavenly Father and my Master, and endeavor then to carry them out with accuracy and sincerity.

     In the Name of Those Whose comradeship I seek and with the aid of my own inner Light.  OM

3. The stage of Descent

      Then remembering the occult injunction "Let your light shine, before men", see that light of the Self-illumining the head, passing down through the mental and emotional bodies to the brain. From thence it will illuminate:

          a.  The brain processes process producing clear thought.

          b.  The life of the man upon the physical plan, producing right action.

          c.  His intercourse with his fellowmen, tending to right speech.

          d.   Close with the final OM