[This alignment/preparation has a definite purpose, which it can be wise to bear in mind.  Its purpose is to bring stillness to your etheric body, calm poise to your emotional nature, plus mental clarity and receptivity to soul impression. 

You can find other forms of preparation/alignment in the Forgiveness Manual, or in material from the Group for Creative Meditation, or, use whatever system works best for you based upon your experience.  The psychosynthesis-based Dis-identification andSelf-identification exercise (also in the Forgiveness manual) can also be very effective at the start of any meditation period.]


  1. Relax physically, steadying your breathing, and gradually drawing in to a point of central quiet stillness.
  2. Raise your consciousness upwards through the emotional and mental ‘fields’ towards the Soul.
  3. Identify your personality consciousness with your Soul consciousness (as far as you are able to) and realize that they are, in reality, two aspects of one Self.


 Focus on the purpose of your meditation.  Say a Dedication such as this one - or use other words if you prefer to – to polarize yourself within the soul work that you and your soul group seek to accomplish on Earth.


"We dedicate ourselves to the service of the Coming One and will do all we can to prepare men's minds and hearts for His approach. With this intention we meditate on the Laws and Principles of the Kingdom of God, and will co-operate in every way we can with their implementation in the world."


Many people have also found it helpful and centring to repeat silently the following words from the Message of the Christ "I stand and Wait", endeavouring to realise their deep meaning


"Keep close in touch with Me (The Christ) and with the Master Who surveys your life.
With Us are found the forces of the living Light and Love which you must use.
Keep close to Us, and day by day draw on that strength
And knowledge which We have and which is also yours.
Let naught disturb the acquiescent calm which keeps you close in touch,
Which brings you light and understanding
And which keeps you steadfast on the Way.”


1.      Attunement: Polarized now, as high as you can in consciousness, align your thinking with the theme you have chosen for this meditation or meditation cycle (whether that be a Soul Quality, a Law, a Principle, a Question, an Astrological Sign, or a Seed thought, word, or phrase – see list on page 3 for ideas).  Mentally salute it and seek to become attuned to its livingness, to the vibration of its Source.

2.      Reflective Meditation: Ponder as deeply as possible (i) its appearance or many forms, (ii) its quality or meaning, and (iii) its deepest essence, purpose and potential.

Relate it to the present world opportunity, seeing the need for it, its potential practical usefulness, its spiritual value or desirability for humanity as a whole.

Holding the mind steady in the light of the soul, write down any thought, images, or insights that enter your waiting mind in connection with it.  Explore it mentally at first (you may like to make a ‘mind-map’ on paper if that is a method you find helpful). You might also consider its emotional impact and practical applications.

3.      Contemplation: When it seems right to move on, or in accordance with the time-frame you have for this meditation, still your mind again and become open to soul impression about the theme, endeavoring to ‘see’ the theme more and more as the soul or Higher Self sees it.  

4.      Registration: Now formulate a synthesis of what you have accomplished so far, in a way that you might be able to apply in your own life and/or in a way it could be usefully presented to others.  Writing this down can help you to literally ‘embody’ this quality or subtle energy pattern.

5.      Radiation: Using your creative imagination, now “breathe out” the energy and idea of the Quality, Law, Principle, Sign, or Theme for the current period as a formulated, living thought-form of lighted substance, into the stream of mental substance which is ever playing upon human consciousness.

6.      Closure: Close either with an intentional affirmation, or, a “Will statement.” For example:
"May the down-pouring energy of … (eg. The Law of Right Human Relations, if that were the theme you had been working with…) be anchored on earth, and may it pervade our minds and hearts and actions."


“I will to cultivate and express unconditional love and forgiveness today in my daily life”

7.      As fits your situation, say softly, aloud, or silently, the Great Invocation, intent upon radiating the spiritual energies you have been seeking to contact, in service to humanity. 

The three OMs at the end may also be well used to radiate the Wisdom (Light), Love, and Power of the Will-to-Good of the Soul, with the same intention.


This meditation normally needs about 15 - 20 minutes, but the time given to each stage can be varied.

Remember that a short, dynamic meditation can be more positive and creative than one that is longer and less defined.

You may like to use many themes, and also, other mantram or dedications. 


This outline is purely to offer you ideas for a basic structure that many people have found over the years works well for them.


Themes to choose from could include:

Û     Forgiveness

Û     Unconditional Love

Û     Wisdom

Û     The right use of Power

Û     Creativity

Û     Beauty

Û     Harmony

Û     The Good, the True and the Beautiful

Û     The right use of order

Û     The right use of idealism

Û     The right use of the mind

Û     Or indeed - any quality of the Higher Self you wish to cultivate, many of which are listed in the manuals

Û     The Aramaic mind-sets (from the Forgiveness and Goodwill manuals) (This can be very, very valuable!  See also the various exercises and meditations on the Forgiveness and Goodwill manuals about them.)

Û     Any ‘Burning question’ you have (Here is a good tip: in your meditation, seek not only for personal applications of the answer to your own life, but seek also its wider application for humanity as a whole) 

Û     Any sentence or phrase from your readings that has seemed important or significant to you to explore more deeply

Û     Any request you wish to make of your soul.  For example: “Teach me how to love.”

Û     You could also make up your own seed thought phrase, such as “The Healing Power of Forgiveness”



You can adapt this format to assist your spiritual development or esoteric studies by choosing themes from the following, o r similar sources:

Û     The Seven Laws of the Soul (Esoteric Psychology Volume II)

Û     The 15 Rules of White Magic (Treatise on White Magic)

Û     The Ten Laws and Six Rules for Esoteric Healing (Esoteric Healing)

Û     The Energies of any particular Ray or Astrological Sign (Esoteric Psychology Vols. I & II, Esoteric Astrology)

Û     Seed thoughts such as are given in the books Discipleship in the New Age Vols. I & II

Û     The 3 Laws and 3 Principles of the New Age as requested by DK, which are:

The Laws of Right Human Relations, Group Endeavour, and Spiritual Approach

The Principles of Goodwill, Unanimity, and Essential Divinity



Be prepared for the unexpected.  The ‘answers’ to your need do not always come at the time or in the manner you always expect, or even would like.  Intend to generate beneficial results, but do not always pull up the plant by the roots to see how it is progressing!  There is value in ‘plodding’ – gentle, steady, persistence is the most valuable quality to develop.