1. Attain physical comfort; rhythmic and normal breathing.
  2. Focus in the ajna and visualize the threefold lower self (physical, emotional and mental)
    1. Unified
    2. In contact with the soul.
    3. As a recipient for soul energy, seeing the Light of the Soul permeate through the mind, to the brain, and controlling the body and its actions throughout the day.
  3. Then call in the Will and concentrate upon the following mantrams. Keep the mind unmoving upon the meaning (do not focus on the words themselves, or the fact that we are attempting to meditate, but their meaning).
  4. Then say, and feel the Truth of this: "More radiant than the sun, purer than the snow, subtler than the ether is the Self, The Spirit within me. I am that Self. That Self am I."
  5. Then concentrate for 5 minutes, potently, upon the meaning behind the words:

"Thou God seest me."

If the mind falters, bring it gently back to the significance, meaning, and implications of this statement.

  1. Then, with deliberation, bring the concentration work to a close, and say again with the mind re-focussed on the underlying ideas the following concluding statement:

"There is a peace that passeth understanding; it abides in the hearts of those who live in the Eternal. There is a power that maketh all things new; it lives and moves in those who know the Self as one."




Eliminate all thoughts other than those having a bearing upon the subject. If you find difficulty maintaining concentration, imagine you have to give a lecture upon these words to an audience. Picture yourself as formulating the notes upon which you will later speak. Carry your mind on from stage to stage and you will find that five minutes will have gone by without your attention wavering, so great will have been your interest.


You may wish to memorize or capture the essence of the following sequence, following upon the seed thought. Note that this depicts a sequence of thought, as follows:


Thou God seest me.

This God is the divine in me, the indwelling Christ, the Soul.

For long ages this soul has perceived and observed me.

Now for the first time I am in a position to see God.

Up till now, I have been negative to this divine Reality.

The positive relation is becoming possible.

But this seems to involve the idea of duality.

But I and God are one.

I am God, and have been all the time.

Therefore I have been seen by my Self.

I am that Self, That Self am I.