Aries Solar Fire Meditation

1.    Withdraw your consciousness from the personality and its vehicles and enter deeply into the presence of the soul. Feel yourself established as a soul within the field of light, love and spiritual power.

2.    Merge yourself as a soul into a deep sense of the group soul.

3.    Thus, unite in soul with the spiritually minded people of the world and with the men and women of goodwill.

4.    Visualize the group soul merging into the One Soul of Humanity. Realize that that there is no ‘my soul and thy soul’. Deeply realize that “Naught is but Me”.

5.    Imagine the group antahkarana, colored with all the seven colors, but primarily the deep indigo blue of the second ray, reaching into the realms of the spiritual triad. Your individual antahkarana with its ray qualities is seen as part of the group antahkarana.

6.    Inwardly affirm the great Word of Power—“I see the greatest Light” as you project a line of vivid white light from an established point of tension on the mental plane into triadal realms.

7.    In the presence of this great Light of the spiritual triad, attempt to ‘feel’ the presence of the Great White Brotherhood, the Lodge of Masters, the Spiritual Hierarchy of our Planet.

8.    Inwardly and with gratitude offer your salutations to the Masters and to the Head of the Hierarchy, the Christ.

9.    Imaginatively raise your thought to Shamballa, the Center Where the Will of God is Known and with deep reverence to Sanat Kumara standing at the center of Shamballa.

10.                       Realize that Shamballa is the Planetary Center through which the energies of the constellations and the planets initially enter (especially at Full Moon opportunities)—to be distributed to all beings upon the Earth.

11.                       Raise your imagination to the three planetary rulers of the constellation Aries—Mars, Mercury and Uranus.

12.                       Ponder on the power of Mars to bestow spiritual courage and undying aspiration for fusion with Divinity. Attempt to realize the areas in which you and your group are in most need of this quality and visualize yourselves becoming imbued with the divine quality of Mars.

13.                       Ponder on the power of Mercury to bestow the power to intuit imminent developments within the precipitating Divine Plan. Attempt to realize the areas in which you and your group are in most need of this ability and visualize yourselves becoming imbued with the divine quality of Mercury (the planet of “transcendental Mind”)

14.                       Ponder on the power of Uranus to bestow the power to be inspired by electric fire and to prepare for the total transformation and renewal of the personality and the group personality. Attempt to realize the areas in which you and your group are in most need of this ability and visualize yourselves becoming imbued with the divine quality of Uranus (the “Home of Electric Fire”)

15.                       Raise your imaginative group consciousness to the Solar Logos expressing through our Sun and the solar system. Attempt to ‘feel’ that the great second ray of the Solar Logos (the “God of Love-Wisdom”) is pouring through all planets, Shamballa, and every Monad, soul and personality on planet Earth.

16.                       Focus you imagination on the constellation Aries, the Ram.

17.                       Attempt to ‘feel’ its quality, realizing it as the greatest local Source of the First Ray of Will and Power, as well as the Seventh Ray of Ceremonial Magic.

18.                       Ponder on the Mantram for Aries: “I come forth and from the plane of mind, I rule” and attempt to grasp its esoteric meaning and significance.

19.                       Attempt to realize the relation of this Aries Mantram to the expression of the Divine Plan and to the planetary, group and individual reception of the Forces of Restoration (which will “restore the Plan on Earth”).

20.                       As the moment of the Full Moon approaches (if the meditation is done during a span which includes the Full Moon moment), open yourselves imaginatively and SILENTLY to the downflows of energy

a.     From the constellation Aries

b.    Through the Solar Logos at the Heart of the Solar System.

c.     Through the planets Mars, Mercury and Uranus

d.    Into Shamballa and thus through your Monad and all associated Monads

e.    Into the Hierarchy, through the Great Lord, the Christ, and into and through the Ashram with which you believe yourself to be increasingly associated, and thus through your soul and the group soul or your co-workers

f.       And into your spiritualized personality and all associated spiritualized personalities.

21.                       Hold this silence for several minutes (this will depend upon the sense of timing of the Meditation Leader) as you and the group become imbued with the energies of the constellation Aries.

22.                       Now, preserving your high alignments (including that of the antahkarana) visualize or think of the world situation and the ways in which the energies of Aries can be expressed for the upliftment of humanity and the planet (in accordance with the Divine Plan).

23.                       Visualize the energies of Aries rightly applied solving at least one important Problem of Humanity or the planet.

24.                       Visualize the gradual Resurrection of humanity through the right application of the energies of the constellation Aries.

25.                       Imbued with the several energies bestowed upon you and the group at this time of the Easter Full Moon, imaginatively send your blessings into Humanity (and its consciousness) so that it may rise to its new spiritual potentials as promised by the Divine Plan.

26.                       Preserving your high alignments by reaffirming them in the imagination, quietly and rhythmically sound together the Great Invocation, pausing between the verses. Close with the sounding of the Sacred Word, OM, three times, spreading Light, Love and Power to all Humanity, all Kingdoms of Nature and the Planet.

27.                       OM OM OM