Many of the greatest intellects of all ages have been driven into

the depths of atheism and despair by the final recognition of the

futility of dependence upon such knowledge as has been gathered

[TT 562] by men in previous centuries when the subject of the

mystery of the Godhead, the Unknowable, vas approached by them.

The utter impossibility of a satisfactory solution of the mystery by the

intellect atone, while at the same time a constant inward urge impels

man to incessant effort in the search, is sufficient to unbalance the

personal mind. Salvation from such a fate can come only from

appreciation of the fact that there are still undeveloped senses within

man which, if the law of analogy holds true, viii be the means by

which those unaccountable desires and impulses viii one day be


Nothing adds to the rebellion of a man of this character more than

does the announcement of the coming or the arrival of a self-

advertised "Adept", a "Master", who promises to lead his adherents

not only up to the gate of spiritual knowledge, but through and beyond

what is generally termed the "unknowable", without any

corresponding effort on their own part.

From the period when the first prophetic utterances of a racial

seer were revealed to a race of people, up to the present time, the

announcement of the near precipitation of some tremendous occult

force, or the coming of an Angel or an Avatar for the purpose of

raising the vibratory rate of this planet, has been succeeded by a flood

of imitations.

The present race as a whole has been informed that if its units are

to be individually benefited by means of the advent of an Avatar, they

must make conditions of mind and body for the reception and

subsequent use of the forces to be spread by that Avatar ; and by such

information as would be available aid in the development of the

principles, qualities or senses by means of which atone it would be

possible to perceive the action of such forces, or to recognize the

prophesied one.

If occult and profane history have given facts, immediately upon

the utterance of such a prophecy by a seer there has arisen a class of

pseudo-prophets, self-styled Adepts or Masters, who profess to be

able to lead their followers through the great mysteries of life up to

complete identification with God with whom all knowledge lies.

Unfortunately, as it would seem, they have had access to ancient

records or systems of philosophy wherein certain methods of

procedure were outlined for the gaining of supernatural powers, and

endorsement of the said methods furnishes means to attract the curious

and the soul-hungry and to hold them until such time as they learn, to

their dismay, that they are no nearer their promised goal than they

were at the initial stage of their effort. The preliminary work on which

any possible success on occult fines would depend is never required

by the said [TT 563] teachers, for such training as is requisite for this

purpose demands far more sacrifice, time and effort than either the

teacher or the average student would give to it. Consequently, the

student eventually finds himself in a similar position to that of one

who attempts to study higher mathematics without any previous

knowledge of the first principles of arithmetic.

Man is ever trying to climb up to God some other way than by the

way God has ordained and viii not accept that way until

disappointment and despair have driven him back to his starting point,

when, if he is vise, he viii subject the vacated spaces in his brain, from

which their long-tune tenants have been expelled, to the action of

simple faith and devotion, when he will begin to understand that he

can climb up to God only as he becomes God.

No Savior, no Master or Adept in the heavens above or the earth

beneath can carry man farther up the path to the gods than his own viii

allows. All that a Master can do is to point out the steps, endeavor to

show the disciple how he can obtain the spiritual nourishment he viii

require on his journey, and give him a staff of knowledge to enable

him to protect himself from the antagonistic forces he will inevitably

meet on the way ; then he must draw in and await the result. All the

rest depends upon the individual man.

As a rule, the climber has an intuitive perception that the above is

true, yet at the first announcement of a new religious fad, the first

sight of some will-o'-the-wisp of research, he viii leave the safe, sure

road and run after the deceiver, never realizing that the very

temptation to do so is a test of his ability to tread the sure path to the

end, and of his worthiness to receive the aforesaid staff. No man who,

"having put his hand to the plow", turns aside to watch his neighbor

work his particular field is worthy of the effort the Masters might

otherwise make in his behalf.

This does not mean that he should deny himself the privilege of

study or of investigation in any field of life-experience he desires to

enter, but it does mean that, if he has the reasoning powers of the

normal man, he must have realized the absolute impossibility of

placing his puny intelligence on a par with that of the Godhead, and

the futility of trying to establish a claim to the possession of cosmic

consciousness. He will recognize his limitations and will refuse to be

deceived by any so-called Adept or Master who proposes to teach him

how he can attain to a state of infinite wisdom and by the fetters of

matter, for that is practically what it would mean if, in his present state

of evolution, he could know God in fact. [TT 564]

The claim to such knowledge and the ability to impart that

knowledge to others has been the bait held out in every age by the

brothers of the shadow to poor, ignorant, soul-hungry humanity. The

reasoning power of man, if fully awakened and put to use, ought to

show him how utterly futile his efforts to reach his goal under such

guidance would prove to be in the end ; but his egotism or mental

blindness makes him a victim to the wiles of the deceiver.

Every great religion has its legend of Lucifer . Satan . the fallen

Angel, who was banished from heaven for attempting to prove his

equality with God. Personal knowledge of God predicates equality

with God, for only one on an equality with another can truly know that

other, whether that one be God or man.

The pseudo-occultists who claim to be able to solve all the

mysteries of the universe are ton wary to make their claim in simple

language easy of interpretation by the ignorant, for that would bring

ton quick a revulsion to the mind of even a savage. They present their

claims in the disguise of some oriental or other mystical formulae, or

glibly use the term "cosmic consciousness" or some such ambiguous

or all-inclusive term to express that which they offer ; while if they

have any concept of such a state as that which they term "cosmic

consciousness", they must surely know that man could not exist on the

physical plane for a single hour if he had truly reached that state, for

again, to have attained to cosmic consciousness would be literally to

have become consciously one with God and on an equality with God.

Not content to grow normally and naturally into a realization or

perception of absolute perfection along the God . appointed fine . the

love fine, the fine of compassion, the fine of sacrifice . the man who

has never known what the term love really implies rejects that fine and

calls it mere sentiment or something else which he claims must be

killed out ere a true concept of God is possible ; and right there lies

the big stumbling block in the path of development in all such

instances. You may note that this repudiation of the higher love .

compassion . is the key which is generally struck by a

pseudo-occultist. He either teaches that such love must be destroyed in

toto, or he raises passion to the throne of love and sets his followers to

worshiping the beast in man. There is but little to choose between the

two, for the end of both is alike.

When, called upon to make a decision, a disciple finds himself in

a quandary in regard to any investigation he is making into the claims

of some well-advertised teacher, or finds himself facing a mystery of

such nature as I have indicated, if he would take his stand on the

fundamental plank before mentioned and try out every proposition

[TT 565] made to him by that one omnipotent, irrevocable principle,

he could not be led far astray, for sooner or later every vehicle of the

satanic force will reveal its position by either one or both of the false

premises previously outlined.

The man who says he loves God while his every act shows

indisputable hate of his brethren must be a curiosity to the angels.

professes to possess the higher creative power, the Kriyashakti, when

he does not function the higher love . universal love . in his life,

places himself in the category of falsifiers. The to perform a dishonest

act cannot shelter himself the garment of truth. The man who is not

truly humble, universally kind, just and wise could not hold up his

head in the presence of the Masters long enough to present his claims

to discipleship who is not willing and able to sacrifice his life, his all,

for the good of the race to which he belongs will never be able greatly,

to advance that race.

It has taken millions of years to evolve the vehicle through which

the consciousness of the ego can function sufficiently to allow it to

become a self-conscious entity, that is, conscious of itself as an

evolutionary factor capable of attaining to liberation. Then what

satisfactory reason can there be for believing a few months or years

are sufficient for the completion of that purpose, i. e., the unifying of

self-consciousness with the consciousness of the Cosmos ?




A mistaken idea has taken possession of the minds of some of the

students of occultism which should be eradicated before regret and

disappointment intervene between their most earnest desires and the

objects of those desires. I refer to the identification of a member of the

Inner Orders of the Temple, or any other similar body, with other

bodies of like nature under different teachers. It must be understood

that this mistake would not occur as a result of mere identification

with other bodies from the standpoint of the physical plane alone.

Such action may be even desirable from that single [TT 566]

standpoint, but the lave of occultism bodies by pledged chelas of an

inner degree of the Temple, is based upon the well known electrical

action of crossed currents. The magnetic currents between one teacher

and another may be in sheer opposition, while the two personalities

may be mentally and physically companionable and in accord on

exterior lines. The cross currents set up in the magnetic fields may

react each upon the other, or even nullify the action of the energy

seeking expression and dam up the magnetic flow from one or both,

and even act adversely on all who are in close and intimate association

with either one or both of the teachers of the separate bodies and so

inhibit the action of still higher forces.

The magnetic rapport necessary between Master and chela may

thus be greatly interfered with if not cut off entirely, without the

volition of either, and even despite their utmost efforts toward

harmonious relations. The Master is not only acting as the Father of a

family, he IS that Father to the chela if both are parts of the one Group

Soul, and no more than the child can supplant his own physical father

by delegating the functions of a father to some other man, can the

disciple, even temporarily and unconsciously, supplant the Master by

delegating the functions of that Master-Father to another, by accepting

the admonition, directions or advice of that other intent would prevent

the action of the lave which prohibits unnatural relation, and such

identification would be unnatural from the standpoint of the Group

Soul. This may seem a far-fetched ides to those who cannot perceive

the action of interior forces, but it is nevertheless so true that with the

best intentions many chelas have entirely lost place and power, and

been self-relegated to the ranks of the outer degrees of the Lodge

temporarily, by trying to serve two Masters of opposing degrees

before they had reached the point of intelligent choice.

Fire and Flame are both valuable, but Flame may eat up a

substance in which higher form of Fire is concealed.

A chela should be able to know intuitively, if not by outer means,

when he has reached the point of demarcation . the point of division .

between one Group Soul and another, if his previous instruction has

from a reliable source. The preliminary instructions issued by all true

Agents of the Lodge watt be almost identical in scope and purport,

although the phraseology and language may be dissimilar, until the

degree of fulfillment of the Great White Lodge is entered. From that

period until the disciple has passed beyond the necessity for oral or

written instruction, there is a change in the method of instruction, the

disciple passes more immediately under the personal direction

[TT 567] of the Master . the Father . of that division of the Group

Soul to which he karmically belongs. The magnetic currents of the

latter may be higher or lower vibrations according to the position such

a Group Soul occupies in the scale of life, but in any case they are

different and that difference is the essential thing to the disciple who is

on the eve of the change from negative to positive identification with

the Master.




Mundane electricity is a combination in equilibrium of the ions of

radiant energy and the electrons of magnetic energy. When the ions of

radiant energy and the electrons of magnetic energy are in

synchronous vibration there is no exterior manifestation, no fire, flame

or heat. But if the electrons of magnetic energy are in excess of the

ions of radiant energy, a current of electricity may be generated and

maintained as long as the armatures are kept in motion, and fire, flame

and heat may thus be maintained. It is the increased motion of the

armatures which breaks up the accumulation of radiant energy and

sets free the form of electric energy so created. If the motion is

stopped the electric current is also stopped.

It must be understood that reference is here made to what may be

termed mundane electricity atone. We have to reach beyond and

above such manifestations of electricity as have been produced by

exterior means to obtain a concept of electrical action on interior

planes, for the energy which manifests on the plane of gross matter is

but one aspect or division of a much finer form of energy.

The electricity of the living substance of the physical body is a

manifestation of life force, prana. If the vibrations of the electrons of

the blond or an organ or other part of the body have been changed

from their normal rate, thus producing abnormal or diseased

conditions in that organ or part, it stands to reason that the original

rates of vibration must be restored to reproduce the same normal state.

As all forms of matter are living forms and subject to the same laves,

man must some time be able to change the vibrations of any abnormal

condition in any form of matter by use of the finer forces of nature,

when he is capable of bringing them under control by watt and mind,

or by some mechanical instrument which corresponds to the human

body, through which the mental or spiritual energy of watt and mind is

set in action. [TT 568]




The Cosmic centers or principles of Atma, Buddhi and Manas, the

first three manifestations of the essence of Deity, are materialized by

the power of Fohat, Cosmic Electricity. The different rates of

vibration are directed by the Hierarchy of Dhyani-Buddhas and

Dhyan-Chohans . great Spiritual Beings, creators of Form.

The vibrations of this Deific Essence result in the formation of the

first state of Substance in manifestation, the state termed Akasha. By

the action of Fohat certain degrees and situations are set up in the

substance of Akasha. The decreasing degrees of vibration in akashic

substance result in the formation of the substance of the etheric planes,

as a still lower decrease of vibration of the etheric states of substance

results in the formation of the astral and physical states of


The phenomenon of Cosmic Light is the effect of the radiation

and vibration of the minute particles of Electricity termed Auric force

or Electrons, and the vibrations of Cosmic Light are in one sense the

creators of all lower forms of Substance and matter. The Deific

essence is made manifest first by Sound . the Word, Cosmic

Electricity, and secondly by Light, and light and Mind are

fundamentally one~ Substance. The Deific Essence is primarily spirit

in manifestation as Cosmic Light. The Auric force is formed by the

radiations of the light of the Central Spiritual Sun, the light of Buddhi,

the higher mind.

Only as man understands the importance of vibration in solving

the mysteries of creation, can he ever gain a synthetic idea of spiritual

life in manifestation as physical matter.

The creation of matter is a stepping down by vibration from spirit

to matter, a lessening in degrees of vibration of one homogeneous

state or condition of spirit, to matter of the lowest vibratory rates, the

matter of the physical and lower astral planes of life. Death is the

result of a change in vibration of all the substance of the physical

body, and this change in vibration sets in action the forces of

dissolution in the whole body, and the principle of higher mind has no

longer a suitable vehicle for manifestation on the physical plane. The

cause of the change in vibration may, be either disease or injury.

Anything that produces a change of vibration will have its

corresponding effect according to the mathematical enumeration of

the different rates or degrees of vibration.




He who fills his days with unwholesome repining, his sleepless

nights with longing for that which comes not, neither can come . to

him I say, hear me and remember, for I speak truth. No greater,

though possibly an unacknowledged hero, is there in life's lists than is

he who has recognized the limitations of his mind and body, and with

firm decision has uncomplainingly set about making the best of such

qualities and circumstances as are his by birthright. He has seen that

the broad stream between his desires and his possibilities is full of

sunken rocks. Recognizing that this little bark of life would be sure to

founder on some one of those rocks, he stays on the nearer shore.

Knowing that there is as much of God's great plan to be worked out on

one side of the life stream as on the other, and that the seeming

difference between the two banks of the stream lies only in the

imagination of man, he takes up whatever fine of work his hands find

to do and does that work with his whole heart.

Such a man is nobler far than is the man who rides rough-shod

over all obstacles which bar his way to the possession of power ; the

man who crushes hearts and bodies alike and leaves widespread

desolation in his wake on his way to the accomplishment of some

ambitious purpose, only to find at length that though he may be a hero

to a few scattered hundreds of his own ilk, he is the veriest failure in

his own eyes.

For however vast the enterprise or great the prize he has striven

for and won, it is worthless when he must look back on a life spent in

gratification of ambition. The husks which atone are loft after a surfeit

of the food provided at such colt are all that remains to console him,

and they are very harsh and bitter to the taste when he faces a yawning





Consider the Inner World of Light of which the material world is

but a reflected . unstable and shadowy replica. In this outer world is

vividly sensed the panoramic shifting of these shadows, confusing the

reflected consciousness of the Higher Ego . distorting the outer fines

and qualities that correspond to the real inner fines, until the [TT 570]

reflected higher consciousness is hopelessly entangled in the web of

separateness and the illusory aspects of matter. And there is no way

back save by stilling the outer vibrations and indrawing the

consciousness to the Fifth plane-the first plane of Universality and

Impersonality where the fines of differentiation begin to merge, and to

become One.

In this inner realm, Light is the Vesture of God-the Eternalized

Reality that forever ensouls all outer Light-the Seamless Garment of

the Oversoul, the Universal Auric Envelope, the Hiranyagarbha or

Golden Egg of the Universe, the actual and potential seed from which

all things proceed and in which all things and creatures have their

roots of Being. Light should be considered as an Entity and you have

been told that every Ray of light that you see is the outer body of a

highly evolved spiritual entity. Light is also the substance-matter of

the higher planes and that Light is also a Robe or state of

consciousness . to those who can attain or bear it, which is not

possible, however, to mortal man unable to rise to the plane of the

Fifth referred to. To any such that Ineffable Light would be sensed (if

sensed at all) as darkness . oblivion . unconsciousness, more than the

darkness the prematurely opened eyes of a kitten would sense if

suddenly subjected to the glare of the mid-day sun. This is the

analogous state of that blankness known to the occultist and some

times called the "blank wall of inner experiences :" The disciple,

however, in contacting the higher planes, inevitably, at first, in inner

initiations loses consciousness as in a swoon, because the

consciousness enters in and awakens on a higher plane, the same as in

the death of the body. As spiritual progress is made the lower

consciousness becomes identified with the higher vestures and after

repeated experiences becomes one with them. The process means the

conscious correlation between the outer and inner selves-of the

Creator with the created.

At the beginning of the Temple work the two on the physical

plane who had made the requisite correlations and whose inner and

karmic fines were nearest to me, were called together and from their

auric robes a double star was brought into manifestation . that is, a

figure composed of five fundamental inner principles, positive and

negative, respectively. The correlations referred to made by these two

permitted the substance Light of the Fifth plane to be used in blending

the two five-pointed stars into a six-pointed one which clone would be

capable of transmitting the higher spiritual and cosmical forces. The

structural spiritual qualities of number and form are based on

immutable occult Laws. Just as the Three falls into the Four, so does

the Five when interiorly polarized, rearrange its structural [TT 571]

qualities and fall into the Six . the first cosmical state in the

pilgrimage back to the Divine Source.

In the existence of this combined Red and Blue Hierarchical

double star on an inner plane . its real center of power . members

using intuition should fend the answer to all questions concerning the

future of the work so far as connection with Lodge forces is

concerned. The mere passing of outer vehicles from the material plane

does not invalidate the status or inhibit the functions of the double star

in the least degree. This definite configuration makes failure or

confusion more difficult than had been the case in earlier efforts and

the present Lodge effort through the Temple gives more promise of

good for humanity than other efforts made for many ages past, that is,

of continuing, persisting good uninterrupted by break. This is mainly

due to the fundamental facts set forth above, to the organized nature of

the work, and the strong Karmic fines that have been woven together,

and that it was possible in this effort to connect up with many fines of

inner and outer forces laid by various Agents of the Lodge in the

efforts of centuries past to uplift humanity.




In every differentiated form of matter, whatever be its purpose or

use, there is one of the seven principles, qualities and energies that is

the dominating factor in the creation of the form.

The purpose and the use for which every form is designed would

determine which one of the Seven principles, qualities and energies

would be in leash in the creation of any form by the divine builders of

the form. As these seven great creative powers are the basis of all

matter, it is evident that the material forms invented by man come

under the same law, the law of centralized power ; for instance, the

particular form of energy dominant in the unifying by man of the

molecules of the state of matter of which a material form in metal was

composed would be the energy of Cohesion. The same would be true

on the plane of Manas where the unifying power was exercised over

substance-matter of higher vibration, as, in the case of two or more

individual minds, the energy dominant in the combining or unifying of

those minds would be the energy of Cohesion.

Heat, Attraction, and Repulsion are the first trinity of Spirit in

manifestation. [TT 572]

They are the just three Sons of Fohat (Motion). Fohat is the

driving power of the Universe.

The Fifth Breath is the fifth of the five breaths (Vibrations) which

brought life force into manifestation.

The Fifth Breath has its correspondences in the fifth Cosmic age,

the fifth cycle of each age, the principle of life, the fifth stage of man's

evolution, the fifth Sense of man, and the fifth of any being or object.

We are now in the fifth race of a great age.

The fifth principle is Manas (Mentality) and a warning to beware

of the action of the Fifth Breath would mean a warning to beware of

the undue action of the higher mind for the forces of that phase of life

are of the nature of fire . and the human body cannot bear the action

of these forces without danger to the brain.

The drawing on those forces by Christians in their revivals has

driven many insane, the emotional reaction over-stimulating the brain


The Fifth Breath is in reality the Inner Breath and has its occult

centre of action in every cell and organ of the physical body as well as

in all correspondences of the same in the inner sheaths or principles.

This inner centre of action is where the Akasha concentrates. The four

lower breaths are outer, the Fifth is the first breath that touches the

Universal Rhythm of the Higher Self or the God within. It is the first

Inbreath in other words, and its element is the correspondence of

Oxygen on all planes. On the lowest astral this is pure ozone which

however gross compared to the higher aspects, is so fiery that physical

lungs would be soon burned up were they to inbreathe this element

undiluted. This may serve to give an idea of the Breath of the Gods, so

to speak, on the various planes of being. Because of a knowledge and

control of the Fifth Breath the Yogi, though using only the lower

astral phases, can put himself into a so-called cataleptic sleep and

allow himself to be buried for months without any apparent outer

breathing, and finally be resuscitated and none the worse for the

experience. The fire of the inner breath permeates the physical in

sufficient volume to ward off outer dissolution.

All animal organisms have the four lower breaths. Minerals do

not have these outer breaths, but do have the fifth inner and the

changes that occur in all mineral structures are really the result of the

functioning of the Fifth Breath within their essence, for the Fifth

Breath is involved with Akasha, from which all things come or are

outbreathed ; so the cosmical inbreaths of Akasha finally draw all

things back to it or reduce all things to their primal Akasic nature. The

form, color and other qualities of minerals, jewels and all objects

[TT 573] in nature are really determined by Akasic impulses.




The above plate represents a manifestation of

Fohatic energy expressing in this flash of lightning

the Tejas Tatva in action.

"The lacy loveliness of lightning is strikingly

revealed in this photograph of the new

2,000,000-volt spark which was produced during the

course of experiments at the Pittsfield, Mass., plant

of the General Electric Co. The triangular flare is the

result of a discharge of the highest man-made energy

ever known, and represents about 1/25th the power

of a real lightning flash. The spark points at the three

corners are nine feet from one another. The separate

threads of light so plainly visible in this remarkable

picture were caused by the succeeding waves of

electrons, generated by the three-phase alternating

current. The human eye is not quick enough, nor is it

sufficiently tuned, to perceive this web-effect in

practical demonstration, so it remained for a special

camera, equipped with a lens of quartz through

which the rays penetrated to the plate, to show up

these supplementary lines. Each discharge of this

artificial lightning is accompanied by a crash

deafening to the ear, and there is an intense glare

during the fraction of a second that the spark takes to

jump from point to point. Even artificial rain has

been produced." [TT 574]

Where there seems nothing there are often the most precious

things or forces. Certain spaces in the physical body, as the central

canal of the spinal cord and the ventricles (spaces) of the brain, are

centers of action for the lower inner astral breath. Impulses centering

in these areas tend to draw the physical inward or upward and to

increase the vibrational rates of the outer body approximating

ultimately the rate of the astral as evolution proceeds. A knowledge

and control of the Fifth Breath, the first inner breath, is of vast

importance to every soul on the Path that leads to Eternal Light and is

the spiritual birthright of every individualized soul.

It is only the scientifically trained mind that considers the subject

of the energy of Cohesion at its actual importance in the economy of

the Universe, yet an understanding of its functions in the creation of

form on all planes of existence is a necessity to the student of


If the principle or energy of Cohesion were missing from the

seven-fold universal creative agencies or energies there could be no

organized forms of any character whatever. It is the combining and

unifying force between every two or more electrons, atoms, molecules

and tells of all primordial substance.

From the philosophical viewpoint, Cohesion is one of the seven

Sons of Fohat . Divine Will . which manifest as Electricity,

Magnetism, Light, Sound, Heat, Attraction and Cohesion.




To those who have known the power of Silence . those who have

sensed the operation of the tremendous life forces as they thrill

through space, and have sunk into that perfect stillness where the soul

enters the thought currents of the Infinite, and loses all sense of time

and space as it drifts out into unfathomable depths or rises to

unspeakable heights . to such as these may great secrets of life

become clear.

The statements relating to the re-creating, purifying processes of

nature and of the soul, made by those who know, are no longer mere

words, for all such labor is accomplished in Silence and in darkness.

The vision of a single soul confined in some limited area of space

to work out its salvation in silence and darkness is no longer a

[TT 575] fearsome tragedy to the mind of the occultist . or a

merciless act of an over-just Creator. It is the merciful, loving act of a

Father who knows that within that soul is the seed of its purification-a

Spark from the Living Fire of God, that tan only accomplish its divine

mission if it be shut up in the fastnesses of the soul, and allowed to do

its work in such Silence and darkness, as God must always work in to

bring His own to birth.

When we realize that the filthiest matter of which we are

cognizant, the fecal matter of animal and human excretion, tan be

brought to a state of as perfect purity as the purest water of the

mountain stream, by means of the life force working in and through it,

if it be closely confined, shut off from light, and air, and sound ; and

tan also understand that that life force is pure Prana . the very

substance of God . it is pot difficult to understand how even the vilest

creature has within him the germ of a Higher Self, which only requires

the right conditions, the silence and darkness of the tomb of soul, to

bring to birth an ever living entity, pure and undefiled.

If there be a purgatory for sinning souls, what is it but a reflection

of that greater, holier Silence and Darkness of spiritual creation . a

state wherein those souls may be confined until the God spark within

them may have time and opportunity, through spiritual suffering, to

churn, crush, mingle and intermingle the essence of their lower

natures until they are freed from all impurities, and those souls,

reclothed, are made meet to once more come forth and take their place

among the Sons of God ?

Verily, you should love the Silence and the Darkness . even as

the light, and strive with all your hearts to fathom their mysteries ;

always entering their portals with humble, patient hearts, and

remaining there until there is brought to birth the germ of Wisdom

now lying dormant within you.

Only then tan you bear the Light of Spirit without being

irretrievably blinded by Its rays.




My Dear Children :

I am writing you this letter that its words may sink deeper in your

hearts than they could by the mere topes of the voice of B. S. through

which I must yet speak to you, and desire you to read and [TT 576]

re-read them and realize that the essence of my through them.

As the Neophyte . Disciple . man -advances along the path of

evolution, he takes step after step of the degrees of the Great White

Lodge, unconsciously. As you examine your past lives you will fend

that the real epochs of those lives have not been divided by days and

years, but by events. Great sorrows . severe pain . thrilling joys, are

the milestones marking off that journey of life and these have been the

means of broadening and lengthening the mental and spiritual horizon

of your real inner existence, and each of these must be duplicated over

and over again on the three great planes of being . Mental, Spiritual

and Physical. Grief and pain will walk by your side over many vast

stretches of the path until they are conquered by self conscious

endeavor. You have arrived at the step where you may begin to do

this. When either or both seize upon you . try to realize that they are

part of the great world's pain and grief, as you are a part of it ; and to

whatever extent you succeed in rising above, in conquering it, to just

that extent have you changed the inharmonious conditions of the

world and made it a better dwelling place for the children of God, and

what is true of these is true of all limitations of matter, force and


As victory over limitations crowns your efforts you will become

more conscious of your oneness with the Lodge and the Universe, and

this consciousness carries with it a force that refines the atoms of the

physical body. The organs of sense will begin to lose their grossness,

and light and sound from the inner sphere will break on your sight and


I give you this little touch of love that you may pass it on to

others in need. You are in a great company, met to commune with

each other on matters of vital importance. As day follows day you will

become more convinced of this. There are great trials of faith and

endurance before you and persecution and trial to B. S. I bid you stand

by her as by me. Do not judge what she may seem to do or leave

undone. You can see but surface act. Draw closer and yet closer

together, work as one being for the good of all.

Trust and love the Great Master who walked the earth in poverty

and humility, though higher than the angels. Sink your very souls in

the great Father-heart, the beats of which vibrate through your own

with every pulse of the came, and remember that I am one with

you-not outside of you.

In tender love I greet you, my children,

Your Father and Brother.




The Sixth Breath is a Formative Principle-the Essence, so to

speak, of Abstract Form. This Sixth Breath is the Breath which God

breathed into the man of Clay ; and which made man a living Spirit.

To have breathed into man only the fourth or vital breath would not

have ensouled matter with any spark of the Godhead. The Sixth

Breath is the Spiritual Breath animating all things in manifestation,

and its polar opposite in matter is the Fourth or Rupic Breath

belonging only to the Creature, that is, the thing created, whereas the

Sixth is of the Creator. Rhythmic impulses from the Sixth Breath

which is in synchronized vibration with the Great Breath, grouse

corresponding breath . desire activities in the lower Rupic pole and so

Form is kept in manifestation on the lower planes. Were the Sixth

Master Breath to cease, all Form, animate and inanimate, would

disappear from the face of the Cosmos.

Imagination, the kingly faculty of soul, has its seat of power in the

Sixth Breath which is also the basis of Kriyashakti, creation by will

and imagination. In a sense, Breath and Desire are one and the same.

Attuned to Universal Rhythm of the Great Breath, Desire is

omnipotent, but the lower desires cannot vibtrate with the Sixth

Breath because of the limitations of matter, as the Rupic

consciousness on the fourth plane is merely a reflection of the higher

arupic Sixth Principle on the realms of the Formless, yet having in

itself the potency of all form.

Breath creates images and imagination grouses Breath. With the

Sixth Breath on the universal planes of being this process is vast and

indescribable in human terms, but some ides may be gained by

studying the effects of lower breath desires on the human emotional

plane. All kinds of emotions which belong to the fourth or rupic state

of being affect the breath as in joy and sorrow, anger, fear, fright, deep

concentration, and so on. When lower emotional phases manifest there

is no control of the breath centres. The Breath becomes deep,

rhythmical, catchy or shallow according to the phase of emotion

manifesting, as all such belong to the plane of the Fourth Breath.

Control the Fourth Breath by the Sixth, however, and all disordering

conditions disappear.

In all disturbing mental or emotional conditions therefore indraw

the consciousness by deliberate quiet breathing and seek to correlate

with the Sixth Breath on its own plane of force and consciousness. If

this is done, there will immediately result a balanced state and a

[TT 578] Peeling of inner calm and peace, with control of outer

conditions. Motions and Emotions cease more and more as we go in

consciousness toward the Centre of Being, for the Kingdom of the

Divine Rhythmic Breath . Heaven . is Within. Differentiation from

the Centre outward begets wider and wider motion which is cause for

more motion and so on to infinity as is noted in the case of the mighty

swing of suns and planets through the spatial depths. And yet within

the real inner centre of those swinging orbs and all creatures thereon

there is a common place or state of Identity. In other words, if you

fend the real centre of anything, soul, creature, star, or planet, you

have found the Centre of All. All roads lead to God through Centres

within Centres.

In the deepest states of mental concentration the outer breath

becomes quiet and still and if of sufficient power may almost cease

altogether as in the case of Yoga, because the outer impulse 'or desire

has passed through the Fourth to the Fifth and is near perhaps to the

Sixth Breath. And as the outer breath correlates with the inner, every

organ, cell and tissue of the body begins to breathe in unison, for

every organ and cell has the correspondence in itself of every other

organ, every cell having the analogue of lungs and potential rhythm of

all the Seven Breaths.