It has been said that every manifested form has a keynote, but it

must be remembered that the cosmic scale is re-created by the Egos

which come into individual form at the commencement of every Great


At the end of a cosmic Pralaya when all manifested life is

indrawn, both sound and light are also indrawn.

The first incarnated Ego strikes the cosmic keynote for the Age in

which it incarnated, and with the first incarnation of the seven keys-of

which all other keys are variations . are, so to speak, sounded

throughout all space.

With the sounding of the twelve full notes central octaves of a

cosmic scale, there is set up a series of vibrations to which all later

creations must be finally harmonized. For example, one of the twelve

grand divisions of the cosmos is attuned to one certain key. All of the

forms of life karmically belonging to that division, whether they be

human, animal, mineral, or vegetable, and however discordant,

however high or low in the scale of [TT 314] which that one note is

the key, must eventually be brought into harmony through the chords

which can be created in that particular key, from time to time, as the

cycle of its manifestation continues.

The affinity existing between certain human beings, or between

the latter and lower forms of life, is contingent upon the striking of

some chord which is in harmony with the keynote of the division to

which those persons or things belong. If there is no affinity between

two persons it is a clear indication that they belong to different

divisions, with different keynotes ; though such relations may be

changed with the evolution of one or both of those persons, and

affinity finally established by self-effort, when they might both pass

into one of the other divisions. But as the power to so change is the

result of Self Mastery, which is another subject, we need not consider

that possible event in this communication.

The protracted sounding of a note on a tightly drawn string of a

musical instrument will set up a similar vibration in another string

which has been tuned to the same key, on another instrument, within a

certain clearly defined distance from the first instrument.

Likewise, a thought wave, set up by the vibrating of some definite

thought in the mind of one person, will impinge upon the mind of

another that is in alignment, or in other words, in harmony with the

first thinker ; and it does so because of the striking of some one note

of a chord to which both are attuned, that is, some ides that is common

to both thinkers.

If the inner sense of hearing is developed in an individual he can

distinguish between the different sound waves set free by thought, just

as easily and as clearly as he can distinguish one thought from

another. If he is in harmonious relations with the thinker he will hear

those thought waves as harmonies, if otherwise, he will hear only

discords, and feel nothing but antagonism toward the thoughts which

force themselves through his mind.

If his keynote is strongly sounded by one at a distance, one who is

in affinitive relation, and at a time when he is in a receptive condition,

he will feel a slight vibration pass up the spinal cord and enter a

certain center of the cerebellum, the result of which will tend to arouse

some thought or memory of the absent one.

If harmonious relations are established between a number of

people whose keynotes when struck will form a chord there is a

greater certainty of the continuance of friendly relations between those

persons, for an indefinite period, than could possibly be the case

between those whose keynotes followed each other in the scale.

The dominant seventh in a chord breaks up the harshness, softens.

and beautifies the chord, thus raising the chord from one condition

[TT 315] of sound to another, even as self-effort toward mastery

softens and beautifies the harsher characteristics of an individual, and

raises him from one degree of the Great White Lodge into a higher


If you can always remember that sound is the basis of all form it

will aid you in understanding the deep significance of your keynote,

and it will help you to solve many mysteries of nature and life.

Many vibrations of the nerves which produce thrilling sensations

in various parts of the body are the result of sound waves set up at a

distance by the unintentional striking of the keynote of that body.

Many superstitions have arisen as a result of these peculiar

sensations which have no basic truth.

The place that music fills in the economy of the universe is all

important, although this fact may not be recognized by one who is

indifferent to musical sounds. But as such sounds may be transposed

into other sensations he may feel corresponding sensations,

pleasurable or otherwise, to the sounds, in various parts of his body,

although he may not have the slightest knowledge of the ultimate

cause of those sensations.

I would advise that you note the effects of different notes both in

your mentality and physical body.




Each one of the four manifested planes and their sub-planes is

evolved from some one basic force or element from which emanate or

radiate three other forces . elements . which form, as it were, the

substratum of that plane, and from which are evolved all other forces

or elements which in combination create that plane. The basic

element, together with its three emanations, are the pillars upon which

the whole structure must rest during one great age.

The nearer the central point of each structure these four pillars

stand the finer, the more tenuous become the elementary substances

which constitute the plane.

That which is pure energy at the central point becomes dense

matter at the circumference, the density depending upon the character

of the basic energy of the plane.

The intimate connection between thought and the element of

phosphorus has long been recognized, but the knowledge of the

[TT 316] causes, as well as the methods by which the relation is

sustained, is confined to the "Illuminati", as well as the power of

observing the minutia : of the states of organized life existing on those

planes interior to the earth plane. It will be generally admitted that the

points of divergence . the intermediate or sub-planes . between any

two full planes (as, for instance, the physical and the astral planes), are

impassable, and are incomprehensible by one still in bondage to Form.

Man must part with his form either by death, trance, deep or

concentration, to pass from one plane to another, and even then he

retains no consciousness of the passing, or knowledge of the

substances through which he has passed, until he has reached by

evolution the higher astral or soul plane.

What is the spiritual aspect of phosphorus ?

You may be surprised to learn that in common parlance it would

be the devil ; in other words, it is the force of testing, the trial force.

The plane or gulf, as it is sometimes termed, between the physical

and astral world, is lighted and largely energized by the active

principle of phosphorus. It is the plane of testing, of trial, through

which every soul must pass before entering the astral, which is the

scene of another trial.

This phosphoric plane is the plane on which the soul drops the

last figment of its physical nature, and it depends upon the clothing it

finds itself in, as to what part of that astral plane it will next contact,

and this energy of phosphorus acts as the testing force in this respect.

The soul will cling to those physical remnants if it can do so,

sometimes through fear, sometimes through love, and the phosphoric

force presents to the soul the problem of the separation from that

physical matter.

The very force of testing is a mental force which belongs to the

plane of Manas ; it is reason, in one respect. Phosphorus is absolutely

necessary to the formation of the physical brain and nerves.

Spiritual Light is the homogeneous energy, by, in, and of which

all life in manifestation on the four planes above mentioned is created.

In passing from the lower astral to the physical plane, a definite

degree of that energy is alchemically reduced to phosphoric energy,

from which emanate the three basic energies of Antimony, Arsenic

and Carbon.

The three last mentioned have an inhibiting effect on the

illuminating principle of homogeneous light, and it is therefore only

through the phosphoric energy that the illuminating principle can

radiate ; and all the light visible to the eye which can penetrate the

sub-plane mentioned, is a weird, shifting phosphoric glow, streaked

occasionally with red and green. [TT 317]

The energies of Antimony, Arsenic and Carbon are the vehicles

which transfer the forces . the individual through this intermediate or

sub-plane to the next, the astral plane. They form, as it were, the boat

which takes the soul the river Styx (another name, by the way, for this

The basic element, in this case Phosphorus, is always neutral to its

three emanations, and always of another mode of motion.

It must always be remembered that these basic elements are not

the gross forms of the substances we know by the same names on the

physical plane, but are what the alchemists call the Soul or Spirit of

those elements, and they are only observable by the Initiates or by one

whom an Initiate has overshadowed for some definite purpose.

Observers of the phosphorescence of the ocean, in fungus and in

warm, moist places on land, may be interested in knowing that the

minute organisms to which that light is imputed are carriers of

phosphoric energy, and their purpose in the divine economy is very


By means of water energized by Fire . Heat . all organic life is

brought into physical form, and strange as it may appear, man is

dependent upon such minute organisms as those mentioned and others

for the vehicles of thought forces, i. e., the grey matter of the brain and


It is in Water that the four energies referred to, combine to create

the forces, the living substance, which upon being released and

transferred to the Air, subsequently enter into the formation of the

grey matter in man, plant and animal . the brain and nerve substance,

in varying intensities, and this grey matter is the vehicle of

transmission for all thought forces.

The incarnation of the Sons of Mind into mindless men did not

cease with their first incarnation. They are constantly reincarnating,

and are doing so in the form of these short-lived, minute organisms.

If the principles of chemistry were better understood and applied

to the study of all natural phenomena, some wonderful secrets would

be revealed ; but natures great arcanum is sealed to the great majority

through their sheer indolence and consequent ignorance.




The founder of every great or small religious or sectarian

organization, the originator of every specific movement or plan for the

benefit of the human race or any division thereof, is primarily

responsible for [TT 318] the success or failure, the adherence or

dispersion of the units of the movement or body to a much greater

degree than either he or his associates are aware ; for the cause and

effects of such responsibility and power are so closely identified with

the finer forces of nature that unless one is a deep student of life he

will not seek in the right quarter for knowledge of their ultimate

source. Only one who is aware of the geometrical perfection of every

phase and condition of manifested life will be apt to note that some

direct fine or figure, some geometrical form representing some

quality, karmically drawn together, connects all living creatures, and

places them, according to the dominance of their quality, in some one

position in that figure.

I refer to this in order to point out that a higher rate of

development along any definite fine, for instance, a fine which makes

the religious instinct dominant in his nature, would place a man

geometrically in a certain figure and in a certain position in that

figure, thereby making him a centralizing point for the cosmic energy

which constitutes that particular quality.

Just so much of that quality as he was capable of functioning,

would pour in on him from the inner source of that form of energy.

Any personal idiosyncrasy or characteristic of an opposite nature, any

weakness, or even a stronger degree of the same energy than his

personality could endure, would throw that quality in his nature out of

alignment, would lower or raise it, geometrically speaking, above or

below the normal degree and thus incapacitate him for perfectly

functioning that quality, or only permit of his partially or weakly

functioning the same, he being the natural avenue for that energy so

far as all other individuals in that same geometrical figure were for the

time being concerned, and there would also be a falling off, a decrease

of that energy in the cases of those other individuals emplaced in the

same figure.,

Perhaps I may particularly illustrate this by using an engine boiler

with a steam whistle as a symbol. The boiler, the generator of the

steam, is generating energy of a particular kind. The engineer wishes

to use that steam for the purpose of blowing the whistle, and a certain

degree of the steam is turned into the tube of the whistle. As long as

the tube is unobstructed and the conditions are right the whistle will

continue to sound. If there were an obstruction in the tube of the

whistle, or if another stream of energy of equal power were directed

into the tube from the whistle end, one of two things, would

happen-one stream would neutralize the other and there would be no

sound, or the extra stream would burst the whistle, and in either case

the purpose of the whistle would be confounded. [TT 319]

If a stream of divine afflatus, a power which we might term

enthusiastic religious fervour, dependent on devotion and faith for its

outpouring, were poured out into a community of believers through

the channel of one man, and a contrary stream were poured into his

mind through the unfaith, unbelief, and Jack of devotion of many of

his associates, unless the man were perfectly poised and unchangeable

the religious fervour would be neutralized, and his faith would be


No matter how he might labor exteriorly he could not make his

efforts count to any extent. No matter how he might hide his unfaith,

his work would be fruitless.

If he had but three, five, or seven persons in perfect alignment

with him, and so was able to function the power bestowed, there

would be perfect interaction between him and them, and all things

would be possible to him and to the body. If the reverse were the case

conditions corresponding to explosion and disruption in his own

nature and in his work would inevitably occur.

No other person could take up his particular work along that one

fine and carry it to success, as long as he remained in the geometrical

position which made him a centralizing point for the receipt and

transmission of that particular form of energy.

The failure of men in religious, in business, in social life might all

be traced back to their loss of faith in themselves or their ideas, and

therefore a similar loss in the case of their associates.

The exactitude of the geometrical laws, the perfection, down to

the minutest details, of the action of all the laws governing the finer

forces of energy and force, make exception to the above ride


Exactly as a top will slow down gradually, and finally fall on its

side when the energy generated by the unwound string is exhausted,

so you will see men and women in all walks of life who are engaged

in specific lines of work commence to slow down, and gradually fall

out of their individual lines of work without any apparent cause. You

may surmise a cause which to you would seem sufficient, yet another

man under similar handicaps would carry a similar lime of work to a

successful conclusion.

If you were able to trace back the cause of the failure of the first

mentioned man you would find that the particular quality through

which his main stream of energy functioned had been lessened or

killed out, thereby disqualifying him for service in his particular field.

The loss or failure might not be perceptible to others, but he

would be conscious of a loss of something in himself that was the

[TT 320] mainspring of his action. He would no longer be a magnet to

attract success to himself or those associated with him. Gradually his

customers, if he were a merchant, would leave him, everything he

undertook in that particular fine would be a failure.

If he were able to analyze the effects of the first cause, the

withdrawal of that force or finer form of energy he would soon learn

that loss of faith in himself had been the first effect of such


Therefore it behooves you all to watch closely and protect the

qualities in yourselves to which you look for success. Keep your

ideals strong and pure, and reject the thoughts and influences which

would tend to lower them.




To "those who stand and wait", as well as those who direct the

execution of the karmic law age after age, there is no mystery, no

possible miscarriage of justice in regard to the present position,

circumstances, limitations, or status of the female sex. The sex as a

whole is reaping the exact reward of sin against the seed of sex during

the first centuries of the iron age.

Instead of just "coming into her own", as is proudly stated by

many supporters of the present woman's movement, the cyclic return

of the same individual Egos, and similar conditions to those which

obtained in those aforementioned centuries, bring about an

opportunity to pay an old debt and conquer the present limiting karmic

conditions at the same time, as well as to develop a higher form of

humanity as a whole thon those which have formerly existed. It also

reawakens and develops the potencies and powers which have lain

dormant in the female sex for such a great length of time. Her period

of punishment for her sin against the seed of life is about to close, and

it will depend upon her ability to conserve and sow aright the new

crop of seed, figuratively speaking, coming into her possession, as to

whether there will be any very pronounced change in her status and


The theory held by many, that in the act of impregnation of the

seed of the woman by the mate the sex of the child is determined, does

not contain a particle of truth. Such impregnation bestows the, impulse

to growth, the racial qualities, even the design of the form and

features, but has no effect in determining the sex. [TT 321]

Whether it be crystal, plant, or human being, the power to

determine sex resides in the feminine sex of the object or being, and

such determination lies in the expulsion or withholding of certain cells

in combination form groups which are deposited within the watts of

the fallopian tubes of woman, or in similar tubes or organs of the

females of other kingdoms of nature.

During the centuries to which I have referred woman was the

dominating factor in all the actions of life and government, and the

individual woman was perfectly conscious of her power to give or

withhold either sex, at will, intuition acting as the handmaid of karmic

law. There had been no wars to decimate the moles, so there was no

surplus of females, and mole and female children were conceived

alternately, but upon becoming intoxicated with power the majority of

womankind became proud, self-conscious and cruel, and became so

enervated they were no longer able to control the action of the seed

cells, and, fearing the accumulating power by the mole sex, began to

destroy the moles, as the females of a hive of bees will destroy the

mates of the hive as soon as their work of impregnation is done.

The condition of the mates of that period was very similar to that

of the females of the leisure class today. They were kept in luxury,

finely groomed, and so made and kept beautiful and fruitful, and used

by the females exactly as the females of today are used by the mates

who maintain them.

But an era is coming when all this will be changed, even to the

most minute forms of life. The conditions outlined above could never

have obtained had it not been for the wide separation between the

masculine and feminine souls which came into existence as units, and

differentiated in the Third and Fourth Root Races. As an effect of the

great sin which caused the separation of souls there were brought into

manifestation hordes of sensual elementals which brought about

separation between the organs and functions of generation and

conception, in the lower forms of life.

With the reunion of such souls, in a coming new age, there also

be a return of the power of determination of sex at will, but it will be

possessed by the combined mate and female and exercised on an

interior plane. Differentiation in form will still obtain even when

reunion of souls is accomplished, but there will nevermore be the

preponderance of either sex.

Nature revenges itself for every unbalanced condition, and in

those earlier ages, when the moles were made the tools and playthings

of the females, the foetus of the mate child was subjected to [TT 322]

all the magical forces of color and sound . the finer, the spiritual

forces . in order that the expanding cells might be saturated with the

influences of size, strength and beauty ; and as the selfish uses of such

forces constitute black magic and consequent loss of power, it

naturally followed that while the power of the female diminished the

power of the male increased, and as the ability to influence the form

and features of a child descended through the male line, the heredity

so established finally resulted in a race of giants. The long

subservience of the males had aroused a most abnormally strong

desire for revenge in the units of that sex, and also a determination to

establish the male sex in power.

The arbitrary taking of so many lives by the females in power

could do nothing less than invoke the action of the karmic law, and in

retribution countless numbers of females were killed or enslaved by

the males as soon as they had attained to sufficient strength and

power, and this was made comparatively easy, for not being fully

conscious of their loss of power, large numbers of females became

involved in war which was provoked by abnormal desire for extension

of territory and influence, and by jealousy and hatred of each other,

and finally all of the females involved became so weakened and

powerless they were an easy prey for the male; and so commenced the

dominion of the male sex over the female, which has lasted to the

present time. But as before intimated, the cyclic turn of the wheel of

life has at last brought to womankind a return of opportunity, and with

that opportunity a possibility of again possessing the power, so long

lost, of determining the sex of her children; but the same power will

be extended to the male as time passes, as the powers formerly

possessed by the male alone will be extended to the female.

By means of their united desire and action, and presided over by

the re-united souls, the conception and birth of a new race, finer and

more powerful than any which have preceded it, is on the way of

accomplishment. If womankind can be made to appreciate the

importance of the power and function of the determination of sex she

will begin to prepare for its return by purity of body, of desire and

action, by unselfish devotion to the highest purposes of life, and above

all by rightly influencing the children of the present age who are to be

the forefathers and mothers of the new race.

If she continues to degrade herself by impurity, license, selfish

aggrandizement, the curse of succeeding ages will fall on her, as a

similar curse fell on the women of that far off age, the Egos of which

are now incarnated in the present races of the earth. [TT 323]




You ask me to tell you "to whom or to what I refer in making use

of the terms White and Black Magic." In contradistinction to the terra

"white magician" the terra "black magician" is now applied to any

devotee of the negative or evil principle of life, and as prefixes, the

terms white and black are so applied because of the difficulty

experienced in finding words in the English language that will exactly

interpret Sanscrit terms generally used to designate interior orders of

life. For instance, the terms "Arhat and Dugpa," indicative of the

embodied spiritual intelligences of two degrees of life have been for

long centuries unknown, misunderstood and misrepresented or

repudiated by narrow sectarian devotees of orthodox forms of religion.

The word "magic," from the root "magi," bas been used for ages

in the far East to denote a sacred science which is inseparable from


An Arhat is one of a very high and powerful order of intelligences

comparable to one order of the Archangels referred to in Biblical lore.

A Dugpa is one of a correspondingly powerful order of

intelligences, who uses his power for selfish purposes, even to the

debasement of his fellow creatures.

During one definite period of time, the middle of a Maha Yuga or

great age, a Dugpa might exert as much or even more power over

lesser orders of life than the Arhat, but the power of the Dugpa is

continually waning, from that period to the end of the age, while that

of the Arhat is increasing.

From the description given by some writers, a Dugpa and a devil

might appear to be synonymous terms, but the wise one knows that

there is a vast difference, for the latter is an irresponsible creature,

being one of a lower spiritual order . the fire elementals . which have

never yet been incarnated in physical bodies.

Evolutionary law makes use of the Dugpa for the testing of a

human being, but it does not willfully or blindly create him for such a

purpose. There is a fine line of demarcation to be found between good

and evil, white and black, positive and negative forces, although not

always perceptible to the average man. In the consideration of White

and Black magic that line is exceptionally fine; it belongs to the order

of "little things" frequently referred to by us . original causes of

cosmic-wide events. It is said that the two paths of White and Black

magic run side by side, and this is true, for a long distance, [TT 324]

but there is a certain definite point where they meet and cross, and one

or the other must disappear from manifested life at that point.

It is a great mistake to dwell upon the thought that any mischance,

any wrong act or antagonistic thought is directly the work of a Black

Magician, for while such may or may not be the original cause of

some untoward event, if it were true that such a cause were set up, the

added force supplied by the secondary vehicle in the form of

individual thought, word or act, may be all that is required to turn the

balance of power and bring into materialized form or action the

negative force dominating the mentality of the black magician, and

only waiting a suitable vehicle for representation. Unfortunately such

an entity is liable to find the needed vehicle in some associate who

may have hitherto been all that could be desired in the way of a friend

or comrade, who has been deceived or led into over-consideration of

the importance, or fear of the results, of some specific action

threatened by a black magician. You would neither fear nor despise a

live wire as long as you knew the electric energy passing through the

molecules at any time could not leave that wire and leap into your

body without such a conductor as you atone could supply.

If you will all strive to render yourselves, body and mind,

immune to such entitised forces as the black magicians have been

rightly termed . the great Disintegrators, you will deprive them of so

many victims. The words, "by their fruits ye shall know them", are

peculiarly applicable to those entities, for all the power at their

command is used on fines of separation ; and in no instance may you

feel so sure of their malignant presence and action as when you see

some body of former friends or comrades being torn apart for no

sufficient cause. The ability of those entities to manufacture and

furnish what appears to be sufficient cause for such action, and its

ready acceptance by the majority of human kind, is truly phenomenal.

When a realization of the underlying cause of all human woe and

suffering dawns on the mind of a deep student of life's mysteries ;

when even on the greatest heights of bliss attainable by human kind,

there comes to him the consciousness that such bliss is meaningless,

worthless and transitory unless it can be shared with others ; when one

who loves his race comprehends that he must remain outside of the

real life of every other soul, until he has broken down forever the

barriers between them and himself, and that no effort of his in any

other direction can change that fact ; when he understands that even if

he were able to open the physical heart of a beloved friend and

imprison his body therein and close up the entrance, he would be no

nearer the real self of that friend ; understands that notwithstanding

[TT 325] all the longing, the praying, the hard striving, all the

ambition and battling with nature forces to gain something that never

can be gained by him in his present state of development until he can

break down those watts of separation, i. e., union with and perfect

understanding of the thing or creature his desire has been fixed upon ;

and at the same time comprehends that the ultimate cause of all that

anguish and all the suffering, all the loneliness, the useless effort, is

due clone to the separation of soul from soul . of the created from the

Creator the Father . Mother from the child ; THEN . and then only he

comes to a realization of the awfulness of the and the hideous,

dastardly, fiendish work of the Black Magicians and the conscious or

unconscious disciples of the latter, who have been made vehicles for

the transmission of this deadly power.

Only Divine Love can sound the depths of the horrors of that sin,

and only the highest love of which man is capable can possibly sense

the gulf that lies between separation from and unification with God.

Tear down the barriers, children of my soul ! Shut out from your

hearts nothing in the Universe save the thing or creature that would

separate you from other human souls ; for only in union with those

other human souls will you ever find God . find Love Incarnate . find

Peace and Fulfillment.

Every barrier you build between other human souls is a barrier

between your God and your own soul, between your Higher Self and





In commenting on the causes and effects of Centralization I

would call your attention to previous instructions on the same.

Disobedience to the fundamental law of Centralization is

primarily responsible for the confused and confusing conditions now

obtaining throughout all fines of human endeavor.

It is a commonly accepted ides that the repudiation and

displacement of a dominating factor in religious, social, or political

life, for some given cause, is a desirable and efficient way of bettering

conditions. The murder of an unpopular king, a vicious attack on the

morals or ability of one in an official position, which by affecting

public opinion (if some ulterior purpose is to be served) results in

[TT 326] destroying the power and influence of such an one for good,

find much justification among those The immediate effects seem to

justify the action taken in many instances ; but if longer periods of

time, the after effects of the act on the performer himself and on the

conditions which resulted from the changes could be foreshadowed,

such reasoning would be found very faulty, for no matter which one of

the 49 fines of life may be descending through any religious, national,

sociological, or racial body, the evolutionary forces tan only work

uninterruptedly for the uplift of that body through that one fine ; all

intermediary or connecting fines are influence fines which may work

for good or ill and for definite periods of time according to their

magnetic relation to that one main line.

This line descends through every central tell of organ or form

which belongs by Karmic relation to that body, whatsoever be the

nature or character of that body, as might a wire seen through a vast

number of beads.

There could never occur a condition inimical to the body as a

whole, if the connecting or intermediary fines could sustain the right

magnetic relation toward the central fine, for all the laves of growth

and development would work against such a contingency.

If the nucleus of a central tell of an organic body was not

sufficiently virile to function the evolutionary forces of its main line, it

would be destroyed in its microbial germ or bacterial stage. If a

central tell degenerated or died at any later period it would be because

it had not been sufficiently sustained and nourished from the outside,

i. e., by its immediate connections, to enable it to reproduce its kind.

The human race cannot call to itself any guide or rider of any of

its fundamental departments who is very far in advance of the

constituent elements-the men and women of those departments . and

this is due to the tendency of the lower . the animal . man to destroy

or mutilate that which it cannot understand or control, and

consequently that which it fears ; and the inexplicable nature of "the

central tell", the ruler, makes it one to be feared by the lesser tells, and

therefore one to be rejected by them. Hence, instead of that tell being

supported and sustained as ought to be dope, it is dragged down,

beaten and cast out, and to all intents and purposes becomes "The

Rejected Son", "The Great Sacrifice" of its particular department,

organ or body, and then the karmic results of the action set in against

the offenders and woe and suffering fall upon the latter. For the body

cannot sustain itself in equilibrium without the central tell, and so

[TT 327] its individual parts are in turn beaten, cast out, or torn to

pieces by the administrators of the Law it has invoked by its action ;

and thus nature revenges itself for the destruction of one of its centers

of operation.

As it is impossible for nature forces to build a body without a

central tell ; so it is impossible for man to build a nation or an

organization without the guiding force, the superior attracting power

of some one individual who stands in a similar position to that of the

central tell.

The constituent members of the body may imagine that they atone

have placed the man in power, therefore tan tsar him down at will, but

that is true in only one sense ; he has been so placed by the guiding

power of the Lords of Karma acting on the minds of those members,

and if, in opposition to the will of those karmic instruments of Divine

purpose, and for selfish reasons, the said members should so displace

that one, they sound the knell of the body as a whole at the same time.

When the normal life functions and the karmic responsibilities of

a plant or a man are fully performed, nature itself removes that plant

or man from that field of operation according to its desert.

It has many ways of accomplishing this, but if man attempts

either by force or diplomacy to remove one before those functions are

completed, the whole race loses to the extent of the wrong committed.

You may say that if mankind, acting under superior guidance,

places a man at the head of nation or organization, why may not the

same superior guidance incite to his removal by the same men if

deemed necessary.

I answer, he cannot be so removed justly for the reason that

superior intelligence would never place a man in a central position

while knowing that the life of such a nation or organization depended

upon the stability of that central point, unless it knew beyond any

shadow of doubt that the point could be held by the man if he were

rightly supported. If such a man were to fait in his personal life test,

the antithesis of that power in him which made possible his elevation

in the first place, and which exists in him in exact proportion to the

latter, would pull him down to a depth corresponding to the height

from which he fell, but the fall would tome through his loss of power,

his illness or death . in other words, through his personal limitations,

and not by the act of others, if the Divine lave were permitted to take

its course.

The delegation of power to family and friends, regardless of the

worth or ability of the latter, is responsible for nine-tenths of [TT 328]

the trouble that has followed the elevation of authority, and will

continue to be so until man has evolved to the point where his family

and friends are those who "do the will of the Father", as was said by

the Nazarene.

It requires ten-fold more courage and endurance to render

obedience to specific rules of daily life when personal will and desire

moue in contrary directions, than it does to meet any great crisis In the

last named instance, you draw on the reserve force of the race to

which you belong, while you are dependent upon personal

qualifications atone for ability to fulfill the commonplaces of life.

The central figures of any body of people whether self-placed or

placed by others, should stand atone, untrammeled by others, yet

working on true magnetic lines with those others.

When such magnetic connections obtain there is no chance for

undue friction, for the will of one is the will of the others.

It has been due to arbitrary placing of men or women in power,

against the will or direction of the Karmic Lords, and for motives of

self-interest by those who were to benefit from the exaltation of one or

the other that has, first of ail, brought so much suffering upon the

human race, and secondarily, the arbitrary displacing of those who had

been rightly placed, from wrong motives.




Little by little the delvers into natures secret arcana are unraveling

strand after strand of the close meshed, jewel studded web of life, and

catching a glimmer of a gem here and there which by its splendid

possibilities temporarily halts them in their search.

Reflected from the depths of the gem may flash out a color, or

clue to some new field of investigation, hitherto sealed to their

imagination, or a memory of some one or more unproven and

discarded theories which, in fact, only required a knowledge of some

connecting link to establish the theories as facts, and complete a chain

of important discoveries.

Science has yet to learn that many of its discarded theories were

in fact true links in a grand cosmic chain of truth, as are also those

theories now under consideration only to be discarded in turn.

[TT 329]

The hard and fast rules applied by science to the investigation of

theoretical concepts of some of the most sincere minds of the age,

together with the necessity for financial assistance to demonstrate

those concepts as literal facts, are the causes back of the failures to

solve many of the deepest mysteries of life. Were it not for such

hindrances the connecting links between spirit (pure energy) and

matter, and between cosmic forces and substance in form, would have

come under observation long ere this.

If the fact of psychic sight and hearing might be accepted as

working hypotheses, and intelligently used when available in

determining the relation between some two discovered, though

discordant facts, for instance, facts concerning the operation of natural

law under the action of which the higher development of man is

dependent, many of the laid missing links would be found. For

illustration, take the law of gravity and the known facts of its

operation in regard to material things, and the operations of the same

law in regard to the astral and soul planes of life and the things or

beings in form within those planes ; if the psychic senses of some

reliable vehicle of communication between the planes of matter and

force might be used in such investigation, such mysteries as levitation

and suspension of material forms in air without visible means of

support would be solved, for the laws of correspondence would show

that a corresponding medium to that which supported astral form in

etheric atmosphere . inner space . would support material forms in

outer space . the earth's atmosphere, and the method and means of

creating such a medium might be found by investigation.

An astral body could no more support itself in etheric space

without a supporting medium than can a physical body, consequently

there emanates from the former a magnetic force which is used in

creating a magnetic field which surrounds that body at all times. If the

force . substance . of such a magnetic field could be concentrated to

make a more condensed support, such an astral form would be visible

to physical eyes as a floating sphere giving out its own light, but the

astral form of the body thus surrounded would only be visible to

psychic vision.

But before any such field of magnetic energy could be

concentrated to form such a support for the astral, body of a human

soul, that soul must have responded to a powerful force of attraction

exerted from the physical plane by some human soul in incarnation.

While it might be unconsciously exerted by the latter it is the force of

attraction sent out from the lower pole of Manas . the mind, of the

incarnated human being, in conjunction with the higher pole of the

[TT 330] same force in the excarnated soul which concentrates the

substance of the magnetic field and so, as it were, furnishes a bridge, a

support for the balanced point in the center . the astral body. And a

corresponding field of magnetic energy must be created and

concentrated before any material object may be raised and suspended

in equilibrium for any length of time from the earth's surface.

It does not occur to cavilers who decry the possibility of the

ascension of the Master Jesus, on the ground of gravity, that such a

Master of forces would possess the power of overcoming the

gravitational pull by the creation of such a magnetic field as I have

referred to the ascension as it is the descent or rather the outcoming or

return of that entity that we are bound to consider most at this time, in

view of the fact that I have told you that such a return depends upon a

right preparation for such an event.

You must understand that the long centuries since the ascent of

Jesus have afforded time and opportunity for the exertion of a

tremendous force of attraction which has been generated and expelled

by the deep love, longing and aspiration of millions of the units of the

human race, and which has drawn that entity from the higher etheric

or astral plane to the lower astral, the plane next in vibration to the

earth plane ; but to appear in physical manifestation the substance of

that etheric body must be condensed to a similar rate of vibration to

that in which the disciples saw Him at the time of His ascent ; and in

order to make it possible for that to be dope there must be a magnetic

field created and condensed by those in incarnation who have the

power, which will not only furnish the bridge from one plane to the

other, but which will also supply the necessary force for such a change

in body vibration as He will require. It is this great work that loyal

students of occultism are asked to engage in, and this is partly what I

referred to in speaking of the necessary preparation to be made.

You have been taught that the higher attributes to be cultivated

were in fact states of substance and force possible of manipulation by

man, and that the possession and use of occult power depended upon

the cultivation and use of those attributes. You have also been taught

how this should be accomplished. If their possession and use depend

upon your obedience, your devotion, your brotherly affection and help

for each and all human beings, no less than upon your power of

accepting and acting upon the advice and direction of your teacher

along fines of practical occultism, how else tan you consciously

develop chose attributes than by keeping your vows of Initiation ?

True it is that they are being developed in mankind by the slow

process of natural growth, but there must always be some in advance

[TT 331] of the race to which they belong, so it is only a question as

to whether you will be of the latter named class or be content to plod

on with the masses ; whether you will be among those who

consciously create conditions for the manifestation of the great soul of

the cosmos, or be content to take such fragments as fall from the

tables of the Initiates when the great Feast is prepared.




The wise man knows that a conditionless, changeless period of

manifestation is an utter impossibility for man in his present state, he

knows that history repeats itself in ever recurring periods through an

eternity of time as day follows night ; he knows that the democracy of

one age will make way for the monarchy of the next, as surely as he

knows that the tides will throw up the waters of an ocean on its shores

and then fling them back in perfect time and rhythm.

He also knows that every tide of life, as well as every tide of

ocean, must be taken at its flood if it is to bear a precious load of

treasure or experience to its destined harbor ; therefore he takes

advantage of every high tide in the affairs of men and nations to

advance the progress of his ideals, and then falls back into some

secure haven when the tide has gone out, and conserves his energies.

But the wise man also knows that back of every tide, every movement

of sun, stars and planets, every cycle of manifestation, is a supreme

power which governs all, a power which operates at the center of all

things the place of peace . the point where motion ceases and unity

reigns, and that he must be aligned to that power if he would succeed.

A point where the Father tan no more become the Son, and the Son

tan no more become the Father. A state of existence where the Father

reigns eternally, and the Son serves eternally . where the Mother and

the Father are one in the Son, and each is a partaker of the greatness of

the other.

And the wise man sees that however often the elder Son may be

differentiated into the many sons, in the course of time, however

repeatedly night may follow day, or the tides of life go out . however

often a democracy may be created by the powers of disruption in labor

for the birth of more desirable conditions, the people must return to

the original form, the paternal . the kingly form of government .

[TT 332] again and again ; therefore instead of throwing his energies

into the flotsam and jetsam of changeable life he strives to keep them'

in fine with the more stable, the more lasting forms of life, those

forms which begin and end a manvantara.

It is because of his knowledge of the flux and reflux of 'the life

forces that the Master . Initiate . of the great White Lodge forms all

his creations on the fines which govern that Lodge-the paternal form

of government and control, however inefficient the parent of any one

of his creations may be in the initial stage of the creation. This would

seem to contradict the advice and direction given by us along

communistic fines, but does not in reality, for the sooner the flood tide

of a democracy or socialistic community is reached the sooner will the

best fitted units of the humanity of that period and nation have reached

their apogee of development through experience, and so be fitted for

removal to another sphere of action, a greater opportunity.

Believe me when I say there is no such thing as a decadent

civilization, notwithstanding the claims made by political economists

to the contrary.

The fact that the sons and daughters of a truly great man have

become degenerate does not prove that the tendency to degeneracy

began in the parent, or that he can be held responsible and so be made

partaker in the results of the degeneracy of his children. If that parent

is truly a great man he passes into another sphere of activity at the

highest point of his development, a sphere where the children of his

body are no more to him than the children of another man's body. He

has then more nearly approximated the sphere of divine Fatherhood.

The average man does not realize that the seemingly decadent

race may be but the rising souls of a more material, a more animal like

race, the units of which must learn by conscious contact with evil the

horrible nature of evil as have those who have passed on. But when I

speak of those who are at the flood tide I do not necessarily refer to

the rich, the powerful, the, great, as the world counts the great : but the

rich, the powerful, the great of mind, of nature, of soul, whatever their

outer circumstances may be.

When the thirst for popular rule is upon a people that race or

nation is nearing the apogee of development which that particular race

or nation could reach as a body. It is preparing the way for the

division of "the sheep and the goats" of that cyclic round, as was

indicated by the prophet . the sheep to be removed by rebirth into

some higher form of civilization, possibly on some other planet ;

figuratively speaking, "the right hand of God." The goats . the sion-

bound, [TT 333] brutish descendants . to take the "left hand" route to

knowledge, the route of suffering, that they in turn may rise to a

similar point to that attained by "the sheep." Many of the nations of

the earth are in the throes of such a preparation at the present tune,

hence the craze for popular government sweeping over the earth. The

wise man stands back, looks on and listens, knowing the inevitable


When directions were given for the formation of the Temple and

its subsidiary effort, the Temple Home Association, I directed that the

control of the two divisions should be vested in the Paternal, and the

Communistic forms respectively, knowing full well that the latter

could not long survive the withdrawal of the paternal influences

flowing from myself and my brethren, through the agent appointed by

us, should any successful effort be made to separate the two bodies.

They are founded on the laws which govern the universe and the great

White Lodge . the law of centralization. All this I made plain in the

beginning. Ignoring these directions, repeated though unsuccessful

efforts have been made by individuals to separate these two bodies

which are bound by the deepest of all ties, by trying to incapacitate

one or the other in some respect.

When the demons of avarice, self exaltation or hatred creep into

the human heart they blind the mentality to such a degree that their

victims neither think nor care about the injury they may inflict upon

the community, organization or body of which they are units. If the

masses of a body politic could but realize that every blow struck at

that body must inevitably fall on every unit of that body they would be

less willing to encourage the single unit who strikes the blow which

must fall on them. The masses of a human race cannot reach the

highest possibilities of that race until they perfectly obey the laws

which now govern some of the lower orders of life, accepting

cheerfully the fart that implicit obedience to divine law as rendered by

the said lower orders has enabled them to multiply and continue to

exist when man has been killed off the earth.

The prick of a pin, a tiny knife thrust into the body of man or

animal will call countless numbers of defenders . the white blond

corpuscles . to the point of attack. They are sent by a single brain

impulse. The combined recuperative forces of the whole body are

turned in the direction of the wound until the danger has passed.

If man were obedient to the law which governs those minute

semi-conscious organisms no single body or organization of which he

was a unit could be greatly endangered by the act of any individual, or

by a minority of its members. [TT 334]

It is because of their implicit of the great White Lodge that the

latter bas the guiding, controlling power of manifested life. The

disintegrating element . the individual destroyer . which may creep

into some of a Degree of the Lodge is thrust out by his own

limitations. The solid front opposed to him forces him to eliminate


There is no occasion for positive action . attack . on the part of

his associates against him. The negative action of quiet, steady

resistance, combined opposition, forces him out of the environment of

those he bas endangered by his acts. When the inner eyes of mankind

are opened to the great fundamental laves, life will have taken on a

new aspect.

The primal object of the Temple formation by the Initiates was

the more rapid assimilation of the spiritual truths upon which natural

laves are founded, by as large a number of people as might be fitted

for their reception.

Each entering member receives what he demands by his

adherence to or repudiation of the said laves. He can rise to the apogee

of his opportunity, or fait below the level and be placed accordingly

by the Lodge in some other sphere of experience or activity ; but

whatever may be the instrument used for his grading, the controlling

force of that instrument will be the natural lave ; for it is divinely true

that not a sparrow falls to the ground without the knowledge of the

Father. Not a hair of the head is left unnumbered ; and if the Temple

were only a sparrow, figuratively speaking, not a single feather of its

body could be ignored or forgotten by its original founders . The

Great White Lodge.




It is not to the science of chiromancy . or palmistry, that I shall

here call attention, though that science bas a basis that is closely

connected with the embodied elementaries to which I shall refer.

In exoteric symbolism the left band denotes Power, the right band

execution. From a material aspect the reason for such classification is

obvious, but there is an esoteric cause for the same which lies much

deeper. In all ages the subject bas created special interest in the minds

of investigators into the secrets of the human body, for they possess

some features not found in any other organ or region of the body.

[TT 335]

These are not all perceptible to the anatomist, though clearly so to

the developed psychic.

It is not atone for the services they perform to the rest of the body

that they are peculiarly valuable and interesting, but because they

contain the media for the expulsion of a peculiar form of energy,

commonly termed magnetic, which, if man were still in his original

globular form, could be used to perform an equal amount of service

for him to that which is now performed by his physical bands.

There still remain in the bands of the human being, and also to

some extent in the feet and at the ends of some of the finer nerves,

certain forms of molecular substance within which are conserved, and

from which are expelled streams of magnetic energy which are subject

to the trained will of the operator.

To those who have no belief in the lesser gods, the elementaries

of divine science, the idea that these minute bodies or corpuscles are

indeed the vehicles of the elementaries of certain orders will seem

visionary, but it is nevertheless true that such is the case.

The reason why band will go out to band all but involuntarily

upon the meeting of friends, and also why there is a feeling of

repugnance toward accepting the band of another, even when there is

no apparent cause for restraint, is that the molecular substance of the

corpuscles of which I speak will expand or contract unconsciously to

those concerned, and so flash their message of consent or denial to the

brain. The resident elementaries of those corpuscles are as sensitive to

antagonism as the weather vane is to the wind, and if man were more

alive to the inner promptings of the soul he would know immediately,

at the first impulse to lift his band, whether or not it were desirable to

take the band of another.

The corpuscles referred to are capable of segregation and

examination by a skilled anatomist, but escape the careless eye

because of their similarity to certain other white corpuscles. If a

microscope of sufficient power could be brought to bear on them they

would be found to be small masses of intricately woven thread . like

nerve ends, surrounding a nucleus, each corpuscle a distinct organism,

though working harmoniously with other normal organisms, in the

same body.

They are exceedingly sensitive to changes in the magnetic field of

any thing or person exterior to the organism in which they are

developing, and almost automatically contract or expand according to

the nature of the changes taking place in such a field.

The rays of light emitted from the ends of the fingers of those

who are able to use their bands effectually in healing the sick, or

operating on the body, can be seen and felt very easily by a sensitive ;

[TT 336] and all the different modes of healing by use of the bands

were originally founded by those who had more or less knowledge of

the existence and operation of those corpuscles of activity.

The sympathetic vibrations between these corpuscles and certain

orders of other corpuscles operative in the brain and heart make

possible the expression of deep feeling in instrumental music, and

peculiarly so in violin playing, where the ends of the fingers all but

automatically seek the right position on the strings.

It is quite possible to do more injury to the body of another by

wrong methods of manipulation with the bands than benefit by right

methods, though it may take longer for the injuries to become


The origin of the cruel practice, indulged in by a certain emperor,

of turning the thumbs up or down to signal life or death to the victims

of the Roman amphitheater, may be found in the legendary tales of

still more powerful sovereigns, who, with the raising of one or more

fingers could instantaneously execute a criminal or a decree of

vengeance upon a victim, without the intervention of any other

instrument or person, by means of the magnetic forces so directed.

You all ought to be able to tell a friend from an enemy, a

harmonious or inharmonious factor, the instant band meets band, but

as it is, that power is resident in but few for the reason that you have

trifled with those finer forces of nature to such an extent that their

vehicles of operation within your bands have become partially

atrophied or paralyzed, and there is little or no interaction between

them and the brain.

However fine the character of a given person whose band you

clasp, if you are conscious of a sensation of coldness, dampness and

feebleness, there is most surely some bar between that person and

yourself that you would do well to recognize and heed. It is not the

mere temperature atone that gives this warning, it is the combination

of moisture, temperature and activity.

By means of the moisture which acts as a conveyor the poisoned

magnetic energy generated in one body can be more quickly

transmitted to another. In its pure state magnetic energy requires no

medium of transmission whatever aside from its etheric base. It may

be expelled or attracted by action of the watt, but when it becomes

permeated with the stultifying, paralyzing forces of the lower pole of

life, it becomes denser and heavier and does not respond to impulse,

either so rapidly or so directly.

Others might not be affected by or even notice these signs, in the

band of a mutual acquaintance, and in such an instance there is not so

much danger of untoward after effect. The bar, if there be one,

[TT 337] exists between those who are conscious of the antagonism

indicated by me. In the one case there is no interaction between the

streams of energy escaping from the heart and band (giving birth to

the affinitative force, the force which ensouls the before mentioned

corpuscles) which is the energy in action, in the other case. In simple

words, a new creation . a child . is born, a different form of the

energy expressed by its progenitors . the original magnetic streams

from heart to band . and that child is indeed and in truth a connecting

and binding form of energy which ensouls the peculiar entities

embodied in the corpuscles . the Elementaries which transmit their

life currents to each other when they meet as they must do in a warm,

firm handclasp between friend and friend.

It is the stagnation of the molecular substance of said corpuscles,

in the case of a broken friendship, that causes so much mental and

physical suffering to both parties. The more sensitive the disciple to

the action of the finer forces of nature the more he will suffer from the

breaking of such a tie as I have mentioned, until he reaches the state of

equilibrium where he is the perfect master of all the evolutionary

forces embodied in his various vehicles of expression.




Would you place in the bands of your little child a stick of

dynamite and a hammer with which to amuse itself ? Would you send

a beloved one atone into the lair of a taper, when you knew that one

was subject to attacks of dizziness when affrighted ? Would you teach

your comrade the use of firearms, when you knew he would turn them

against you in a passion, or still worse, against his weaker comrades ?

What excuse could you offer to divine law should you do any of

these three things ? None, you would say. And no more could the

Initiates of the right band path gain forgiveness for taking a disciple

beyond the preparatory degrees of occultism, when they knew that

such a disciple was incapable of passing safely beyond that

preparatory degree . the testing degree for that which might follow if

the disciple were proven capable of further advance.

Whenever you hear a recreant, expelled, or unreliable disciple say

that he bas passed through the Orders of the Temple, and has not

found what he was seeking, or bas been deceived, or one who is

offering any kind of excuse in justification of his unfaithfulness, you

[TT 338] will always be safe in saying . "My friend, You have gone

to the limit of Your power of progress in this life."

The very fact of his unfaithfulness to his vows of Initiation, and

therefore of treachery to a comrade, effaced his narre, at the moment

of the commission of such an act, from the roll of personal disciples ;

"his (inner) eye is blinded and his heart is hardened, lest he should see

and understand" that which his former comrades are entering upon,

and endeavor to force his way, and so compel refusai from his Master,

or gain just knowledge enough to injure himself or his comrades post

his power to remedy the injury. It is the merciful law, which,

symbolically speaking, blinds his eyes, i. e., blots out his desire for

continuing on that fine of endeavor ; "hardens his heart", that is, takes

away his aspirations along that fine, and sets his face in some other


Does it even seem reasonable to believe that the Masters of

Wisdom, to whom all hearts are open, would open the doors of white

magic to a libertine, a seducer of women, a liar or a thief, when

absolute purity of body, of mind and purpose is essential to

enlightenment ?

Does it seem reasonable that the Masters of Wisdom would open

the door to unlimited power to the betrayer of his trust, to the cruel,

fork-tongued, vain and ambitious woman whose longing for denied

sex expression, or whose over indulgence in the same, has invalided

her, and who sees in every other woman an enemy or a tool ? Yet, evil

as are these qualities, many possessing them are led to the very doors

of wisdom through their longing for more abundant life, and when

denial of further advance is made, turn viciously upon those who have

taken them as far as it was possible for them to go on the path of

research, and deny with all avidity the existence or possibility of

anything beyond their vision.

Unfortunately, as it would seem ; it is by the word of such as

these that true occultism is judged by the great majority. But here

again the merciful law intervenes for the protection of these, for the

fact that they have no more power of discrimination thon to accept and

be guided by such statements shows conclusively that they also are

unfit for the accumulation of divine wisdom.