Beautiful beyond aught the mind of the present human race can

conceive was the great polar continent, which like a huge cap en-

compassed the north pole in the days when the Sons of God first came

forth to dwell upon the earth in bodies they themselves had created

from the vital sparks of the water enveloping the then fiery sphere .

the substratum of our earth.

And beautiful past power of description were the ensouled forms

so created . the first, the moon-colored race, to which the purest,

brightest moonbeams gave their character and colorings. Sexless

Lords they were during the first three of the Seven Ages of this

present Manvantara, and their immediate offspring were the creations

of Will and Yoga.

But in the latter half of the Third Age the substance which formed

the bodies of this First Race, began to solidify ; all matter became

denser and coarser in texture, and the animal forms created by

mindless man, as well as the human race began to differentiate.

The Sexless became in time the bi-sexual and the functions of

conception and birth obtaining now became common.

About the same time another continent appeared above the

surface of the water ; other atmospheric and magnetic conditions were

made manifest, and the end of the Fourth Age found many of the bi-

sexual offspring of the preceding races domiciled upon the new

continent, and greatly changed in appearance.

The "coats of skin" had taken on a yellow cast of color and their

spiritual purity and beauty had degenerated.

Then came the fall of the Race into gross sin, and wide separation

between families, tribes and divisions occurred. One of the [TT 290]

divisions . sub-races . fell into great physical sin, and became black

in color, another became red, and another brown, but a certain division

of the original race refused to be drawn into the gross sin which

tempted the others, and remained on the first formed continent,

keeping their original color for ages, and these were the ancestors of

the present Chinese race.

At the close of the Fourth Age, the chain of the Himalayas the

oldest mountain chain of the world . was thrown up from the floor of

the ocean, and circled the earth sphere beginning at what is now the

lowest point of northern Asia, which, by the way, was the first

continent thrown up after the separation of the sexes. Only a

comparatively short length of this mountain chain is now above water,

but during the Age to which I refer, it was an impassable barrier

between the northern and southern divisions, and between the

continents which subsequently appeared and the "land of the Blessed"

the North Pole ; and not only to man, for it gradually formed a barrier

which turned away the warm air water, and magnetic currents of the

south and left that Pole the frozen waste it still is, and must remain,

until those barriers (many stretches of which are under water) are

broken down by the changes in the configuration of the earth's surface.

These changes will occur during the lives of the Sixth Race which will

then inhabit the earth.

The continents and many of the islands of the seas now above

water in the southern hemisphere will then disappear from sight.

Lemuria will rise again, and connection between it and the northern

continent be again established.

The descendants of the White race now upon the earth, having

passed through incarnations in the Black, Red, Brown and lower

sub-races of the Yellow Race, must combine with the higher sub-races

of the Yellow Race in order to reach again the high estate from which

the whole human race fell in the Fourth Age.

There are now evolving in the Chinese nation and in America

certain progenitors of the new Sixth Race.

Both the white and yellow races are now on the upward arc of the

present cycle of manifestation. The White race turned the lowest point

of the arc several hundred years ago, while the Yellow race passed the

same point within the memory of the present generation.

Prejudice against intermarriage between these two races will

gradually die out as time passes, and by the close of another short

cycle, the first children of the first sub-race of the Sixth Race will be

born as a result of intermarriage between the before mentioned

progenitors of the new Race, now appearing in the White and Yellow

races. [TT 291]

The Red, Brown and Black races will gradually disappear from

the earth, and the close of the Sixth Age and beginning of the Seventh

will see a new sun dawn on a new earth, or rather a renewed earth,

containing one great Continent and peopled by one Race . the old

new, Moon-colored Race. A Race of self-conscious, God-like beings,

greater far than the First Race. A Race that has won by its own

inherent power and ability the one all-important principle the First

Race was deficient in, the principle of Manas, Higher Mind, self-

consciousness of its own Divinity.

The First Race possessed only race consciousness. The

knowledge evolved through differentiation and experience was an

unknown quantity to the units of that Race.

The identity of each unit was then hidden in the identity of the

race, and could only be uncovered by self-conscious experience on the

Seven planes . the seven stages of existence ; but once uncovered,

brought to recognition of itself, identity can never be entirely lost

again. It is necessary that you bear in mind the fact that the same

Egos, the same individualities which incarnated in the First Race will

be the incarnating Egos of the Seventh, as they have been the Egos of

all the intermediate Races of the Present Manvantara.

It is also necessary that you discriminate between both the

Chinese and White races of this cycle, and the same races in another

cycle during which the progenitors of the new race will be born. The

highest type of the men and women of the White and Chinese races

now in existence could not furnish the parents of such a race as I refer

to. At the very best the children born from intermarriage between

members of these two races today, would be four tunes removed from

the pure line from which the children of the new race will descend.




It has become evident to some of the devotees of the science of

bacteriology that the hitherto carefully concealed mysteries of the

Occult Science of life in its minutia were being cautiously unveiled,

but the possibility of their solution by the uninitiated has rested

entirely on the opportunities given by the closing of a great world

cycle, and opening of another, the guiding entities of which have re-

leased [TT 292] lesser disciples, to whom those mysteries were

imparted, from sacred vows they have been under for centuries.

In some instances credit to the latter has been given by the

claimants to new discoveries ; in others, fear of personal loss of

prestige and power has prevented such acknowledgment, and in such

instances subsequent efforts along the same lines of development have

furnished the ground work of their claim to originality, and led to

entire repudiation of the basic source of their knowledge.

This is unpardonably true in the case of one or more votaries of

physical science, in regard to the mysteries of the life cells.

And yet, the fact that a single cell contains an embryonic man or

animal is only an unproven theory to many of the last mentioned class,

so they would not be prepared to accept the fact that a single one of

the countless vital sparks (ions of electricity) contains not only an

embryonic man, but an embryonic world.

A vital or life spark is a definite division of Prana . life force .

and contains in essence the basic substance of every form of life that

the evolutionary laws can bring into material manifestation during a

great Manvantara ; but no single unit of that order of life can duplicate

itself, or create form, save by combination and impregnation through


Investigation of the action of life cells would seem to disprove the

latter statement, for the reason that it has been found possible to re-

combine cells and create abnormal growths ; but that does not alter the

fact, for the masculine and feminine forces are resident in the life

sparks within the cells, and no cell could be found that did not have

the requisite number and quality of life sparks.

The power of "Becoming", or growth resides in the Life Spark.

The power of direction resides in the Ego, or individuality, of

man, and the power of Yoga, the aim of the Occultist, is the union of

the power of Direction and the power of Becoming.

Herein is contained one of the greatest mysteries, the solving of

which gives Mastery. You have been taught that there have always

existed sexless and double sexed beings. This would appear to

contradict what I have previously said about the manifestation of sex

in the minutiae of life, but not so ; a god is sexless because he has

transcended sex.

The Life Sparks which make up the spiritual substance of His

form, if He be still in form, are not differentiated as to sex as are those

which manifest on planes of matter ; and in its evolution from a stone

to a god the incarnating Ego has raised the Life Sparks to a higher

order of life, a plane of pure energy. [TT 293]

When celibacy is advocated by an Initiate, in the case of a

disciple, it is for the definite purpose of raising and concentrating the

resident Life Sparks of his threefold form to higher orders for the

purpose of gaining the above-mentioned power of direction over the

Kriyashakti or Divine Fire, thus making possible the creation by Will

and Yoga.

But let any disciple beware of the self advertised teacher who

proposes such a course. Instruction will come in no uncertain way to

the disciple who has fitted himself by purification for such instruction.

The sex of the Initiate is not changed while in the physical body,

neither does he become sexless in the correct interpretation of the

word, though he may have attained to power over spiritual forces.

Kriyashakti force is the dominating force of the Buddhic plane, as

electricity is the dominating force of the physical plane, and sex in

differentiation does not exist on the Buddhic plane.

At one stage of evolution the masculine and feminine forces of a

proved disciple tend toward equalization, and when a true balance is

reached neither sex is unduly operative and therefore antagonistic to

the other.

The power of one sex must be in excess of the other to determine

the sex of an embryonic child, and also to make sex function possible

to an individual. When the masculine and feminine forces are equally

balanced in an individual there is no longer opposition to the

Kriyashakti force which is always striving with the lower nature of

man, and only yields itself to the service of man when the lower sex

nature is overcome.

Sex does not manifest on either of the three higher planes of life.

The first manifestation of differentiation of sex in the Life Sparks

occurs on the fourth plane, the Kama Manasic, although preparation

for differentiation is made in that state between the third and fourth

plane, commonly referred to as the soul plane, and that preparation

takes place in the substance which will subsequently be the centers of

the spine and brain of the physical man.

On taking up a new incarnation the Skandas, the effects of past

action, meet the incarnating Ego at the entrance of the Kama Manasic

plane, and these Skandas are in the form of the Life Sparks of the

before-mentioned centers. They are the avengers, and as they have

been made such by man, they must be redeemed by man and brought

back to their' original state of purity . the sexless state of the

substance of the three higher planes.

This is man's great mission. He has defiled the very substance of

the Godhead, which is also his own substance, and he must purify and

redeem that substance. [TT 294]

It is the Fiery Sparks which continue to exist as Skandas from life

to life which build up the astral vehicle which persists after the death

of the body. They are indestructible because they are the very

substance of the Godhead, that God "in whom we lave and move and

have our being", that substance which is sexless on the three higher

planes of being, and sexually differentiated on the four lower planes.

Perhaps this will help you to understand what it is that

differentiates all orders of plant life from each other, all crystals, and

all the minute organisms which are only visible under a microscope ;

and also to understand why it is that a star, a sun, a world, stands

alone, unsupported by any other star or world, and yet continually

pours forth a force of attraction and repulsion in the direction of other

bodies belonging to the same system.

Life in its minutiae is due to sex differentiation ; in its totalities it

is sexless ; in its minutiae it is dependent on others of its kind, in its

totalities it is independent of others so far as individual action is


A star or planet is a cell in the body of God. The light, heat and

electricity streaming from those heavenly bodies are the radiations of

the great combinations of Life Sparks which compose the substance of

those bodies.

In the case of the sun the Life Sparks are undifferentiated as to

sex ; in the case of the planet they are differentiated, as in the case of

the ordinary man.

Differentiation decreases power, tension, and ability to act.

Concentration increases the same in exact ratio.

The more you accustom yourselves to meditation upon these

subjects the wider and deeper will grow your knowledge of

yourselves, and therefore your knowledge of God and Infinity. But

take heed of your motives.

Try to realize that you are drawing close to the spiritual plane

when by deep thought you are meditating upon the very vehicle of the

Godhead . on all that you are capable of comprehending of that which

forms the body of God while you are in your present state of


When you are contemplating the marvelous, mysterious operation

of the Life Sparks which are the basis of all materialized life, and, in

recognition of the threefold marriage of Desire, Thought, and Life,

you direct the results of your findings to any definite point, you are

creating good or evil for which you must surely answer. [TT 295]




Within the physical body is another, a finer body, an exact replica

of the former. Every organ, verve, muscle and part is duplicated in

substance of an ethereal character.

If a physical disease is stopped on its way outward to extinction

through the blond, by means of what is in one sense a nervous shock

caused by a strong affirmation or denial of the reality of the disease,

there may be a temporary paralysis, as it were, of the disease germs, or

they may be forced back into some other vein, capillary, or organ than

the one first affected, and a new or more virulent form of the same

disease thus receive its first impetus. Or, worse still, the negative force

which was the original cause of the disease may be forced back into

the before-mentioned mental-astral body, where it was originally

conceived and born, and the anal created for the seed of some form of

mental disease, tenfold worse in character and effect than the physical

disease which had preceded it.

The personal mind and the personal will are so inseparably united

that with the surrender of the personal to the Divine Will, by the

Mind, in the treatment of disease by psychic methods, much if not all

of the shock referred to is obviated ; but even then, ignorance of the

past karma of the patient would place a great responsibility upon the

average mental practitioner.

There is a fixed gulf between each of the planes of matter, mind,

and spirit. Each plane has the correspondences of every existing thing

on other planes, so why run the risk contingent upon the use of "things

out of place" . the forces or properties of other planes . when the

same forces or properties, in other forma, are attainable on the plane

where one is normally functioning.

Why should Divine Law have set the bounds between all planes if

those barriers were to be crossed by every "little man" who wished to

increase his property, heal his diseases, and control his fellow mea,

without the necessary effort to do so in the ways provided by natural

law ?

No matter what arguments may be brought against it, the fact

remains that the exercise of one mind over another is Hypnotism, and

Hypnotism is sheer Black Magic. [TT 296]



Unfortunately, but comparatively few among the more modern

students of psychology, and the more recently admitted members of

The Temple of the People have familiarized themselves with one of


basic teachings of the Wisdom Religion ; namely, the Seven

Principles, or the seven divisions of Matter, Force, and Consciousness.

Therefore, such students find it very difficult to interpret certain terms

or to connect various references and features of instructions in

constant use by their teachers with those corresponding divisions or

principles. This leads to much confusion, and in some instances to

very much injury. In no instance may greater injury accrue to the

ignorant than by wrongly considering the nature and functions of the

lower self . the Linga Sharira, as it is termed in the teachings of the

far East, and the "Ka" or double, the shadow, as that form was always

termed by the ancient Egyptians.

This division of the human being is built cap and comes to

maturity with the mind and physical body of man, and persists for a

definite period after the passing of the soul, though invisible to the

majority of people. As the lifeless body falls apart through the action

of the elementary forces, so the lower astral is disintegrated by the

same forces at a later period when the soul passes to a higher order of

life, unless it is revived by the thought and will of the incarnating Ego,

or is deliberately earthbound by strong desire.

It is the lower self . the "Ka" of an earthbound soul which

responds to the call of the average spiritualist, and which is frequently

seen in graveyards, or when separating itself from the body of the


It also operates in sensuous dream life. Its substance is created by

the lower or sensuous pole of human nature. As it is a perfect replica

of the physical body it is easily mistaken for the departed personality.

In occasional cases before death it gains such perfect control of

the body which envelops it that the real entity . the Soul . is driven

out for the time being. There seems to be a great and unaccountable

change for the worse in the person in such an instance. This. change

may occur through an injury to the physical body or brain, such an

injury as might paralyze some normal spiritual or brain center, thereby

inhibiting normal control by the indwelling soul, and leaving the body

at the mercy of the elementary forces of this lower self.

A sight of this creature, as it really would appear in the majority

of human beings, would be enough to strike terror or disgust into

[TT 297] the heart of the one beholding it. When you realize that

every selfish, cruel, sensual, vicious thought you have cherished or

have sent out, and the nature and power of the forces set free in all

such characteristic acts that you may have performed in a lifetime, and

become aware that they have been centralized and materialized in that

lower self, you can form some concept of its appearance and

proclivities ; and when you also realize that it is endowed with all of

the self-conceit of the average human being, his power of

compromise, treachery, and vanity, you may be able to see how such

an entity would naturally try to deceive the weak as to its real

character and claims, and even as to its appearance by casting a

glamor over the mind of the observes.

In a few words, it is the devil incarnate in human nature, and

every human being is possessed of this devil, which is weak or strong

according to its endowment ; and which, like the devil which tempted

Jesus, is always "taking the soul cap into a high mountain" and

offering it all the "kingdoms of the earth" ; that is, it is always playing

on the ambition and greed of human nature, and trying to drive a

bargain with the indwelling soul by offering those things it is in fact

powerless to bestow, in return for the devotion of the Soul . for it can

only live by consent of the Soul.

If the reality, the existence and the resident power of this other or

lower self is fully accepted and understood by the soul, there is much

less danger to the latter . the antithesis of this lower self-from its

machinations or presentments.

All true neophytes know that it is against powers and

principalities that the human soul is arrayed. If we can accept and

realize the unalterable truth of the words : "I am all power", we know

that we have the power to overcome evil, and render powerless the

fiend which has stolen the human shape in order to deceive.

Good is all powerful. Evil, or darkness can always be dissipated

by good-Light. It will not help you to overcome it to deny the

existence of this very material entity, as some people would have you

do, for in denying its existence you are adding to its strength and

power by the addition of another lie . another evil . to those which

originally served to create it ; and sometime in the future it will break

the bounds set by such denial, and then it will riot in the aura and you

will have to reckon with it.

You should affirm the power of Good with all your strength, and

at the same tune identify the Higher Self with that good. By constantly

holding in mind the thought of such identification you entirely ignore

the lower self . which is the one thing it fears. By refusing to give it

the substance it requires to live capon, that is, the substance of

[TT 298] your own evil thoughts and words, it is rendered powerless,

becomes more and more tenuous, and disintegrates quickly after

death, and even before death, in the case of the Masters or advanced

chelas who have killed it out by overcoming it with Good, thus

changing its nature.

A Master is said to cast no shadow, and but very seldom a shadow

can be seen in such company.

Do not feed and nourish that lower self by fear of its effect on

you, or by yielding recognition of its power over you.

Strive to realize the truth of the words, "I am one with God and all

Good ; evil hath no power over me", and, by making evil powerless,

free yourself from its dominion. It is the recognition of this lower self,

clothed . in its stolen panoply, the forms of deceased friends, that

makes spiritualistic seances such dangerous places, for almost all of

the reliable materializations are made by the lower self of the medium,

which clothes itself in the image in the inquirer's mind by means of

the magnetism of the latter.

The conscious life of the lower Self is passed on the lower astral

plane, therefore it has access to the astral records to whatever extent it

may read. Occasionally such an entity may tell some truth, and make a

true prophecy, especially if by so doing it will add to its satisfaction or

importance ; but usually it is utterly unreliable, very changeable by

nature, and the wise purpose of its being appears to be the conserving

or concentrating of the floating evil in the nature of man within a form

or compass where it may be more readily destroyed, or rather where it

may be changed into good by the incarnated Ego, as opportunity after

opportunity offers for paying karmic debts which have accrued in past

lives . debts made by the performance of evil thoughts and acts.

Every normal person is more or less conscious of the existence of

this lower self. In strong temptation its very tones are heard by the

inner ear, often causing a belief in Divine interposition ; but it can be

silenced when once recognized. It takes an Initiate of high degree to

bring the Souls of two individuals into conscious contact, when they

are on different planes and as this is often very hurtful to the Soul that

is freeing itself from Matter, it is not done except in cases of great





The world is seething with the discontent of the human race, and

only one here and one there in the great crucible can subdue the

[TT 299] elementaries of his lower nature sufficiently to obtain the

mental poise requisite for perceiving the fundamental cause of that


Universal law cannot be broken or ignored without bringing

corresponding suffering upon the breaker of those laws.

The majority of the inhabitants of this puny little earth sphere are

so entirely enwrapped and mentally smothered by the conditions they

themselves have created that they have no time or inclination for

perceiving or applying the knowledge and wisdom gained by the small

minority, that minority which has in every age devoted itself to the

contemplation and study of the phenomenal universe and the laws

which govern it in minutiae as well as those which govern it as one

composite entity. For many ages individual man has usurped the

offices of Divine law, and for his personal ends has continued to bring

woe and suffering on the race. The recognition, or partial recognition,

of this truth by the masses has brought about revolt after revolt, as was

to be expected when abuse of position and power was self-evident to

all ; but . these facts do not alter the greater fact that Centralization is

the only law under which life can exist and prosper for any length of

time, and nothing can excuse the breaking of that law by a body of

disciples pledged to the sustaining of that law in order that they may

come under the direction of those whose obedience to the same law

has brought them out of the conditions of heterogeneous, disorganized

life in which the majority of human beings now live, into the light and

freedom of fully organized life.

As long as a disciple is content to remain in the helpless,

powerless condition of the average human being, with no more ability

rightly to serve and uplift the masses of downtrodden, incompetent

human beings than he now has, his right of free will will secure him

that privilege, if it can be termed privilege ; but if he desires to escape

from present thraldom, and take others with him, there is only one

way by which it can be done. It is generally supposed that there is

another way, i. e., the path of isolation, but even that is only one

feature of the one way, for such isolation is a matter of direction from

the Higher Self or some Initiate, and is only undertaken for a specific

purpose and for a definite time, at the expiration of which the law will

compel him to go back to his post of duty, wherever it may be.

Lack of faith in the eternal fitness of things, and in Divine Justice,

desire to escape the results of action, and above all, impatience with

what seem the slow processes of time, plunge man back over and over

again into the whirlpool of rebellion and discontent from which he is

feebly endeavoring to escape. And this will continue until a body,

strong, united, unselfish, and wise enough to obey the law can be

formed on the outer plane of this world ; a body composed of those

[TT 300] who are physically and mentally able to catch, translate, and

teach those details of the mystery language by means of which alone

the beings of other and more advanced spheres can communicate with

the men of earth.

Those who tell you these truths are not responsible for the making

of the Law, nor the continued breaking of the Law. They can only tell

you the truths which Life and obedience to Law have taught them.

If you fail to perceive the necessity for the existence of the Law,

or the logic of our arguments ; if you confuse the results of individual

disobedience to the requirements of the Law, with the Law itself, and

so fail to form a true concept of the Divine purpose to be served, i. e.,

the return of the Prodigal Son to the bosom of the Father ; in other

words, fail to perceive the necessity for the involution of matter, you

cannot fail to be the poorer for your lack of power and wisdom.

Man has gone so far out of the way, in the long ages of time

which have elapsed since the Gods dwelt with men and ruled over

them in Love and justice, that the grand cosmic ideal of Brotherhood

has degenerated into an idea of one-man rule, each man believing

himself to be the requisite one. The matter of evolutionary status,

divine right, the best equipment, mental, moral and spiritual, has been

unobserved or greatly questioned by the masses in their search of

some remedy for existing conditions, and the only point in the

arguments used which contains much truth, is based upon the inherent

possibilities of the fully evolved man and the difficulties in the way of

securing such a man to rule over a people.

The Gods, the Devas, the Initiates, the Masters, being fully

evolved men and therefore proving the possibility of such mastery, the

natural egotism of man leads him to the conclusion that if he is ever to

be competent for such leadership he must be more or less fitted for it


The cyclic law of primogeniture is ignored.

In all that I have said I have been referring more particularly to

duties and conditions of the disciples of the White Lodge, who have

become such disciples through desire for rapid development.

If a man is content to continue life on such terms as worldly

conditions offer, he is dependent upon worldly opinions, but if he

continues in discipleship he must be content to obey the laws of

discipleship, which are the Universal Laws, and these laws are based

upon a geometrical foundation. Truly "the first shall be last" and each

spoke of the revolving wheel of life shall be uppermost in its turn.

Why, then, strive to throw the wheel out of balance by bringing up a

spoke out of its turn ? [TT 301]




You who maintain that love is dependent upon respect, you do not

know, you never can know what love is, and therefore upon what it

subsists, until your own head has been bowed low, your own soul

dragged through the mire of the world's scorn for loves sake ; nor can

You understand why men and women will lay themselves on the

funeral pyre of self scorn and self condemnation by the commission of

acts they would condemn in others . acts which they know must come

up before their own souls for recording . and all for loves sake.

In order to understand you must know something of the forces at

work in and about you, must know something of the little lives which

comprise those forces which are powerful enough to conquer

everything but the spiritual will.

As a rule man does not know that he is putting himself in thrall to

various distinct orders of life by his deeds . orders, the units of which

are as real, as individual as is any other creature of natures kingdoms.

Ignorance of the exercise of his creative power in the interior realms

of life often leaves him at the mercy of his own creations.

Non-recognition of this fact leaves him powerless to control such

entities. His scorn of what he believes to be the superstitions of past

ages, his absolute trust in the findings of modern science, are great

hindrances to him. He does not perceive that the ancients took up the

study of life from the point modern science has but just reached, and

carried their investigations through fields of life the modem devotee is

but just on the verge of discovering, and found that what are now

termed degrees of force and energy are distinct orders of intelligent

life, with governments and laws of their own, and that those

infinitesimal lives are indissolubly united to all other orders of life,

large or small.

Many a one will admit that an electrical storm exerts a peculiar

effect en him, depressing or exhilarating, as the case may be ; but tell

him that the effects he feels are due to direct contact with countless

numbers of the fiery. lives, the elementals, which every flash, every

shimmering fold in the sky partly reveals, conscious creations that are

incessantly beating, pounding on his nerves, and taking from or giving

to them some measure of the fiery force that is their natural support,

and you will evoke a smile of superiority from your listener.

You may have seen an immense flock of destructive birds light on

an orchard or field of grain and leave it utterly bare, or a plague

[TT 302] of insects pass over a large section of land, leaving it

stripped of a11 green things. While the devastation is not so

perceptible to the human eye, the passing over a race or nation of

human beings of milliards of the negative fiery elementals has a

somewhat similar effect. There is inevitably a great loss of physical

vitality and nerve force in the units of that race. The resisting power of

the human will and mentality throws off the influence of these lesser

lives to a great degree, but there is always an appreciable loss of nerve

force which must subsequently be made up, or the victim is so much

the more subject to the action of any other inimical force.

These lesser lives are but one rank of soldiers among the

countless legions engaged in the great battle of life. They are neither

to be feared nor despised, but simply to be kept on their own side of

the battle line.

They are as subject to the universal laws as is man, and are

affected by the same influences. They are irresponsible and therefore

soulless, and are subject to the will and mentality of higher orders of

life. Many epidemics are caused by them. Terrific pressure is

sometimes exerted by them on the nerves and grey matter of the brain

by the conscious or unconscious ill will of a person. All this being

true, is it not worth while to study them, and protect one's self from

them when such protection is possible ?

And this brings me back to my opening sentences. The higher any

attribute or energy is in the scale of life the more powerful it is for

good or ill, and the negative aspect of love evokes the cruelest, the

most blinding, selfish, destructive phase of the fiery elemental lives in

that scale.

The positive aspect of the same attribute is the reverse in all

respects. The lesser lives which manifest as a result of the exercise of

the positive aspect of love are tenacious, open eyed, selfless, and

whatever be the object, thing or person that has excited the positive

aspect of the attribute in the heart of a human being, there is a constant

bombardment of these lesser lives, and therefore a continual increase

in strength and power of those qualities which are peculiarly active in

the lesser lives of the positive aspect of the attribute, so that the will

and mentality of the lower man are under restraint.

The latter cannot break away from his subjection to the thing or

person if he would. It is for this reason that the character, qualities, or

limitations of the object, however unworthy, fail to affect the real


When the resident force actuating those lesser lives is exhausted,

either by time, or through the action of the awakened spiritual will

[TT 303] and the soul is therefore freed from its thraldom, the power

of that positive aspect of the great Love Principle is transferred from

the one to the many, and the selfish satisfaction hitherto enjoyed in

devotion to one object is increased many thousand fold.

It is then that the awakened soul knows what love is.




Do you understand in the least how closely you are related to and

connected with the Universal Lodge centers throughout all worlds and

spaces, when once the divine, the Higher Self, has commenced to

manifest in your soul ?

Each such center has as definite a connection with every human

soul as have the wireless electric outfits of great steamships on the

ocean, with similar outfits on the high places of the earth. Your

inability to realize this fact fully is due to the paralyzing of the stations

or centers in your own bodies and souls by long neglected or ignored

opportunities, or by viciously crippling them with evil thought and

action ; and though it is no longer possible for you consciously and

deliberately to send forth your message direct to all those greater

centers, there are many which catch your feeble messages, your

aspirations and desires, and answer them, and yet you do not


Sometimes you think those answers are but fluctuations of your

own mentality. Sometimes you crush them down and out of your

consciousness because they bid you do that which you do not desire.

At other times you stop and wonder how it is that some totally

unfamiliar thought or word impinges upon your consciousness, and

you strive to locate the cause.

The whole human race is bound together by a network of sound

and light waves, and the thoughts and words of each person are

impinging upon the mentality and psychic centers of others with

tremendous power and activity ; but it is only the fully developed

occultist who can consciously direct the messages borne by these

waves wheresoever he will, for only he has reawakened the once

atrophied centers of brain and body which are requisite to accomplish

this. Yet any normal person can do this if he is willing to spend the

time and effort, and will put himself entirely under the guidance of

one who is truly able to instruct him in this great and universal


Unfortunately for many sincere seekers, there is an ever

increasing class of pseudo occultists who claim the power to so

instruct man, [TT 304] and only succeed in making mental and

physical wrecks of their victims. The very first necessity for securing

reliable and efficient instruction is such a purification of mind and

body as but few among the races of earth are willing to submit to in

this day and age. Of one thing you may rest assured, that the man or

woman who tells you that he or she individually has the power to

develop those long atrophied centers in you, is invariably deceiving

you, for not so will come your instructor to you, even if you prove

yourself worthy.

Your own Higher Self will make known the means and method,

and the teacher, when you are ready, for that Higher Self is in constant

communication with the Higher Selves of others, and only It is able to

perceive the definite line, the circuit upon which your individual

intelligence is located, and make the connection between you and

others on that same line, who may karmically become your


That line or circuit is the Group Soul of which you are a part, and

such communication as I have referred to is only possible in this age,

and with the present human race, with the companion souls on that

one circuit ; but there are enough of those souls to communicate with

to satisfy the mind of the average man, especially until after he has

gone over that circuit.

In other ages, and with other races, the circuit will be widened, for

there are groups of group souls, among which a wider intelligence,

vaster experiences, more God . like powers obtain than can be

realized by experience with a single such soul, and the evolution of

man will place him in such relations with those grand centers in some

future age, as will enable him to partake of their knowledge and


The possibilities of man are limitless. Then, will you to whom I

speak be content to sit down in idleness, or spend your time in trivial

pursuit, in gossip, or in reckless dissipations, and let your

opportunities pass, because they bring you some measure of sacrifice

or pain, some effort, some endurance ? Or will you be so careless of

the warnings, the pleadings, of your present teachers as to risk such

opportunities at the instance of some self aggrandizing, self advertised

charlatan and deceiver ? You may be enabled to choose wisely if you

will. The choice is yours, but you must learn to choose by sacrifice.

The currents set in motion by your thoughts must be strong and pure

and able to pass over obstructions as the light flashes from one pole to

another or a condition will arise which corresponds to the short

circuiting of an electric current, and so long as obstruction is possible

by selfish or impure desire so long will you fail to make the requisite

conscious connection between your mind and that of others who are at

the higher centers of your circuit. [TT 305]




In these days, referred to by the ancient seers as "the latter rain",

there is an outpouring of spiritual force that is drenching the souls of

the illuminated with light, and arousing the consideration of even the

selfish man to a sense of the spiritual basis of life, and invoking a

response from what may be termed the heart side of humanity, as

never before in the history of mankind in the present age.

It is the force of the Christos, the Love force, the reconstructing,

upbuilding, Universal fiery force sent forth from the Heart of God .

the Holy Ghost, which always precedes the advent of a great Avatar,

in order to prepare the people of the earth for His coming. This

tremendous force operates in different ways on different individuals,

according to their nature and ability to function the attributes it

arouses, and the desires it incites to action. To some it comes as a call

to gather the people together to protest against wrong ; to others, as

the voice of one "crying in the wilderness" bidding them "seek out the

poor, the lame, the blind" of body and of soul. To still others it comes

with the power of the Great Physician, bringing them out of servitude

to pain. To the few who catch the low whisper, "seek ye within",

which comes from the point in the center of the circle of its

gravitational motion, and who obey, it comes as an incentive to

superhuman endeavor to find what is sought ; and upon such as these

the force finally centers and spends itself, for upon these will rest the

power of its transmission to other races in other ages. The others may

forget in the stress of trial and tribulation which must surely come

upon the world from the awakening of the nether pole of this same

force, as the nether pole of every force and form of energy, however

spiritual or material, must awaken when the opposite pole of the same

has spent its power ; but not "the few", to whom I now address myself,

for only these can find the seed of the truths I speak, however simply I

word my message.

There is a spiritual basis for every atom of matter, and only the

spiritual man, the pure minded, the self-sacrificing, world-embracing

man can unite his conscious selfhood with the spiritual basis of that

matter, and in the marriage so completed bring forth the fruit of that

union . creative power, reconstructive, revealing power.

You watch the growth of plant, of man, of crystal ; you see

constant changes taking place . disintegration of mass, molecule by

molecule. [TT 306]

You watch the new life spring from the apparently dead seed or

root, and the great mystery appalls you. You cannot perceive what is

so evident to the great Seer, the marriage of the spiritual basis of that

seed or root with. the universal spirit which surrounds and

interpenetrates it, the reunion of the separated life with the Universal

Life, the contact of individual love with cosmic Love, the

overshadowing of the separated ray of light by the great spiritual Sun

of Light ; you can only perceive the results of the processes, unless

you, ton, are one of the Seers I mention . "one of the few."

If you are not one of these you may behold the marvels of what is

termed spiritual or mental healing, you may perceive apparently

miraculous exhibitions of psychic phenomena, the mysteries of

hypnotism, mesmerism and of physical science, and accept the general

interpretation of the same, but you will not be able to perceive the

basic reality of all these seeming mysteries until you, ton, have

reached the stage of seership ; and, my children, you never can reach

that stage while you cling to a single material thing or creature, and

will not let go your hold.

The circumference of the circle cannot touch the point in the

center. It must break, and be absorbed, atom by atom, ere it can see

into the depths which that point indicates . those depths where dwells

in perfect selfless unity the basic source of Desire, Will, Resolution,

and Devotion-Spiritual Love, which moves to action the constructive

powers latent in mind, the powers which may build an atom, a man, a

world according to its divine prototype.

Like not only seeks, but it finds like. Only Love can fend Love.

I cannot tell you, no one can tell you how to produce Love in

yourself. I can give you a method of preparation for its advent, but the

average man or even disciple will think it ton difficult . yet he will

use similar methods for obtaining far less result.

He will sacrifice himself and those who love him, will surrender

fond, clothes, and even life itself in a search for some material thing.

He will undergo training to prove his physical superiority, that is more

severe on his physical body than the methods I refer to could possibly

be on that same body.

He will force his individual mentality until the brain reels, his

nerve force is exhausted, and he sinks into a senile decrepit wreck, to

carry out some plan for what he deems a great undertaking, while half

the same effort rightly directed would have given him the body of a

Hercules, the brain of a Jove, and the long life of a Methuselah.

The same efforts, the same sacrifices, incited a response in his

own soul to the spiritual Love which is [TT 307] always clamoring for

admission and union, would have given him infinitely more than his

present mentality can conceive.

Exactly as the constructive forces of nature build material forms

by expansion and accretion, so are the creative and constructive forces

themselves formed. As the cells of the blond stream die and are

replaced by others and greater numbers of the latter by the action of

the laws of physics, so the minutia of the constructive forces is

diminished and increased by the action of higher laws on the spiritual

bases of their minutia. From the dead form springs the new life over

and over again in all fields of life.

From the dead and dying cells of your bodies may arise the new,

the living cells, by means of the accretions of the minutiae of the

constructive forces, making new blond, new tissue, new bodies, if you

have made that divine marriage between the Love in your own soul

and the Universal Love which surrounds and interpenetrates that soul.




The Twelve Houses of the Zodiac, the twelve cosmic divisions,

symbolized by the Christos group of the Avatars, as well as by Jesus

and His disciples (counting Judas and the one selected to hold the

position of the latter), as well as all other groups symbolizing that

particular division of the cosmos, the twelve grand divisions of all the

great Temples, the Pyramids, the human body, all of these and many

more ire symbols in gross form of the characteristic qualities,

attributes, and powers of the individual incarnated soul.

These are all passive on the sub-plane interior to the physical, and

become active with the growth and development of the organs or

centers of the human body. They are fixed, inexorable, unchangeable

in essence on the high spiritual plane, and obedient to the governing


The negative aspects of these principles have no manifested

vehicles or centers on the planes of real life . the spiritual planes.

Their power of expression and influence is confined to the mentality

of organized physical life.

In order to express in words comprehensible to the average

intellect the said principles, with their qualities and attributes, we are

confined to the use of common terms which in fact only express a

[TT 308] minor part of their totality . they comprise so much that is

inexpressible by words.

The said principles, commonly expressed, are Love, Will,

Wisdom, Knowledge, Faith, Hope, Truth, Justice, Loyalty, Honesty,

Service, Obedience.

All features, all terms that could express the principle named in

any one of these generic terms, are vibrations of the one mode of

motion expressed by that term. All features, all terms expressive of the

negative aspect of a generic term as applied to a principle, would

indicate the vibrations of a mere reflection or distortion of the positive

principle ; for there can be no principle of evil. For instance, the

negative aspect of Knowledge . a principle . is Ignorance. Ignorance

is inactive, is nothing. So with the negative aspect of Justice. Injustice

is in opposition to Justice, it is temporary. Disloyalty, the negative

aspect of Loyalty, in opposition to Loyalty, of itself is nothing, but

when energized by the active principle of Service, for instance, there

is generated a force of treachery, which undermines the personal

possession of the power of the positive attribute . Loyalty . in the

case of the disloyal. When one active principle is undermined and

jeopardized, the triad of principles with which it is identified is

affected to a corresponding degree.

Therefore, in the case of Judas, when the principle of Loyalty to

the Christos group was undermined, the principles of Honesty and

Service were correspondingly affected.

I have chosen Judas as an illustration of a great truth only because

the effects of his treachery, his disloyalty, his solemnly pledged

service to Jesus are so commonly recognized. Every human being has

within him, and is controlled by the before mentioned twelve

principles and their opposites, and there is no one of the latter so

pregnant with evil possibilities as is the opposite of the principle of

Loyalty. The demoniacal powers of the dark side of life know that in

attacking the Loyalty of an individual they are striking at the very

citadel of that individual's evolution, which is his power of Loyalty to

whatever is undertaken in all his relations of life, His attachment to

the spiritual side of his nature, his ability to even enter the path of

power, all depend upon the exercise of that principle of Loyalty.

Therefore it is easy to see why the unconscious soul shrinks from

expressed or known disloyalty, and why an act of treachery evokes

more contempt, more hatred and fear than any other act of man. It is

the act of treachery committed by Judas, far more than anything else,

that has made his name a byword and has epitomized his whole

character and individuality as personified evil and blotted out all of his

good qualities. None of the latter are remembered. So it is not

[TT 309] surprising that the general application of the term Judas to

any individual expresses the accepted character of the person, and sets

him apart from all others, even though those others have the seeds of

the same fruit in their nature, and time is sure to develop them. As

before intimated, it is the possible and probable eventual

contingencies which inevitably arise as the final results of treachery,

and the natural desire to avert them at any cost which bring such

severe judgment upon the offender.

What is true of the effects of the negative or oppositional aspects

of one of these grand divisions is equally true of all others, and in

order to understand yourselves, and create a distinct picture of your

Higher Self in contradistinction to your lower self, you must

understand that to whatever degree the twelve principles or attributes

designated by the above mentioned terms are active and so able to

exert a controlling influence over the forces in opposition to those

principles the forces that are preeminently active in matter . to just

that degree you have an individual Higher Self, and therefore an

independent, eternal existence ; for the Higher Self is a combination of

those principles.,

It is the gradual killing out of the vehicles of said principles by

their misuse or neglect which finally results in the soulless being. In

the latter instance, a fixed gulf intervenes between the Higher Self and

the personality. So to whatever extent you are conscious of the active

existence of those twelve principles in your individual auric sphere, to

just that extent may you feel sure that you are at one with God, and

that you have a distinctive Higher Self.

One of the basic laws of spirit as well as of matter decrees that

like shah seek like. The evolution of concrete form demands

obedience to this law. While the law of opposites is undeniable, and

no form of force can manifest without its opposite, the higher law

compels truth to seek truth, falsehood to seek falsehood. Truth does

not attract falsehood, or falsehood attract truth ; one is antagonistic to

the other.

You cannot conceive of the existence of a warm personal

friendship between an Initiate of the Right-Hand Path and an Initiate

of the Left-Hand Path.

Oil and water will not mix without the aid of some other

substance which will dissociate the molecules of both, and combine

them in another form entirely. The soul cannot recognize or accept the

existence of spirit until it partakes of the nature of spirit. The lower

self can have no appreciation of the Higher Self until it has attracted

and assimilated the attributes of the Higher Self, and incorporated

[TT 310] them into its own essence, thus changing the nature of the

lower self.

Those attributes are the very substance of the Higher Self. They

create its form and essence under as fixed and immutable laves as

those which govern the absorption, assimilation and accretion of the

substances which form the live tissues of the human body.

In other words, the human Ego must draw upon the substance of

the Universal Higher Self in order to create a living mirror which will

reflect that substance within the soul it is helping to build.

That soul car have no consciousness of Love, Wisdom, Truth, or

any other attribute of God, and therefore no consciousness, no

knowledge of God, save in so far as each one of those attributes has

been developed within it.

In view of this fact, is it surprising that the Higher Self, that God,

is such a vague, imperceptible, shadowy being in the minds of the

majority of people ?

If you pour two vessels full of water together they will mingle

molecule with molecule and become one body. When the attributes of

God, and like attributes in man, meet and mingle there will be no

separation between God and Man. Like the truly married, the twain

have become one.




You will make a grievous mistake by considering the entities of

the various Degrees and Orders of the White Lodge as finished

products of Life, that is, as perfected beings in the sense that God is

perfect, for so long as the Ego retains a body, whether that body is

spiritual, astral, super-astral, or physical it cannot be perfect in the

sense that the Absolute is perfect. The gulf between spirit and matter

is impassable ; matter must be reduced to pure energy before that gulf

car be crossed.

So long as man retains the qualities of material existence, so long

will he be dominated, to a greater or less extent, by the force of

Jealousy ; he frequently confuses that force with the force of Zeal,

which is rot surprising, as Zeal is the positive aspect of the force

of which Jealousy is the negative aspect, and even a high Initiate may

be jealous in the sense that Moses proclaims God to be jealous, that is,

jealous for good instead of jealous of good. [TT 311]

I refer to this particular force among the many which are active in

matter, for the reason that it is of the form of energy which is the basic

principle of what man calls Evil.

The word Inertia comes nearer to expressing an idea of the

character of the energy from which the qualities termed evil may

develop than any other word in common use, and its purpose in the

scheme of manifestation should be evident to the deep student of the

mysteries of physics and metaphysics.

In one of the recent inventions of man, the phonograph, you have

somewhat of an illustration of the processes of creation and

manifestation of life by means of the creative impregnating energy of


The atomic substance of a note or a single utterance, traveling on

etheric waves, is gathered up in a funnel shaped instrument of wood or

metal and condensed to a single point. The concentrated force thus

gathered is rot only powerful enough to make a visible indentation on

some soft material but also carries and deposits the very substance of

the utterance (the sounds), within the indentations. The sounds may be

later reproduced when the point of another instrument attached to a

corresponding funnel contacts the indentations which in the meantime

have been transferred to a denser, heavier body termed a record.

When the condensed sound stored up in the minute section of

space created by the note or utterance meets the point in the second

instrument by the action of friction it at once commences to expand,

and finally comes forth through the second funnel with the same

volume and force of its original utterance.

Correspondingly, the creative energy of Sound carried by Light is

condensed, conserved and stored up in an infinitesimal point and

deposited in the spaces surrounding the molecules of the vital essence

of the semen of the mate and the ovum of the female.

These spaces partake of the nature of vortices and give entrance to

or egress from interior states of life and also correspond to funnels.

When the vital essence is deposited in the female uterus (which also

corresponds to a funnel), the Inertia which has hitherto restrained it by

shutting off the pranic forces in the spaces has been overcome, the two

vital points have been released by physical contact and conception is


The principle of Form, impelled by Fohat (Sound), then guides

the formation of the foetus to maturity.

The forbidden fruit of the Edenic Tree, the tree of good and evil,

has its correspondence in the energy of Inertia. It is rot difficult to see

how the mind of the student almost invariably rushes to the subject

[TT 312] of creative power and function at the mention of the Tree of

good and evil, though he may not be able to give a logical reason for


To render this truth comprehensible to those who are not

analytical by nature is somewhat difficult, yet some concept of it is

requisite to an understanding of the mystery of life. To gain this

concept you must first consider all matter, force, and energy as in a

state of pralaya and then imagine the effect of the first thrill, the action

of Fohat (the concealed energy of sound), as all the hitherto

composite, sleeping energies are aroused to action by "the Word", and

separation between the different forms of energy occurs in perfect


Space as known to man had no existence previous to the action of

sound . the Word . but commences to manifest with the expulsion of

the first separated energy, and continues to grow with each release of

energy until the first half of a. Manvantara is completed when with the

indrawing of these expelled energies space also disappears. But what

is more germane to our present subject . the source of Evil . is the

Tact that Inertia is the first one of various forms of energy to be

released in the process of the creation of Space.

We cannot consider either spiritual Light or Sound as forms of

energy possible of release in any one world period in considering this

particular subject, for spiritual Light is the revealing power of Sound ;

the two are indissolubly united . they are the universal Androgyne. In

other words, Light carries the creative word or sound which produces

the thrill before mentioned at the commencement of such a world


As Light, impregnated by Sound, is breaking away from

(darkness) Pralaya it meets the power of resistance stored up in

Darkness, and in the great effort to overcome that resistance the

energy of Inertia is brought forth from the same potential source, and

this also must be struggled with and overcome before mass motion

can be fully established and Light and Sound be left free to continue

their function of creation in other fields throughout the cyclic round of


Between the close of the third cyclic round and the beginning of

the fourth round of every cosmic age, that which may be designated as

the universal world germ is created as a result of the interaction and

struggle of the aforementioned powers and energies within space.

As has been previously stated by me, impregnation is requisite to

manifestation, whether that manifestation be the energies of Light and

Sound, a cell of primordial matter, the form of a man, or any other

thing or creature, and the universal world germ is conceived as a result

of the impregnation of Space by the energies released in the before-

mentioned struggle with Inertia. [TT 313]

The world germ contains in embryo the substance of all the

world's suns, stars, and planets which will later come into

manifestation as matter on the physical plane, within Space and Time,

by means of the great Androgyne . Light and Sound.

All the processes, energies and functions instrumental in the

creation of the world germ are latent in every differentiation of that

germ and their action in such creation and differentiation is repeated

and reproduced in each embryo when it is separated from the parent

germ, and commences to build its individual world in whatever

kingdom it is first to enter in natures realms.

Therefore each embryonic world must pass through a like

struggle with Inertia in a condition corresponding to darkness . a

negative state and in the struggle the forces which subsequently

manifest as evil qualities in matter are pet free, and subsequently

attracted to the forms of life in process of creation and they are thus

attracted to the latter as a result of past karma ; consequently in our

search for the ultimate source of evil we cannot stop short of the

energy of Inertia.