I am asked to give some information regarding the fundamental

Cause of the disease termed Tuberculosis or Consumption, and in

reply Will say the cause as well as the cure lies far beyond the domain

of physical science. All diseases, whether or not now recognized as

belonging to the class termed Germ diseases, have the same primal

cause ; namely, unduly gratified desire.

If you are so intimately acquainted with a victim of tuberculosis

as to enable you to perceive such concealed characteristics as only the

intimate friend is allowed to see, you will invariably find some trace

of the particular tenacious, grasping and consuming appetite or desire

that has been primarily the cause of the disease.

Often it is so well hidden that not even the victim of its power

realizes its dominion until some hint of its existence incites him to

bravely drag it out to the light of his consciousness, by a rigid

[TT 264] self-examination ; but strangely enough, the sufferers from

the line diseases induced by the "devourers" (one degree of the fiery

lives) are generally the last to perceive the causes back of the

generation of those elemental lives, and are, therefore, all the more

difficult to treat successfully.

It is the repetition of unduly strong acts of self-indulgence along

some one line of desire through many lives which develops the soil

the color . in which the fiery lives may find a suitable environment

and rapidly germinate, and which in turn are finally destroyed by a

higher degree of the same order of life, when their duty as cosmic

scavengers is accomplished. A slothful, self-indulgent, negatively

active individual will, octopus-like, stretch out mental tentacles and

draw to himself whatever he may desire, regardless of the effect of his

selfishness on himself or others. He may influence others to labor to

supply his desires instead of supplying his own necessities by normal,

natural methods, i. e., by positive industry, and by such mental and

physical practices he will tinge the normally bright color of some

astral center of a physical organ with a dark reflection which will tend

to decrease vibration and so materialize the substance of that center

that its weight and density will decrease its power of resistance to

inimical forces.

Those who are familiar with the Eastern teaching of the sevenfold

division of all matter, force and consciousness, will understand me

when I say the seat of any disease is in the astral center of the organ

affected ; but in order better to comprehend this statement the average

student may receive some assistance from a review of the main points

of the philosophy of the manifestation of all matter.

From the standpoint of the seven principles there is neither a

white nor black ray, yet there is a composite ray which contains

potentially, and periodically reflects, all degrees of the life principle.

From this "white" ray (undifferentiated matter) is shot out .

photographed . as it were, the energy that becomes differentiated as

color on an Etheric plane ; which plane also acts as a screen or

sensitized plate, in that it receives and fixes the energy as color within


As individual groupings of the different aspects of color, these

groups are reflected in the auric sphere of man and thence to the astral

body, where they become the substratum of the organs and different

divisions of the physical man, and are at all times visible to the

inquiring seer, on the astral plane. While these groups all have some

one predominating color, they contain potentially all other colors, and

these colors being subject to the energy of Mind and Will when

[TT 265] manifested are subject to change in degrees of shade and

intensity, according to the nature and intensity of the thought forces

operating upon or within the groupings. Perhaps some idea of the

process by which such a change is made may be obtained by

considering the following illustration.

There are times when the mind of man seems a perfect blank ; the

man is conscious of the reality of the great potential reservoir he calls

his mind, yet, for the time being, there is no movement therein ;

suddenly a thought, an idea, a color or vibration, from the negative

pole of some center of the brain sends a flash of energy into that

previously quiescent reservoir of the mind. As like seeks like on the

astral as well as on the physical plane, the energy awakened by that

idea will seek out and unite with the astral center of the physical organ

to which it is drawn by the law of affinity. Thought follows thought on

the same idea, day after day, if the basis of the idea contains

sufficient : interest, until finally the whole mass is changed,

materialized and possibly tainted.

If the idea seem a practical one the man seizes it and fixes it, as it

were, by bringing it into concrete form by physical energy, and the

idea is thus embodied as a material thing. The process by which

disease is manifested is similar, if not exactly the same.

In the case of a consumptive, if a victim of selfish desires in some

incarnation, he first lays a train of thought, the basic subject of which

is intimately connected with one astral center of a physical organ. If

the line of thought, or the desire for self-indulgence be more

intimately concerned with a breath center, the soil or habitat suitable

for the awaiting fiery lives of tuberculosis will be created in the throat

and lungs. These "fiery lives" are always with us, but they can do no

harm until a suitable habitat, a right soil is created for them, in which

case they are drawn as surely to that soil-center or organ as water is

drawn to its own level.

Embodied in the bacillus they will at once attack and devour the

tissue forming the organ. As the requisite soil can only be created by

self-indulgence, the right conditions for recovery can only be created

by sacrifice ; in other words, the center . the soil . the color . must be

Purified so that it will no longer furnish sustenance for the tubercular

bacilli . no longer furnish a feeding ground for "the devourers."

This is done first by a positive idea of health, secondarily by the

renunciation of personal will and the sacrifice of those habits or

appetites of self-indulgence which were the original cause of the

disease ; and thirdly, by placing the physical body in conditions where

nature's remedial agents will have the least to contend with. [TT 266]

The modern idea of treating disease is the only truly scientific

idea of cure advanced in this age. All others but drive the disease from

one plane or organ to another. A positive desire for recovery the

renunciation of former methods of life, the sacrifice of deleterious and

harmful appetites, the introduction by natural means of a higher

degree of the fiery lives . "the builders", by means of pure ozone and

oxygen, which in their turn destroy the "devourers" ; all these conduce

to the recovery of the victim of his own imprudent self-indulgence.

"He who would find his life must lose it" ; he who would find

health must first destroy disease ; and his first effort must be a

Purification of the color centers of his astral body, where the first

causes of that disease are located, but he should not stop there, for

unless the disease is destroyed, root and branch, it will only be





As the light of the sun rules the day and the light of the moon and

stars rules the night, yet the light is one, so the light of the White

Lodge rules its first appointed representative during its appointed

season, and the same light rules its lesser representatives during their

appointed seasons.

If the stars should leave their orbits and combine in space to rule

the day, great would be the darkness of those stars for they would pass

beyond the power and influence of the giver of their light. The light

which had lighted sun, moon and stars would be darkened in such an

instance and only dead worlds would float in the spacial currents ; the

equilibrium of all would be destroyed, the purpose of that light would

be thwarted, and with the thwarting of purpose would come paralysis

of effort.

Shall the moon or the satellites of the sun say to the sun, "We will

have none of thee, we will shine by our own light" ? verily I say, no

true light shall be theirs.

Foolish, misguided child that thou art, see'st thou not that only the

pale reflected light of the moon . the psychic plane . can lighten thy

path if thou art false to the sun . thy Father . and like unto a false star

hast left thine appointed place, the orbit of thy motion ?

When thou hast cleansed thine own heart that the light of the sun

of divine love may shine clearly through its meshes, then shalt

[TT 267] thou see clearly to cleanse thy brother's heart, and mayhap,

thou wilt not then find so much of evil in thy brother's heart as now

thou thinkest. What seemeth evil to thee in him, may be but the image

of evil reflected upon him from thine own heart.




Think you that the coming of the Blessed One will bring peace to

the earth ? Think you your periods of labor, of struggle with

limitations, of the temptations of the flesh will be lessened, and that

the conditions now obtaining on the Devachanic plane will be

repeated upon the material plane ? If so, great will be your


No Avatar, no great leader of His people ever carne to earth with

an olive branch in His hand. Invariably He comes with a sword to

divide "the sheep and the goats", to sunder the evils of ignorance from

knowledge and truth. The olive branch materializes when the sword

has done its work of separation, and the soul, stripped clean of its

hindrances, its vile imaginings, bows its head and says, "Take me, use

me, trample me if need be, only cleanse me, purify me, lead me to the

stream of living water that I too in turn may give life to those who

follow me."

In the days to come, what you are working for now will come to

you, whether it be the things of the world or the things of the spirit.

Improved conditions may and will give you improved opportunities,

but those particular opportunities are for the future. Your present

Opportunities improved or neglected will bring you peace with honor

or battle with dishonor in the coming days. The same demons of

avarice, of jealousy, of hatred and despair that now pursue you so

viciously will await the corning of your footsteps as they pass the

Portal of life's fulfillment in Devachan to death in life on the physical


The coming of an Avatar is always the signal for a harder fight

than that which bas preceded it, but, thanks be to the sacrifices He

makes for you in His great renunciation, the weapons for use in that

Warfare are of tenfold the power and service, and your power and

strength will be reinforced by the power and strength of His great

purpose. Your personal responsibility for failure will not be lessened,

but [TT 268] to that responsibility will be added the wisdom gained

by association with HIS successes. The goal of your ambition may

still seem far away and to have increased in Power and greatness to

the grandeur of a universal goal, but it will be within the reach of your





In the days to come, those days toward which the eyes of the

starved, world-torn soul turn in longing, the days when its long

tantalized, age-long whetted appetite can no longer be controlled by

some scrap of knowledge of a debatable character, the students of the

then established seats of learning will find it much less difficult to

make the necessary correlations between the principles of physiology

and psychology, than the corresponding class of students find it at the

present time. But unless said students can simultaneously develop the

psychic and mental qualities, while their physical bodies are in a state

of transmutation, they will be in a similar position to that of the man

who desires to see the back of his head while beholding his face in a

mirror and must use a second mirror. Unless the second mirror . the

psychic senses . as well as the first, is perfect, he can only obtain very

unsatisfactory results, possibly something in the line of odd

caricatures of either or both sides of his head, i. e., mental


At the present time, a fairly good mirror . the deductions of

Science . is obtainable for examination of the facial . the exterior

expressions and qualities, in the form of the action of matter on the

physical plane ; but the second mirror, the mirror by which is seen the

back of the head . the succeeding effects of the same action on the

substance of the astral plane, so far as it is usable by the majority of

students . is a very unsatisfactory reflector. The reflected images

appear distorted beyond all semblance to realities, or are so coarsened

or degraded in character that they are only possible for use in the

operations of the charlatan and cheat.

Exactly as it is now possible to cast reflected images of persons or

material things in successive action upon a reflecting surface, so it is

quite possible to cast the continuous action . the successive after

effects . of astral forms or objects, upon a reflecting surface of astral

matter, and to do so consciously and intelligently. [TT 269]

The second mirror . the screen . must be of a finer quality in the

latter instance ; the instrument . the operator . must possess more

penetrating power, more fixity of purpose, more energy, and he must

be able to bridge the seeming gulf between any two states of matter, or

rather he must be able to see that there is no actual gulf, and that

success is dependent upon his ability to follow the interior direct line

which leads from one state of matter into another. And the student of

the before-mentioned time to come, will be able to do this. In some

few instances the power is even now partially developed, and the

individuals so progressed will furnish the impulse needed to greater

effort. But no worse mistake can be made in this respect than that now

evidenced by those who presume to say that education on material

lines is unnecessary for rightly interpreting and correlating the

different features of universal phenomena, and who are satisfied to

rely on psychic training or upon what they believe to be spiritual

leadings, for such purposes. Unfortunately for their purpose, they

ignore the most vital link in our chain of reasoning, i. e., the actual

impossibility of the manifestation of the phenomena of any one plane

or state of matter without corresponding action on its opposite plane ;

for instance, the natural phenomena of the spiritual and psychic planes

could not be made manifest on those planes, unless there was

corresponding action in the line of material phenomena on the lowest

material planes.

The law of opposites is immutable. However, it should be

understood that there must be a great broadening and deepening of the

present day educational methods and ideals, before the human race as

a whole can accept and profit by the teachings of Esotericism.

If the photographer be an occultist, the click of the camera which

announces the fixing of a picture upon the sensitive film would be the

signal for him to look inward and follow the interior after effects of

the single motion of the thing or object so fixed on the outer plane.

These effects could only be perceived by the psychic sight at first,

and by one who possesses a wider, deeper knowledge of the principles

involved than the average man, but they could be caught and fixed and

reflected by the instrument I have in mind ; such an instrument Would

manifest some of the features of clairvoyance, the psychic sense of


By the use of the telescope and camera combined it is now

possible to bring the stars or other heavenly bodies, located at great

distances from the earth, into focus for photographing, and fair

presentations Of their appearance may be made by enlarging the

pictures and casting them on screens. If you can realize that it is quite

possible for an instrument to be invented which would combine the

requisite qualities [TT 270] of the present day microscope, telescope,

spectroscope and camera obscura, all of which are dependent upon the

energy of light for operation, then you can perceive the possibilities

before mentioned, and can reason from these premises as to the truth

of previous statements regarding the necessity for education on certain


Such an instrument will be perfected at the time intimated by me,

and the invention will owe its perfection to the observations taken by a

limited number of disciples of the White Lodge, on the action of the

energy of light on the astral planes in conjunction with observations of

the same energy on the material plane.

But we have to delve deeper still to find the unifying force which

will combine the outer and inner features of such an invention and

make possible its materialization ; namely, the intuitionally perceptive

energy which now operates alone through the Pineal Gland-the

atrophied third eye in man, for it is only to the vision of that eye that

the light to which I have referred as astral light is visible. Neither can

the operation of that light be satisfactorily studied on the lower phases

of the astral plane, where the average psychic of the present day

functions, though the results of those operations in the form of light be

visible on both the astral and physical planes.

The gradual awakening of that now atrophied center of sight is

taking place in the cases of those students who have come directly

under the tuition of the Initiates of the White Lodge, and who are

fulfilling the obligations taken to the same.

When such an instrument as I have referred to is invented and put

into use by the highly trained and developed student, the effects of the

secret actions of any one person or object can be made visible to

another person or to the world at large if necessary.

For instance, let us take such an action as the blow of a knife by

one man on another ; every cell of the wounded flesh could be made

perceptible, as well as the action of the blood corpuscles, the entering

of any destructive microbes, the breaking down of the tissue, the fight

between the elementals embodied in the red and the white corpuscles,

and even so far inward as the mass color, the form of the entities of

which those constructive and destructive elementals were individual


Such an instrument would do even more than record the action of

objects now alone classed as material, for it would record the results

of concentrated thought forces. In other words, it would record the

picture made by any line of thought powerful and concentrated deeply

enough to bring the thought into form as colon If accentuated by

strong emotion the color would mass itself into more definite form

[TT 271] and be more easily caught by the instrument and

subsequently reflected upon a peculiar chemical composition which as

yet has only been conceived in mind but which will be materialized

before many decades pass.

By following up this line of prediction and thought, it will

become evident that with the natural changes now occurring in the

constituents of matter and force, many great inventions, many events

hitherto believed to be possible only under the law of miracles, will

become realized facts. But one thing can prevent this. If the

compelling desire of the human race tend in a downward direction the

achievement will be delayed for some time.

If the lessons taught by the downfall of past civilizations pass

unheeded by the present civilization ; if the nucleus required for

bridging the gulf of antagonism between the races and peoples of the

earth, cannot be formed and held intact, in order that the knowledge

now being gained may be applied to the solution of interior problems,

mankind will have proved itself unready for further advance at this

time, and the climb up the next spiral of progress will be all the


I have only touched upon various aspects of the great possibilities

indicated, in what I have now said. It would take volumes to enlarge

upon these aspects to a degree that would enable the average student

thoroughly to comprehend either the truths intimated. or those more

definitely touched upon.

Those volumes may be forthcoming if the Templars will prove

themselves worthy of the confidence and trust requisite for such an

important revelation, by making use of the knowledge already given,

and obeying the directions and suggestions issued, by which such

action on our part may be made possible.




To the Disciple of the Master Soul of the Universe :

From the moment your feet shall cross the sill of the high-barred

gate which now divides the things of the spirit and the things of the

flesh ; from the moment when you bid adieu to the long loved, long

followed friends and companions of the past, and gird yourself afresh

for service, grasp firmly the handle of the staff that had well nigh

fallen from your shaking hand in your hour of final testing, and for

[TT 272] the last time wipe the cheek wet with the tears of your

beloved ; from that moment life has changed for you.

You have caught a glimpse of the towering pinnacles of the

Temple of Life's Mysteries at the end of the path and of the tender

face of the great Mother bending over its battlements, and that one

glimpse is enough. From that moment your viewpoint of life has

changed ; you are no longer owner of yourself ; you have no longer a

right to claim for yourself the easy things, the delights, of that part of

life's path you are leaving ; you have only the right of renunciation,

the joys of introspection and the ever-widening realization that when

your task is completed, when you have reached and passed the Temple

Gate, widely opened for your entrance, you will at last be closely

folded in the Heart you so long have sought, the Heart of the Christ,

the Heart of the Universe.

"The self of spirit and the self of matter can never meet, one of

the twain must disappear." The true and the false are diametrically

opposed to each other, and all the energy of all the vast spaces of the

universe cannot draw them together. Truth and falsehood cannot unite.

No disciple can be true to God and false to his brother at the same


If you to whom I speak are indeed disciples, to you I say if your

brother trusts you to his undoing while you sleep, sad will be your

awakening. If so be you have failed to plant the guide posts at the

points of danger on the path where lurk the treacherous, slimy demons

of the underworld you have but just escaped yourselves, and who now

lie in wait to trip the weary footsore comrade returning to his home,

the same demons will draw you back into their toils, however far you

may have traveled from them.

"If thy brother will not hear ; if life with all its

myriad notes of soft beguiling still urges him on to

satiation, and he turn his face from thee to tread

some other path, then art thou clear of blame."

"If ambition's curse and all the brood of devil's

spawn which tempt men on to hatred and revilings,

now drive them on to stab their brethren to the soul,

and blind the eyes of sister souls with tears of acid

and of blood . then they of all men need thy pity and

compassion, and thou canst only stand, with none to

know the anguish of thy soul, and see them pass to

other fields of life than thine, while yet the tendrils

of thy heart cling close to them."

Ah ! children, could I but show you the final result of the

steadfast devotion of a single soul who, with full faith in the eternal

all-sufficing justice of Omnipotence, and who in admiration for the

boundless [TT 273] effort, the long self-sacrifice, the sublime

endurance of some other soul who stands in the breach of some wall

of life, can stand up, alone, if need be, before the maddened crowd of

selfish, crude or even weak and wavering souls who throng that wall

on either side, and with all his heart can cry aloud, "I am my brother's

keeper, here stand I, ready to battle with all men for the life of my

brother, ready to fight for his right to bring to a successful finish the

work the Christ, in the body of the Great White Lodge, has given him

to do, in His name and for His cause, and naught shall stand in my

way ! Not even a gnat shall cross my path to reach him, or a serpent

glide between my feet, mayhap to sting him until his flesh gives way,

and he falls and dies, and leaves the work, to which he has been

called, in chaos or undone. By his death in such wise he proves me a

traitor to the cause I chose myself, the failure of which I must answer

for at the judgment bar of the Great White Lodge, which received my

promise of protection for my brother."

The aides of heaven echo and re-echo with the paeans of praise

sung by angelic hosts, and many are the wreaths of victory which

crown the brow of such a one, for he is victor in life's hardest lists,

victor in the fight betwixt right and wrong, the fight which demons

wage for souls which stand betwixt them and man ; and never can the

human race reach the height of power until many are the true brave

souls who can stand the test of loyalty, bravery and endurance, when

the life and honor of their fellow disciples are at stake.

The world is seething with the masses of the weak and wavering,

sick of soul and body, the panic stricken crowds that trample each

other down like a drove of maddened beasts at smell of fire, in their

wild rush to leave a battle-ground where braver, stronger souls are

fighting hard to hold a vantage point, that when the fight is over and

hard won peace has been declared, all men may have security and

opportunity to grow aright.

Here and there lies a soldier of another class, a stricken soldier of

higher rank, beaten down to earth by shafts of malice from the tongue

of whilom friend or open enemy. The mercy he has freely given to all

who asked, is now denied by all, and in his last long hour of anguish

he sinks to rest with none to turn his eyes toward, but God.

Nevertheless, he with his great brother in the breach of the wall

are greater far than any kings of earth, for both have overcome man's

worst enemies, cowardice and unfaith.

I would that every pilgrim in life's lists, that every chela started on

the path marked out for him, might see and seize his chance, the

[TT 274] chance which comes but once in any single life, to take and

hold a point of vantage such as I have limned ; for having won that

single point he has won the power to reach to greater heights.

For such as these a newer day will dawn. To such as these the

kings and princes of a newer realm will bow and the corridors of

Heaven will ring with the glorious words of the salutatory.

"Warriors of Light ! Warriors of Truth ! I salute you

in the name of the Great White Brotherhood. Go

forth to battle with the powers of darkness, armed

with the Sword of the Spirit of God, the Breastplate

of Righteousness, the Helmet of eternal Truth."




The average student of esoteric science has been so naturally

drawn to the study of the minutiae of life, it is somewhat singular that

he has not reached a clearer comprehension of the action of what are

commonly called good and evil forces as exemplified in the ferments,

bacteria, and other micro-organisms, and thus more easily learned to

protect himself and benefit the world thereby, even without amplified

dissertations by an occult scientist. He surely could spend his spare

time, if no more, to no better purpose ; but in all too many cases, even

with all the instruction he has had on the law of correspondences, he

fails to make any connection between these lesser lives and the finer

forces. The study of bacteriology would give him many broad hints as

to the action of the protective and injurious psycho-organic forces by

which he is constantly surrounded and which are playing through his

body at all times. Microorganisms that are injurious to the tissues of

the body secrete and expel still more minute forms of life which are

just as injurious to the nervous fluids as the former are to the tissues,

and these in turn secrete and expel yet finer forms of psycho-

organisms which affect the air we breathe, and upon entering the

lungs, work changes in the blood stream which produce some of the

most obscure and dangerous diseases that human beings are subject to.

Some incurable forms of insanity are the result of the action of those

lesser lives upon the brain through the blood. [TT 275]

The idea that worry and trouble drive men to insanity is very

common, but the way in which it is done escapes observation. Exactly

as a single ferment will change the character of a large quantity of

some gross form of matter, the secretions of the same ferment which

are also of the lesser lives will act upon the nervous system and

consequently on the brain. It is not the worry (or at least that is

incidental), which provokes the disease ; it is some definite form of

disintegrating force precipitated during the incidents which have

caused the worry, probably through an associate in business or social

life, who has become infected in the aforesaid manner.

Esoteric students are often warned by their teachers to keep away

from certain persons who are antagonistic to them individually or to

some cause with which they are personally identified. In some

instances the warning is not heeded, from some mistaken idea that he

or she would be acting unbrotherly, or that it might appear that they

were dominated by fear of some untoward results, when the facts in

the case are that the teacher knows that such antagonism has been

instrumental in introducing certain definite forms of ferments into the

bodies of those persons by physical or psychic touch which may mean

death or disease to the one so warned, while the one warned against

might be perfectly ignorant of the existence or action of said ferments

in his own body. One of the worst features of phenomena of this kind

is the length of time that may elapse in some instances between the

time of infection and the appearance of the disease, consequently no

connection is made in the mind between the two.

Many esoteric students belonging to The Temple and other

organizations are suffering all the terrors of some form of nervous or

malignant disease today because of disobedience to the injunctions

which have been laid upon them within the last decade.

You are apt to think of Forces as of some impalpable,

unorganized, gaseous or astral substances which might possibly strike

you as would a gust of hot air or wind, but if so you are mistaken.

They are entities composed of milliards of lesser lives, beneficent or

destructive to you according to their nature, direction and absorption,

and also according to your own individual condition at the time of


A thought of a malignant nature will set into action a malignant

force. If you come into intimate personal contact or association with

the generator of that thought you will inevitably receive some measure

of that force, which striking upon some weak organ will generate a

life in the form of a ferment, and then it depends upon your power and

ability to dislodge that ferment before the whole organ is involved, or

generate a force antagonistic to it and so conquer it. The fermentation

[TT 276] which follows its appearance in your body will produce the

disease corresponding to the original thought, and, in many cases the

time and place of contagion is erroneously fixed by examining

bacteriologists simply because they know nothing of the action of

forces such as I have mentioned. You can no more escape infection

when placing yourself in contact with a malignant force than you may

escape the action of the germs of the disease when exposed in some

other way and time.

These facts were known to the Priesthoods of even the Dark

Ages, and the knowledge of the possibilities of such infection and cure

was what gave rise to belief in certain amulets and charms for

protection against witchcraft, which was supposed to be the result of

just such actions of force as I have mentioned, and in many cases was

nothing but insanity due to such causes.

The members of a family or a group of people may be drawn

together for a common cause or purpose, thus forming a magnetic

centre dominated by some one form of magnetic force, which by its

cyclic individual action is antipathetic to some other degree or form of

the same force, and if any member of such group or family enter into

close relation with a person or persons dominated by the antipathetical

force he will inevitably be infected to a greater or lesser extent, by the

latter in the way I have mentioned, and then it depends upon his power

of resistance as to how much harm will ensue. If he be weak or ailing,

or negative in disposition and will, any weakness he may have will be

aggravated, any latent disease in his body will be accentuated and he

will suffer greatly himself and in the end probably infect others also

with the same physical, mental or moral disease. If he be a disciple of

the Initiates of the White Lodge and under instruction in the Secret

Sciences they will teach him how to deal with such infection, but if he

has proven himself recreant and disobedient to the injunctions of his

teachers he will not be given such knowledge, for further disobedience

would be apt to follow perhaps, in the misuse and wilful abuse of the

knowledge gained and only lead to great personal wrongdoing and

might also precipitate the Karma of his disobedience upon his teacher.

As said before, it is surprising that a greater number of students of

occultism have not reached these conclusions themselves long ago,

when the advantages they have had are taken into consideration, but

these are of the things that belong to esotericism and do not reach the

lay mind unless some hint is given that sets in action a train of thought

which finally leads to a partial solution of the mysteries under

consideration. [TT 277]




Man seldom realizes how dependent he is upon the stored up

memories of former lives for his impressions, ideals and beliefs and in

many instances for final success in materializing his ideals.

He imagines that he can trace back to some former event,

circumstance, or past experience of his present life, all his beliefs and

ideals, and that where changes in the same occur it is due alone to new

conditions or events ; but this is not exactly true. He does not take

sufficiently into account the methodical, mathematically exact periods

of time which must elapse between any two phases of growth and

development. The finality, so far as it may be observed, of any

creation of Nature, may suddenly appear, but the periods of growth

between conception and birth of any product in any department of life,

are all definitely fixed, and the more perfect, the more valuable any

product of nature, the slower, the more exact are the processes by

which she accomplishes her object ; and this is as true on the mental

and spiritual planes of life as on the material.

You hear an argument or read a statement of fact which appeals to

you at once, and you accept it and incorporate it among your

collection of beliefs. You may often refer to the statement as the

foundation of your present belief in that fact, but you have held deep

in your consciousness, it may be for ages, the real foundation of that

belief. That one statement only called out what was in you pertaining

to the subject.

At some time in some previous incarnation you have been

personally identified with the very substance under discussion, the

thing or object upon which the fact was based, and it has become

incorporated in your brain or body by some of nature's mysterious

processes ; and it is a part of your being.

Perhaps some day you lie with ear to the ground, and you catch

the rustle of the leaves of grass, you hear the buzz of an insect, the

stealthy approach of a caterpillar. You recognize each one, and its

name and form come into your consciousness. You think your

recognition of them is the result of repeated listenings to the same

sounds in your present life, but this may not be true ; each time a

consciousness of either action has come to you in this life it has come

as a finality, not as a commencement.

You never could have recognized or heard either one of those

sounds had it not been that there still remained in your being some

[TT 278] mental deposit, some cell or skanda that has been a part of

your being since the hour when individual consciousness first came to

the combination of atoms which clothed the Monad . the foundation

of your being.

It may have been when you passed from the mineral into the

vegetable kingdom, and the grass, the caterpillar, the insect were parts

of your existence, and the sound waves aroused by your motions

entered into and became a part of that vegetable or insect organic


It seems a very difficult thing for the average student to accept the

fact that it is utterly impossible for him to know, to recognize or

accept a single thing that he himself has not been personally identified

with in some life.

It is a world-wide adage that experience is the best teacher. It is

not only the best, it is the only reliable teacher ; and the reason for this

is obvious in the face of my foregoing statements. It is the only

teacher because in the experience the very substance of the experience

and the experimenter have become identified by the processes of

nature, during the period of time that elapses between the beginning

and the end of the experience ; and they two have become one flesh

and there is no such thing as divorce between them.

Memory of the same may be inhibited for cause, but with the

further development of the soul, as one experience merges into

another and the higher law blends them into one, memory of each and

every experience will become more and more fixed and certain, and

the time will come when from the heights of all life's experiences of

one great manvantara, the soul will be able to look back through the

long line of incarnations and remember all that has befallen it since it

left its Father's house to wander in the fields of material life.

As spectrum analysis proceeds and finer and finer grades of

substance are unmistakably manifest, and the intimate relation of the

same to all forms of matter becomes more apparent, and with the

acceptance of the indestructibility of matter, which is now established

beyond doubt, there will come to the investigators a realization of the

truths occult science has so long been trying to inculcate ; and among

these truths will be the one I have been stating.

Physical science has already reduced matter to units of force,

theoretically speaking, but either because of antagonism or ignorance

its votaries are either unwilling to admit or unable to perceive that

those same units of force, sometimes termed "thoughts of God", are

really the monads of occult science. [TT 279]

The quality of resistance resident in force precludes the

possibility of compressing it into any given form, and this has been

one 'of the unsolved mysteries of the past, but would be so no longer

to a mind capable of accepting the fact of the universality of one force,

of which all other forms of force are emanations, and the unmistakable

action of cyclic law on the latter ; for the cyclic law is the power

behind condensation of the differentiated forms of force, through

which process force is, so to speak, precipitated and becomes matter.

For instance, take the familiar form of force we term steam. In the

releasing of that force a certain degree of heat must be applied to

water, in other words, the vibratory action of the water must be raised.

If the steam can be collected and the lower vibratory action of

cold applied to the steam, it condenses and returns to waters in other

words, the positive and negative action of the cyclic law . the law of

motion has released the force, and then bound the same force again

into form.

The finer the force, the higher must be the rates of vibration

which control it. The powerlessness of the undeveloped disciple to

control the cyclic law to a degree that would increase the rate of

vibration of any form of force he would desire to use, to an intensity

that would overcome the natural quality of resistance inherent in the

force, is all that keeps him from proving the truth of this statement.

Back of the cyclic law . the law of motion . is the power of

Kriyashakti . Universal Will, and to whatever extent man has

developed that Will in himself, is he able to control the before said

units of force, in the creation of matter, and the great hindrance to the

development of that power is his innate selfishness and unreliability.

So long as his self interest will lead him into injustice, so long is

the path of power barred . for Justice is corollary with Divine Will. If

he can store up memories of just, wise, compassionate acts performed

by himself in any one incarnation he has stored up just so much

energy for use in the following incarnation in overcoming the inertia

induced by the negative aspect of the positive good in the acts above

mentioned. It is this negative aspect of positive good that always

induces resistance. So in the overcoming of the inertia as is done by

the energy referred to, when the impulse comes to repeat the act in a

following incarnation there are fewer obstacles to overcome. He is so

much the more capable of manipulating the forces of Justice, Wisdom

and Compassion, consequently the next act of similar nature carries

with it a greater power for good to others and increases the quality of

the force in his own aura. [TT 280]




You have been given the ground floor of the Great Temple which

is really the underground or the most hidden chambers.

This hidden floor contains so many clues, by which many of the

symbolic features of the upper regions may be deciphered, that I have

left it to your intuition and knowledge of symbolism to make


The Masons, especially if they happen to be skilled geometricians

or mathematicians, would find it easier to do this than the average

student, and if any further clue than those previously given is needed,

the one following will supply it ; to wit, the roof of the central

Initiation chamber is pyramidal in form and the apex or opening at the

top is in the form of a huge eye, through which escapes the surplus

Fire during the process of the Fiery Ordeal on the lower floor.

Another clue which I may now give you relates to the fact that

each of the seats of the Mighty . the Masters, at the corners of the

central chamber, are indicative of the four paths which lead to

attainment ; and the Initiates stand at those points to welcome the

descending pilgrim from the upper regions, who descends to face the

great Ordeal by Fire, in one degree of his Initiation.

In the 3rd degree the same pilgrim ascends to the upper regions

by means of corridors leading upward from the four chambers of

Initiation, situated at each side of the central Initiation chamber.

He receives his armor, his implements of labor, pestle, board,

square and compass, and trowel, and his passwords, in those upper

regions, and then must descend for his Fiery trial, after which he again

ascends to the upper regions for his final degree, his resurrection from

the tomb ; upon the conclusion of which he may pass unhindered back

and forth between upper and lower regions at will.

In due time the great pyramid will yield to investigation, and there

will be found, in replica, all the features designated by me in the plan

of the Great Temple as given to you . and many more, undreamed of

as yet by all save the Initiates.

On subterranean floors of this pyramid, as yet undiscovered by

later day explorers, are replicas, in symbol, of all the features of the

first floor of the Temple plan.

The corridors leading to these have been completely sealed, as

have also other ascending and descending corridors and chambers of

[TT 281] the pyramid, and there is small chance of their discovery,

unless the pyramid itself should be shattered by some convulsion of


Yet there are hidden springs by means of which the immense

stones used for sealing the passages may be displaced by the touch of

a finger, so perfect is their adjustment.




The following condensed statement regarding the action of one of

the most important spiritual laws, and the biological effect of

disobedience to the same, may lead to much good if carefully read and

circulated among those for whom it is primarily intended.

I have scarcely touched upon the mathematical and geometrical

aspects of these laws, though they are all important, for I do not now

desire to distract attention from the main points under consideration..

I have previously said that the principles of chemistry would

throw open many sealed doors to the earnest disciple, and some of

those doors open upon the special problems which confront the world

at different cyclic periods, and which must then be solved, to some

extent at least, or the succeeding race must suffer greatly as a result of

the ignorance or indifference which has prevented their solution.

Back of every such problem is disobedience to some primal law

of life, and whether the problem be mental or physical, national or

social, if the primal cause be sought it may be found, either in actu or

by correspondence, in chemical or alchemical action.

Aside from the problem of light government, and I might say

including the same, the greatest problem of the day is negatively

stated in the words "race suicide" . racial degeneracy . and for the

cause as well as the solution of the problem we must hark back to the

principles of chemistry as embodied in alchemy.

There is in fact but one primal, all-inclusive element, and that is

Fire. In its forty-nine aspects . principles, Fire is creator and created,

Cosmic Father and Mother, Brother and Sister. In manifestation as a

single entity, it is first of all Intelligence per se.

But for our present purpose we will confine ourselves more

particularly to the action of some of the sub-divisions -- energies and

elements which are the secondary embodiments of Intelligence.

[TT 282]

The nearest we can come to a comprehension of Intelligence as an

element is to study its manifestation as Oxygen.

It depends entirely upon the affinity for Oxygen existing in any

two or more elements whether it is possible for them to combine with

each other and create or generate other elementary substances or

energies. The concealed Fire, commonly termed Heat, is the only form

of energy which can break up the constituents of any elementary

substance and compel them to combine with others in some other

form of substance.

While the laws governing chemical affinity may compel

combination under right conditions, it depends upon the quantity or

degree of the original elements, and therefore on the principles of

mathematics and geometry, as to what forms the elements in process

of combination will take in order to manifest as gross matter, and

therefore what kingdom of nature they will operate within.

There is no such possibility as the combination of any two

elements which do not stand in the right mathematical relation to each


If that relation is not correct, the principle of Heat as manifest in

Oxygen cannot combine any two substances, it can only disintegrate

them and leave the atomic constituents to find their way to other

atoms with which combination may be effected.

The true relation of one element to another, i. e., the affinity of

one element for another, is established on a higher plane than that of

Intelligence, viz., the plane of Consciousness or Spirit, the Great

Breath, the plane of Identities.

With the first cyclic rise and fall of the Great Breath, the

breathings . fiery force . emanate and combine, thus creating the

plane or state we call Intelligence. Each one of these Breaths is a

divine Spirit . an Entity . a God which yields up its manifested

existence as one to become many ; a mode of motion which becomes

many rates of vibration.

I have faintly touched upon these great mysteries in order to

illustrate two all-important points, namely, the relation of one created

thing or creature to another, and the method by which two intimately

related Entities combine to create two more, and the progeny of the

four thus created upon the succeeding plane.

As previously stated, every Breath, every God or Monad is a

distinct life, an Identity which cannot be lost, whatever form or

combination of forms the monadic essence (of which a Monad is an

emanation), may create in Time and Space. The real "you", will be

"you" eternally, whatever your incarnations are, or whether those

incarnations are a-sexual or bi-sexual.

The before-mentioned Breaths are four-fold or four-faced, so to

speak. Each Breath, or degree of energy, contains all the potentialities

of all positive and negative forces, yet it must combine with the

succeeding Breath . the next released energy or emanation . in order

to create those four faces or aspects, and the two thus combined with

their progeny . emanations . manifest the positive-negative and

negative-positive, and the straight positive and negative aspects of

itself ; the first square, which ultimately becomes the four planes of

the Cosmos.

In other words, two bi-sexual entities must combine to create two

bi-sexual entities on lower planes in a succeeding racial cycle.

This brings us to the consideration of the human family of the

present age . ourselves. The first two Monads which combined to

form first a third and then the first four-faced energy, and all others

which followed in like order, never losing their identities, exist today

as races and planes, or states of consciousness, and every man and

woman in the world with all the potentialities of the Monads which

created them, is thus a reincarnation . differentiation . of the God .

head of a great race or cosmic family.

However antagonistic might be the exterior conditions now

existing between men and women who are in right affinitive relation

to each other interiorly, that antagonism has been engendered by the

karmic sin of disobedience to the divine law of affinity in some life.

Nothing can break the interior relation between them, however wide

the separation may be on the physical plane. For example : owing to

the strong affinity existing between the elements oxygen and

hydrogen, a certain proportion and quantity of each will create a

definite amount of water, and though that water may be raised to

vapor, and then to steam, or lowered to ice, the water, in some form,

will remain until it is resolved back into its constituent gases. You can

color the water or add different chemicals to it, change its appearance

as you will, but the water is always there in the same proportion.

So a man and woman may color their lives, their environments,

by close connection with other men or other women ; they can add

immensely to their experience and karma ; but they are only perfectly

identified and truly united with those in right affinitive relations to

them while under the dominion of Time and Space.

If by any chance, or interposition of a higher power, two persons

in the right affinitive relation to each other are drawn together in any

earth life when karmic conditions are right for their union, the

potential forces within them both will bend all exterior things to their

will and bring to them all they require for their well-being, without

any particular strain or stress. They will be, so to speak, so permeated

with [TT 284] the Monadic four-faced essence that their power is only

limited by their environment and state of development. Separation

between the immediate members of such a family would be

impossible, until by marriage and intermarriage with members of

other families the Monadic essence of the first was, so to speak,

diluted, in later generations ; in which case the divine Fire . Love .

which in its positive aspect had combined the parents and first-born

children into one four-faced entity, or form of energy, in its negative

aspect would tear apart . separate the later-born from their forbears,

and when this takes place the race or family, man or woman is nearing

the downward arc of its particular life cycle.

(Note) The fifth . the separative energy . would come into action.

A large number of the present white race have reached this very

point. Many men and women, governed by lust or selfish desire, are

brought together in sexual relations termed marriage, and as a

consequence of the natural reaction-which always follows in such

instances and results in satiation, the offspring of such unions are

driven apart, dispersed into other families, and often driven into soul-

crushing, body-killing industries, the worst result of which is


This has led to sterility and the unsexing of many men and

women, and consequently to different forms of terrible disease.

Coincident with the cry of race suicide is the revival of the old

so-called "affinity craze." The connection between the two is obvious.

One is the natural corollary of the other. The poor self-deceived souls

who are seeking true affinities on the earth or lower astral planes will

never find them in those fields without the right kind of assistance.

The Identities which came forth from the Divine Spirit together,

as far as their embodiments are concerned, are now so widely

separated by sin that there is no possibility of recognition of each

other, only as Initiates of high degrees who have access to the "Book

of Life", may possibly identify them and assist in such recognition.

Recognition by what is commonly called mutual or sex attraction

is a fallacy, for the divine Love by which the alchemical action of

recognition and combination is effected, bears no semblance to the sex

attraction of the physical plane, which in the majority of instances

rests upon the color and expression of an eye, the turn of a head, the

moulding of limbs, a smile or a voice.

The present personalities of many true affinities might greatly

surprise you, as they appear today in the single pictures (the

incarnations) now in evidence. In many cases they are viciously

antagonistic to each other. Long indulged sin has driven them as far

asunder in thought and desire as the poles, and only severe trial,

unselfish action [TT 285] and the results of suffering can bring them

together again, overcome the antagonism and re-combine the

separated energies.

It would not occur to the minds of all students that there might be

a spiritually incestuous relation between two interiorly related persons

that would be infinitely more destructive to the bodies and souls so

indulging, than would the crime of incest between people who are

merely connected by family ties on the physical plane ; and that the

evil of spiritual incest is responsible to a great extent for the

lasciviousness which makes a lazaretto of a large portion of this

beautiful world. The spiritual relation existing between Father,

Mother, Sister, Brother, the before-mentioned four-faced Energies,

extends through all planes of manifestation and all races or solar


In the early races of this earth these ties were recognized and the

law carefully followed, but after the fall of the angels . these same

early races . into dense matter, and finally into Black Magic, the

leaves of the "family trees", metaphorically speaking, the genealogies,

were lost and the right relations between individual members of this

planetary family were no longer ascertainable ; so there was

indiscriminate indulgence between Father and Mother, Sister and

Brother, and this evil, figuratively speaking, sowed the seed for the

crop of degenerates now fast increasing.

As much evil is resulting from such indiscriminate spiritual

relations today as was ever the case, and the utter impossibility of

ascertaining true relations, true affinities, in any other way than

through the efforts of the Initiates, is one of the facts which point to

the inevitable destruction of the present earth races when they have

passed a given cyclic point ; for exactly as incestuous connections

between men and women on the physical plane lead to physical

sterility, so-correspondingly incestuous thought and spiritual action on

the planes of soul and mind between the members of one racial

family, photograph, as it were, the results to the physical plane, thus

leading toward sterility of the victims of such practices.

This deep truth is back of the Initiate's pleadings for loyalty to

"Our Father's house", devotion to home, family, nation, and above all

to whatever degree of the White Lodge one functions in, and to the

heads . the Father . Mother principles of that degree, and in some

instances of their directions regarding celibacy in the cases of

advanced disciples.

So it is, all things, all principles, laves, Identities, twine and

intertwine around and about each other, affecting all, and all leading

to one central point, whatever phase of life you examine.

Of course, much of what I have said will be disputed by those in

thrall to the lusts of flesh, but here and there will be one intelligent

[TT 286] and clear minded enough to recognize the probabilities in

the case and the action of the universal law as feebly outlined here,

and so be able to see, that far gone . as is the age, and alchemically

separated as must be the original elements of life by means of the

various processes of differentiation, what I have said may well be

logical and true.

One of the greatest missions of some of the high degrees of the

Initiates is the breaking down of the barriers which now exist between

souls in true affinitive relation to each other, but which have no self-

consciousness of such relation ; and in contradistinction to the

performance of that mission by the Brothers of Light are the efforts of

the Brothers of the Shadow to rebuild the barriers when partly broken

by the Initiates or make new and stronger ones, as is evidenced in the

conduct and instructions of the pseudo occultists who are teaching sex

magic, making pretense of finding said affinities while driving true

affinities apart, and indulgence in all the long line of demoniacal

pretense, which leads to the death and annihilation of their victims.

I earnestly plead with you to beware how you lend yourselves

carelessly or willfully to any such practices or suggestions.

If you are strong, brave, loyal and obedient enough to keep en-

rapport with your teachers, the deep truths concerning these mysteries

will be opened to you and opened rightly.

You can thus pick up the dropped stitches of your web of life, you

can pay your just debts to nature, hold fast to your Identities and

eventually find your right niches in the Great Temple Wall.




The masses of the nineteenth century have little or no conception

of some of the vast fields of occult research to be invaded by the few,

ere another century rolls around. A suspicion of the existence of those

fields has been awakened in an occasional mind, but only one. here

and there has even touched the outlying districts comprehendingly.

The field of genealogy is one of these and closely allied to the

same is the field of anthropology. The mysteries now attendant upon

the study of atavism will be solved in the next century, and even the

[TT 287] child born of criminal or insane parentage will no longer be

considered a menace to society, so far will be advanced the knowledge

of the human body and the methods, surgical, medicinal and

psychological, by which it may be changed for the better.

Every teacher of man, woman or child has been amazed beyond

measure at the unsatisfactory results of his efforts in the direction of

moral and mental development, and at the appearance of criminal

tendencies which would sometimes suddenly manifest after years of

constant labor and watching, and with no apparent reason.

In many such cases the horrible charge of insanity is lodged

against such as these, and this charge has been pushed to such a

degree as the commitment of the afflicted one to the hell of some

insane hospital, when if the truth Might be learned, the abnormal

growth of some set of giant cells pressing upon the central cell of

some group, which under normal conditions would form a very active,

important center of the brain or spinal cord, was in fact the basic cause

of the condition ; or it may be that a depression of the skull at some

important point has precluded the possibility of the supply of a normal

amount of blood to that point, thus causing starvation and final

disintegration of tissue.

In still other cases the hypertrophy of some formerly prominent

occipital center belonging to the animal kingdom is not complete

enough to prevent its recurrence in the human body, and it is quite

possible that a pupil or disciple who is descended from a parent so

afflicted suddenly develops characteristic features which would

plainly show the recurrence of these long vanished animal traits of

remote progenitors, and in an occasional case this would be so

pronounced as to lead to a change in construction of form or feature,

the body being contorted or elongated, and possibly one or more

features of the head, or the hands and feet show decided tendencies to


A wise teacher, in selecting his pupils for any particular branch of

general knowledge, or a teacher along lines of occultism, would do

well to thoroughly examine the bodies of the proposed Pupils, in a

search for marks by which he might recognize a tendency toward

atavism ; but it must be a wise teacher ; he must not jump to the

conclusion that because some organ or feature seems abnormally large

or small in comparison with similar organs or features of some other

body there must be degeneration, for while the same might indicate

the preponderance or lack of some particular normal quality, it would

require a microscopical examination of the blood, bone and tissue

cells to determine the fact, and consequently an operation by knife to

reach the points to be examined. [TT 288]

But there are other ways of examination, and they will be found

and used at a later date by those fitted for such work.

Even now, much advance in one direction along these lines is

possible by psychological processes. If an advanced disciple were to

watch closely his associates for signs of degeneracy, he would learn

that these may be easily found by one who seeks aright for abnormally

evil tendencies, cruelty, jealousy, malice, hatred and all those

characteristics which in reality belong to the most blood-thirsty animal

creation, and are always indications of degeneracy and moral and

physical disease ; and by tracing these indications back to the

corresponding feature or organ, and examining the blood and tissue of

the same, corroboration of suspicion may be found, and at the same

time right methods of treatment may be discovered.

It is a fairly well established fact that cancer is the result of the

development of embryonic tissue belonging to a lower order of life

within the human. These embryonic cells may be latent for years or

generations, and then suddenly begin to multiply and make war on the

surrounding tissue. This tissue may have belonged in the past to the

body of a fish or some other cold-blooded animal. The tendency to

suspicion unduly persisted in may be evidenced by an abnormally

large eye, and that tendency be developed by a single cell inherited

from some far off ancestor in the animal kingdom, possibly the lynx.

That single cell has increased in size and generative power, multiplied

greatly, and the group of giant cells so developed may be active in the

unnatural development of that eye.

In order to remedy the evil, destroy the tendency, and thereby

reduce the size of the eye, the location of those cells must be found

and their gradual elimination be brought about by means which would

in nowise interfere with the surrounding normal tissue, or any function

of the eye. This would be very difficult in the case of an adult but

comparatively simple in the case of a child, though always attended

with danger.

You often hear of the eradication of like tendencies by means of

much effort, sacrifice, will power or prayer, but they cannot be

entirely eradicated as long as a single cell of the group which is

responsible is still in active service ; but take notice, I do not deny the

possibility of removing the cells themselves by such a method . it is

the tendency, or the active existence of the evil quality that I deny can

be entirely removed, without the removal of the responsible agent

first, and this can be done by two methods.

But whatever the method, it is attended by danger of one kind or

another if the operator is ignorant of the possible harm he may do to

surrounding tissue or organ. [TT 289]

Will power is a finer form of Fire than any fire capable of

observation on the physical plane, and the concentration of will power

on any organ may destroy the usefulness of the organ and in some

instances the organ itself, so here again we see the necessity for right

training by competent teachers in that particular field of knowledge.