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It may be of interest to you if I do two things.

* First of all, give you some technical information in connection with the working through of the forces from the astral plane into the physical body,

* and then give you the effects of that working through, as they take the form - owing to man's wrong use of them - of disease and the many varying disorders to which man is prone.

JC: We will be provided with some technical information regarding the forces working from the astral plane into the physical body manifesting in various forms of disease and disorders pertaining to man. Cure will not here be addressed as structure of fact will be built. DK uses the word fact in its truest sense. We are dealing with occult factuality and the nature of realities remembering that all disease is governed by the law of karma the aspect of which is the "law of ancient evil sharing" [D=3smdlc2].

With their cure we are not at this time concerned. I am here simply laying down the structure of fact upon which we can later base our conclusions. We shall, in this connection, only consider the average man. The problems of the disciple will be dealt with under Part I.4.

JC: The disciple and disease will later be dealt with.

I pointed out earlier that the three major groups of diseases for the masses are

1.  Tuberculosis.

2.  The social diseases, as they are called: the venereal diseases and syphilis.

3.  Cancer.

To these we must add two other groups of disease which predominantly affect those who are a little above the average and whose general level of intelligence is higher than that of the mass; this includes also the aspirants of the world.

* Heart diseases, but not what is called heart failure.

* The nervous diseases so prevalent at this time.

These five groups of disease, and their various subdivisions are responsible for the bulk of the physical ills which attack humanity. A right grasp of their preponderating causes will be of definite assistance to future medicine. How much will be accepted is at this time doubtful.

JC: We have two further cases to be included, the disease of the heart and of the nervous system. The first major three are relevant to the average person in the mass whilst the latter two are peculiar to those a little above the average with a generally higher intelligence which includes also the world's aspirants. Notably, diseases are categorised by intelligence and the focus of awareness with the rising to the lower sub planes of the mental plane seeing two new types of disease occur. As the heart centre becomes active in its initial stages so, due to its imperfect regulation and undesirable intermittent circulations of energies, does the heart become susceptible to disease. Particularly of note is the fact that "heart failure" does not fit into this category. Why is this? The distinction between heart disease and failure [attack] is great indeed. Heart attack pertains to a sudden focussed accumulation of hatred or "a stroke of hatred" as it is called by MM, and the overall failure to consider the things of the heart or in other words failure to consider any group over the separated self. This is clearly different to the gradual development of heart disease or awakening of the heart centre and initial group consciousness. The circumstances are specifics are quite different.

New Era Community, 1926.

And, as a manifestation of infection forms spiritual and bodily ulcers, likewise does a manifestation of the lunacy of covetousness bring harm to the spirit and the body.

On the Earth we are much concerned about the body; therefore it is necessary to penetrate into the origins of illnesses. A physician could say to the patient "You have an attack of cupidity," or "the anaemia of self-conceit," or "stones of treachery," or "a rash of gossip," or "a stroke of hatred."
      At cemeteries we so love to recall the merits of the departed one; it would not be amiss to set forth the true causes of the diseases—the spectacle would be instructive.
      Friends, I repeat—hold your thoughts pure, this is the
best disinfectant and the foremost tonic expedient. Community, 23.

Heart, 543.

We speak now about the education of the heart; but will we not hear from the most stupid that they knew about it long ago? Whereas they think more about cutting their nails than about the heart. Heart attacks are most often caused precisely by failing to think of the heart, and we are ready to succumb to any overindulgence rather than admit to ourselves respect for the heart, as the center of existence.

I would like to point out here that, as you well know, there are physical correspondences to the seven centers of [45] forces located in the etheric body, and fed from the astral body. These we call the endocrine glands. These glands are effects of or testifying evidence to, the centers, and are in their turn initiating causes of lesser effects in the physical body. It will be of value if we here tabulate some of the things we know, and aid comprehension.

JC: We are given a wonderful tabulation for our study. The heart centre and the Thymus gland are related and when over-active produces the irresponsible, amoral or criminal person. It is of interest that morality in its high mark is relative to the correct functioning of this gland being under the correct regulation of the heart centre. Correspondingly, the irregulation of this gland manifests primarily as over stimulation when the heart centre is inactive or neglected in care or attendance due to seperative tendencies. This results in the amoral type. In the spiritual person this would correspond to those who turn away from the path, temporary or otherwise, and who live a life of seperativeness and therefore tread the path of darkness and ignorance. This is due to incorrect attitude, thought and life tendencies which over stimulate the Thymus gland resulting in loss of control of the lower vehicles by the soul. We may conclude in hypothesis that all dark brothers prior to the third initiation have greatly over stimulated thymus glands. It is stated by DK that only as the soul controls with a manifesting sense of responsibility does the Thymus gland become correctly regulated and functioning correctly. It is undeveloped "even in the average citizen" so we may consider its gradual activation in those above the average moving to the intelligentsia and manifesting as goodwill. It should be noted that it's over activity after the point of activation must be due to wilful neglect of goodwill and correct thought activity of the advanced man. "as the heart center develops and the thymus gland is returned to adult functioning activity" we can see that the heart centre returns the Thymus to an "adult functioning activity" for we know that it generally atrophies in adulthood if the heart centre is un developed. We can see the path of the black magician in the making at any time after stepping out of the level of the average citizen if the soul at some point is shut out. Only advanced persons may wilfully become a dark brother after much soul conscience reminding and refusal. The antithesis of this produces a disciple of light! Very notably though, once this gland is brought into gradual activity via the heart centre of the man above the average, if that development is arrested or brought into discord and over activity through wrong thought and direction of the impure mind the gland becomes overactive and produces actions of an immoral, immature and cruel effect.

Esoteric Healing - Chapter I - The Psychological Causes of Disease




Physical Organs

Type of Force




Occultist - Initiate - Master - Dominant after 3rd Initiation


1. Head
1000-petalled lotus


Upper brain
Right eye

Spiritual will

Monad via soul

Causal body
Jewel in the lotus


Aspirant - Disciple - Mystic - Dominant after 2nd Initiation


2. Center between the eyes
Ajna center


Lower brain
Left eye
Nervous system

Soul force

Petals of egoic lotus, as a whole

Buddhic vehicle
Causal body
Higher mental


All types of Spiritual People - Dominant after 1st Initiation


3. Heart


Circulatory system
Also Vagus nerve

Life force
Group consciousness

Love petals

Higher mental
Causal body


Creative Artists - All advanced humanity - The Intelligentsia


4. Throat center


Breathing apparatus
Alimentary canal

Creative energy

Knowledge petals

Mental body


Average humanity - Ordinary people


5. Solar


Gall bladder
Nervous system

Astral force

Astral centers

Astral body


Low grade animal type of men


6. Sacral


Sex organs

Life force
Physical plane force
Vital energy
Animal life

Physical plane

Etheric body


7. Base of spine


Spinal column

Will Energy
Universal life

The Mother of the World




This tabulation is simply an outline and, like the tabulation of the principles and their correspondences, as given by H.P.B. in Vol. III, of The Secret Doctrine, its interpretation will be dependent upon the point of view of the student. We shall employ it later and add further columns to it and further correspondences. In all our considerations, what we have to say will have the following synthesis of structure behind it:

1.  The soul.

2.  The subtler bodies of the mind and the emotions, which are simply qualified energy centers.

3.  The vital body with its seven major centers of force.

4.  The endocrine system, which is an effect of the seven centers, and the determining controlling factor in the physical body of man.

5.  The nervous system in its three divisions.

6.  The blood stream.  

JC: Six fold synthetic energy structure of electrical man:

  1. Positive soul. +s

  2. Energy centres mental emotional.  –me

  3. Vital body seven centres.  v7

  4. Endocrine system Physical body.  es

  5. Nervous system.  ns3/

  6. Blood stream.  bs            

Expressed six fold synthetic energy structure behind electrical man = +s –me v7 (esns3/bs)

We have been provided with a basic synthesis of structure upon which to build our framework of knowledge. The study of endocrinology is today young but more generally accepted and catered for in modern medicine. However, as yet there is generally speaking no recognition of the soul or the seven major vital centres which manifest the glandular system as an effect. The above are six main points of structure of the constitution of man as an electrical unit. Therefore we must consider that according to the indications of DK there must be a brief scientific formula for its summation.

Agni Yoga, 42. 1929

The nerve centers and secretions of the glands indicate the future development of medicine.

The endocrine system is an integrated system of organs which involve the release of extra cellular signalling molecules known as hormones. The endocrine system is instrumental in regulating metabolism, growth and development, tissue function, and plays a part also in mood. The field of medicine that deals with disorders of endocrine glands is endocrinology, a branch of the wider field of internal medicine. wikipedia.

All the subsidiary organs of man are effects; they are not predetermining causes. The determining causes in man, and that which makes him what he is, are the glands. They are externalizations of the types of force pouring through the etheric centers from the subtler worlds of being. They express the point in evolution which the man has reached; they are vital and active or non-vital and inactive, according to the condition of the centers. They demonstrate a sufficiency, an over-sufficiency or a deficiency, according to the condition of the etheric vortices.

Again, the process of control may be stated to be via the nervous system; the close interlocking directorate of the nervous system, the brain and the blood stream (as a carrier of the life principle) governs the activities of the man - conscious, subconscious, self-conscious, and finally, [47] superconscious. The three centers in supreme control today for the majority are:

JC: DK again emphases the normal activity, under activity and over activity of the glands as purely effects and not as causes of activity, vitality or non vitality of the body. They express the point of evolution and therefore demonstrate for instance an advanced person with perhaps thyroid problems or an average person through stomach problems or kidney disease or any number of ailments in the solar plexus region. We are also given a threefold "interlocking directorate" which seems very strongly to direct man as the "conscious, subconscious, self-conscious, and superconscious" entity. We note that this directorate remains from early primitive man until the stage of evolution of the initiate for instance, although for the majority the three vital centres are not the same as for the initiate. Clearly the ajna centre is only dominant at the second initiation and does not primarily control the majority, for this centre in the majority of cases will be used to direct solar plexus forces and sacral forces thus expressing a basically self cantered or orientated person being controlled in outer life activity emotionally and under desire.

1.  The ajna center, the center between the eyebrows.

2.  The solar plexus.

3.  The sacral center.

Eventually, when man will have "become that which he is" (that paradoxical esoteric phrase), the centers of control will be:

1.  The head center, the brahmarandra.

2.  The heart center.

3.  The center at the base of the spine.

Between the present and the future, the emphasis will be laid upon a constantly shifting triplicity, and each man will be different from his fellowmen as to emphasis, as to the conditions of his centers, as to their glandular correspondences in the physical body, and therefore as to the diseases and the ills, inhibitions, and difficulties to which his flesh will fall heir. It is in this connection that it becomes obvious that the work of the physician and of the psychologist must eventually go hand in hand. The three most important aspects of all diagnoses are:

1.  The psychological, or the gauging of the inner bodies of man from the angle of their development, their integration and the total coordination of the personality, as these subtler aspects of the human being express themselves in consciousness.

2.  The work of the endocrinologist, as he deals with the endocrine glands, viewing them as power stations through which energy - dynamic and illuminating - can pour through from the centers.

3.  The physician, who, taking into consideration the conclusions of the two above experts, diagnoses the [48] disease, and treats it in collaboration with the other two.  

These seven head centers are the reflection in the microcosm of those "mansions prepared in the Heavens" which receive the sevenfold energy of the monad. These are the chambers prepared by the lower energy which are to be the recipients of "soul or the higher psychic energy." TCF 685.

JC: Psychic energy: electrical energy transference for man. 

Seven solar logi.  Sl7

Sevenfold energy of the monad.  m7

Every lotus petal a type of force centre.   el7

Seven head centres.  hc7

Lower six centres.  6lc  

Endocrine System (power stations).  es      

Psychic energy transference = 7Sl7M7el7hc (6lces) = 7

7+7+7+7+6=34 [Triad and Quaternary]       (3+4) =7 the number of man.

Agni Yoga, 601.

Attention is being paid now to the study of secretions, and perhaps this particular direction, the investigation of glandular secretions, will call attention to the existence of other secretions. Glandular secretions have only recently attracted attention, although ancient medicine pointed out the importance of secretions long ago.

These three may call in other experts and specialists in electro-therapy, osteopathy and chiropractic, but it is in the combination of the knowledge of the physician, the psychologist and the endocrinologist that the medical profession can take on a new expression of usefulness, and enter the new age equipped to deal with the people who will gradually assume the new types and a changing physical organism. Electricity, in relation to human ills, is as yet an infant science, but it has in it the germs of the new techniques and methods of healing. The work done by the chiropractors is good and needed but should, with osteopathy, constitute a definite subsidiary technique to that of the other three. The work of the chiropractors and of the osteopaths forms two halves of one whole, little as their practitioners may like to recognize it. The former group need a more careful and lengthy training, and a higher standard of technical knowledge should be required.

Medicine is entering slowly into a new usefulness. Once the cause of disease is shifted out of an organ or bodily system into a more subtle and vital realm, we shall see radical and needed changes, leading to simplification and not to a greater complexity and difficulty. EH 48.

Fiery World III, 1935

Swelling of the glands may be explained as an ebbing of psychic energy.