PolarisProject Group Study:
Esoteric Healing.

JC: In consideration of the monad we might briefly look at its nature in a 5th ray analysis following the thread of this analysis of esoteric healing in the manner that we have, as man being an electrical unit remembering that man is in essence, the monad. It is said "The causal body is a collection of permanent atoms, three in all, enclosed in an envelope of mental essence". The focal points of energy, or otherwise, points of energetic vibration and cohesive attraction form the nucleus of any given sheath. A permanent atom then is a repository of high energy and therefore vibration which in turn produces and is synonymous with heat. Just as with Babbitt's atom so is a permanent atom a unit of force and man an electrical unit. Particularly toward the finality of its relative permanence is the increased heat used for the purposes of destruction. We can see that there is life within each atom according to its ray and it is this ray life, quality, colour and vibration which produce the inherent heat which is indicative of its living essence and makes possible the building of the sheaths.

It is of interest that the acquired life and experience that is gathered in the lower permanent atoms is transmuted under `mass–energy equivalence' formula e=mc2. We might reverse this formula as mc2=e for experiment, though there is no need to, noting that outer plane activity via the five senses in space-time karmic force is converted to energy or energetic consciousness, vibration, colour and heat as symbol. All is energy and may be transformed or converted losing nothing of the original gain and in fact acquires a heightened vibrational intensity that was before not available. As with addition of energy there is gain in mass, so with gain in mass or outer physical plane activity and experience over the aeons so this gain produces additional energetic intensity to the triadal life of the Monad. This is the 5th ray explanation of Monadic gain that was lacking before lower threefold human evolution.

Monadic gain acquired during lower way of human evolution:

Monadic gain [intensity of heat, quality of colour or vibration] equals five senses squared [human evolution in time and space] multiplied by causal permanent atoms and triadal permanent atoms plus monadic synthesis.

Mg= (5S˛) cpatpaMs.    

From the above remarks it will be seen that disease emerges into the physical body from the world of the unseen, and from the use, or misuse, of the subtler forces on the inner planes. It must be remembered, however, that disease - as it expresses itself in man - can be generally regarded as due to the following causes, and students would do well to have this most carefully in mind as they ponder on these matters:

JC: Disease originates from the "world of the unseen" and due to the use and misuse of the subtler forces contacted from the inner planes. We will now consider some causes as laid out by DK as he suggests that we bear them carefully in mind. We might recall that all disease is governed by karma, d=3smdlc2 the "ancient law of evil sharing" of Law II. Here we focus on the actual problems and types of disease which present man with his fundamental sharing of this great law.

1.  Individual disease, due to interior conditions in a man's own equipment, to his mental state, or to an emotional [49] condition which can produce serious ills. This is inherited from the past.

2.  Disease inherent in humanity as a whole. There are certain diseases to which all men are prone; the germs of these diseases are latent in the physical vehicles of the majority of men, only awaiting predisposing conditions in order to manifest. They might be regarded as group diseases.

JC: Individual disease is regarded as inherited from the past and is due to man's karmic liability, his equipment mental and emotional. Again DK places this number one due to the strongly emotional orientation of the majority of mankind. He previously stated… "It may have interested you to see that I place the ills of the etheric body in the second place and not the first. The reason for this is that the group ills and diseases which have fastened upon the race, work primarily through the etheric body and find their way out into manifestation via the etheric bodies of all forms. But I have placed them second, even though they are in the last analysis the most numerous, owing to the fact that humanity cannot as yet deal with [25] these en masse." It seems appropriate to suggest that again he has placed group disease in the second placement and for the reasons he has given. These group diseases are also latent as germs in the physical body awaiting their awakening when the right conditions are provided by the individual living circumstance, daily hygiene and cleanliness. Also to be taken into account is the personal predisposition to the state of the vitality of the etheric body and the inherent disease within it as it works out into the physical body thus possibly initiating the awakening of many of these dormant germs thus, on a group scale causing much trouble. A distinction of these group origins is that when it is of the etheric body it is indicated as being a psychological origin and here it is definitely germs within the physical body. Both are of group origin however.

3.  Diseases which are, curiously enough, accidental. To these a man falls heir when, for instance, he succumbs to some infectious or contagious complaint.

Opportunistic infections are infections caused by organisms that usually do not cause disease in a person with a healthy immune system, but can affect people with a poorly functioning or suppressed immune system. They need an "opportunity" to infect a person. Wikipedia.

4.  Diseases inherent in the soil. Of these as yet but little is known. The soil of our earth, however, is very ancient, and is impregnated with disease germs which take their toll of the vegetable, animal and human kingdoms, manifesting differently in each, yet being due basically to the same causes.

5.  Diseases which are the difficulties of mysticism. These are the peculiar ills and complaints which attack the disciples and aspirants of the world. These can be traced in every case to the pouring in of energy through centers which are not properly equipped, or adequately developed, to handle the force.

JC: We are given these as a generalisation. There is much disease in the soil and is of ancient origin and we have been given Cancer as one of these. However today, micro organisms are recognised as being prolific in the water, rock and earth of the planet to which the vegetable, animal and human kingdoms succumb. Notably then, although the manifestation of such disease in each of these kingdoms is different, DK informs us that it is basically due to the same causes, which must mean that the same micro organisms or germs are proved infectious to these kingdoms equally but producing symptoms of  differing effects in each. This makes much sense of what may otherwise prove of great complexity. Disciples and aspirants are prone in every case to the pouring in of energy via inadequately developed and equipped centres of force. We might here consider micro organisms and soil contamination noting also opportunistic or accidental infection.

A micro organism (also spelt as micro organism) or microbe is an organism that is microscopic (too small to be seen by the human eye). The study of micro organisms is called microbiology. Micro organisms can be bacteria, fungi, archaea or protists, but not viruses and prions, which are generally classified as non-living. Micro-organisms are generally single-celled or unicellular organisms; however, there are exceptions as some unicellular protists are visible to the average human, and some multicellular species are microscopic. Micro organisms live almost everywhere on earth where there is liquid water, including hot springs

on the ocean floor and deep inside rocks within the earth's crust. Micro organisms are critical to nutrient recycling in ecosystems as they act as decomposers. As some micro organisms can also fix nitrogen, they are an important part of the nitrogen cycle. However, pathogenic microbes can invade other organisms and cause diseases that kill millions of people every year.

A pathogen or infectious agent is a biological agent that causes disease or illness to its host. The term is most often used for agents that disrupt the normal physiology of a multicellular animal or plant. However, pathogens can infect unicellular organisms from all of the biological kingdoms. The term pathogen is derived from the Greek "that which produces suffering." There are several substrates and pathways where by pathogens can invade a host; the principal pathways have different episodic time frames, but soil contamination has the longest or most persistent potential for harbouring a pathogen. The body contains many natural defences against some of the common pathogens (such as Pneumocystis) in the form of the human immune system and by some "helpful" bacteria present in the human body's normal flora. However, if the immune system or "good" bacteria is damaged in any way (such as by chemotherapy, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), or antibiotics being taken to kill other pathogens), pathogenic bacteria that were being held at bay can proliferate and cause harm to the host. Such cases are called opportunistic infections. wikipedia.

Moisture and darkness foster disease as it emanates from and is nourished by bodies from whence the life aspect has been drawn. EH 251. "denizens of moisture".



: The destroyers, the germs of disease. Bacilli, germs and microbes are but differentiated forms of astral matter energized by prana or life.

JC: We are able to see a certain agreement between DK and H in regards to the correspondence and origin of germs. In one regard these watery elemental minute entities are "denizens of moisture" and "differentiated forms of astral matter" which give us a certain idea as to the close group nature of illnesses arising from DK's second category of group etheric origins and germs within the physical form itself. This was previously discussed and may be somewhat expanded on again. To a great degree man creates his own germs by the very power of his own impure mind and lack of magnetic purity. Germs originate in the astral/etheric, solar plexus/sacral and base of spine levels and are largely of group origin and also carried in the very form of the earthly body just as the very soil of the earth holds micro organisms or germs potent. The rays expressive of these centres are the 6th, 3rd and 4th respectively although we should recall that it is today the 7th ray that accounts for all germs in their entire group formation and which makes their life tendency and potency today apparently more virulent than at any previous time, perhaps being due also to the organisation and directive properties of this ray. Further to be considered is the fact that germs are the devourers and agents of destruction under the office of the black lodge and therefore the lower negative aspect of the 7th ray strongly pertaining to black magic reigns at this time. There is room for much thought on this. Germs also enter the planetary body via the planetary web from outside the earths own atmosphere being drawn in from extra planetary regions. This accounts for the term influenza or influence from other regions and has its origins in 15th-century Italy

, where the cause of the disease was ascribed to unfavorable astrological influences.

As "like breeds like", the germs that reproduce their kind – by fissure or division, multiply almost indefinitely the original germ brought into existence by an Elemental which ensouls all that one class of germs as an Elemental of a higher class ensouls a swarm of bees, or race of other minute creations.

The starchy products which more than all else are the material bases of the chemical action of fermentation in the body, furnish a clue to the method by which the reversed action of the ferments is accomplished. Such products are formed of dead, or rather of inactive germs of life, but they remain inactive only so long as they are isolated from other germs.

JC: We are given a tremendous indication as to the processes of the stomach and the original nature of starch therein. Starchy products are actually the conglomerate of inactive and residual germ organisms which when brought together with other germs are then re awakened and greatly multiplied to create another type or class of germ which actually may develop according to karmic necessity and actively produce the required form of disease under karmic law necessary to its fulfilment of its "definite duty of office". In fact, DK's reference to germs as fulfilling a definite "duty of office" points accurately to its karmic duty and modus operandi. This should bring definitely to mind that "all disease" is governed by karma.

"They are agents of destruction and are performing a definite office and duty in the great scheme of things at present." DK.

Once brought into action with another class of active germs, they spring into life again in other forms, somewhat as a butterfly emerges from a chrysalis, leaving a refuse which returns to protoplasmic substance ; but such inactive germs frequently prove the Nemesis of mankind as far as punishment for certain sins of the body is concerned.

Attraction and Repulsion form the particular trinity that rules the healing power. The process of healing is accomplished by raising the vibrations of the body by the imparting of this special force which impels the atoms to attract the life energy and repulse the diseased germs. Hilarion.

JC: Again, we are clearly being familiarised with the law of karma, attraction and repulsion pertaining to the activity of germs. We should note that all healing is due to the raising of the vibration or frequency of vibration of the area of disease and atoms therein. This we should consider to apply to all methods of healing from the medicinal to energetic importation of the soul. Where frequency of vibration falls below the intended rate, disease enters into the equation.

The method whereby these astral forces (which are, as we know, pre-eminently the determining life forces for the majority of men at this time) work out into manifestation is a relatively simple matter. In the astral vehicle of expression there are, as you may realize, the correspondences of the seven centers in the etheric body. These are essentially the seven major focal points of force, and each of them is expressive of one of the seven ray energies. Let me first of all make clear which centers express these seven ray types: [50]         






1. Head Center


The Divine Will



2. Ajna Center





3. Heart Center


Group love



4. Throat Center





5. Solar Plexus


Emotion - Desire



6. Sacral Center





7. Base of Spine


Union through conflict



…On the astral plane there will also be found in every astral body seven corresponding focal points through which energy can enter, raying forth then into the vital centers in the etheric physical body as seven differentiated types of force. These types of force produce both bad and good effects, according to the quality of the negative dense physical body. These differ according to the type of ray or force, and it may be interesting if I here indicate to you the good and the bad effects and the corresponding diseases. [51]    

Esoteric Healing - I - Uncontrolled and Ill-Regulated Emotion

Astral Force


Bad Aspect


Good Aspect


First ray.
Will or Power.


The dramatic I.


Dedication of
the I.


Second ray.



Heart trouble.
Stomach trouble.

Soul love.
Group love.


Third ray.



Social diseases.

Parental love.
Group life.


Fourth ray.






Fifth ray.


Lower psychism.

Wrong metabolism.



Sixth ray.

Solar plexus


Liver trouble.

Right direction.


Seventh ray.

of the spine

Pure selfishness.
Black Magic.

Heart diseases.

White Magic.

…The astral plane is a center of dynamic emanating force, which is fundamentally conditioning in its effect because of the stage of the individual consciousness at which that majority finds itself. Men are swayed by the impulse of desire of a high or low caliber. This is, of course, a broad generalization, for that basic condition is becoming steadily modified by impulses coming from the mental plane. This necessarily complicates the problem. Influences emanating from the soul are also becoming appreciably present, and still further complicate the problem of the advanced human being. This "problem of complication" (if I might so call it) constitutes a "hard saying" for the student to understand in relation to his own physical condition or to that of any one whom he may be seeking to help. [54]           

I should like here, in this connection, to give you the third of the Laws which govern the sacred art of healing.

JC: We are constantly reminded of the fact that humanity are predominantly swayed by the plane of force called the astral plane and by high and low desire as a basic condition and also are modified by mental plane impulses and appreciable soul influence. It is this complication which is a "hard saying" for students. Why does DK say it is a hard saying for students? Might it be that he indicates that it is almost impossible for such a mix of energy influences to be accurately taken into account? Let us recall that it is a problem and a complication. We can see that a relative consciousness is focused on three planes, the emotional, the mental and the higher mental of the soul, appreciably so.


Diseases are an effect of the basic centralization of a man's life energy. From the plane whereon those energies are focused, proceed those determining conditions which produce ill health, and which, therefore, work out as disease or as freedom from disease.

It will be apparent to you, therefore, that a shift of the inner attention (the mental attitude) of the patient can and will produce either real freedom from physical ills or an intensification of those reactions which produce discomfort, disease or death.

JC: A shift of mental attention will either produce freedom or worsen the physical ill to which he or she is succumb and indeed may even eventuate in further disease or even death. Great is the responsibility the healer takes upon himself in inducing such a shift of consciousness and this should be given due thought. It is time to recall that previously DK gave a stern warning that mans ignorance is great and the time is not yet. In formulation we have:

Diseases are an effect of the basic centralization of a man's life energy.


Shift of inner mental attention = health or disease or death in time and space.


In the three laws which I have given you and which you now have before you for consideration, it is obvious that the following facts emerge. These should form the basis of your reflection:

1.  Disease is the result of the blocking of the free flow of the life of the Soul.

2.  It is the product, or the result, of three influences:

3.  Ancient error, emanating from the past history of the person involved.

4.  Human taints, inherited because one is a member of the human family.

5.  Planetary evil, imposed upon all forms on earth by the basic condition, and by time.

JC:  bcle + Sma = 3smdlc

  1. All disease is the result of a 3rd altered/catalysed substance producing soul inhibition. d=3smdlc2. It is the result of three influences.

  2. The results of three influences were considered as… "These three influences all refer to current karmic limitation due to influence of past Error, Inheritance, and planetary Imposition. All these reflect past conditions imposed in three ways on the form or body of man. The three methods produce disease which is governed by karma and it is obvious that this is a law of past causes."

  3. Ancient error from past history.

  4. Inherited human taints.

  5. Imposed planetary evil in time and space (by time). 

* It is conditioned by the forces emanating from that plane whereon a man's consciousness is primarily centered.

To the above statements should be added a further fact, already mentioned, that: [55]

* There are five major groups of diseases, with their allied complaints and subsidiary diseases.

* Tuberculosis.

* The syphilitic diseases.

* Cancer.

* Heart difficulties.

* Nervous diseases.

I am not dividing what I have to say into organic and functional troubles, nor do I here refer to illnesses induced by epidemics or by accidents. I refer to those basic taints or predispositions that are the dubious heritage of humanity as a whole, and to those difficulties which are incident to those stages in evolutionary development which are characteristic of those upon the more advanced stages of the Path. It will be seen, therefore, that man comes into incarnation having inherited predispositions to disease which come:

JC: The term to denote the past heritage of taints and predispositions to types of disease is "dubious" or perhaps of questionable and immoral tendency and origin. The below three facts of DK are related and analogous to the three above which again are enumerated here.

  1. Ancient error from past history.

  2. Inherited human taints.

  3. Imposed planetary evil in time and space (by time). 

These causes are above the general comprehension of average humanity.

1.  From his own past; i.e., effects which are the result of causes initiated in earlier incarnations.

2.  From the general racial heritage of humanity.

3.  From the condition of the planetary life. These latter causes lift the whole problem out of the usual comprehension of the average man.

A human being is also predisposed to trouble if he has succeeded (as a result of a long evolutionary history) in awakening in some fashion, however slight, the centers above the diaphragm. The moment that that occurs he becomes subject, for a long cycle of lives, to difficulties connected with the heart or with the nervous system in its various branches. Frequently an advanced human being, such as an aspirant or a disciple, may have freed himself from the inherited taints, but will succumb to heart trouble, to nervous disorders, mental imbalance, and over-stimulation. They are [56] classified occasionally as the "diseases of the Mystics."

JC: Very clearly a distinction is being made again that heart difficulties and nervous troubles or disease are not of the inherited classification but are part of the group known as diseases of the mystics or more occasionally as those associated with advanced man and woman, the aspirants and disciples of the world. These we must recall are due to the pouring in of force to ill equipped and inadequately developed centres to handle it causing much trouble. The disciple has greater control of the lower centres than the awakening higher ones. Troubles of mental imbalance and over stimulation are also likely at some point. In fact a very fine line may separate genius and so-called madness. Master DK informs us that mental institutions and the like are full of disciples who are displaying signs of soul infusion together with the personality battle and consequential temporarily unbalanced mental body.

I would like to make it clear that it is not my intention to enter into the realm of physiological discussion, to elaborate the symptoms of disease, or to deal with the lesions, the pathological conditions, and the distressing details attendant upon the breakdown of any human organism. I am not going to write a treatise on anatomy or on the various sciences which have grown up from a study of the mechanism of the human being, connected as they are with the framework and structure, the organs, nerves, brain tissue and interrelated systems which compose that intricate piece of machinery, the human body. As far as the exoteric science is concerned, two things would successfully deter me:

JC: Once again we are reminded that this is not a treatise for the physiological elaboration or detail of the mechanism of the human body. This is dealt with elsewhere very successfully by others and in extraordinary detail, and we must recall, largely by clandestine and illegal means. We see that DK rightly notes that this was dealt with marvellously and with little that he could with profit add. We are to deal with states of consciousness producing wrong functioning and eventual wrong conditions by way of inner causes and sources.

1.  The whole subject is marvelously dealt with in the many books which embody the literature of medicine and of surgery. There is little that I could add which would be of profit in such a discussion as this.

2.  The readers of my words are not, with few exceptions, versed in the construction and constitution of the human body; and pathological details, the description of diseases, and the various unpleasant symptoms of human degeneration are unwholesome reading for the average man or woman. A little knowledge along these lines can be a most dangerous thing.

I seek to deal primarily with causes, with the inner sources of disease and deal with those states of consciousness (I do not say states of mind only) which induce wrong functioning, and eventually wrong conditions. EH 56.