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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire Classes

Esoteric Astrology Adventure — Webinar Commentaries
Adventures in Identification Series I
Adventures in Identification Series II
Adventures in Identification Series III: Simultaneity and Sequence
Adventures in Identification Series IV: Realization Through Magical Word-Formulas
Adventures in Identification Series V: Meditations on Identification
A Treatise on Cosmic Fire — Webinar Commentaries
Egoic Lotus — Webinar Commentaries
The Rays and the Initiations Part II — Webinar Commentaries
Commentary on Initiation Compilations
Esoteric Psychology Webinars:
Blessed Ones — Webinar Commentaries
Angel of the Presence — Webinar Commentaries
Laws of the Soul — Webinar Commentaries
Law of Repulse — Webinar Commentaries
Techniques of Integration — Webinar Commentaries
Techniques of Fusion and Duality — Webinar Commentaries
Full Moon Meditations

Morya Federation Webinars:
Astrological Chart Delineation Webinars with Eva Smith and BL Allison
DINA Disciples Webinars with Elena Dramchini
Discover the Self: Through the Seven Rays Webinar with Eva Smith
Great Quest Student Webinars with Leoni Hodgson and BL Allison
Labours of Hercules Webinars with BL Allison
Sacred Geometry Webinars with Francis Donald
Secret Doctrine Webinars with Francis Donald
Seven Rays Webinars and Esoteric Astrology Webinars with Eva Smith
Student Webinars — Questions and Answers for the Entire Student Body
The Great Invocation - A Voiced Diamond webinars with Nicole Resciniti
Theseus and the Minotaur with Walter Pullen
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Seeds of the Infinite Webinars


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A.S.K-PROJECT Summer Schedule to Ask Help for Humanity Broadcast Events

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Morya Federation Open Webinars for All Interested in the Ageless Wisdom

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General Student Open Webinar, August 23, 2014. There were two events due to an error in the start time; they are both in this one file. This event was facilitated by Michael D. Robbins.

General Student Open Webinar 722 MB .wmv file

General Student Open Webinar 195 MB .mp3 file

Open Student Webinar 3, held May 17, 2014. This meeting was facilitated by Michael D. Robbins.

Open Webinar 3 224 MB .wmv file

Open Webinar 3 91 MB .mp3 file

Open Student Webinar 2, held August 3, 2013. This meeting was facilitated by Michael Robbins.

Open Webinar 2 389 MB .wmv file

Open Webinar 2 115 MB .mp3 file

Open Student Webinar 1, held July 14, 2013. This meeting was facilitated by Michael Robbins.

Open Webinar 1 287 MB .wmv file

Open Webinar 1 98 MB .mp3 file