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Esoteric Astrology 2018 with Eva Smith and BL Allison
Morya Federation Webinars for Students
Please join us for the new student webinar series on Esoteric Astrology. The series will cover an introduction to Esoteric Astrology for several webinars, and then get into some hands-on chart delineation that will be interactive with the students, each student participating given an opportunity to review their own chart with the assistance of the facilitators, Eva Smith and B.L. Allison.

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Esoteric Astrology 6 – 7 Jul 2018 presented by Eva Smith and BL Allison. This webinar began a discussion on the Labors of Hercules, reviewing the myth, journey, and lessons learned for Hercules' first four labors (Aries to Cancer). Then there was a brief summary of all we've learned this series so far, and a call for Morya Federation student volunteers who wish to participate in the chart delineation portion of this series.
Video. 91 MB .wmv file
Audio. 101 MB .mp3 file
Chart Delineation slides. 2.5 MB .pdf file

Esoteric Astrology 5 – 2 Jun 2018 presented by BL Allison. Concepts of retrograde planets within the chart were discussed as well as a review of the planetary energies leading into a discussion about aspects, transits and progressions.
Video. 100 MB .wmv file
Audio. 115 MB .mp3 file
Chart Delineation slides. 1.5 MB .pdf file

Esoteric Astrology 4 – 7 Apr 2018 presented by BL Allison. BL continued her discussion on the 7 Rays, exploring the Rays and Vehicles of expression (Soul, Physical, Mental, Astral, and Physical rays). Then she began a discussion of the environment in the chart, including divisions of the three crosses (Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable), the four elements (Fire, Earth, Air, Water), the four angles of the chart (Ascendant, Nadir, Descendant, Midheaven), and the quadrants and hemispheres. Also about the 12 houses and the exoteric as well as esoteric purpose for interpreting them within the chart.
Video. 73 MB .wmv file
Audio. 80 MB .mp3 file
Chart Delineation slides. 4 MB .pdf file

Esoteric Astrology 3 – 10 Mar 2018 presented by Eva Smith and BL Allison. Discussion continued on the signs, this time finishing up with Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. Then we began discussing the Seven Rays and their effect on individuals.
Video. 87 MB .wmv file
Audio. 93 MB .mp3 file
Chart Delineation slides. 5 MB .pdf file

Esoteric Astrology 2 – 3 Feb 2018 presented by Eva Smith. Discussion continued on the signs, this time covering Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius, including the characteristics and rulers, strengths and weaknesses of the signs, how the rulers help the sign distribute its energies and the effect it may have upon the behavior of the individual.
Video. 79 MB .wmv file
Audio. 92 MB .mp3 file
Chart Delineation slides. 4 MB .pdf file

Introduction to Esoteric Astrology 1, with Eva Smith and BL Allison. This is the initial webinar in this series, and dealt with the differences between esoteric and traditional astrology, explained what the three luminaries are all about (Ascendant, the Sun, and the Moon), and began the discussion of the signs of the zodiac and both exoteric and esoteric rulers (covered Aries, Taurus, Gemini). The webinar was held on January 6, 2018.
Video. 82 MB .wmv file
Audio. 96 MB .mp3 file
Chart Delineation slides. 4 MB .pdf file