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The Seven Ray Institute and The University of the Seven Rays 26th Annual International Conference webinar videos.
Conference theme: The Coming of the Solar Angels: Living the Science of the Soul

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Astrology Pre-Conference Workshop: The Solar Angel in Your Astrological Chart

Saturday April 21, 2012

Opening Meditation and Introductions 446 MB .wmv file

MICHAEL ROBBINS: Higher Aspects of Venus 373 MB .wmv file


PHILLIP LINDSAY 523 MB .wmv file

DAVID WALTERS 352 MB .wmv file

ELENA DRAMCHINI and Closing Reflection 495 MB .wmv file

PETER KUBASKA 461 MB .wmv file

NIKLAS NILHEN 630 MB .wmv file

Sunday April 22, 2012

Morning Meditation and subsequent discussion 558 MB .wmv file

MICHAEL ROBBINS 650 MB .wmv file

FRANCIS DONALD 518 MB .wmv file

BL ALLISON 366 MB .wmv file

KATHY NEWBURN: Some Thoughts on Sisterhood 474 MB .wmv file

Questions and answers 279 MB .wmv file

Monday April 23, 2012

Morning Meditation and subsequent discussion 411 MB .wmv file

HEIDI ROBBINS: Experiential Astrology 545 MB .wmv file

Astrology readings, Part 1 554 MB .wmv file

Astrology readings Part 2 670 MB .wmv file

MICHAEL ROBBINS: closing words 134 MB .wmv file

Seven Rays Pre-Conference Workshop

Monday Evening, April 23, 2012

Seven Ray Workshop evening introduction to the Seven Rays Part 1 Rays 1, 2, and 3 549 MB .wmv file

Seven Ray Workshop evening introduction to the Seven Rays Part 2 Rays 4, 5, 6, and 7 414 MB .wmv file

Seven Ray Workshop evening introduction to the Seven Rays Part 3. 281 MB .wmv file

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Opening Meditaiton and Mental Ray 777 MB .wmv file

Emotional rays. Physical rays. Personality rays. The relationship between the soul and personality rays. 772 MB .wmv file

MICHAEL ROBBINS on the Arcana of the Ray Science, with questions and answers. 367 MB .wmv file

How to evaluate a Personality Identity Profile (PIP). Videos that demonstrate the various ray types. 525 MB .wmv file

Soul rays. Closing meditation. 679 MB .wmv file

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wednseday's Seven Ray workshop event files have technical issues. If it is possible to fix them they will be posted here.

Main Conference

Wednesday Evening, April 25, 2012

Opening Address — MICHAEL ROBBINS: The Coming of the Solar Angels: Living the Science of the Soul (2600) 780 MB .wmv file

Ceremonial Meditation: Entering an Inner World of Light Divine with Michael Robbins, Keith Bailey and the USR and SRI Board (2601) 732 MB .wmv file

Thursday April 26, 2012

MICHAEL ROBBINS: The Higher Fifth Ray and the Fivefold Mind (2603) 248 MB .wmv file

HAROLD MOSES: The Universal Science of Vibration (2604) 486 MB .wmv file. This video includes the Musical Interlude.

PHILLIP LINDSAY: Reconciling Esoteric Science with Exoteric Science (2605) 439 MB .wmv file

ZACHARY LANSDOWNE: The Myth of Isis and Osiris (2606) 421 MB .wmv file

KEITH BAILEY and MICHAEL ROBBINS: Meditation – Three Minds Unite (2607) 239 MB .wmv file

CLAIRE BEYNON: Small Points of Light (2608) 406 MB .wmv file

PHILLIP LINDSAY: Reconciling Esoteric Science with Exoteric Science (continued) (2612) — Workshop 750 MB .wmv file

KATHY NEWBURN: The Mind as the Slayer of the Real (2613) 440 MB .wmv file

Friday April 27, 2012

MICHAEL ROBBINS: Makara – The Mystery of the Solar Angelic Hierarchy (2614) 262 MB .wmv file

HEIDI ROSE ROBBINS: Vivid, Flaming, Drenching Life: A Poetic Exploration (2615) 393 MB .wmv file. This video includes the Musical Interlude.

Musical Interlude – Sharon Little (MUSE) 92 MB .wmv file

WILLIAM MEADER: Cristos and the Solarized Mind (2616) 359 MB .wmv file

FINLEY EVERSOLE: Symbolism and the Education of the Soul (2617) 460 MB .wmv file

LAWSON BRACEWELL: And Thus We Stand (2618) 312 MB .wmv file

KEITH BAILEY and MICHAEL ROBBINS: Meditation – The Angel of the Presence (2602) 232 MB .wmv file

RICK GOOD with JOSÉ BECERRA and MICHAEL ROBBINS: Proposed Analysis of the PIP – Personality Identity Profile (2611) 800 MB .wmv file

SHELDON & HALINA HUGHES: NeuroScience and the Laws of the Soul (2624) 441 MB .wmv file

SHARON LITTLE: Musical Offering - Flute (2626) 137 MB .wmv file

Saturday April 28, 2012

DUANE CARPENTER: Venus and the Devas (2628) 461 MB .wmv file

DEBRA ROZMAN of HeartMath: Activating Global Heart - The Global Coherence Initiative (2627) 439 MB .wmv file

JOSÉ BECERRA: Mathematical Poetry – The Language of the Heart (2629) 405 MB .wmv file

KEITH BAILEY: We Have Arrived! (2631) 458 MB .wmv file

PHILIP HELLMICH: Bridging the Peace Continuum from Inner to International Levels (2632) 490 MB .wmv file

DUANE CARPENTER: Devas and the Solar Angels from Venus – Methods of Contact, Ceremonial Ritual, Geometry, and Number (2633) 824 MB .wmv file

KAREN KNUDSEN, Mezzo-Soprano: Songs of Love and Wisdom (2639) 549 MB .wmv file

JAMES O’DEA: The Seven Initiations of the Sacred Activist and Peacemaker (2638) 643 MB .wmv file

Sunday April 29, 2012

MICHAEL ROBBINS: Knowers or Believers – Who Will Win the Day? (2640) 262 MB .wmv file