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(in progress, May 2014)

Astrological Signs

in relation to the Petals of the Egoic Lotus

and their Processes

Dear Friends,

I have long had an absorbing interest in the egoic lotus as have many of you I am sure. I am in the process of writing a book about it, but find that I must write it in small sections or at least distribute it that way (because, actually, it is already written but not sufficiently refined).

The section which I am focusing on at first is on the relation of the zodiacal signs to the twelve petals of the egoic lotus. Each petal has its own particular kind of associated experiences and level of consciousness. It is possible to relate the rays, the signs and the planets to these types of experiences and perhaps, understand more deeply, the evolutionary processes through which we and others are now passing.

The egoic lotus is like a miniature zodiac. It is twelvefold and so naturally the correspondence with the heart center and with the zodiac (a far greater Heart Center) is invited.

In this little analysis (Version 1, J) I have begun with the experiences of the first petal. Master DK tells us that every human being on this planet now has at least one petal unfolded, though it was not always this way. There were perhaps some millions of years when the first petal was simply being stimulated and organized in preparation for a slow opening.

There is so much to say about each petal. I have focused only on the signs of the zodiac and not on the rays and the planets, which I have completed, but cannot include at this time. First I will go through the twelve petals and the twelve signs, beginning both with Aries “counter-clockwise” and with Pisces “clockwise”. I will justify assigning both Aries and Pisces to the first petal and will show how all the other signs could also be involved in first petal processes. I will do this sequentially for all the first nine petals and maybe, in some manner, for the synthesis petals as well.

These sendings will come out every so often (somewhat irregularly I anticipate—feast or famine), and by the time some months have passed you should have a pretty good mosaic on the energetic workings of the egoic lotus.

Really, it is a vast subject and the intricacy is amazing, but I will try to keep it in ‘bite-size chunks’ so that it can be absorbed.

What we are dealing with here is an experiment in synthetic understanding.

By the way, if you wish to see an illustration of the egoic lotus as Master DK has presented it, go to Chart IX in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, but please note that in transcribing the image from the actual book, an error was made and the position of the three love petals and three knowledge petals have been reversed. I will send you a colored image of the egoic lotus at some point.

By learning about the energies involved in the egoic lotus, we can come closer to understanding the evolutionary stage in which we are presently laboring and how to do a better job of it.

In Light, Love and Power,