Astrological analysis of W.D.B. [  Dorothy Grenside ]

DINA I/291-301 Individual Instructions.

Group IX.2 – The Trained Observers. 

W. D. B.

II. IV.  ? [ 5 ], ? [ 6 ], ? [ 7 ].

Wisdom. Detachment. Being.

Written by Elena Dramchini


             THE NATAL CHART with the proposed rectified time.

Justifications for the proposed rectified time of birth and for the Rays of the Physical/Astral/Mental vehicles.

WDB said she was born in London on the 5th June 1882, between 2:30 and 4:30 P. M. She felt she was on the cusp of Libra/Scorpio, with equal influences from both. With such a powerful 8th house ( Scorpio ) where was placed also her Gemini Sun, it is not surprising that she felt the Scorpio energy so strongly.

I have estimated the time of birth as 15: 33 on the following basis:

  1. The first information we have from her questionnaire is that at the age of 13 and half [ this would be December 1895 ] she started to keep spiritual diary.

Concentrating only on the angles of the chart we see that the progressed MC would make an exact square to the natal Neptune [ eso ruler of the 9th house ( higher mind ) and dispositor of the Venus/Mercury conjunction ] in September 1895 and to the progressed Neptune in February 1896. The transiting Neptune was also making an aspect to the Neptune/MC square.

       The progressed Moon [ exo. Ruler of the 9th house ] emphasising its natal                                                                                          

       placement in the 3rd house [ writing/diary ], was conjunct the natal MC [

        Dharma ] and opposition the natal Moon in the 3rd house, both aspects were 

       exact in September 1895.

  1. The year 1906 was significant for her. She joined the Theosophical society and devoted her whole life to it. It was her first contact with esoteric truth and occult training and altered the whole focus of her life as she says.

What we see in the chart is that the Solar Arc Venus [ eso ruler of the 9th house – the Higher mind/truth; the Path, Vision ] conjunct the natal MC [ Dharma in relation to the purpose of life ] thus indicating the shifting of energies from mere religious/New Thought/Spiritualism interest [ Venus as exo ruler of the AS/8th house, in the 9th house ] to the higher esoteric truth.

The aspect [ Solar Arc Venus conjunct the natal MC ] is exact in December 1906. In the same month the Solar Arc AS is in an exact opposition to the natal Saturn [ the eso/exo ruler of the 3rd house – meditation/writing/lecturing – she became national lecturer, giving over two thousand lectures in the British Isles. Thus both rulers of the 3/9 houses became activated.

If the AS is correct [ by the 15:33 time ] the natal Saturn carries the midpoint of AS-Sun/Uranus [ bringing into focus the eso rulers of the AS/MC ] and thus emphasises an important change of direction.

In August 1906 there was a Solar Eclipse at 26 Leo 06, falling on the progressed MC, opposition the Solar Arc Moon [ the exo ruler of the 9th house and eso ruler of the 11th house – the societies ] and square the natal and progressed Chiron, natal Vertex and an exact sextile to the proposed AS. Again emphasising the entering into a new world of energies [ Chiron ] put in her Path by unavoidable destiny [ Vertex ]. It is interesting that the keynote for 27 Degree of Leo says “ The exalting challenge of new opportunities at the threshold of a new cycle “ and the keyword is Illumination.

  1. She says that this 1906 alteration of the whole focus of her life culminated in July 1914 in an expansion of consciousness with a sudden unfoldment of new power. I became at –one-d with the beautiful Life of Nature, - every leaf and blade of grass spelt wonder ( literally ) and I was lifted into a higher consciousness with the rapture of a perfect Union with Nature. “

The most significant aspect in relation to the above is the progressed AS reaching the opposition to the natal Neptune which in July 1914 is within 7 min. of arc and the progressed retrograde Mercury is making aspect to this opposition by semi-square to the natal Neptune and sesqui-quadrate to the progressed AS.

The transiting Mercury in Cancer is also making aspect to this opposition by sextile to Neptune and trine to the progressed AS. Furthermore, the transiting retrograde Mercury [ interesting that both, transiting and progressed Mercury are retrograde ] reaches the conjunction with the transiting Neptune in Cancer and both square the natal AS.

But what is really interesting is that the natal Neptune carries the midpoint of Moon/Pluto which among other things gives a gift of psychometry which she said she had. This is further emphasised by the natal Moon/Pluto trine.

What we have here is a combination of Cancer/Pisces energies through its rulership of Moon/Neptune/Pluto which we know are very mediumistic/psychic but the energy of Mercury adds to it analytical logic/intuition and the 4th Ray energy [ her Personality Ray ] which is colouring the whole experience. The energy of Venus [ beauty ] is also present through the progressed Chiron semi-square to the natal Venus [ again, Chiron is bringing a different/higher dimension to the experience of beauty ].

The transiting Chiron, who always opens a door to a field or a state of consciousness not normally easily accessible, was in July 1914 conjunct the transiting Moon in Pisces and both were making aspect to the progressed AS opposition Neptune.

On the whole when we consider all these energies coming together and the proposed rectified AS reaching the opposition to the natal Neptune it strengthen and adds more meaning to the whole experience.

From the point of view of Rays the experience in July 1914 was very much coloured by Rays 4 and 6. We are told by the Tibetan that she brought with her strong 6th Ray from the past life, but the indications are that she could have had 6th Ray Astral body in this life.

  1. The indications for the Libra AS and the presence of the 7th Ray are her following statements:

“ I love a beautiful human body and I like to be with good-looking people. I like beautiful homes [ Venus in Cancer ]. No room satisfies me without bowls of living flowers ( artificial ones are an abomination !). I love beautiful colours, and am very sensitive to their shades and combinations. The ugliness of modern life offends something very deep in me. I am a lover of Harmony; I love grace of movement; I love rhythm.” [ there is the combination of 4/7 Rays  here ]

The presence of the 5th Ray as conditioning her Mental body is indicated by her over-analytical mind ( she could analyse herself into a cul-de-sac ). She wrote criticisms ( 5th Ray ) of plays ( 4th Ray ) and she thought that the predominant fault of her personality was criticism of small faults. She was very quick to notice a small failing and to comment on it with amusement.

To quote her: “ I have a lack of charity in judging motives, often I assume a bad motive when probably it is not there. “ [ doubt/scepticism – 5th Ray vice ]

August 1934/DINA I/291,292,293

You have had an interlude [ Libra/Ray 7 ] of disciplining [ Saturn ] and of adjustment, [ Virgo ] and this has not been a time of ease.

This makes the Uranus placement, as esoteric ruler of Libra, in Virgo very significant.

It appears that the passing of the tests during the interlude period of disciplining was a deciding factor for her entry upon the Path of Discipleship. She had to become an Accepted Disciple in order to participate in the Tibetan’s Group work.

From the comments the Tibetan is making we can deduce that she was not quite ready but the world situation at that time was such that as He says: “ These are days wherein disciples of all degrees – great or small, mental or intuitional – have to be tried and, if in any way available, they must be used. “  

Your measure of detachment [ Uranus/8th house; Pluto/Pisces ] to those you love [ Venus in relation to Cancer/Libra ] and to the results of work [ Virgo/Capricorn ] was tried out; your intuition [ Mercury/Neptune ] was strengthened, and now the work of the next few years must call for your attention.

To check the astrological influences operating at the time of her entry upon the Path of Accepted Discipleship we need to look for particular planets/signs which  condition this stage of the Path.

The most important would be Mercury/Saturn contact, the planets of Discipleship. Mercury, as the illumined mind relating the Soul and personality and establishing communication between Soul and brain, in order to bring an alignment between Soul-Mind-Brain and Saturn providing the stability/discipline.

The Fixed Cross and particularly the sign of Scorpio with its tests and trials preparing the disciple for the first three initiations.

Mars/Saturn in relation to Scorpio/Capricorn, with the energies of 3/6 Rays provide the establishing of the Soul in the seat of power, the release of the disciple from the form control and his fuller participation in the life of the Hierarchy.

When we look back through the years immediately preceding 1934 we see that the Solar Arc Saturn reached the conjunction to the natal Mercury in January 1933. At the same time the Transiting Mercury/Saturn in the 4th house ( the Ashram ) reached conjunction and were making quincunx aspect to the progressed SA Saturn and natal Mercury conjunction. The Transiting Mars was making trine to the natal Saturn and the Transiting Uranus ( the eso ruler of the AS ) was semi-sextile the natal Saturn.

Here is the Solar Return chart for the year 1932-3.

Scorpio is on the AS in the Solar Return chart and the progressed Moon in the natal chart is also in the Cancer decanate of Scorpio, making conjunction with the progressed AS.

The Solar Return Moon is in Cancer, placed in the 8th house ( Scorpio ), thus both Moons emphasising the test of detachment from personal/emotional issues.

This purging of emotions/personal love is further supported by the conjunction of Solar Return Pluto/Venus in Cancer and the Solar Arc Venus square the natal Pluto. Both aspect echoing the natal Venus ( exo ruler of the natal AS ) in Cancer and emphasising that one of the issues of the Soul Purpose ( AS ) was to establish detachment from the people she loved.

The really significant aspect is the conjunction between the Solar Return AS ruler Mars and the natal Saturn and in reality activating the whole natal triangle of Mars—Uranus-Saturn/Neptune. The issue of this combination of energies involves the test of control and discipline of rather irritable and disruptive tendencies of the lower centres ( Sacral/Solar Plexus ); She, herself admitted to one of her faults being irritation;

The other lesson of her interlude of training was the unfoldment of right ( Jupiter/Saturn ) action ( Mars ) through the analysis ( 5th Ray/Venus/Virgo/Mercury ) of motive ( Taurus ).

To quote her: “ The predominant fault in my personality is criticism [ 5th Ray ] of small faults.[ Virgo ] I think I am charitable to big sins, but I am very quick to notice a small peculiarity or failing which really does not matter, and to comment on it with amusement. I have a lack of charity in judging motives, often I assume a bad motive when probably it is not there. “ 

We are told that desire or motives are at the root of all trouble. The urge or motive to satisfy desire is the basic urge of the form or personality; the urge to serve is the basic urge/motive of the Soul so the personality motive must be subjugated to Soul motive.

Motive of service releases the disciple from his own thought processes and self – interest.

Motive underlines Will and stands behind Purpose. Will and Purpose are related to  the 1st Ray. Desire is developed and focussed in Taurus ( Mutable Cross ) and it is  reoriented and repolarised also in Taurus ( Fixed Cross ). The esoteric ruler of Taurus is Vulcan with its qualities of persistence, endurance and continuity of effort and these are 1st Ray attributes.

Taurus, being one of the three subjective signs ( Aries, Taurus, Gemini ) for the disciple, can only outwardly express its subjective or Will energy of the Soul in the sign of Cancer.

Looking at her natal chart we see powerful stellium in Taurus, with its esoteric ruler Vulcan placed in the sign of Gemini ( powerful expression of the word/point of view; don’t give up easily opinion held; can build beautiful structure of words/thoughts ] and its exoteric ruler Venus, in the sign of Cancer.( love of form/home/security; lunar nature can be redeemed by the light of the soul; the mind can be under the control of the personality )

Venus is also the esoteric dispositor of Vulcan ( strong focus on the beauty of the form and this is one of the pointers to the presence of the 7th Ray conditioning her physical body as both, Cancer and Vulcan carry the 7th Ray ) and the placement of Venus in Cancer tells us that there is a possibility present to outwardly express ( Cancer ) the Will energy of the Soul ( Vulcan ) as the motivating energy ( Taurus ) for work/service in the world ( Venus in the 10th ARM ).

Venus is conjunct Mercury, the exo dispositor of Vulcan and thus further emphasising the placement of Vulcan in Gemini ( the power of word/thought ).

Analysis and understanding of details comes from the sign of Virgo where Mercury is the exo ruler and also has there its exaltation and Vulcan is the esoteric ruler and Venus has its fall there. This provides the link between the energies of Taurus ( motive ) and Virgo ( analysis/detail ).

In Virgo is placed Uranus, the most important planet in the chart, being the esoteric ruler of the proposed Libra AS, indicating the Purpose of the Soul. It is calling for new orientation/transformation of the mind and transmutation of knowledge into wisdom ( one of her keynotes ).

Uranus has to do a great deal with the mind and with exact knowledge so 5th Ray could condition one of its vehicles. It is related to Leo and Aquarius which transmit the 5th Ray.

Mercury ( which has 5th Ray association ) is the exo dispositor of Uranus and thus provide a link/connection with the 5th Ray/Virgo and the theme of analysis/detail.

This strong connection with the 5th Ray and analysis points to her having the Mental body conditioned by the 5th Ray.

Uranus has its fall in Taurus ( motive ) and it points to difficulty to see the motive clear as the mind need to be illumined and awaken to the true motive of the soul.

Once the motive is analysed then right action follows ( Mars/Saturn/Uranus triangle ) As she was not able to perceive or judge the motivation of others correctly, she had to learn to carefully analyse them ( the motives ).

During the early part of the year 1933 there was a strong activity of Mercury by progression.

In January 1933 the progressed Mercury was sextile the natal Uranus; the Solar Arc Mercury was sextile the natal AS and the Solar Arc Saturn conjunct the natal Mercury.

In March 1933 the Solar Arc Mercury was semi-square the natal Venus and the progressed Mercury semi-sextile the natal Sun.

In February 1933 the Solar Arc AS reached the square to the natal Uranus ( the eso ruler of the AS ), indicating a new orientation/awakening in Soul progress/direction upon the Path.

Transiting Neptune was square the natal Jupiter ( Soul Ray planet ) and sextile the natal Mercury and transiting Jupiter square the natal Neptune were strengthening the intuition. This was supported by the Solar Return triangle Mercury/Neptune/Pluto and Mercury/Saturn/Neptune.

In June 1933 the progressed AS reached the opposition to the natal Pluto and the Solar Arc AS the opposition the natal Sun. Transiting Uranus making its first hit in opposition of the natal AS. These are powerful aspects involving the future Soul direction ( AS ) and the present personality ( Sun ) development through major transformation and achievement.

To your group of students you bring what mental power you have, and develop it thereby; We know that she was helping AAB with the Arcane School, acting as a secretary to a group of students.

Her mental ability is evidenced by the strong emphasis on the sign Gemini and Gemini decanate of Libra AS.

Jupiter ( her Soul Ray planet ) conjunct the Sun in Gemini gives a love of knowledge and makes a good teacher, who appreciate great variety in communication of ideas and have no problem in putting her thoughts in writing. She wrote books which were translated in other languages.

Jupiter/Sun are placed in the 8th house and give depth to her mind and opens the door to a communication with other dimensions/planes. Some of her books were impressed on her inwardly.

The other aspect of the 8th house is its power of relinquishment and detachment ( one of her keynotes ) and she had to develop detachment to various emotional issues but also to the lower psychic phenomena.     

Mercury/Venus ( the rulers of Gemini/Libra ) are conjunct in Cancer and gives an extremely emotional/receptive/psychic mind with good memory. The Venus placement in Scorpio decanate of Cancer provides a link with the 8th house and thus further indicates the possession of various psychic powers since childhood.

The Moon is the exoteric dispositor of the Mercury/Venus conjunction and provides a strong link to the past/memory and being in Aquarius balances the strong emotional energy of Cancer. Its placement in the 3rd house ( communication/writing ) and its close conjunction with the IC and the link with Mercury/Venus in Cancer gives the thoughts/ideas good grounding/form and easy expression upon physical plane.

When we look at the Ray energies conditioning the Cancer/Aquarius and Moon/Mercury/Venus we have the Rays 3/4/5/7 and thus a very mental focus which could explain her strong critical/analytical mind and the possible 5th Ray conditioning her Mental body.

When we follow the mental energy further, we see that Uranus ( the eso ruler of the AS ) is the exo dispositor of the Moon and the Moon ( veiling Vulcan/Neptune ) is the eso dispositor of Uranus and Mercury ( the Personality Ray planet ) is the exo dispositor of Uranus and Venus has its fall in Virgo.

From this interplay of energies we see the different levels of the mind processes where there is an analytical knowledge and intuitive perception but the wisdom ( one of her keynotes ) aspect needs to be developed ( Venus falls in Virgo ).

This would explain the two different processes of her mind; one is the analytical and the other is the intuitive.

She learns through living experience ( Aquarius ), through the inquisitive/ versatile/alert mind ( Gemini )  and through instinctual/intuitional receptivity ( Cancer ) rather than from study of books.

To quote her: “ I am intuitive, telepathic and have healing power, but I know little of psychology, mathematics or science. I have the quick, alert mind of Gemini, but I am not a deep student. I love the life side.

to the group you bring your intuitional capacity, and by constant use it also grows.

To enlarge a little further the intuitive aspect of her mind, we see that Neptune is the eso dispositor of the Mercury/Venus conjunction and there is a mutual exo/eso reception between Venus and Neptune.

This combination of energies not only gives intuitive mind but also artistic/creative/musical type of mind.

She was teaching dramatic ( 4th Ray ) classes, producing plays ( Leo ) and she loved music.

Neptune conjunct Saturn in Taurus grounds the intuition and makes a practical idealist.

Neptune/Saturn/Chiron conjunction in Taurus gave her the ability to heal and cure in particular the problems with throat and stammering ( Taurus/Gemini ) and she was giving classes in elocution ( the art of clear and expressive speech, esp. distinct pronunciation and articulation ).

The Mercury/Venus conjunction in Cancer is the final dispositor of the energies of the  whole chart. Both planets are connected with the Ajna centre, as are the signs of Taurus and Libra.

The other centre strongly emphasised is the Throat centre through the signs of Gemini and Taurus and the planets Mercury/Venus/Saturn/Uranus.

We see that she was a very busy lady with a very active mind and many interests and the astrological energies support that and indicate strong 3rd Ray presence ( Gemini/Cancer/Libra, Moon in the 3rd house, Saturn ( Capricorn )  conjunct Neptune ( Cancer )  and both trine Uranus ( Libra ) in Capricorn decanate of Virgo, Mercury conjunct Venus in Cancer and the Earth/Uranus/Saturn, Neptune triangle ) operating as a sub-Ray influence.

Three among your fellow-disciples are sannyasins, and you are one of the three. [ WDB, BSW, DPR ]

The planet Chiron ( teacher/guide/healer ) seems to condition the stage of sannyasin or the teaching disciple ( one who lives detached from the personalities, serving them but living in the consciousness of the soul and teaching others to live the life of spiritual values ).

The placement of Uranus ( eso ruler of the AS ) in the 12th ARM ( seclusion/withdrawal/renunciation ), trine Saturn/Neptune, rulers of the 4/10 ARMS ( Ashram/Hierarchy/Dharma ) is a conducive factor to her life as a sannyasin.  

When we look at the progressions/transits we see strong activity of Chiron.

 In May 1934 the progressed MC ( fulfilment of life purpose/Dharma ) reached the trine to the natal Chiron and the Solar Arc Saturn ( responsibility/karma ) semi-square the natal Chiron and the Solar Arc Chiron semi-square the natal Pluto ( purification/destruction ) in August 1934. The transiting Pluto sextile the natal Chiron and transiting Saturn square the natal Chiron.

These are very important aspects as they are building up on the potentials of the natal conjunction of Chiron/Saturn/Pluto to purge and destroy the hold of form/desire ( Taurus ) and achieve detachment which is such an important virtue for the sannyasin.

The lesson of your interlude of deepened quiet training was detachment and the unfoldment of right action through the analysis of motive. Through these tests in your deeper Being, and through your response, you placed your feet upon the path of discipleship.

We have already dealt with some of these issues but we will consider the word Being which was one of her most important keynotes.

Being is the initiator of all that is. The continuity of awareness and of identity is seen as an aspect of Being. Disciple must be grounded in spiritual Being or to “ stand in the spiritual Being. “

Astrologically we can relate Being, as an aspect of identity, to the sign of Leo where we recognise three levels of our being, that of Personality, Soul and Spirit and the 1st and 5th houses with their rulers.

When we are considering the Soul aspect of our being we look at the ARMS or the Whole chart.

In this chart we see that the 1st ARM is ruled by Libra, the 5th ARM by Aquarius and the sign Leo is ruling the 11th ARM.

This is an interesting alignment of energies through the planet of Uranus which is the exo ruler of Aquarius, eso ruler of Libra, hierarchical ruler of Leo and has its detriment in Leo.

The Sun has also relationship to the three signs by its rulership of Leo, its detriment in Aquarius and its fall in Libra.

Jupiter is the exo ruler of Leo ( veiled by the Sun ) and eso ruler of Aquarius.

All three planets are in aspect to each other; Sun conjunct Jupiter and both are square Uranus. ( one of the indications of the process of possible personality/Soul fusion ).

There is a process of balancing( Libra ) the individual consciousness ( Leo ) and group consciousness ( Aquarius ) and the service of the lower self/personality and world service. Her second line of development was service in the world and she needed to decide ( Libra – the emergence of the sense of self- directed and free choice ) what line that service ( Aquarius – world service ) must take.

This decision had to be taken through the illumined mind ( Will-to- illuminate is one of the keynotes of Leo ), standing in the light of the Soul ( Venus/Jupiter/Uranus triangle ). The Heart centre ( Sun/Jupiter ) had to be activated through meditation ( given in unpublished papers ) – Mercury ( meditation ), the exo dispositor of Sun/Jupiter, conjunct Venus.

The power of the mind must lessen ( Uranus detriment in Leo ) and the Soul light illuminating the mind must control the life.

The Will-to-illuminate ( 5th Ray ) links Leo with Taurus which incites towards experience and towards gaining knowledge and to the release of Light ( she was given meditation upon the Light ).

The placement of Mars in Leo indicates that this was one of her tests. Mars is the eso ruler of Scorpio and Scorpio rules the 2nd ARM/house which is the house of illumination.

Mars is placed in the Sagittarian decanate of Leo and is trine the Earth ( eso ruler of Sagittarius ), placed in the 3rd ARM/house ( meditation ). This indicates strong one-pointed mental focus ( 6th Ray through Mars/Sagittarius ).

Your meditation for a while has been that upon the Light.

The symbol of light and illumination is the Buddha and thus the energy of Taurus.

The technique by which glamour is brought to an end in the life of a disciple and eventually in the world, is the Technique of Light ( Glamour/171 ) “ By means of this technique, the illumined mind assumes control over the astral or emotional body and dissipates glamour. When light pours in, glamour fades out. Illumination dominates and the vision of reality can be seen. This technique is related to Raja Yoga and its goal is the second initiation; “

As a newly Accepted disciple she was preparing for the 2nd initiation and the triangle signifying this is Gemini-Virgo- Scorpio where Mercury rules exoterically and hierarchically. This brings the analytical and intuitive aspect of the mind very much into focus but the power of the lower concrete, analytical mind must recede ( Mercury has its exaltation Virgo, where the analytical mind reaches its peak ) and the intuitive aspect of the mind ( Scorpio ) must gain in strength ( further indicated by the North Node in Scorpio ).

This is another indication of the possible 5th Ray conditioning of her Mental body in relation to her 4th Ray Personality.

Mercury semi-square to Chiron confirms the necessity of detachment and the healing/correcting of the analytical mind so that the intuition will become the healer and eliminator of illusion ( all Scorpio issues ).

Venus ( the intelligent mind or the Son of  mind ) is the eso ruler of Gemini, has its fall in Virgo and its detriment in Scorpio. This is where the Soul must gain control over the lower mind and eventually the Spiritual Triad or Presence over the Son of Mind.

The fall of the Love/Wisdom of the Soul into matter ( Venus fall in Virgo ) gives  power to the analytical mind to clinically dissect and analyse in detail every aspect of the Soul Love and come up with the best possible logical explanations before, at the later stage, the lowest aspect of Venus ( desire/human love ) falls and the light of Love and Wisdom of the Soul illumined the matter or the logical mind and sanctify and appreciate the true value/purpose of matter/logic.

The placement of Venus in Cancer gives the power of the intelligent mind into the hands of the personality and its emotional/personal reactions. This is further supported by the Venus conjunction with Mercury, the exo ruler of the Sun sign ( personality ). This was one of the contributory reasons why she could not take the revelation of her faults by the Tibetan to the group and took it very personally and left the group.

What is required with this difficult placement ( particularly that this Venus/Mercury is the focal point of all the energies in the chart ) is to raise it by the love of the Soul ( Venus as eso ruler of Gemini ). The power of the personality ( Castor ) must recede and the Soul ( Pollux ) must gain in power and this requires sacrifice.

This theme of sacrifice is seen astrologically through the Uranus ( eso ruler of the AS ) placement in the 12th ARM and through the Pisces control of the Gemini/Sagittarius polarity.

We know that Gemini is the integrating energy of all the polarities in the chart but in the case of Gemini subject it is Pisces.

Sacrifice always requires the invocation of the Will ( Pluto is the eso ruler of Pisces ) and then to use the evoked energy to control the life circumstances.

Even though the access to the Will/Sacrifice petals happens at the 1st initiation it is only at the 2nd initiation that the initiate begins for the first time to employ the Will aspect and only when the Will is beginning to function in some measure, only then the fused expression of intelligence and love or personality and Soul can be possible.               

I seek to give you another meditation, which is simpler, but for you more potent, and which will give you, if followed for the next six months, the needed impetus…

The meditation given was that involving the Ajna centre and the visualisation process.

Study the three words [ Wisdom, Detachment, Being ] which are your life keynote, and with humility go forward, and thus aid in the breaking of the world illusion.

We are told that humility is that adjusted sense of right proportion which if present gives its possessor a balanced point of view as to himself and his responsibilities and enable to view himself and his presented opportunities dispassionately.

The sense of right proportion and a balanced point of view are the qualities of the sign Libra.

Humility is one of the 12 energies [ petals ] of the Heart centre. The petals indicate the state of consciousness and the number of petals indicate the number of energies available for service.

Humility is a major personality attitude which must be held and demonstrated before ( DINA I/96 ) each initiation. [ here we need to ask if DK means all the initiations or just the first three ]

The sign of initiation is Capricorn and there must always be humility in the presence of true vision which confronts the initiate.

Capricorn rules the knees and it is only when we kneel in all humility and offer our heart and life to the soul and to the service of humanity are we able to pass, on our knees, through the door of initiation.

DK tells us that He is giving us a hint when He says that “ True humility is based on fact, ( DINA I/96 ) vision and on time pressures.” And He asks us to think deeply upon these three foundations upon which Humility is based.

When we attempt to relate these three foundations of Humility to an astrological and Ray energies and the centres we come to some revealing ideas.

The signs Libra and Capricorn are conditioned by the Rays 1/3/7 and their planetary rulers [ Venus/Saturn/Uranus ] by the Rays 3/5/7 and thus the hard line Rays.

Fact we could associate with 3rd Ray/Saturn/Throat; Vision with 5th Ray/Venus/Ajna and Time pressures with 7th Ray/Uranus/Sacral.

Many glamours can be dissipated by the potency of the informative mind ( Glamour/144 ), for the mind is essentially the subduer of emotion through the presentation of fact. Illumination, the light of knowledge and the concrete/knowable truth are synonymous terms.

“ Again, I would assure you that humility [ my italics ] is one of the most potent factors in releasing the illuminating power of the mind, as it reflects and transmits the light of the soul.” ( Glamour/145 )

The vision with which we should be concerned is the vision of the Soul – what the Soul knows and sees. When we start to climb towards this vision, towards the mountain top [ Capricorn/ 3rd initiation ] we become Accepted Disciples. ( DINA I/688 )

When we become World Disciples [ 3rd Degree Initiates ] all our daily efforts become subordinated to the vision. We know the Plan and our sense of proportion [ Libra ] is adjusted [ humility ] to the revelation and our life is dedicated to materialising of that vision.

We are told that one of the first thing which a disciple has to learn is correct timing and “ Once, however, he can think of events as aspects of time, he not only begins to develop a needed continuity of consciousness, but develops also a sense of proportion [ Libra ] which has a stabilising and sound effect. “ DINA II/395

Both, Saturn and Uranus are related to Time and both are conditioned by the 7th Ray.

There was only one disciple in DK’s Groups of IX who had Humility as one of his keynotes and that was DHB. His other two keynotes were Detachment and Being, the same as WDB.

DHB had two planets in Libra; Mercury, the exoteric ruler of his Virgo Sun sign and Saturn, the exo/eso ruler of Capricorn. Sun and Mercury were placed in the 10th house [ Capricorn ] and Saturn was semi-square Venus, the Hierarchical ruler of Capricorn and exoteric dispositor of the two Libra planets, Mercury and Saturn. DHB was in training for the 3rd initiation.

WDB has Libra rising where Saturn has its exaltation and is its Hierarchical ruler;    Mars has its detriment in Libra and its exaltation in Capricorn and is placed in Leo, in the 10th house [ Capricorn ] and is square Saturn. Saturn is conjunct Neptune  [the veiled ruler of Leo ] in the 7th house [ Libra ] and both are trine Uranus, the esoteric ruler of the Libra AS. Venus, the exoteric ruler of Libra, and exoteric dispositor of the Saturn/Neptune conjunction in Taurus, is also the esoteric dispositor of the Gemini Sun [ which has its fall in Libra ] and is conjunct Mercury, the exoteric ruler of the Sun sign. WDB was preparing for the 2nd initiation.

What we see here is a definite relationship between Humility and the energies of Libra and Capricorn. Humility, being a major personality attitude, the Sun sign, representing the personality, is playing an important role in relation to the Libra/Capricorn energies.

Furthermore, Humility must be demonstrated before each initiation ( most probably the first three initiations as glamour end at the 3rd initiation and we keep climbing towards the mountain top to reach the vision ) and for each of us it would be a different aspect of our personality which would need to be corrected, that being dependent according to the initiation to be taken and the conditioning Ray energies.

This aspect of the personality is related to a particular glamour or various glamours which are preventing us to see clearly the facts, cloud our vision and distort our right sense of timing and organisation of time.

In the case of WDB, considering just one of her failings/glamours, she was more focussed on achievement [ Capricorn/MC ] than on service [ Virgo/Aquarius ]. The powerful Mars in Leo placed in the 10th house wants to be noticed and recognised for the work done [ Mars rules the 6th house of work/service ]. That is why one of her tests in order to become an Accepted Disciple was in the achievement of a measure of detachment ( one of her life keynotes ) from the results of work.  

Your rays, brother of mine, are:

Soul ray – the second Ray of Love-Wisdom

WDB was one of the few among the Tibetan’s Disciples who estimated both her Rays ( Soul and Personality ) correctly. To quote her: “ I assume my Egoic Ray to be the Second, Love-Wisdom, because it is in my lecture or teaching work that I have most fully touched my higher self. I know that I can teach, and that it is my true mission.”

Looking at her chart, we cannot fail to notice the strong presence of the 2nd Ray. Jupiter, her Soul Ray ruler, is conjunct the Sun ( 2nd Ray planet ) in the sign of Gemini, the most potent carrier of the 2nd Ray energy.

The 2nd Ray triangle Gemini/Virgo/Pisces is ruled esoterically by Venus/Moon/Pluto and the eso. dispositors of Moon/Pluto are Jupiter/Vulcan and both are placed in Gemini, thus further strengthening the 2nd Ray energy.

The placement of the Moon in the 3rd house and Moon being the exo. Dispositor of Venus adding power to the 2nd Ray triangle, particularly that Venus is the esoteric ruler of Gemini and though even there is no direct aspect between Moon and Venus, there is provided a link or flow of energy.

This link between Moon and Venus is strengthen by Jupiter ( the exo ruler of the 3rd house and eso dispositor of the Moon ) semi-sextile to Venus. Venus/Jupiter are the eso/exo/hierarchical rulers of the 2nd Ray triangle.

Jupiter is in opposition to Earth ( the eso ruler of the 3rd house ) and adding more focus on the 3rd house ( writing, lecturing, teaching ).

Moon trine Pluto is very important aspect, linking the energies of Virgo/Pisces and providing the intuitive/psychic link with the 2nd Ray energies. She said that she was intuitive, telepathic and had healing power and possessed certain psychic powers since she was a child.

Venus is the exoteric dispositor of Pluto and thus providing an outlet for the Piscean energy into physical expression and giving it a form ( Cancer ). One of its expression was her healing gift she had in her hands ( Gemini ). This is further evidenced by the mutual exo/eso reception between Venus and Neptune ( the eso/exo rulers of the 2nd Ray triangle ).

The other expression of the higher Pisces energy ( renunciation/detachment/sacrifice ) was more difficult for her to utilise in her personality life ( Cancer ) and represented a test for her and that is why Detachment was one of her keynotes. This is where we can see the ARMS of the Whole chart operating.

Pluto, as esoteric/hierarchical ruler of Pisces, is placed in the 8th ARM and emphasising the Detachment and linking the energy flow between Uranus ( the eso ruler of the AS ) placement in the 12th ARM ( Pisces ) and its exaltation in Scorpio ( detachment ). This is also providing a link of the 2nd Ray triangle to the Libra AS ( Soul purpose ) and indicating which point of the triangle is involved to which issues.

Venus is placed in the 10th ARM ( achievement/discipline ), in the sign of Cancer ( form/karma/incarnation ). Venus in Cancer tends to invert the power for the use of the form/personality; so it a difficult task for her to express the detachment ( from the personal feelings ( Cancer ) and she needs to employ a discipline in order to pass the test ( Venus is in the Scorpio decanate of Cancer and it has its detriment there ).

This placement of Venus in the 10th ARM indicates an important test for the 2nd initiation in relation to her Mental body as she needs to employ her mind to control her Astral body. ( There is a mutual exo/eso reception between Venus and Neptune ). That is why the 5th Ray Mental body would help her to achieve the detachment.

This placement of Venus in relation to Pluto/Pisces was also involved in her test for the entry on the Path of Accepted Discipleship where her measure of detachment to those she loved was tried out.

To continue with the 2nd Ray triangle we have to consider the trine aspect between the Moon ( eso ruler of Virgo ) and Jupiter, the Soul Ray planet.

Moon/Jupiter brings emphasis upon the Virgo/Aquarius energies and thus on the issue of service which was an important aspect of her present incarnation. She had to consider what line that service must take, so this is a recurring theme in the chart.

Moon in Aquarius is strongly placed as the hierarchical ruler of Aquarius and Jupiter is its esoteric dispositor. This provides an opportunity to access the Triadal energy via the Soul-Mind-Brain alignment and building of the Antahkarana ( 3/9 houses/ARMS).

We might ask here, could the three keynotes given to the disciples be related to the Soul and Personality Ray triangles and considered in relation to the Rising sign, Sun sign and Moon sign.   

Personality ray – the fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict.

Taurus/Scorpio/Sagittarius triangle is the conduit for the 4th Ray energy and is ruled exoterically by Venus/Mars/Jupiter.

The only aspect between these three planets is the Venus/Jupiter semi-sextile.

The strongest point of the triangle is the Taurus stellium of four planets ( Saturn/Neptune/Pluto/Chiron ).

The exo dispositor of the Taurus planets is Venus, placed in the Scorpio decanate of Cancer. Thus the decanate sign provides connection to the 4th Ray triangle.

Venus is conjunct Mercury, the exo ruler of the Sun sign and the conduit for the 4th Ray energy.

Mars is placed in Sagittarian decanate of Leo and thus provides a link to the 4th Ray.

We must also consider the Mars square Saturn/Neptune in Taurus as it provides a link between the Sagittarian decanate of Leo and the Taurus energy, linking the two energies of the 4th Ray triangle through one of its rulers ( Mars ).

Jupiter is trine Moon, the conduit of the 4th Ray, and is opposition the Earth in Sagittarius.

The Sun is placed in the 9th ARM and carries the energies of Sagittarius ( 4th Ray ) where the disciple has to discover within himself the power to make progress upon the Path and to walk the Way, and also the ability to create in the higher and spiritual sense ( the relationship between the Sacral and Throat centres ).

The indirect influence of the 4th Ray is coming from Libra ( the ability to create peace and beauty, the harmonising skill to eliminate discord and to preserve balance and right relationship ).

The unpredictable, inconsistent, self-contradictory and lacking in steadiness dynamics of the 4th Ray are reflected in the Sun square Uranus and further emphasised by the Uranus rulership of Libra and the Sun placement in the Libra decanate of Gemini and the Sun having its fall in Libra.

We have seen the great importance of Mercury ( the Personality Ray planet ) in the chart and the Moon being its exoteric dispositor provides further strengthening of the 4th Ray energy.       

In a previous life your personality ray was the first Ray of Power and hence the evidence of power which seizes you at times.

Pluto and Vulcan transmit the 1st Ray; Moon and South Node are connected with the past as are the 4/12 houses/ARMS and the signs Cancer/Pisces.

In this case Capricorn rules the 4th ARM and Pluto is placed in the Capricorn decanate of Taurus and conjunct the South Node.

The Moon is conjunct the 4th cusp and is trine Pluto and the South Node.

Looking at the progressions and transits, the most significant is the progressed Sun reaching the conjunction of the natal MC in September 1934 by the rectified time of birth. This brings focus on achievement/recognition, on being accepted to the Master’s group, the responsibility and the spiritual/karmic opportunity it provided.

The progressed AS entered the sign of Sagittarius in October 1934 and the transiting Jupiter ( exo ruler of Sagittarius and her Soul Ray planet ) conjunct the natal AS. These expanding/optimistic energies are giving her new orientation in treading the Path.

These Sagittarian energies are triggering the energies of her natal Sun in the 9th ARM and thus making the Path of Discipleship more real to her.

The progressed Moon is moving through the 3rd house/4th ARM and entering the sign of Capricorn ( in October 1934 ), where the Moon has its detriment and the progressed MC trine the progressed Saturn ( ruler of the 3rd house ), also in October 1934.

This brings serious mental work and focus on study/writing/meditation, building a new but solid foundation for the future work/service and moving closer to the Ashram.

It also provides an opportunity to release the hold of the form/personality and achieve detachment through relinquishment/sacrifice which is part of her Soul purpose  ( Moon in detriment in Capricorn being the eso ruler of the 12th ARM and eso dispositor of Uranus – the eso ruler of AS ).

The progressed Mercury ( her Personality Ray planet ) reached the sextile to natal Neptune ( its natal eso dispositor ) in November 1934.

This Mercury/Neptune contact is enhancing the visualisation in the new meditation she was given on the Ajna centre and also strengthening the intuition.

January 1935/DINA I/293,294

Quiet concentration upon the life of the sannyasin and the achieving, therefore, of that inner detachment which is his outstanding characteristic, should be your main thought and control your hidden life during the next six months.

DK is emphasising again the need for detachment through the living of the life of the sannyasin.

The importance of this issue is seen in the following progressions/transits.

The Solar Arc Chiron is aspecting the natal Nodes in March 1935. The Nodes represent the Wheel of Life and in a way the past/future direction, so when the Nodes are activated something from the past needs to be either resolved or continued with and at the same time indicates the effect or conditioning of the future and this all in relation to Karma ( Saturn ), the  Purpose of the Soul ( AS and its rulers ), Dharma/life direction (MC ) and the conditioning Rays.   

The Solar Arc Chiron sextile the natal Uranus ( eso ruler of the AS ) and semi-sextile the natal Sun, thus activating the natal Sun/Uranus square.

We have seen that this Sun/Uranus square was influencing the 4th Ray personality by a rather unpredictable and contradictory energy and strengthening the 4th Ray energy.

The energy of Chiron is bringing controlling/stabilising/harmonising effect and drawing the Sun/Uranus energy on the inner level of expression. Transiting Saturn entering the sign Pisces is supporting this process.    

With the growth of that detachment, a deeper love and a deepened esoteric expression of that love should normally be developed.

Attachment to the personality of those they love is a major problem and the most difficult/painful lesson for the 2nd Ray people. WDB had to also learn this lesson of detachment from those she loved.

Strong Cancer/Taurus energies ( attachment to form ) together with the 2nd Ray would make this even more difficult and we see how the presence of the 5th Ray (detached objectivity ) would help her with this process of detachment.

Venus in Cancer ( the over protecting/guarding energy ) as the exo ruler of the AS, is for her the main battleground.

But Venus is also the Son of Mind or Soul whose nature is intelligent Love and by the centralisation ( the integrating formula for the 2nd Ray ) of her identity into her deeper Being she will be able to express that Love.    

The bringing about of a better alignment would also release more fully the love of your soul into your personality life and render you more radiant and attractive in the spiritual sense. This would increase your usefulness in service and supply a need.

The alignment is between the Soul – Mind – Brain and thus the inflow of the Soul love in the personality is indicated by the alignment of energies between Uranus ( the eso ruler of AS ) representing the Soul ( ruling from the Mental plane ) square the Sun ( personality ), square Jupiter ( Soul Ray planet ) and square Earth ( Brain ); Jupiter opposition the Earth supports the line of the flow of Love ( Jupiter ) to the personality/brain ( Earth ).

Mercury/Venus conjunction ( the exo/eso dispositors of Sun/Jupiter/Uranus ) represent the Mind in its lower and higher aspect. The link to the above energies is provided by Venus sextile to Uranus ( Mind/Soul ), semi-sextile to Jupiter ( Love/Soul ).

Mercury further link is provided by its detriment in Sagittarius ( indication of lessening of mind and growing power of intuition ) and its eso rulership of Aries ( the higher mental plane of the Soul – “ I come forth and from the plane of mind I rule “ ). This provides the link between the Mind and Brain ( Earth in the Aries decanate of Sagittarius ).

As we see there is no direct or easy flow of the energies so she needs to work more on the alignment to release more fully the love of her Soul into the personality.

It is more a need in expression than a need in fact.

It is more important for her or she needs it more to express the love of her Soul than to know it factually or logically in her mind.  

This release of love will come through alignment, decentralisation from the things of the personality and a more loving attentiveness to the service of others.

Through the alignment, decentralisation and service will come the release of that love.

The process is decentralisation from personality and centralisation ( the integrating formula for the 2nd Ray Soul ) in the Soul.

The need of decentralisation from the personality is seen in the Sun/Jupiter conjunction and both square Uranus. This combination of energies produces exaggerated/unpredictable personality behaviour [ she admitted to exaggeration ( 4th Ray vice ) being one of her faults ] with exaggerated sense of self-importance.

The conjunction of Mercury/Venus ( the exo/eso dispositors of the Sun/Jupiter/Uranus ) is in emotional/personal sign Cancer and thus makes the work of decentralisation even more difficult.

The placement of Venus in Scorpio decanate of Cancer brings into focus the Moon/Pluto ( rulers of Cancer/Scorpio ) trine and Mars/Neptune ( eso rulers of Scorpio/Cancer ) square. This is diverting the personal interest into psychic world ( Moon/Pluto and bringing strong 6th Ray influence ( Mars/Neptune ) focus on the personality issues ( her own interests/problems ).      

See to it that, as far as you may, you “stand in spiritual being,“  that you are one with the soul and that there is a clear channel from soul to brain, via the mind. Then forget  the differentiations which are mental in their origin and useful in their right place, and do your work as a soul.

We have already looked at these issues, only to add that standing in the spiritual being or in the light of the Soul always seems to involve the energies of Mercury ( eso ruler of Aries ) and Venus ( the Son of Mind or Soul and eso ruler of Gemini ).

Aries/Gemini are two of the three subjective signs ( the other is Taurus ) for the disciple, who needs to work with these energies on the inner/subjective levels.

In the case of WDB, the Mercury/Venus conjunction ( also in close parallel of declination ) is a powerful focus of energies in her chart so “ to stand in spiritual being “ is very important issue for her, even more so that Being is one of her keynotes.

We note the activation of the natal Mercury by the Solar Arc Neptune ( its esoteric dispositor ) reaching conjunction to Mercury in April 1935 and the progressed Moon making opposition to this conjunction in May 1935.

This Mercury/Neptune/Moon contact happed across the 3/9 houses ( meditation/antahkarana/communication/writing ).

Mercury/Neptune energy is enhancing the visualisation/imagination ability and both planets are related to the Ajna centre.

This is also linking the Astral/Buddhic planes through the 4/6 Rays ( Mercury/Neptune ) and giving an opportunity to enhance the intuitive perception and aid in the process of alignment.

The Solar Eclipse is conjunct the natal Mercury in June 1935 and giving an added precipitation of energy to the above issues and gives an opportunity to easier access of the Soul, even the Triad if one is ready but this is never without crisis/discipline, because Solar Eclipse always brings the 1st Ray/Will energy, which is never easy to utilise/handle.


August 1935/DINA I/294,295,296

We will today somewhat change your meditation work, as the visualisation exercise has done much of its work in stimulating the ajna centre and in focussing your mind more firmly in the head.

Taurus and Sagittarius are related to vision.

In January 1935 the transiting Jupiter ( her Soul Ray planet ) started to activated the stellium in Taurus by opposition aspect and the transiting Uranus ( the eso ruler of the AS ) entered Taurus in March 1935. The progressed AS entered Sagittarius in October 1934.

 Earth, the esoteric ruler of Sagittarius, is placed in the 3rd ARM and Vulcan, the esoteric ruler of Taurus, is placed in the 9th ARM.

3/9 ARMS/houses deal with all the mental processes of communication related to lower and higher mind, meditation and building of the Antahkarana.

The power to visualise lies behind all meditative work and direction of thought and energy.

Moon/Mercury/Venus/Saturn/Neptune are all related or ruling the Ajna centre at different stages of evolution.

There is always a triangle of energies which is rotating with one of these planets at the peak of a triangle and the other two having a sub-influence. As with everything, there is never neat, cut and clear line of division between stages but there is always process of transition and overflow of energies through the process of either, recapitulation, priorities, availability of energies etc.

As an example, the process of Reversal of the Wheel does not happen in one life but it is a cycle of many lives which starts before the 1st initiation and finishes at the midway point between the 2nd and 3rd initiation, at the Temptation point or point of no return when the disciple achieves Mental polarisation.

These cycles of progression from one stage to the next are very individual and are dependent upon the Rays and astrological energies in relation to Karma.

In the case of WDB the triangle of energies conditioning her Ajna centre appears to be Mercury/Venus/Neptune, with Venus at the peak of the triangle.  

The past six months have brought to you three things:

First, much strain, both in connection with your own immediate circle, with the work in your environment, and also in connection with your own inner reactions.

There was a Solar Eclipse falling on her progressed Sun in Leo, in the 10th house in July 1935 and the transiting Uranus ( eso ruler of the AS ) was square the natal MC in June 1935.

Second, there has been for you an increased field of contact and of service, carrying with it the consequent tests and new opportunities to aid and help. This expansion [ Jupiter ] should continue and should evidence a growing sensitivity on your part to world need.

Transiting Jupiter ( her Soul Ray planet ) moving through the 1st house and activating the triangle Mars/Uranus/Saturn, Neptune.

Third, you are conscious ( are you not, my brother ? ) of a fresh source of illumination and inspiration and that the past year has greatly strengthened your realisation.

The Solar Arc Neptune conjunct the natal Mercury.

Speaking symbolically, the Path of Discipleship is now real to you; the hitherto dim and distant portals of the Golden Gate which lie ahead are not so dim and distant.

DK is hinting here that the 2nd initiation is not as far away as before she entered His group work.

You are, as I believe I earlier told you, a pledged sannyasin. [ Chiron ] That carries with it joy, [ Jupiter ] but responsibility; discipline [ Saturn ] but realised gain. The work to be done by a sannyasin lies ever in the realm of increased realisation. The fruits of discipline have to be clearly understood by him without any attachment to the results of the work. [ Sun/Mars/Uranus triangle ] This alert awareness must be fostered by you, my brother. A condition of increased sensitivity in yourself to yourself [ Leo ] and to others must be increasingly developed.

The last time DK told her to concentrate upon the life of the sannyasin, the Solar Arc Chiron started to activate the triangle of Sun/Mars/Uranus with the Sun/Uranus square. Now it is making semi-sextile to Mars in December 1935 and thus concluding its activation.

We see how important is this triangle, with the Mars placement in Leo/10th house, as the most elevated planet in the chart, making sextile to the Sun ( ruler of the MC and dispositor of Mars ) and semi-sextile to Uranus ( the eso ruler of AS ), in relation to her attachment to the results of work.

Uranus, with its exaltation in Scorpio, where Mars is the exo/eso ruler, is representing  detachment and that is her test ( Scorpio ).

Uranus is the hierarchical ruler of the Leo MC ( achievement/recognition ) and is the esoteric ruler of the AS ( Soul purpose ].

Uranus is related to all three points of the triangle, thus being the most important planet, so to find the detachment from the results of work is not only important point in relation to the purpose of her Soul but also to her life as a sannyasin.      

I would suggest that you give the next six months to close consideration of your effect as a worker upon those you seek to help. This is a valuable exercise for all disciples and involves a self-discipline [Vulcan – shaping the form/personality through the application of the spiritual will ] but little emphasised in the usual books on discipleship. 

You would find it of interest to watch the impact of your second and fourth ray upon people, and also of that first ray power which you brought over from a previous incarnation. In this way you will learn the easy way to serve, for it will be that which will evoke the least resistance from those you serve, and you will not have to undo or rebuild;

Here DK is indicating that it would be to her advantage to go deeper into the study of the Ray energies and their impact upon people ( and in particular her own Rays ) which one day will be part of esoteric psychology. He must have seen a lack of this deeper insight into other people in her to suggest this because she, herself admitted to know little of psychology. This is also the reason why He advised her to analyse motives.

What DK is also implying is that she needs to develop sensitive response to inner contacts and outer relations. This entails the receptivity to spiritual impression through the intelligent use of the intuition, holding the mind in light of the Soul, so the Brain can correctly record the descending impressed knowledge. This is what lies behind the alignment of Soul-Mind-Brain and standing in spiritual being.

In order to define herself and others correctly and see truly and with lucidity the reaction of others to her Ray energies she needs to have emotional detachment from their personalities and to rightly interpret the higher impressions.      

Scorpio/8th house/ARM are the energies which deal with the depth of the human psyche and thus with psychology.

The stellium in Taurus ( motives ) falls in the 8th ARM and only two of its planets ( Chiron/Pluto ) fall in the 8th house. This gives those two energies an outlet into different areas of expression ( 7/8 houses and 8th ARM ).

Scorpio rules the 2nd ARM/house ( the natural area of Taurus ) and Taurus rules the 8th ARM/house.

Thus we have Taurus/Scorpio energies ( deep motives ) placed in reversed polarity. Taurus energies are given more depth and Scorpio energies more light/illumination.

The rulers of Scorpio are Mars and Pluto and the rulers of Taurus are Venus and Vulcan.

We are not sure of the placement of Vulcan ( 1st Ray/endurance/Will ) by house position but we know it is in Gemini and in the 9th ARM. This will direct the energy of illumination/vision ( Taurus ) into the processes of communication/word/writing/antahkarana/meditation ( Gemini ) and the area of vision/Plan/truth/higher mind/ 2nd part of the antahkarana/the light of the Spiritual Triad ( 9th ARM ).

Venus ( attachment/love of beauty/comfort/form, as exo ruler of Taurus ) is in Cancer ( home/family/security/protection/form/personal sensitivity/emotions/attachment/past ) and is placed in the 9th house ( travel/publishing/higher education/religion/the educated mind/limited-exclusive or personal truth ).

To see the above Venus ( as the exo ruler of Taurus ) placement operating in her life, we know from her questionnaire that she was interested in religious truth since childhood and was a member of the Church of England until 1906 when she entered the Theosophical society and started to be interested in esoteric truth and occult training ( Venus as the esoteric ruler of the Gemini 9th house ).

We also know that she loved comfortable/beautiful home/people and she was the editor of the “ Surrey Archaeological Transactions .“

Mars, as exo ruler of Scorpio ( passion/anger/struggle/physical body ) is in the sign of Leo ( egotism/arrogance/domination ) and is placed in the 10th house ( ambition/career/status/authority ).

This is a powerful placement of the Mars to handle correctly and it lies behind her test ( Scorpio ) to find detachment from the results of work and personal achievements/recognition.

All reactions towards recognition are based upon egotism (Mars in Leo ) and must be eliminated by the utilisation of the Will ( the destructive will of Pluto ).

Pluto is placed in the Capricorn decanate of Taurus and thus providing a link to Mars placement in the 10th house ( Capricorn ), in the Scorpio decanate of Leo.

The aspect Mars square Saturn would be related to his issue of handling of authority/achievement/recognition.

Her other test was the unfoldment of right action ( Mars ) through the analysis of motive ( Taurus ). We can see how these tests are related to the Taurus/Scorpio polarity and its rulers and how these issues are closely linked to the request of the Tibetan for her to consider and watch the impact of her Ray energies upon people.

All these tests and suggestions given to her from DK have one common denominator – to go deeper into her psyche and investigate/analyse her own and other people motives and to watch the impact her energies had on others and how their responded to them.  Through this process she was learning to not only know herself better but others, and to improve her quality of service. We can say that DK was giving her a very good lesson in esoteric psychology.    

Mars has its detriment in Taurus and it looses some of its power of aggression and fight so its power turns to possessiveness and jealousy ( Taurus ruling the 8th house ).

WDB admitted one of her faults being jealousy. 

Mars, as eso ruler of Scorpio ( persistence/strength/personality), is in Leo (  individuality/integration/decentralisation/identity) and is placed in the 11th ARM ( world service/NGWS/group work ).

Pluto ( 1st Ray/destruction/Will ) rules Scorpio ( sign of discipleship ) for a disciple who is ready to respond to its influence and who is ready for the personality/Soul fusion.

Pluto is placed in the 8th house ( separations/death/recourses of others/psychic powers ) and also in the 8th ARM ( relinquishment/detachment/esoteric psychology ).

you will also take the first steps in becoming proficient in the science of force.

The science of force is concerned with the Etheric body and the centres. The centres are reservoirs of force and distributors of energy and up to the 3rd initiation the disciple learns through the centres the nature of energy and its distinction from force.

Force concerns the three lower worlds and energy deals with the higher worlds.

The Etheric body is an easy entry for energies either pranic or Soul energy. We are told that on the final stages of the Path of Discipleship the centres are controlled entirely by the Soul via the head centre.

The signs related to the Etheric body are Gemini/Aquarius/Leo and the planets Sun/Moon/Venus/Uranus.

Strongly occupied sign Leo, and its ruler Sun in Gemini square Uranus and Venus ( eso ruler of Gemini ) sextile Uranus are indicators of a powerful Etheric body.

Moon ( veiling Vulcan ) rules the Etheric body from the circulatory angle, and is placed in Aquarius and Vulcan is placed in Gemini.

WDB was also a healer and she said she used prana ( Taurus/2nd house ) through her hands ( Gemini ).

The 7th Ray (connected to healing and to the etheric planes ) physical body is suited to receive and distribute prana and is inclined also to use hands in healing.  

The Earth ( Spleen ) in the 2nd house is related to the pranic triangle through which the prana circulates. Earth is the hierarchical ruler of Gemini, thus indicates the circulation of prana through the Etheric body.

In August 1935 the progressed Venus reached the conjunction to the natal Uranus and in November 1935 it reached the square to the natal Sun, thus activating the natal Sun/Uranus square.

This is a major and significant alignment of energies because the rulers of the Ascendant ( Venus/Uranus ) came together by a major progression and thus providing a door of entry for the Soul energy to enter the Etheric body.

In August 1935 the progressed Moon was in opposition to the natal Venus.

Transiting Chiron was making square to the progressed Venus/Uranus conjunction and transiting Neptune was making conjunction to it.

Transiting Jupiter was square the natal Uranus and opposition the natal Sun, the transiting Uranus was square the progressed Sun and transiting Chiron conjunct the natal Sun and transiting Neptune square the natal Sun.  

Now let me give you a simple breathing exercise which has for its main objective the increase of the potency of the heart centre.[ Sun conjunct Jupiter in Gemini; the transiting Jupiter making square to it ]

The Breath is related to the Etheric body and the centres and also to the process of invocation and evocation.

Remember that the evocation of the rhythm[ Uranus/7th Ray ] of the heart centre [ Sun/Jupiter ] is demonstrated in the early stages by an increasing understanding of individuals and a growing awareness of group problems.[ Aquarius ]

Later it produces definite group consciousness[ Aquarius ] and awareness of the Plan. [ Sagittarius ]

Transiting Jupiter, the Soul Ray planet and eso ruler of Aquarius, entered the sign of Sagittarius in November 1935.

You will note that most of the work I have given you here links the three aspects of your thought life – the creative imagination, the mind and the intuition – and it is the bringing about of this synthetic linking which is my present objective with you.

The breathing exercise she was given engaged the creative imagination and the meditation following the breathing exercise was focussed on the Heart centre and the intuition ( unpublished papers ).

The motive for breathing exercises is Soul control.

The Heart ( Jupiter ) is the custodian of the power of imagination ( Neptune ) and imagination is the seed of the intuition. ( Mercury/Neptune ) The creative imagination ( 4th Ray/Mercury/Moon ) is conditioned and controlled by the illumined mind ( Mercury/Venus ) and the agent of creative imagination is visualisation.( Venus/Mercury/Neptune ).

The three aspects of her thought processes are indicated through the linking of energies between Mercury-Venus-Neptune; Mercury-Venus-Moon; Mercury-Venus-Jupiter;

Creative imagination is stimulating/activating the Ajna centre and subsequent control of the Throat centre.

Uranus, in the Capricorn decanate of Virgo, is trine Saturn in the Virgo decanate of Taurus gives a strong hint of 7th Ray energy. Both planets ( Saturn/Uranus ) carry the 7th Ray as do the two signs ( Virgo/Capricorn ).

Saturn in Taurus tends to block the light/illumination and Uranus in Virgo enhances the power of the analytical detail. Thus this combination can produce, what the Tibetan calls, the analytical brain. This would enhance the possibility of her having the 7th Ray physical body/brain.

Uranus has its fall in Taurus and gives a promise to awaken the mind to the intuitive response to the light and illumination and this is her task to do so.        

Then we would have Uranus ( awakened ) trine Neptune ( intuitive ) and Saturn ( mind ).  Mercury conjunct Venus ( as rulers of Virgo/Taurus and Neptune being their eso dispositor ), as the Soul mind or illumined mind.  

Saturn/Neptune conjunction is placed in the Virgo ( discrimination/analysis ) decanate of Taurus ( vision/illumination ) and thus creates a link between Saturn/Neptune ( intuitive mind ) and Venus, as the ruler of Taurus ( visualisation/Ajna ) and Mercury, as the ruler of Virgo ( analytical mind ).

Neptune is the esoteric dispositor of Mercury/Venus ( placed in Cancer ) and is linking the analytical mind ( Mercury/Virgo ) and visual mind or visualisation ( Venus/Taurus ) with the intuition ( Neptune ).    

Bear this in mind and learn first of all to discriminate between these three; then to use them sequentially with facility and finally to use them simultaneously. May I ask you to write three short papers on these three thoughts which I gave you for the unfoldment of the intuition, so that others may benefit thereby?

The progressed Mercury sextile the natal Saturn ( exact in March 1936 ) indicates the difficult work with the mind. Mercury/Saturn are planets of discipleship and are always involved in difficult tests upon the Path of Discipleship.

Imagination is the sensitivity of the Astral body and is related to the lower mind ( Kama-manas ). It is the opposite pole to Buddhic sensitivity so the imagination must be first purified before it can become sensitive to the Buddhic impression or Intuitive perception. ( Venus/Mercury conjunction in Cancer, in relation to its eso dispositor, Neptune in Taurus )

Visualisation is the process whereby the creative imagination is rendered active and becomes responsive to the point of tension upon the mental plane through the meditative process.

Visualisation occurs between the Pineal and Pituitary glands and builds the bridge between the Astral and Mental bodies/planes.

Through these processes she was building the Antahkarana and aligning the Astral/Mental bodies and at the same time forming a link between the highest levels of the Astral plane and the Buddhic plane ( intuition ).

The Gemini bridging energy [ Neptune ( veiled by the Sun ) conjunct Jupiter in Gemini ] in relation to the Taurus energy ( light/vision/Buddhi ) and the triangle Mars/Uranus/Saturn-Neptune.

February 1936/DINA I/296,297,298

The discipline [ Saturn ] which always accompanies the accepted disciple for work in the field of the world has been yours most definitely since I last communicated with you. Because you are a disciple, that discipline has taken hold of all aspects of the lower self ( the human self ) at one and the same time.

We see that the aspect of the progressed Mercury ( her Personality Ray planet ) sextile the natal Saturn was operating a few months before it was exact ( in March 1936 ).

Mercury/Saturn ( planets of discipleship ) are again being involved in an important disciplining process which is important for her work as an accepted disciple.

The Solar Eclipse on her progressed Sun ( personality ), in July 1935, brought crisis involving all the aspects of her 3-fold personality.

For you, therefore, there has been renewed physical disability, emotional stress ( of two kinds, is it not so, by brother? ) and mental difficulty and strain. This latter has been the worst and is partly responsible ( though not entirely so ) for the other two.

We have seen the powerful activation of the Etheric body with the major progressions and transits.

The Etheric or vital body is the ultimate conditioning factor in the activity of the physical body and there is no physical activity unless initiated or impulsed by some energy emanating from the Etheric body.

Again we see the progressed aspect of Venus semi-sextile to the natal Mars ( physical body ), exact in June 1936, operating a few months earlier and still being in orb.

The progressed Venus thus concluded the activation of the natal triangle of Sun/Mars/Uranus.

The transiting Saturn/Neptune opposition across the Virgo/Pisces and activating this triangle had an effect also upon her health/astral body and both ( Saturn/Neptune ) still squaring her natal Sun and transiting Saturn opposition the progressed Venus/Mars/Uranus, this situation is far from over.

The progressed Chiron conjunct the progressed South Node and opposition the progressed North Node in February/March 1936 indicates a major healing/adjusting process in respect of her progress upon the Path.

This is further supported by the progressed MC semi-sextile the natal AS in April 1936 and the repeated transit of Uranus square the natal MC.   

For you, the keynote to your essential emergence, radiant and free, is silence and patience [ 2nd Ray/Pisces ] and not too great a use of the analytical mind.[ 5th Ray/Virgo ] Love reveals far more clearly and definitely ( in your case ) than analysis.

The cultivation of silence implied here is related to the control of the analytical mind and elimination of certain mental processes and habitual thinking which must be substituted by deep love.

The Solar Arc Mercury square the natal Pluto ( purging/elimination ) in March 1936.

The progressed Moon (esoteric ruler of Virgo ) opposition the progressed Mercury February/March 1936.

For you, as for all your group brothers, must come concentration upon the work of preparation for the Wesak Festival. Pure channels and released minds are the major requirement at this time, and I call you all to a preparatory purification [ Virgo/Pluto ] and mental discipline.[ Mercury/Saturn ] It is the growing inner momentum of aspiration and devotion [ 6th Ray – Mars/Neptune ] and the increasing “ lucidity “ [ 5th Ray ] of the mind which must constitute the goal for all of you during the next few months, for it is the demand of the disciples of the world which will bring in that which the world needs, and the intensification of light [ Taurus ] in which the real light can be seen.

The major emphasis through the progressions/transits is for her in the signs of Virgo ( purification/correction ), Taurus ( light ), Pisces ( patience/silence ).

The progressed Mars trine the natal Neptune ( aspiration/devotion ) in February 1936 and the transiting Chiron activate the natal Mars/Neptune square.    

During the next few weeks, I would suggest that you concentrate upon “ holding the mind steady in the light. “ [ Mercury/Venus ] This will involve renewed work in alignment, and in the conscious refocusing of the mind towards reality.

In March 1936 there is a concentration of Mercury/Venus/Saturn energies by transit in the sign of Pisces, in opposition to the transiting Neptune and the progressed Venus/Uranus/Mars in Virgo.

The alignment usually carried forward is that of the personality with the soul. This you have largely achieved and the result is that of the calling in of the power which flows from the outer petals of the egoic lotus ( speaking symbolically ), the knowledge petals, to the brain.

This is one of the rare occasions where DK is mentioning the petals of the egoic lotus in His instructions to the disciples and He never says anything without a reason/purpose or a hint behind it.

There are various systems of astrological assignment/rulership of the petals and every esoteric astrologer has his own system/view about this matter. We will look at one of these systems.

The Knowledge petals ( knowledge ) are working out in the Divine Plan which controls all knowledge and converts it into wisdom ( Taurus ).

The Knowledge petals transmit the energy of intelligent activity ( 3rd Ray-Mercury/Saturn ) to the Throat centre, via the three Knowledge petals, the Knowledge petal in the Love petals and Sacrifice petals ( 5 petals altogether – analogy to the 5th Ray ).

Knowledge is associated with the factual world and is connected to memory ( Cancer/Scorpio ) and related to the knowledge petals ( 3rd Ray ) of the egoic lotus and the concrete mind so knowledge is that which brings into working relation the knowledge petals, the concrete mind ( Earth/Saturn ) and the brain ( Earth ) and relates the past ( Moon ) and the present ( Sun ).

We know that the Great 3rd Ray Live is conditioned in His three vehicles by Saturn (  Mental body ) Mars ( Astral body ) and Earth ( Physical body ).

When we look at the placement of these three planets ( Saturn/Mars/Earth ) and their relations/significance to the rest of the energies in the chart, in particular to the mind/brain/Throat centre, we find a rather interesting situation.

Earth ( physical body/brain/concrete mind/Throat centre ) is strongly placed esoterically in Sagittarius ( Sacral/Throat ), in the 2nd house ( Taurus/Throat centre ) or 3rd ARM ( concrete mind/Throat centre ).

Mars ( astral body/physical body ) is in Leo ( the astral permanent atom/change of desire into aspiration and finally into spiritual will, purpose and intent, thus linking Leo to Taurus ), in the 10th house ( Capricorn/Saturn/Throat centre ) or 11th ARM ( Aquarius/physical p. atom and thus linking it to Earth and Mars ).

Saturn ( mental body/Throat centre ) is in Taurus ( motive/intent/Throat centre ), in the 7th house ( Libra/Mental unit or concrete mind ) or 8th ARM ( Scorpio/Astral body and thus linking it to Mars and Leo ).

The strongest link is between Earth and Mars by the placement of Earth in Aries decanate of Sagittarius and the placement of Mars in the Sagittarian decanate of Leo and both are in close trine aspect to each other.

Mars square to Saturn is strengthen by Saturn detriment in Leo and Mars detriment in Taurus.

There is no aspect between Saturn and Earth beside the Saturn having its fall in the Aries decanate of Sagittarius.

What is important is the Saturn exaltation in relation to the Libra AS ( the Soul upon the mental plane and Libra as the mental unit ) and its expression through the Ajna ( Venus ).

From this emerges the confirmation of her powerful mental focus and the Throat centre in relation to the Ajna

It is the energy of the second tier of petals which must now be evoked – those of love-wisdom. It is the inflow of this energy to the personality which I seek to evoke, and which must be the objective of your attention during the coming months.

The Love petals ( energy of attraction ) are involved in the activating and clarifying the motive which brings loving magnetic attraction into action and which we call group consciousness.

The whole second tier ( the Love petals ) opens up fully at the 2nd initiation ( but there is partial unfoldment in the third tier ( the Sacrifice petals ).  

The Great 2nd Ray Life is conditioned by Uranus ( Mental body/Libra ), Venus ( Astral body/Gemini ) and Jupiter ( physical body/Aquarius ).

We note that all these planets and signs are playing a very important role in her chart.

Libra is on the AS and Uranus is the eso ruler of the AS; Gemini is her Sun sign and Venus is the exo ruler of the AS and eso ruler of the Sun sign; Aquarius is her Moon sign and Jupiter is the eso ruler of the Moon sign and is also her Soul Ray planet and is placed in Gemini.

Venus/Jupiter/Uranus are in aspect to each other, forming a closed triangle of energies, in a direct relation to the Sun, Moon and AS and a focus on the Heart centre ( Jupiter ) and the Etheric body ( Venus/Uranus ).

This indicates that when the Love petals are fully opened the Etheric body becomes the conductor of the Love energy of the Soul and the Heart centre can express the Group Love thus evoking the Heart in the Head ( Neptune ).

Neptune is the esoteric dispositor of the Venus/Jupiter/Uranus triangle and indicates her future lives development.

What is her immediate task is to evoke the energy of Wisdom expressing Love.

You have knowledge, my brother, and your spiritual experience is rich. Let this demonstrate now as wisdom, expressing love.[ Venus as eso ruler of Gemini, represents the mind transmuted into wisdom through the power of love ]

Wisdom is the hallmark of the initiate and is revealed through the free flow of ideas intuitively accessed or contacted. ( Neptune, as the eso dispositor of Venus/Mercury, conjunct Saturn and both trine Uranus )

Will you also, my brother, write down what may come to you concerning “ radiation[ 7th Ray – mental radiation or telepathy ] and concerning “ magnetic service “ ? Should you not have the strength and time for both this and the group work outlined by me earlier, then choose the elucidation of these two words – Radiation and Magnetism – in preference to the group work.

The sphere of Radiation concerns the outgoing effect of the centres and is a potent instrument in service and should be cultivated by the pledged disciple. Radiation is the basis of all telepathic communication and group interplay.

Magnetic attraction or Love begins to manifest from the moment when there is a Soul contact and the Love of the Soul flows through the personality and then a state of  receptivity to higher impressions is developed.

We can relate both, Radiation and Magnetism to the condition of the Etheric body and the centres and what kind of energy is flowing through them.

We have already discussed the condition of her Etheric body and the triangle of Venus/Jupiter/Uranus is in particular related to the energies of Magnetism/Radiation.


August 1936/DINA I/298,299,230

The past few months have been times of difficulty[ Saturn ] to you, but they have nevertheless been times of real growth,[ Jupiter ] even if you yourself sense it not.

Transiting Saturn opposition to the progressed Venus/Mars/Uranus and square the natal Sun; transiting Neptune activating the natal Sun/Uranus square.

Transiting Jupiter activates the natal Sun/Mars/Uranus triangle.

Yet, regarding yourself as a member of your group you have offered but little to the united group life of your brothers.

DK is noting her lack of contribution to the group work.

It is so difficult for a person who has sixth ray qualities predominantly present ( either as a result of this life’s direction, or as carried over as predisposing influences from another life, as is your case ), to realise the one-pointed intention ( using this word in the sense in which the Catholic use it ) of a group.

We know that her Personality Ray in the previous life was the 1st Ray. If only her Astral body was conditioned by the 6th Ray, it would not constitute the predominant influence of the 6th Ray. We need to ask if there was a change of the Soul Ray from the 6th to the 2nd Ray or could there have been two vehicles ( Astral and Physical ) conditioned by the 6th Ray.   

One’s own point of view, [ 9th house/Sagittarius ]  one’s own dharma, [ MC ] one’s own problems and one’s own unfoldment are followed so one-pointedly [ 6th Ray/Sagittarius ] and – complicating the difficulty – with such truly right and high motives.[ the eso ruler of Taurus in the 9th ARM ]

With the 6/1 Rays combination it is difficult to realise the one-pointed intention of a group.

Mars ( 6th Ray ) in the 10th house ( Dharma ), in the Sagittarian decanate ( one- pointedness/6th Ray ) of Leo ( focus on self/personal development/problems ), ruling the 2nd house/ARM ( motives/intention ) and squaring Neptune ( 6th Ray ) in Taurus ( motive ).

The placement of Mars in the 11th ARM, thus raising the energy, would change the focus into one-pointed intention of a group.

Moon ( veiling Uranus ) in Aquarius, in the 3rd house, suggests cold feeling nature, with a tendency to allofness and an erratic/active but original mind.

Uranus ( the exo dispositor of Moon ) in Virgo, in the 11th house points to critical/analytical mind which could prove a rather disruptive force in the group work/relations.

Moon ( veiling Neptune ) is the eso dispositor of Uranus and thus giving the opportunity to raise the energy of the analytical mind into the light of the Soul/Christ consciousness ( Virgo/Neptune ) engaging the creative imagination ( Moon in the 5th ARM ).

Jupiter ( the eso ruler of Aquarius and dispositor of the Moon and her Soul Ray planet ) in Gemini, in the 9th ARM, indicates that the intention/goal of the Soul is to one-pointedly express the powerful Love-Wisdom energy of the 2nd Ray in the work of the group.  

The Jupiter square Uranus indicates tension/difficulty in achieving the full, steady and one-pointed ( 9th ARM Jupiter ) expression of the 2nd Ray qualities in the group work due to the intervention of the critical/analytical mind ( Uranus in Virgo/11th house ) and the one-pointed preoccupation with her own personal issues ( Uranus semi-sextile Mars in Leo ).

Uranus, as eso ruler of the AS ( Purpose of the Soul ), is placed in the 12th ARM is calling for detachment, silence and sacrifice to help to fulfil the above indicated task.

When to this is added an intensely critical mind,[ 5th Ray ] the problem is doubly hard. But, brother of old, your intense loyalty to truth, [ 6th Ray ] your truly developed selflessness, [ 2nd Ray ] your strong link with the Hierarchy as a pledged disciple, and your clearsightedness [ 5th Ray ] are contributions to the group life[ Aquarius ] of such value, that I ask you today to attempt to reintegrate yourself into the group in a true and selfless manner.

You have not done the work earlier assigned. Think less and love more. This is the keynote for you during the coming six months.

The Solar Arc Saturn conjunct the natal Venus in September 1936 and inhibits or makes very difficult the expression of love and the combination of 3/5 Rays brings very mental focus.

With most aspirants, the need is to train them to think and reflect, to ponder and to analyse, but you do these with a rare facility. Frequently you analyse yourself [ 5th Ray ] into a cul-de-sac. There is no way out of that cul-de-sac for you except by rising; you can rise on the wings of love and the motive of service into the freedom and the light where the Great Ones walk and live and work.

The energy of mind is dominant and controlling energy during the period of Accepted Discipleship and until the 2nd initiation and disciple at the early stages of his training must learn to investigate his motives under the direction of the Soul love and service to humanity, but she is using her mind so much that it is blocking now her progress and needs to shift/transmute the knowledge into wisdom through the power of love.

The Lunar Eclipse conjunct the natal Mercury and the Solar Eclipse opposition the progressed Jupiter in December 1936 are producing a crisis in relation to the past/habitual use of the Mind and the present opportunity to raise the mental energy through the energy of Love-Wisdom ( Jupiter is her Soul Ray planet ).  

In the assigned meditation given in the last series of instructions, I give you the following to incorporate:

1st month – Orientation. [ Orientation towards the light of wisdom ]

2nd month – Lucidity. Clarity. [ 5th Ray/clarity of vision ]

3rd month – The Peace which passeth understanding. [ Libra/Shamballa ]

4th month – Integration. [ into the group/Hierarchy ]

5th month – Group Life. [ Aquarius ]

6th month – The radiant Way. [ Antahkarana ]

The progressed Moon entered Aquarius in November 1936 and the transiting Uranus square the progressed Sun.

Transiting Jupiter square the progressed MC, opposition the natal Mercury/Venus and activating the natal triangle of Sun/Mars/Uranus.

We shall otherwise leave your work to be completed, if you so will.

She is told that if she wants her participation in the group work will be terminated.

February 1937/DINA I/300,301

You have been so personal, [ Cancer ] my brother. You have insulated yourself behind a wall of silence,[ 12th house/Pisces ] and cannot be reached.

The Solar Arc Mars square the natal Mercury in Cancer in February 1937 resulted in emotional/mental irritation and her Astral body gone out of control ( Mercury is on the Mars/Pluto midpoint ). This indicates a decision made under personality influence not the Soul control.

Transiting Saturn will enter Aries ( where Mars/Mercury are the rulers ) in April 1937 and is making any initiating activity very difficult.

Transiting Saturn in Pisces made the last contact by opposition to the progressed Mars in January 1937, indicating a break/withdrawal.

The progressed Moon ( exo ruler of Cancer ) made its second return to its own place and opposition to the progressed Sun and thus heralding a new cycle of development. Its conjunction to the IC and entry into the 4th house indicates changes in her relationship to the Ashram.

The karmic opportunity [ Saturn ] was offered you, but you recognised it not.

My definition of the type of glamour[ 6th Ray ] from which you suffer with facility drove you behind this wall in hurt pride [ Jupiter ] and resentment[ Cancer ] that your brothers should know your weaknesses.

Transiting Neptune ( glamour ) conjunct the progressed Venus/Mars/Uranus in Virgo ( purification/correction ).

Are you yet so imperfect and are you yet so unloving that knowledge need evoke criticism and resentment, instead of love and understanding? This you could not face and hence your retreat. Thus, you work out your problems in solitude away from your esoteric group which you will again find at a later date, though probably – not inevitably – in another life.

The implications given are such that it is not certain she will find her way into the group in the next life even though she will stay connected through the inner link.

There are series of lives of interlude spent in Libra ( middle to late 2nd initiation ) where the personality is being perfected, the first part of the Antahkarana ( from personality to the Egoic lotus ) build and stabilised in the mental matter ( by Saturn) and the second part of the bridge ( from the Soul infused personality to the Spiritual Triad ) starts to be build in the light ( by Mercury ). That is one of the reasons why these two planets ( Mercury/Saturn ) are so important at the stage of Accepted Discipleship.

Jupiter ( Heart ), Neptune ( Solar Plexus ) and Venus ( Throat ) condition the 2nd initiation and the Love petals of the Egoic Lotus are unfolded ( the 6th petal of Love/Sacrifice perfected ) prior to the 2nd initiation.

We have seen the important role the three planets ( Venus/Jupiter/Neptune ) played in her life and how the next step for her was to evoke the energy of the Love petals into her personality.

Pisces ( related to Sacrifice ) is the controlling energy of her Gemini/Sagittarius polarity from the 6th ARM ( correction/adjustment/purification ) and Uranus (the esoteric ruler of AS ) is in Virgo and placed in the 12th ARM ( renunciation/redemption of karma ).

This tells us that a major work of correction in relation to her Soul’s purpose ( AS ) needs to be done through sacrifice.

If we count the Egoic petals in a straight forward manner ( from Aries to Pisces ), the 6th petal ( Love/Sacrifice ) would be ruled by Virgo ( the placement of the eso ruler of the AS ).

The esoteric rulers of Virgo/Pisces ( Moon/Pluto ) are in trine aspect and Pluto is related to the destructive Will or Will of sacrifice.

The implications are that she is in a process of developing/opening the 7th and 8th petals ( the 7/8/9 petals are opening upon the Fixed Cross ).