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Studies of Individual Instructions
R. V. B.
commentary by Michael D. Robbins

November 1931




Due to slight differences in the coordinates for the longitude and latitude offered for Los Angeles, one may derive different Ascendants when one uses the same time of birth. The longitudes used by Elena Dramchini are slightly father north and west than those offered by the atlas for Los Angeles, but as the derived Ascendant has been well tested by ED, it was decided to use the same longitudes and latitudes. Given the kind of subjective information offered in DK’s personal instructions, we cannot use hard events for timing. Some flexibility must therefore be allowed in the derivation of the angles of the chart.

To you, my brother, my words are as follows: You have this life stepped out into a greater measure of release than was anticipated by your soul or by Those Who watch upon the inner side of life. The day of opportunity opened for you and you took it. I have sought within your aura for that with which I should deal and my message for you is perhaps an unexpected one — the message of speed. Not hurry nor the rushing forward into experience with undue haste, but the steady, conscious quickening of the vibration which leads to power. Your outer demonstration gives not full expression to the pulsating life within; the activity of your soul is limited by your physical plane movements. More rapid coordination between the inner and the outer is needed and this at no cost to your achieved poise nor your really fine efficiency.

You will know whereof I speak for, in your high moments, you annoy yourself by your slowness of response to the things which are inwardly sensed. You have poise, courage and knowledge and the "way of the disciple", which the disciple has to tread, is known to you, but the cells of the physical body need more rapid sensitising and this through the bringing in of energy and not through diets or [Page 264] other physical plane means. For the next six months send the energy you may contact to the throat centre — not to the physical throat, but to the centre which lies back of the physical organ up the spine and yet outside the physical body altogether. This fact should be remembered by all disciples. The seven energy centres are to be found about three inches behind their locations as usually denoted. If this is borne in mind, much physiological danger will be avoided. Rapidity of spiritual reaction in all the cells of the body is the word for you, brother of mine....

Go forward in strength (which you have) and in peace (which is yours) and in poise. For you, breathing exercises will do much.

1.                  The Tibetan begins His instruction to RVB (Rapid Reaction/Vision/the Breath) with an important statement, revelatory for esoteric psychologists. RVB has achieved more than his soul anticipated! (Others have, perhaps, achieved less.)

2.                  The soul (really, the Solar Angel) is a highly-intelligent being who can make estimations just as a Master will; and the Solar Angel is not infallible. Freewill is an important principle, and the human being can surprise even the Great Ones. We are told that not even the Christ knows what humanity will do.

3.                  It appears that RVB surprised also the inner Teachers — such as the Tibetan and other watchers from the inner side of life.

4.                  RVB was alert to opportunity. If the rectified astrological chart for RVB (carefully prepared by Elena Dramchini) is correct (and evidence points in that direction), then the proposed Aries Ascendant would assist with the seizure of opportunity and the unexpectedly rapid advancement. Libra, too, (powerfully ruled by Saturn, God of Opportunity) also inclines towards an awareness of opportunity (or, negatively, towards opportunism).

5.                  As the Tibetan scans RVB’s aura for a point of departure, He chooses to discuss “speed”. He calls this choice “unexpected”. It would seem that something very Uranian was occurring in RVB’s life (and, indeed, it is for him a powerfully focal planet).

6.                  DK calls for a “steady conscious quickening of the vibration which leads to power”. He does not call for “hurry nor the rushing forward into experience with undue” (qualities correlated with the proposed Aries Ascendant of RVB, and to which he may have been prone, despite his proposed Taurean Moon). Re, the Moon, it has to be either Aries or Taurus (as the day of RVB’s birth is known). Issues surrounding speed or lack of it would correlate with either an Aries or Taurus Moon.

7.                  DK is seeking to bring the “pulsating life within” into greater manifestation, noting that RVB’s “outer movements” are impedimentary to this emergence. If the soul is seeking to express through an Aries Ascendant and if the “prison of the soul” (the Moon) is in often unresponsive Taurus, then what the Tibetan says here would make real sense.

8.                  The rapidity which the Tibetan is seeking is not, however, of an essentially exoteric nature, for RVB is poised (Libra) and has “really fine efficiency” (a third ray body with Mars as the exoteric ruler of the proposed Aries Ascendant in efficient Virgo). The task, rather, is a coordinative one, between inner and outer, and, presumably, ‘higher’ and ‘lower’.

9.                  Inwardly, it would seem, RVB is very alive, but there is a tamasic aspect operative which subjects the outer man (and probably very much the physical vehicle) to a certain inertia (one of the problems with Taurus). Given what the Tibetan says about lack of responsiveness, the choice of a time of birth yielding a Taurus Moon is very reasonable).

10.              RVB has “poise, courage and knowledge, and the ‘way of the disciple’” is known to him. Poise is a Libran quality; courage belongs to Aries and Mars; knowledge is a more general quality.

11.              It is the cells of the physical body which need sensitizing. This fact points to the limitations of the proposed rising Moon in oft-unresponsive Taurus.

12.              RBV is warned away from over-reliance on diets and other physical plane means. Perhaps he was attempting to use these to correct the problem. It would not be a surprise, as Aries is a very physical sign and Mars (as orthodox ruler) in Virgo (a sign inclining those it influences to much exercise and dieting) would make the approach to such physically-based expedients vigorous. But DK is looking for occult measures to correct the situation, not external ones. Here we see Mars functioning as quite an exoteric planet, even though associated with the proposed Ascendant.

13.              DK is asking RVB to consciously send energy to the throat center. The throat center is ruled by the third ray and is connected with the activity aspect of deity (for the third ray is the ray of “Active Intelligence”).

14.              Note that DK cautions not to send energy to the physical throat, but, rather, to the throat chakra. This is a general principle and all of us can apply it to our attempted S/self-stimulations. Particular chakras are the targets of the streams of energy we may send (or invoke) and not the physical organs or glands associated with those chakras. If the energy is sent to the chakras, proper regulation may ensue; otherwise, overstimulation and physical problems may be the result.

15.              Some technical explanation is here given. The chakras are to be found “three inches” behind their locations as usually denoted. Knowing this helps us determine where to send the energy streams we may imaginatively direct.

16.              The Tibetan is looking for a very physical effect (“rapidity of spiritual reaction in all the cells of the body”) but He is not looking for strictly physical means of achieving this.

17.              RVB is asked to forward in strength, peace and poise. He is told that he possess all these qualities. Again, we see the very probable Aries/Libra polarity — strength emanating from Aries, and both peace and poise from Libra. RVB’s strongly fourth ray nature should also help him ‘travel’ as the Tibetan suggests. It would appear that RVB had learned to respond to the higher aspects of the fourth ray and had achieved results connected with the Integration Formula for that ray — “Steadfastness”. Of course, the Taurus Moon would help with steadfastness.

18.              Breathing exercises are strongly recommended for this disciple, as part of the general program of correct etheric stimulation (with its inevitable physical results).


June 1932



You have carried much responsibility and done much work with fortitude, and you must now remember that all periods of strain are but preparatory to the handling of still more work with increased efficiency and speed. Of one thing I would seek to remind you. All disciples who are being trained for that stage called by the inappropriate name of "accepted disciple" are being taught to use their own magnetic vibration to gather to themselves those who will constitute their own group, those whom they can specifically help. This work, they are taught by being put into a position of trust in relation to their fellowmen. Your work is, therefore, the work of training people to be workers and so fit them to be cooperators with the Plan. You will contact those who need you not as a leader or teacher. They will be those whom you know and feel require training and help. They have to be taught to work inclusively and to be animated by intelligent love. Take them into your aura and hold them in the light. Note their increase of capacity and later their individual reaction to you yourself. By this you will arrive at an understanding of your vibratory, magnetic capacity. The soul's nature is love and love is the great attractive force.

1.                  It appears that RVB really knew how to work strenuously. The proposed Aries Ascendant and Mars in Virgo would incline towards intensive labor (though Libra, at times, inclines to just the opposite — interlude and rest).

2.                  For this man (from reliable reports, apparently, Alice Bailey’s secretary) the reason for strain would be obvious, as would the very great need for efficiency and speed. He already possessed a “really fine efficiency”. One wonders whether the seventh ray might have been a ‘legacy ray’. Prominent rays in previous incarnations are effective in present ones.

3.                  Master DK is training this disciple for very necessary labor. Given the demands of RVB’s work, the word “training” is entirely appropriate.

4.                  Technically, the disciples gathered by the Tibetan for personal training in group work over a number of years were “accepted disciples”. Later in His instructions to them, DK says so. Here, He talks about training them to become “accepted disciples”.

5.                  Note that DK is not too fond of the term, “accepted disciple”. He prefers “accepting” disciple, yet uses both as terms distinct from each other. The “accepted disciple” must first be the “accepting disciple”. Probably there is too much potential selfishness associated with the term “accepted disciple”. The disciple’s concentration is sometimes sidetracked towards a consideration of how the Master regards him or her, and the very necessary task of decentralization does not proceed as rapidly as desirable.

6.                  Here DK speaks of magnetism. It is necessary for all those who would be accepted disciples to become magnetic so that they may draw others to them for the impartation of soul quality. All accepted disciples (consciously or otherwise) are in process of forming a group whom they can help.

7.                  DK speaks of positions of “trust” in relation to one’s fellowman. Accepted disciples learn to work as they must by being placed in or assuming “positions of trust”. RVB, clearly, is in a position of trust.

8.                  The Tibetan outlines RVB’s work’ (presumably, as an accepted disciple). He is to train people to be “workers”. This is somehow very fitting given his strong sixth house emphasis in the proposed rectified chart, for the sixth house is house of work, labor and discipleship training.

9.                  DK tells RVB what kind of people he will be contacting. They will not need RVB as a leader or teacher, but they will need him to help them become workers for and cooperators with the Plan.

10.              The Tibetan advises RVB to work occultly with those he seeks to help, those whom he feels require training. RVB is to take them into his aura and “hold them in the light”. He is, in a way, being asked to work as the Master works. Exposed to RVB’s inclusive and intelligent love, those he is trying to help will benefit. RVB is to attempt to notice the effects of this occult work.

11.              DK is trying to educate him to become aware of the magnetic potency of his own aura, and to teach him how to use that aura as an instrument of service.

12.              It is subtle work, occurring behind the scenes. The one served is to benefit, but also the server. DK is offering, simultaneously, a plan of service to benefit those served, and an educational plan for the server whereby he can become more aware of his occult capacity to serve. We can see that much self-observation will be involved, and a searching for subtle effects in the ones who are served.

13.              Perhaps, the lesson in this for us is that there are many ways to serve. Service has been construed mostly in outer terms. For the true esotericist that strictly outer orientation must one day change. RVB is being offered an opportunity for such a change. It is a kind of experiment.


In reference to my comment anent "accepted disciples," I would remind you that, after all, the Master accepts no one. He only recognises achieved capacity and ability and then endeavours to use them for the furthering of the divine plan. Disciples need to enquire, therefore: Does the love aspect in my nature draw people to me personally so that I can help them or does it set up a soul interplay between them and me? This is something that I would have you study and do. The extent of your magnetic radiation could well be doubled and is not yet equal to the power latent within you.

1.                  Master DK tries to dissipate potential glamors around the term “accepted”.

2.                  Instead He emphasizes recognition of the disciple’s capacity, followed by the attempt to put the disciple to work. We must ponder the distinctions and relations between “recognition” and “acceptance”.

3.                  The Master uses the material with which He is presented. We disciples are the “material”.

4.                  DK focuses on the kind of magnetism emanating from the disciple. Is it personal or of the soul? Clearly, the latter is preferred and most useful.

5.                  DK wants RVB to study his magnetism, the extent and quality of his attractive power.

6.                  Note that DK combines the thoughts of magnetism and radiation. These two are really inseparable dynamics. DK speaks of “magnetic radiation”, and the necessity to double it. From time to time the Master will speak quantitatively to disciples, for instance, telling them the degree to which various chakras are unfolded. This reference to doubling gives RVB a realization of how much effort in this regard the Master expects. This is wise, as disciples need to be guided regarding how much energy to expend in the pursuit of specific tasks.

7.                  The Master knows the disciple’s aura. In this case he detects latent, unused power. His depth of penetration into the true nature of the disciple was a constant source of surprise to AAB. DK did not select these disciples arbitrarily. He knew what was “in” them.


The mantram which I have chosen for you is intended to embody a statement of your life purpose. It is as follows:

"I know the Law and towards the goal I strive. Naught shall arrest my progress on the Way. Each tiny life within my form responds. My soul has sounded forth that call and clearer day by day it sounds. The glamour holds me not. The Path of Light streams clear ahead. My plea goes forth to reach the hearts of men. I seek, I cry to serve your need. Give me your hand and tread the Path with me."

Your usefulness to my group is that of emotional poise. See that you lose it not, whate'er betide. It means more than you can realise to your co-disciples.

1.                  Every disciple should know or, seek to formulate, a statement regarding his/her life-purpose. The formulation may not be correct, but the very effort to do so brings the disciple closer to an apprehension of that purpose.

2.                  In this case, the Master sees and indicates the purpose. This may save time.

3.                  Although this mantram seems as if it could have been created long ago, there is something about the wording which suggests that DK (a poet, it would seem, in His own right) formulated it specifically for RVB.

4.                  The notes of Law is sounded in the very first sentence and ties in with the Libran emphasis in RVB’s chart as well as with the very close conjunction, by longitude and declination, of Saturn (the planet of Law) and Mercury (with Saturn, the other planet of discipleship).

5.                  Steady progress is enjoined and that responsiveness of the tiny lives which DK discussed with RVB in the first instruction.

6.                  The note of magnetic inclusiveness is given. The mantram speaks of a “call”. It appears to be a call to attract those souls who can be served. The mantram presents an urgent plea for the opportunity to serve.

7.                  There is reference made to “the glamor”, not to glamor in general. Presumably, RVB would come to understand the specific glamor meant.

8.                  The mantram ends on a note of intensity — an intense longing to serve. One senses DK helping to mobilize RVB for vibrantly responsive service. This mantram is anything but inert; it counters the problem with inertia which DK quickly, and from the first, brought to RVB’s attention.

9.                  DK tells RVB of his gift to the group — “emotional poise”. Apparently the harmony aspect of the fourth ray is strongly at work, along with the Libran emphasis. As well, the astral body is on the second ray — a ‘gentling’ influence.

10.              DK seeks to strengthen RVB’s realization of the value of that poise. In those days, many difficulties lay ahead for the world, and for disciples in the world. By indicating a particular strength, DK is working for the reinforcement of that strength.

11.              Simply understood, one with emotional poise will not easily become emotionally upset. So many difficulties arise when people lose their emotional balance. Much good work is stopped for that reason alone. DK sees into the group relations of those with whom RVB works, and alert him to his steadying influence.

12.              A Master always has to be careful. Compliments often have negative effects; criticism can bring desirable results. Or just the reverse may be true. The Master must carefully estimate just how much to say and when. There is always risk, as the response of the disciple is not known with certainty.

13.              The same is true for us when we counsel or advise those to whom we are spiritually responsible. To “speak proportionately” is a great gift, and indicates wisdom.


January 1933



Since I last communicated with you, you have had many conditions to face which have inevitably promoted growth and developed your intuition. This latter faculty is steadily awakening and for you one of the ways of externalising your inner awareness is through the use of a spiritual diary. Gather seed thoughts out of your consciousness and deepen your grip upon these thoughts by putting them on paper and enlarging upon them as you write. Your meditation each day can be made to serve such a purpose also and the two requirements for right meditation (where you are concerned) are the formulation of such seed thoughts and definite visualisation work....

1.                  The intuitive, buddhic consciousness is for RVB a point of cultivation. His ray structure inclines towards this cultivation. There was only one other disciple with a fourth ray personality and fourth ray mind (LDO), and for that disciple, too, the cultivation of the intuition was important.

2.                  Perhaps it is, among other things, a question of numerical resonance, for the fourth ray correlates to the fourth, or buddhic, plane.

3.                  A strong hint is given for all of us: if we wish to externalize our inner awareness and deepen our grip upon intuitive thoughts, the spiritual diary is a most suitable instrument for the task.

4.                  The “definite visualization work” encouraged by DK, also correlates with the strong presence of the imaginative fourth ray.


The reason for the meditation which I am giving you is to foster a close intuitive recognition of the reality which lies behind the group of disciples with which you are now associated [Page 266] through your relationship with me. Another is the stimulation of the throat centre through which you must learn to work during the third stage of the meditation work assigned.... Watch the meditation work with care and communicate with A.A.B. should you feel the need of advice.

1.                  The group-of-nine with which RVB was associated was the group of Telepathic Communicators. One can see how important the cultivation of the intuition would be for the right functioning of this group.

2.                  Note that RVB’s group affiliation derives from his relationship with the Master. Without the link to the Master, he would not be associated with that group.

3.                  There is a continued emphasis laid on the throat center — a center promoting creativity and activity. Two planets closely associated with the throat center are Saturn (given by the Tibetan) and Mercury (the esoteric ruler of RVB’s Ascendant connected with speech and thought formulation). These two planets are conjuncted in RVB’s proposed astrological chart and exactly parallel. It would seem that he had a special responsibility in relation to the expression of the throat center as later instructions will make apparent.

4.                  AAB was the senior disciple supervising all this work on the outer plane. She was more experienced than any other disciple in the groups-of-nine, except, perhaps, for FCD (though his experience was along rather different lines). The Tibetan frequently recommends consultation with her.


Your contribution to my work you know. You have to present a stable focal point; you must be a wise guide and friend and you must hold steadily the reins of government with self-effacement and yet with true insight. This is the task for you, my brother. You must also foster impersonality in those who work around you; this can only be accomplished as you yourself learn to be more impersonally personal. Impersonality is not hard for you but the more difficult task of personal interest and contact is to be achieved, for you will unfold by that method. What you have done is known and recognised, brother of old, but for thanks you look not.

1.                  DK restates RVB’s intended contribution to the work.

2.                  The frequent mention of stability and poise is interesting, especially in a disciple with so much fourth ray — a ray of instability in those who are inexperienced with its use.

3.                  DK seems to be emphasizing RVB’s abilities in the sphere of relationship, foe he is to be “wise guide and friend”.  He is also to “hold the reins of government”, probably as one who manages the office and its many lines of work. The Libran energy can be used for stabilization, ensuring that all proceeds on an “even keel”.


June 1934



The door of opportunity — growing out of the intensified effort of the next two years — opens wide for you. You have perhaps noted, as you have read the instructions given by me to my group, that I am somewhat changing my approach and giving each of you a slightly more intensified personal interest. The reason for this is that at the beginning of this fourth year of our work together, I am forced to recognise your sincerity as a group and your willingness as individuals to conform to the requirements. This sincerity and willingness have been voluntarily given. This warrants a greater effort on my part — an effort called forth by the group itself. My time is most precious at this period of world activity but I am willing to cooperate with the group if they continue to evidence willing service. Given a little more personal training, the result may be out of all proportion to the effort on my part.

1.                  This disciple has a special relationship to opportunity; he seems adept at recognizing it and seizing it (proposed Aries Ascendant). An intensified effort over the next two years will open the door to opportunity. The general lesson here is that by intensifying our point of tension we can, as it were, force a wider opening of the opportunity’s door.

2.                  DK speaks of changing His way of working. He intends to offer “more intensified personal interest”. The Master works under the Law of Economy and co-measures the energy He bestows upon His chelas. Because they have sincerely and willingly attempted to conform to requirements a greater response is evoked from Him.

3.                  There is a lesson in this for all of us: the higher worlds (of which the Master is a representative) will respond proportionately to the quality and intensity of the effort made in the lower worlds. All proceeds according to law and balance (Libra, again).

4.                  We do realize that our individual and group progress depends upon our willingness and our sincerity.

5.                  In this case the quality of the group life has sounded forth as an intensified invocation which, according to law, must evoke the response of the Master.

6.                  The Master states that His time is “most precious at this time of world activity”; His global responsibilities in a time of rising danger to human civilization must have been onerous. Nevertheless, He intensified His attentiveness to the group, anticipating the possible flowering of the experiment. He evaluated increased attentiveness as a good ‘spiritual investment’ for a possibly high spiritual ‘return’.

7.                  At that period in the training process, it appeared as if there could be the kind of success for which Master DK hoped.


Bear in mind that as I think of you (when communicating with you at the time of the full moon each month) it will inevitably produce a stimulation and a pouring-in of energy. This is only now constructively possible. We, who teach, have [Page 267] to guard our disciples from the potency of the group which we represent. The risk of over-stimulation is always real and present. It is for this reason that you will find it of value to study with care all the instructions which disciples in my group (whom you may know) may be willing to share with you. My spiritual interest and its consequent effects in energy form are spread over the entire series of teachings, given individually or to the group as a whole. In this way, the potency is somewhat stepped down; the group becomes more closely integrated and the life of each disciple, the problems of each and the achievement of each become part of the group life, the group problem and the group achievement. I commend these words to you for consideration — life, problem, achievement or, presenting them as a duality, life-consciousness and form-activity.

1.                  The Master speaks of stimulation. When a Master’s thought is directed to a chela (especially at a period of energy intensification such as the period of the Full Moon), energy will pour in. Obviously, the Master must be careful about the intensity and duration of His thought when focussed on any of His disciples. Overstimulation and other undesirable results could also eventuate if the chela’s vehicles were not in the right condition to receive the additional energy.

2.                  Some years had passed since the beginning of the training period. DK evaluated the group condition and judged that such an intensification could finally be constructive.

3.                  Through a reserved attitude, the Master is not only guarding the chela from His own energy, but from that of the group which He represents — namely the Spiritual Hierarchy of the planet. Students may think it would be in their favor to achieve an ever-closer, more intense relationship with Hierarchy, but premature intimacy would damage them greatly.

4.                  We can see how the energy of the sign/constellation Libra contributes to the Master’s functioning; evaluation and balanced judgment are consistently required of Him.

5.                  What sorts of problems might arise through “over-stimulation”? Why must the student guard and be guarded against it? It is all a question of control. The lunar vehicles are, for the average disciple, incompletely subdued and ever ready to assume an undue prominence which would lead to wrong action and the wrong expression of energy. Plans carefully laid can be thwarted by lack of careful execution. The balance between energies and forces, and of forces amongst themselves can be upset with the result of distorting consciousness and the action which flows from consciousness. On the spiritual Path, goal-fitting patterns are being carefully constructed. They require much care while under construction. They can easily be damaged by the inappropriate application of unsuitable energies and forces which overstimulation tends to promote.

6.                  Probably there is a certain watchfulness we exercise upon ourselves. Probably we monitor what we think, feel and do. To do so is part of self-training. Some of us, having fallen into difficulty one way or another, are watchful lest it happen again. Vigilance with respect to ‘personal energy management’ is our ongoing concern as disciples. Can we feel when we are becoming over-stimulated? Do we sense the warning signs and can we stop the process before it goes too far? Some practice may be required and some wise mistrust of familiar force-dynamics.

7.                  The Master encourages RVB to do exactly what we are doing — to study the personal instructions of the various disciples. Of course, the disciples gathered into DK’s experiment often had the advantage of knowing personally the fellow disciples whose instructions they might read. The reading experience would therefore be richer in personal understanding. We do not know the persons to whom these instructions were directed and so we must look for general truths, applicable to many disciples. In some ways, this may be an advantage as we cannot be distracted by the strictly personal factors.

8.                  There is a principle in the Master’s approach which warrants consideration: we might call it ‘deintensification through distribution’. The Master lives and functions at a certain level of intensity. He has instruction to convey, and the fulness of that instruction is more than any one chela can assimilate at any given moment. The content that the Master wishes to convey is, therefore, strategically spread throughout the group, appearing in various of the instructions. Chelas within the group can, over time, access each other’s instructions, and slowly and gradually assimilate the entirety of the Master’s transmission. In this way, the Master can convey what He thinks He must, and yet the disciples are protected from receiving too much, too fast.

9.                  DK’s method of distributing the group instruction also promotes group integration and cohesion. Individual problems are not considered as pertaining only to the individual; they become part of the group process. The individual life is blended with the group life; individual problems and achievements become group problems and achievements.

10.              We are dealing, really, with the ‘Principle of Sharing’ — both the good and the not so good. In this process, the participating disciple learns to think of others as part of his/her own process. A ‘growing together’ (in two senses of the phrase) occurs.

11.              DK is vitally interested in group cohesion as a prelude to real group usefulness. The entire process is ‘staged’ so that a disciple must go to other disciples in order to complete his/her knowledge of the Teaching.

12.              I do now know exactly when it began, but it is clear that in later instructions the personal letters to each member of a group were gathered together and made available to all other member of a particular group. Perhaps the Tibetan, in advising RVB, is referring to accessing letters which were written to members of other groups-of-nine, as, for instance, those in the Trained Observers did not receive the instructions addressed to the Magnetic Healers (and vice versa). RVB was in the group of Telepathic Communicators, but he obviously knew, on close and personal terms, disciples who were involved in other groups.

13.              As group members apply their impersonal thought to the sequence “life, problem, achievement” (with respect to themselves and each other) much will inevitably be learned. We can see that it is so in our own lives. To a degree, we have the opportunity to proceed in a similar, though less specialized, manner.

14.              The Tibetan presents a duality for our consideration: “life-consciousness” — “form-activity”. He is interested in fusing these dualities. The first two aspects of divinity are connected with the first pair; the third aspect with the second pair (though the second aspect of divinity is the “form building aspect”).

15.              This fusing or drawing together is a special focus for RVB, and was stated in the very first instruction to him. We can see from his ray structure (containing so much of the second and fourth rays), and from his astrological chart (with its considerable Libran emphasis — Sun, Mercury and Saturn in Libra), that he was ideally suited to promote the magnetic processes of integration and fusion.

16.              DK wanted these groups to become organic wholes. It would seem that certain of the disciples had greater responsibility than others in making these processes of ‘whole-making’ real. RVB was one.


In this connection (for I choose my words with care) I would remind you in particular, my brother, that the wise disciple regards all outer expression on the physical plane of experience as achievement. There is no essential failure. At this stage in the life of the disciple, there may be a failing to meet the requirements with perfection; there may come cycles of aridity and of a seemingly static condition; there may be times wherein the sense of futility is deep and real. But none of these will be lasting. The grip of the soul upon its instrument, the personality, is too strong for these cycles to be more than transient episodes.

1.                  DK is offering a particular piece of advice to RVB. Perhaps He had detected in His disciple a concern about lack of achievement or, even, a sense of failure.

2.                  DK says something most interesting: the wise disciple “regards all outer expression on the physical plane of experience as achievement”. This is an unusual statement, to say the least, because, usually, we judge some outer expressions as successful and some as failures.

3.                  Disciples and aspirants are frequently the victim of the “fear of failure” (an occult remedy to which is addressed in A Treatise of White Magic).(TWM 305-306 630-632, 634-635) DK finds that He must frequently counter this tendency, for no good work can be accomplished when a disciple labors under the sense of failure.

4.                  A principle is brought home: “There is no essential failure”.

5.                  Then DK catalogues those experiences which are usually seen as indications of failure — imperfect meeting of requirements, cycles of aridity and seeming stasis, and a deep and real sense of futility. These are the usual discouragements, are they not, and which one of us has not suffered from them?

6.                  As a Master, DK, of course, speaks from greater experience. He knows that no matter how discouraging such conditions may be, they cannot last, because the “grip of the soul upon its instrument, is too strong for these cycles to be more than transient episodes”.

7.                  We can surely see that this kind of teaching is not meant for one disciple alone. It applies to each of us and must be applied when times are dark and the point of tension is lower than, perhaps, is should be.

8.                  This phrase, “the grip of the soul” is very important. It is a Vulcanian dynamic, and demonstrates the Will of the Solar Angel in action. I don’t know how many of us feel “gripped” by the Solar Angel or “higher self”, but it is a very real experience. It is the experience of being under the sway of a force greater than oneself, and held in a stream of energy which compels (Vulcan) towards the fulfillment of a will higher than one’s own.

9.                  There is a triangle between Mars, Venus and Vulcan which is pertinent here. Once Mars (representing the personality) is subdued and directed, and, shall we say, ‘domesticated’ by Venus (representative of the soul), the fusion of Venus/Mars can be subjected to the will of Vulcan which represents not only the Will of the Solar Angel, but the will of the spiritual triad and monad.

10.              Vulcan is the planet of persistence, and it is the persistence of the Solar Angel which guarantees that no state of personality limitation will be more than transient. The Solar Angel (and we, as a soul) will prevail. When this is realized, discouragement becomes unnecessary (however understandable and difficult to avoid).


I am not proposing to change your meditation work at this time. Continue with it as outlined to you in my last communication. Seek for the symbol to be found above the head of each of your co-disciples. This is an interesting form of work and for you at this time most developing. Bear in mind that in the interplay of love (that which goes forth and that which is given back) will suddenly come revelation. A few hints at this point may prove useful to you:

1.                  An interesting piece of occult work is here suggested. RVB is to “seek for the symbol to be found above the head of each of your co-disciples”.

2.                  Will this symbol be the same in the case of all those within a particular group, or will it be individual and distinctive to each disciple?

3.                  “Let the mark of the savior as the group toils in Pisces be seen above the aura of the group”. (R&I Rule XII) Again, in this kind of work, we find an emphasis upon the intuition and also upon the second word in RVB’s personal ‘formula’, for V=“Vision”.

4.                  Note the Tibetan’s use of words. He says that the work will not only be “interesting” but “most developing”. We can understand from the latter that it is a form of work whose time has come — developments in RVB’s life are right for its appearance and are in process of unfoldment. More importantly, pursuit of this exercise will lead to RVB’s rapid development (subjective development) and may also assist those with whom he is associated, and towards whom he ‘looks’ when seeking to register the subtle symbol. In any case, this method of work is pregnant with possibility. It is definite intuitive work, seeking to register the impression of  that which apparently intangible in form.

5.                  Another important statement is given:    

“in the interplay of love (that which goes forth and that which is given back) will suddenly come revelation”.               

If we wish to see something essential about our brother, something deeply important but normally invisible, the “interplay of love” is essential. “Love reveals”, we have often been told. Intuitive revelation does not come through analysis alone. Love opens the door to deep ‘sight’. When we love someone, we understand them and, before long, we ‘see’ that which will help us love them even more. These are mysteries of perception which concern the use of the second ray, and explain why the Christ, so infallibly, knows “what is in man” and is the “true Psychic”.


1. In the linking of the heart and the ajna centres will come increased ability to do this work. This linking will come as you pour out love to your fellow disciples and as you endeavour to focus your consciousness between the eyebrows (the ajna centre). It is here that you have failed in technique....

1.                  We can see the Tibetan working with RVB on “Vision”

2.                  The ajna center is the center of vision, and love (pouring through the heart center) reveals. Thus the linking between these two centers is important is one is to ‘see because he loves’.

3.                  A twofold approach is suggested: pour out love, and center the consciousness in the ajna center. Presumably, these can be done simultaneously.

4.                  The Tibetan is specific; right focussing in the ajna has been missing, and thus there has been a failure in technique. In RVB’s astrological chart we do see the importance of Venus (ruler of the ajna center, ruler as well of his Sun sign, Libra, and conjunct the esoteric ruler of Libra, Uranus).

5.                  A principle is operating here: ‘right relations will bring revelation’. RVB is to affiliate with his fellow disciples under the Law of Magnetic Impulse (governed by Libra — cf. EP II 120) and, as a result, come into increasing understanding of his brothers and of the secrets of his brother’s heart).

6.                  There is much in the life of this chela which is related to the balancing and fusing of the polarities. Libra, the fourth ray, and the second ray are all involved in the process. The fourth ray, as well as the fifth, can be closely related to the ajna center, especially in the chart of the highly developed disciple (i.e., especially at and after the third degree). (cf. EH 151)


2. Direct your thought energy (which is the carrier of love energy) to the ajna centre of each of your fellow disciples....

1.                  This is an important hint for all of us.

2.                  If we wish to reach another with illumined, loving thoughts, how do we reach them? A technique is here offered.

3.                  We can see lines of connection developing from heart to heart and ajna to ajna.

4.                  Notice that thoughts are to be carriers of love. When this occurs, throat, heart and “eye” (ajna) are allied. The throat creates the thought; the ajna directs the thought, and the heart provides the substance of love which pervades the thought. This is occult work.


3. Study with care the instructions given to your fellow disciples, and seek to fit more definitely into the general plan. You are inwardly freer than heretofore and must endeavour to keep your personality life free and simple. I think you will know within yourself wherefore I am emphasising to you, at this time, the two words: Freedom. Simplicity. They are, for you, the key to successful service. Let nothing and no one remove you from your achieved inner poise. Yet turn not your back on aught of joy or happiness which may come your way and that may increase your efficiency in the work — the place wherein your soul, your karma and your link with my group have placed you.

1.                  To study the instructions given to one’s fellow disciples will reveal with increasing clarity the plans of the Master, as well as promote the cohesion of the group.

2.                  The more exactly the disciple can fit himself/herself into the Plan, the more useful the disciple is to Hierarchy and the more serviceable to humanity.

3.                  The Tibetan is offering some advice with respect to the living of the personality life. It may be that RVB was in some danger of binding himself in some way. Later, we see that he did, indeed, choose a partner, and this had the effect of removing him, for a time, from the Tibetan’s work. Perhaps, the Master was seeing these possibilities and, therefore, enjoined the quality of Freedom upon His disciple.

4.                  We can recognize Freedom and Simplicity as Sirian qualities. The Master is eager for RVB not to lose his balance. Often DK has commented on the importance of RVB’s poise (an achieved poise). The Master seeks to see this quality preserved as it is such a considerable gift to the group.

5.                  In fact, it seems quite certain that the Master is foreseeing the entry of another into RVB’s life: “let nothing and no one remove you from your achieved inner poise”. DK would not have RVB reject the “joy or happiness which may come your way” (in the form of a relationship?), but, simultaneously, reminds RVB of the position where his soul, his karma and his link with DK’s groups have placed him.

6.                  We do see prophecy in action?  It was RVB’s responsibility to balance (Libra) these two aspects to his life — work and love. The Tibetan would not have him turn his back on love, but foresaw that the balance would not be easy to preserve, for RVB did, indeed, leave the work for a time, as his life became more outwardly bound (“Freedom” had been enjoined) and personally complicated (“Simplicity” had been enjoined).

7.                  It is interesting that DK hints that the joy or happiness coming to His disciple might even increase his efficiency in the work. We remember that RVB was already possessed of a “really fine efficiency”. We see the Master’s balanced approach to this disciple who was, among other things, obviously learning the Libran lesson of balancing the subjective and objective worlds.

8.                  The advice from DK can also be taken as general and can be applied to all of us. Joy and happiness, from whatever sources, can increase our efficiency, our service, our usefulness, and we are not to turn our back on them. It is not a Spartan approach, nor ascetic. The advice is wise and balanced. There may, indeed, come times in a disciple’s development when draconian or Spartan measures are required. Shiva will have His day, eventually, in the experience of every advancing unit of life. But Master DK knows with realism the present condition of His disciples, and for the great majority of them, that ‘day’ had not come.


The speeding up of your vibratory capacity has proceeded satisfactorily. If you can maintain this increase through the power of your meditation, you will bring your inner bodies into such a rhythm that the demands of the future will find you equipped to meet them.

That you may with steadiness and joy go forward to the work of the coming year and that you may give to the group the measure of your strength is my prayer for you.

1.                  That which the Master sought to institute since the very first instruction to RVB (namely, the “speeding up of vibration”) has been proceeding satisfactorily.

2.                  Note that, as in the case of JWK-P, meditation is suggested as the key to empowerment and achievement.

3.                  DK is attempting to “key up” His disciples so they will be equal to future demands.

4.                  Each of us, in various ways, also needs a “keying up”, a heightening of vibration — the result of properly instituted processes of refinement. A life of exquisite sensitivity awaits us, sooner or later, depending upon the “pitch” we are able to maintain.

5.                  Steadiness and joy are in the prayer of the Master when He thinks of this disciple. Note the use of the word “prayer”. DK did not say, “meditation”. DK, it seems, does pray —  for the Work and for His students — and says so. When He says so, it has an especially evocative effect on the student, stimulating, so it would seem, his earnestness and his aspiration.

6.                  From the first, DK wanted to see RVB more magnetic and radiant. Through the keying-up process that magnetism and radiance have increased. DK wishes RVB to bestow it in an appropriate manner, according to the “measure” of his strength.

7.                  The word “measure” is so important. Disciples must measure themselves against the requirements demanded by soul and Hierarchy. The Master measures His disciples, evaluating their assets and liabilities. Energies and forces must flow in proper measure to maintain the balance of nature and cosmos. A life of “divine proportion” and correct measurement in all exchanges is desirable. We are (in manifestation) limited units of life, but the “measure “of what we have can and must be made available in service. Part of the deglamorization process is to “co-measure” ourselves properly, thus ending distortion and establishing truth. This requires the faculty of comparison — a faculty with which a Libran individual, such as RVB, is innately endowed.


July 1935



I gave you in my previous instruction much upon which you can still work. There is much that you have not yet fully grasped and I would like you to re-read what I said with renewed care and understanding. With the exception of two of this particular group of disciples, all are in training for greatly extended service and that service will begin to take form very shortly.... Until that time arrives, work at an intensification of your understanding and heightening of your vibration.

1.                  We see that the Tibetan is very aware of the developments within the consciousness of His chelas.

2.                  The two in the particular group-of-nine who may not be in training for “greatly extended service” are certainly AAB (it is hard to imagine how her service could be further extended than it was) and probably, FCD or JWK-P (both of whom were already involved in very extended service, though JWK-P’s service was to extend greatly after the passing of AAB).

3.                  Occasionally, a disciple experiences a period of back-sliding. We note that in the instruction immediately preceding this one, the Tibetan stated that RVB’s progress in speeding up his “vibratory capacity” was proceeding satisfactorily. Now, in the instruction immediately following, we find a renewed emphasis on the “heightening of your vibration”. We have to ask whether commendation can work against advancement. For some it obviously does so; for JWK-P, apparently, it did not.

4.                  The Tibetan continues His emphasis on the necessity for keying-up. The great ‘Goodwill Initiative’ of 1936 lay not far ahead. It was to have been an opportunity for the New Group of World Servers and men and women of goodwill to push through, helping humanity avoid the very great and immanent dangers presented by growing German and Japanese militarism. We can see the Tibetan “keeping up the pressure”.

5.                  There is a lesson in this for all teachers and mentors. When does one apply pressure and when does one relax the application? When does one enjoin towards greater accomplishment and when does one recognize and, even, commend that which has been accomplished? There is no hard and fast rule here, and the intuition must dictate. Judging from the Tibetan’s experience, we might conclude that, usually, commendation is less successful than continued application of pressure.


In the daily round of duties and of detail comes for you the opportunity to transfigure life in terms of accomplishment. In these words are to be found for you the objective of this life's endeavour. True accomplishment involves a life of steady radiance and stable uniform activity; but, brother of mine, in this activity and general accomplishment there must come — as the years go by — what I might call crises of achievement. There must be culminating moments when the uniform activity climaxes into hours of dynamic crisis. Then one cycle of work ends in some direction or another and a new cycle of activity commences in the same place and within the limits of the same general endeavour; this is consciously recognised as a new beginning. Unless such moments of crisis occur, the life simmers down to a general dead level and (even if useful) offers not the chance for an extreme effort with its consequent need to draw upon the full resources of the soul.

1.                  A statement formulating “the objective of this life’s endeavor” is given:

“In the daily round of duties and of detail comes for you the opportunity to transfigure life in terms of accomplishment”.

This should be coupled with the mantram given above which was “intended to embody a statement of your life purpose”:   

“I know the Law and towards the goal I strive. Naught shall arrest my progress on the Way. Each tiny life within my form responds. My soul has sounded forth that call and clearer day by day it sounds. The glamour holds me not. The Path of Light streams clear ahead. My plea goes forth to reach the hearts of men. I seek, I cry to serve your need. Give me your hand and tread the Path with me."

2.                  The first sentence sounds the note of persistent and repetitive labor leading to a high result. The second statement (the mantram) carries the quality of the heart and soul.

3.                  In the shorter statement there may be a hint as to the stage of development reached by RVB and his next step head. The word “transfigure” is used, and may hint at the necessity of working towards the initiation of transfiguration (whether in the present life, or more probably, in a life to come). RVB gives evidence of having passed the second degree, for he had achieved emotional poise (one of his major gifts to the group). Now, through hard and selfless labor and the persistent cultivation and radiation of love, an opportunity is being offered to move towards the next station in life — a transfiguration based upon very practical accomplishments in the daily round.

4.                  RVB is working on the cultivation and sharing of steady radiance, and he can be relied upon for “uniform activity” of a productive kind, but we find the Tibetan urging him towards a “crisis of achievement”. The danger with this disciple is the possibility of simply “going along”, usefully but not dynamically.

5.                  We find DK asking for a “new cycle of activity” within the context and “limits of the same general endeavor”. A “new beginning” is to be made so that “the full resources of the soul” may be invoked.

6.                  It is an ongoing principle in this type of work, that all of us are capable of much greater effort than we are making, and much greater intensity than we are sustaining. We may not believe this to be the case, but in moments of forced achievement, we can prove the thesis to ourselves.

7.                  The Taurean energy often tends, when focussed in the lunar vehicles, to induce plodding. “Keep on keeping on” was one of the persistent mantrams utilized in the Lucis Trust, and a very useful one. But no great moments of crisis are normally promoted by this sign when the Moon is found in it.

8.                  While Libra can be considered a sign of crisis (through choice necessitated) from another perspective, it is not, and neither is Aries, the proposed Ascendant.        

“It is for this basic reason — founded upon the above triple relationship — that Libra is the ‘point of balance’ in the zodiac. In most of the other constellations, at some stage or other, there comes a ‘point of crisis’ wherein the effect of the energy pouring through the sign (via the ruling planets) to man is at its highest point of effectiveness. This in time precipitates the crisis which is required to release the man from the planetary influences which condition his personality and bring him more definitely and consciously under the influence of the sign of the zodiac. But in Libra there is no such point of crisis any more than there is in Aries. [Bolding MDR] There is only the interlude of balance as a prelude to a more effective and sensitive progress upon the path. It is the same in Aries. As it is esoterically said: ‘Before creation, silence and the stillness of a focussed point.’ This applies to both Aries and Libra — the one in a cosmic and creative sense and the other in an individual and progressive evolutionary sense.” (EA 248)

9.                  We can see, then, why DK is trying to provoke a crisis of achievement, otherwise the routine will simply take over, and breakthroughs will not occur.

10.              So we find that DK is calling for “extreme effort” (and this from a man whose strength appears to be poise, steadfast strength and the avoidance of extremes). In this case we see the Master forcing progress, and applying that kind of pressure to His chela which the chela would probably not apply to himself, because he did not sense the need for it, or was unable to formulate a proper response to a vaguely sensed but ill-defined need.

11.              We have all probably had the experience of feeling ‘forced from within’ by the soul or some inner and higher urge. Perhaps the soul of RVB was trying to “get through” to the inattentive or insufficiently responsive personality. In this case the Master, knowing soul intention and having intentions of His own, lends a helping hand. We can understand the advantages of being in close touch with a surveillant Master, and also the pressures which one would experience as a result.


The routine of the daily demands can usually be met by the technique of an aligned personality and in your case this is particularly so. It must, however, have in it — if it is to be adequate to the demands of this day and period of opportunity — those moments wherein the personality demands the full cooperation of the soul. Every such moment of fusion increases the personality potential and its vibratory influence; it also initiates those unfoldments that profoundly and deeply change the rhythm of the life. In these days, all working disciples must learn to use their entire equipment and every aspect of their physical nature, the whole man in the threefold world of human evolution.

1.                  As secretary to AAB, there were many routine, daily demands. RVB was personally efficient and when his personality was aligned, within itself, he could handle the many daily demands through personality efficiency.

2.                  But DK is asking for more. He is asking that there be moments or situations in which larger (perhaps, more global) demands are sensed — demands which cannot be met by personality efficiency alone.

3.                  Unless there are such moments, the personality will not be forced to invoke a spiritually augmentative downflow from greater and higher reservoirs of energy, and, simply, will not grow as it otherwise could.

4.                  DK want RVB to engage in those processes which will demand “the full cooperation of the soul” and not be satisfied with a really fine personal efficiency. The dangers and opportunities of that day and age demanded this more intensified approach.

5.                  We can see DK working with RVB for a more complete integration of soul and personality and, thus, a more complete soul-infusion. In a way, spiritually, DK is trying to ‘upset the balance’ which RVB is good at maintaining.

6.                  RVB works with and within a certain life-rhythm. (As one who worked for five years at the Lucis Trust Headquarters in New York, I have, perhaps, some idea of what that rhythm could have been, for life in Headquarters was very regular and rhythmic.) DK wants to see that rhythm changed, or at least deepened and enhanced. He wants to see the “whole man” galvanized and utilized. An initiate of the third degree is an entirely integrated, soul-infused personality. No part of the man is left out of this wholeness; all aspects are mobilized and mutually complementary. One can sense DK attempting to move RVB towards the achievement of such potentials.

7.                  And what of each one of us? Has our life simmered down to a useful routine unpunctuated by growth-producing crisis? Or have we yet to achieve even that rhythmic regularity and poise which was a foundational attainment for RVB?

8.                  It is up to each one of us to stage those circumstances in our life which will promote maximum growth, integration, infusion and aliveness — not for our own sakes, but so that we can better serve the Great Pattern which is descending through the Divine Plan. A close examination of how we “live the life” is obviously in order, and much will depend upon how truthful we can be with ourselves about the needed changes, and how efficiently and effectively we can make those changes.


One point might here be noted. The extremity of the disciple in service finally draws out the interest of the soul. After the third initiation, the extremity of the soul (speaking symbolically and conveying no true meaning to the aspirant) evokes the cooperation of the Monad. Thus service is the scientific mode, par excellence, to evoke spiritual integration and to call forth the resources of a divine son of God. I am emphasising this to you as I seek to have you note, during this coming year, the points of crisis in your life which are the outcome of the pressure to serve.

1.                  The emphasis of this paragraph is on “extremity”. It means, in the first instance, a condition in which one finds oneself “at the limit” of one’s personal powers and can draw no more from one’s own personal resources.

2.                  It is almost amusing, but it would seem that the soul is not all that interested in the usual affairs and processes of the personality, for it is only extremity that finally draws out the interest of the soul towards the disciple. We should pause to ponder.

3.                  The Solar Angel is quite ‘busy’ in its own ways, and has affairs on its own level to pursue. Human beings are rather self-centered and tend to think that the Solar Angel has nothing better to do than turn its eye expectantly towards the little personality, eagerly seeking moments for possible spiritual intervention. It is all a very anthropocentric point of view.

4.                  The key to uniting with the higher levels of spiritually livingness is to use our own resources completely. Help comes “at the eleventh hour” and after we have done all we can do “on our own”. “God helps those who help themselves” (a multi-layered mantram). The number “eleven” is, somehow, suitable as the “number of the initiate” and also the number of that sign, Aquarius, which rules the Hierarchy.

5.                  Can we urge ourselves towards extremity and at the same time preserve a necessary balance in our daily life of discipleship service? It would seem a paradox, but it is completely possible to be in a condition of extremity without damaging the pattern of our daily routine and the service belonging to it.

6.                  “Extremity” is such an interesting concept. Pondering on it, one finds that ‘deliberate exhaustion of resources leads to their replenishment’. This attitude ties in with the major counsel of the Buddha’s Last Sermon: “Rely upon yourselves”.

7.                  We find however, that extremity is not limited to the personality. After the third initiation, the soul experiences it as well. The term “extremity of the soul” is presented to us as a symbolical statement. None but an initiate of the third degree will know what it really means. Always extremity is an invocation. Every unit of life (on its way to the ‘Great That’) wants to be more. Extremity is a straining towards that “more”. Extremity creates a vacuum into which fulfillment must flow. Let us ponder on being extreme and simultaneously balanced.

8.                  Libra is a sign, however, that seeks to avoid extremes, which may be the reason for DK’s insistence upon extremity for RVB.

9.                  What is the “cooperation of the monad”? What will the “extremity of the soul” evoke from the monad? Perhaps the opportunity to overcome not only personalism, but, even, ‘trans-personalism’.  The enshrouded soul (for the causal body is a shroud) seeks liberation from its confines on the higher mental plane. A higher, wider life (devoid of obstructive individuality) looms head. The monad is the custodian of the principle of ‘divine impersonality’; its power can shatter the ring pass not sustained during ages of personal/individual growth. Without the intervention of the monad, the human unit cannot become a selfless agent of the Divine Will and a conscious extension of the Will, Love and Intelligence of the Planetary Logos.

10.              The causal body is shattered for a number of reasons, but the intervention of the monad, inducing the pouring forth of all causal resources as an ultimate sacrificial gift to humanity, is one potent reason for the onset of that fiery, liberating process. The personality also has its part to play in the liberating process.

11.              So many memorable statements are found in the instructions to RVB. Here is another:   

“Thus service is the scientific mode, par excellence, to evoke spiritual integration and to call forth the resources of a divine son of God”.

12.              Thus, we ponder not only the value of “extremity” but, especially, “extremity in service”. If man is to become the “overflowing cup”, extremity in service is the way.

13.              DK foresees in the year ahead certain points of crisis which will result from the pressure to serve. He seeks for RVB to be more conscious of such moments. One can eventually become an expert in the art of provoking one’s own crises with their enlivening and empowering effect.

14.              While the fourth ray (humanity’s ray) causes frequent crises in the lives of those it conditions, Libra can act as a damper upon the tendency towards crisis, bringing out instead the harmonizing potentials of the fourth ray. Harmony, so customarily useful, can be detrimental to progress if the disciple seeks to preserve it rather than grow.


Note these in the following way and ask yourself the following questions, entering the relation of the crisis in your spiritual diary:

1. What was the form of service which produced the crisis?

2. Was it in the field of the emotional or the mental life?

3. What steps did I take to produce a fuller soul experience in order to meet the necessity?

4. Did the crisis produce any definite after-effects of a relatively permanent nature in the lower bodies?

During the next few years such crises are possible. It is also possible that two of them may pass unrecognised by you. Therefore, my brother, watch with care your daily life and note the moments of opportunity wherein, given a little more stimulation, your field of accomplishment may expand and your vibratory rate be increased.

1.                  DK helps RVB approach an understanding of crisis through the use of certain questions.

2.                  Crisis is of no use unless it produces changes in the quality of the energy system and the ability to serve. DK is seeking for recognized crises rightly handled to produce relatively permanent effects in the quality of RVB’s discipleship.

3.                  DK already foresees the coming of certain crises. Two, He says, may pass unnoticed. Therefore they may not be of an obvious nature. When we think of crisis, we may think too much of external and obvious happenings.

4.                  The effect of telling RVB that two crises may pass unnoticed would serve, however, to keep him “on the alert”, and more likely to recognize and seize opportunity as the potential for crisis appeared. We remember, from the very first instruction, that RVB had seized opportunity and made more rapid progress than his soul/Solar Angel had anticipated. The recognition and seizing of opportunity seems to be one of the keynotes of his life.

5.                  The impending crises may pass unnoticed because RVB’s level of vibration would be inadequate to respond to the proffered opportunity. In short, the rate of vibration of his vehicles would be too slow to respond, and so he would not sense the possibilities at the ‘moment of presentation’.

6.                  He is, therefore, being asked to remain vigilant so that moments for potential heightening and expansion may be seized. DK is always seeking to help refine RVB’s perceptions. The Master wishes him to become a disciple more alert, but the alertness required is subjective and requires the use of the esoteric sense.

7.                  We can see that the kind of growth DK expects of a disciple is often subtle. Achievement or its lack can pass with no outer signs. We are reminded that the kind of training DK is offering is, indeed, esoteric training.


January 1936


As you have seen, my brother, I am not making any vital changes in the work of the group now. An increased momentum in service and a more rapid spiritual reaction at all times should constitute the major emphasis from now on. I have told all of you so much during the past four years that (should I now cease my instructions) you have, both as individuals and as a group in my Ashram, sufficient teaching and information to carry you along the Path for a very long way. But I continue with my task of awakening each of you upon the subtler planes in order to intensify the contribution to world aid that you can make and to stimulate you, as a group, to avail yourselves of the world opportunity for service.

1.                  This instruction begins with a remark for the entire group. Increased momentum in service and more rapid spiritual reaction are required of all group members. DK is seeking an intensification of that which is already established.

2.                  He reminds His disciples of how much teaching they have really received. In the desire to acquire more and more teaching, disciples may forget the value (and quantity) of that which has already been imparted (yet incompletely assimilated).

3.                  Is DK giving a foretaste of the possibility that He may not continue with instructions to these groups? Has He seen something in the groups which hints at the necessity for discontinuation? It must be remembered that a few years after this instruction, He did, indeed, discontinue the first phase of His experiment (and a number of the participants in the first phase were never informed when a second phase began).

4.                  DK wants His disciple to ‘pause and appreciate’ the great value of what they have received. Later (a few years before AAB’s death) when He discontinued the second phase of the experiment, He again reminded certain disheartened disciples that they had been given more than they needed to continue their spiritual growth for the rest of their lives.

5.                  DK is telling his groups that He need not continue the instructions, and they should have no complaint if He did not, but that He will do so for the sake of continuing His attempt to awaken them upon the subtler planes, and for the purpose of stimulating them, as a group, towards greater effectiveness in service to the world.

6.                  One gets the sense that there was also more teaching that needed to emerge (especially along the lines of the Science of the Seven Rays), for He had not yet entered as deeply into practical esoteric psychology as He would in the next several instructions.

7.                  We are reminded that the Master is not seeking to train individual disciples for their own edification. His is a group experiment, and only to the extent that there is real group response and progress is His continued attention warranted.


Go forward, therefore, with the same work as outlined in the previous instructions; during the next six months take as your seed thoughts for meditation three sentences out of that earlier teaching:

1.                  For the sake of better assimilation, DK is advising a recapitulation. He selects certain key points from the teaching already imparted and asks RVB to extract still more from the reconsideration of these three points.

2.                  We note, however, that the Master rephrases the teaching slightly, probably to make a fresh impact on the consciousness of His disciple.


1.                  Transfigure life in terms of accomplishment. True accomplishment involves a life of steady radiance.

1.                  Note that the first sentence is now put in terms of an injunction or command. It is now an imperative. The pressure is on.

2.                  We are given a slightly different perspective on the meaning of “true accomplishment” or achievement. Steady radiance is required. For those of us who think of accomplishment in more material, formal terms, this sentence gives us pause. If our radiance is not steady, we are not accomplishing truly and transfiguration is not possible. When we think of transfiguration, we realize that a new quality of light pervades and radiates from the disciple. It is Venusian light encountered at the summit of consciousness (the mountain top of initiation). DK seems to be leading his disciple towards a necessary intensification of that light, in preparation.


2. There must ever be crises of achievement which will draw upon the full resources of the soul. These must be demanded by the personality.

1.                  Again a reformulation, a tightening, a strengthening of the originally presented ideas

2.                  Have any of us contemplated what may be the “full resources of the soul”. Two things can be meant: the full resources of the causal body — self-accumulated, or the full resources of the Solar Angel.

3.                  Or, perhaps, there is a third possibility: the full resources of the causal body plus as much of the energy and attention of the Solar Angel as that Angel can possible release without destructive results.

4.                  The law holds good, however; there will be no release of resources (even from within oneself — i.e., from within one’s own causal ‘treasury’) unless the soul in incarnation manifesting through the personality makes the demand. The higher powers force no benevolence upon those lower units who have achieved self-consciousness and, thus, free will. The inquiry, petition, request, demand must first ascend.


3. Understand the technique of an aligned personality, for the extremity of the disciple in service draws out finally the interest of the soul.       

1.                  Extremity and alignment are allied. Have we not had the experience that, under extreme conditions, we may find ourselves suddenly in an excellent state of alignment with all faculties “at the ready”?

2.                  That alignment, often forced by extremity, is what makes increasing soul influence possible. Alignment creates a vacuum. An unobstructed channel is a demand.

3.                  Right alignment is right relationship between all aspects of the human being. When right relationship is achieved, it means than nothing further can be done within the aligned mechanism. Perfect harmony evokes its own disruption. “As good as can be” invites that which, from ‘above’ will make it better.


You will ponder upon these ideas during the coming months, remembering that they embody your needed lesson and your [Page 271] ultimate achievement; and that they also indicate in a most amazing manner the work and the achievement of the New Group of World Servers. 

1.                  The Tibetan, interestingly, is adopting the tone of will rather than suggestion.

2.                  The ultimate achievement for RVB is very probably the third degree (though DK was certainly not offering training for the third degree to the majority of His chelas). If this is so, the three points given are most useful in the training for approaching that degree.

3.                  The injunctions offered are not chosen with only RVB in mind; their usefulness is much broader than that. They indicate, “in a most amazing manner” (says the Tibetan”, “the work and the achievement of the New Group of World Servers”.

4.                  The NGWS, then, is to transfigure life in terms of accomplishment through the achievement of a steady radiance. The NGWS is to engineer its own crises of achievement, calling upon the fulness of its own inner resources and upon the greatest possible infusion of the energy of Hierarchy. The NGWS is to enter extremity in service, thus producing the greatest possible alignment between itself and the Great Ashram.

5.                  The members of the NGWS are not those of small accomplishment. The inner group within this body is composed of those who have achieved the second degree (to which the light of Taurus is related). They are illumined under Taurus, possessed of “enlightened, enthusiastic will”, and are aspiring (again under Taurus) towards the still greater illumination of the Mountain Top.

6.                  Like JWK-P, RVB has responsibilities related to the development of the NGWS.


June 1936



I would commend you today for work accomplished silently within yourself. How much has been done, only you yourself can gauge. A steady re-adjustment has gone forward in your life and in your grasp of the work essentials, and you have succeeded in freeing yourself inwardly from much of the detail work with which you have been confronted. This was my desire; in the future, you can do much towards an aspect of my work which makes the rest of it possible. I refer to the financing of the work which I have planned. Cooperating with those who are endeavouring to procure the needed funds for the work to be done during the next few years will strengthen you inwardly and eliminate that fear which still tinctures much that you do. This fear to which I refer is not due to lack of courage as it is to fear of definite action, of clear speech where individuals are concerned, where the need is for a direct appeal and a straight presentation of the facts is warranted. This fear is being overcome; for this I have much commendation for you because this fear went down into the very roots of your being; it is basic in the form life and also in the specialised activity of the second ray type and is coincident with your second ray ability to react sensitively to others. It is, therefore, a problem to you of peculiar difficulty, as it is a soul expression and not a personality one.

1.                  A word of commendation is offered. The Master’s previous instructions were very clear and definite, and RVB has, apparently, responded to them properly.

2.                  The office work for which he was responsible is full of detail and not very creative. It was well-handled, however.

3.                  DK, however, had a different type of work in mind for RVB, and, essentially of vital importance.

4.                  RVB is to cooperate with others who are attempting to raise funds for the Master’s work. If he cooperates rightly, it will help to eliminate fear from his system.

5.                  DK elaborates upon the fear which “tinctures” much of RVB’s life — not a lack or courage, but a kind of fear of “definite action”, of “clear speech” and of a straight approach. We can imagine that with so much fourth and second rays, and with Libra so strong, the indirect, harmonizing approach would be much more congenial. The first ray is lacking from the present ray formula (though we do not know the rays of the previous incarnation, and Aries, provided that it is the Ascendant, would bring in the first ray energy).

6.                  Here the Tibetan informs RVB that he is upon the second ray. Once could gather this fact from what had been said in earlier instructions, and also from the very second ray mantram which DK offered as embodying RVB’s life purpose.

7.                  DK commends RVB for being in process of overcoming this fundamental fear — the fear of talking directly about money and financial needs. We note that the Taurus Moon connects RVB with the problem of values, of money and its right use. As well, in the proposed chart, he has three planets in the house of finance (the second house) and two planets associated with money (Venus and Uranus) in the sign Scorpio which is also a financial sign relating to “the money of others”. Libra, his powerful Sun-sign, rules “sex, law and money”, and is to be considered a major financial sign.

8.                  RVB’s great second ray sensitivity had made him reticent and hesitant to be direct in such matters. But he recognized that this sensitivity (essentially soul-based) had to be sacrificed in the interests of the greater work.

9.                  DK reveals some interesting facts about fear in general, and about the specific fear of which RVB had been a victim. It went to the “very roots” of his being; it was rooted in the form life; it was fear as a “soul expression and not a personality one”.

10.              If RVB overcame these fears (or at least overrode them), his proposed Aries Ascendant would be very useful in the task. Regardless of fear, the Aries energy causes one to confront, override and overcome. The choice of the Aries Ascendant would be a soul choice. The choice would relate to specific initiatives and ‘overcomings’ required in the forthcoming incarnation.

11.              It is clear that commendation at this point can only strengthen this disciple for further difficult work along this line — i.e., continuing to ask for money for the work.


This whole question of money is one of the greatest difficulty at this time and also one of the utmost simplicity. The difficulty is due to the wrong thought which, for generations, has been brought to bear upon the problem, leading to wrong attitudes, even among the most devoted disciples. The attitude of humanity to money has been coloured by greed, by grasping for the lower self, by jealousy, by material desire and by the heart-breaking need for it which — in its turn — is the result of these wrong attitudes. These wrong attitudes lead to the disastrous economic conditions which we find all around us. They are effects of causes which are initiated by man himself. In the re-generation of money and in the changing of man's attitude to it will eventually come world release. If this cannot take place, then some dire condition will arise; money (as we know it) will vanish off the earth and the situation will have to be met in some other way. Let us hope that this will not be needed but that it will be possible to change the thought of humanity where money is concerned so that it will be regarded as a great spiritual asset, as a definite spiritual responsibility and as a means to real world work. The custodians of money will then shoulder their responsibility without fear and with due understanding. At present, they hold on to it through fear of the future and distrust of each other.

1.                  Here DK offers a lesson to all His disciples, and a major teaching on humanity’s financial woes is offered. One cannot imagine that such statements would be read only by one disciple. It was imperative that they be widely distributed. Probably DK foresaw the creation and distribution of the book, Discipleship in the New Age.

2.                  All the wrong attitudes toward money are eloquently detailed. DK points out that the question of money is at once a question of the “greatest difficulty” and of the “utmost simplicity”.

3.                  DK calls for the “regeneration of money” and the changing of man’s thought in relation to it.

4.                  A prediction is made should this regeneration not occur: money as we know it will disappear — “vanish off the earth”. This is not considered a desirable possibility; a change of thought is much preferred.

5.                  The matter is of vital importance. If rightly handled, “world release” will come. If not, even greater suffering and disaster.

6.                  The “dire condition” which DK anticipates if no correctives to the problem are found, is foreseen today by a number of insightful prophets in the field of economics. Many of them predict a world economic collapse with the most dire consequences. They are not speaking from an uninformed point of view. Therefore, this problem is of great moment and deep concern to all of us.

7.                  DK points to a new attitude of money, devoid of fear, jealous, greed and general distrust. This will be the task of a number of initiates of the first degree who are focussed on the seventh ray (a major financial ray). Their day is soon coming, and their position will strengthen with the increasing potency of the seventh ray, as well as with the increasing potency of the Libra, now waxing in the planetary horoscope (as we are told).

8.                  There is a great difference between fearlessly shouldering financial responsibility and holding on to money in fear and distrust. One can see that the “divine circulatory flow” has been compromised, even jeopardized. This unhealthy condition cannot be allowed to persist.

9.                  Some dire possibilities foreseen or discussed during the years when the teaching was offered never materialized; some did. DK hopes that things will not become so dire that money is forced to vanish. Untold suffering would be the immediate result. It was hoped that the Second World War could be avoided; it was not. On the other hand, a Shamballic intervention was forestalled during the First World War, and again, later, because the Second World War made it (manifesting, perhaps, through a great and general epidemic) unnecessary. Dire experiences do come to humanity, often self-precipitated. Some drastic experiences, however, are not necessary. There are other ways to accomplish important objectives. Fourth ray humanity has a mixed record in its approach to averting disaster.


“It may not perhaps be generally known that at a certain crisis during the Great War[WW I], the Hierarchy of our planet deemed it well nigh necessary to invoke the aid of the Silent Watcher, and — employing the great mantram whereby the Buddha can be reached — called the attention of the latter, and sought his agency with the Planetary Logos.  In consultation between the Planetary Logos, the Lord of the World, one of the Buddhas of Activity, the Buddha, the Mahachohan, and the Manu (these names are given in order of their relative evolutionary stage) it was decided to watch proceedings a little longer before interfering with the trend of affairs, as the karma of the planet would have been delayed should the strife have been ended too soon.  Their confidence in the ability of men duly to adjust conditions was justified, and interference proved needless.  This conference took place at Shamballa.  This is mentioned to show the close scrutiny given to everything concerning the affairs of men by the various Planetary Existences.  It is literally true, in an occult sense, that ‘not a sparrow falleth’ without its fall being noticed.” (IHS 105)

The key to the right expenditure of money and to its correct use can be summed up in the following statement to which I would ask all of you to pay attention:

As money has in the past ministered to personal and family need, so in the future it must minister to group and world need. Each unit has, in the past, attempted to act as a magnet and to attract to itself that which will meet what it regards as its need — using personal activity and labour, if of no influence or education, and financial manipulation where that was possible. Groups in the future must act as magnets; they must see to it that they are animated by a spirit of love. I give you a thought here which is capable of much expansion. Need, love and magnetic power are the three things which — consciously or unconsciously — attract money. But they must all manifest at once. The need in the past has not always been real, though it has been felt (such is the world glamour and illusion). The love has been selfish or unreal; the demand for things material has been for that which is not necessary to health or happiness. The magnetic force utilised has been, therefore, wrongly motivated and this process — carried forward over so long a time — has led to the present dire financial situation in the world.

1.                  Here we have one of the major financial statements in the entire Teaching.

2.                  Essentially, we are asked to adopt an impersonal approach to money, seeing that it meet “group and world need” rather than “personal and family need” alone.

3.                  When an individual or a group is animated by “a spirit of love” they will be successful magnets for money. Thus animated, their motive will be correct. The third aspect (money) will become the servant of the second aspect (love). Selfish and unnecessary gratification will end.

4.                  “Need, love and magnetic power are the three things which…attract money”. The need must be true need; the love must be selfless — not selfish or unreal; the magnetic force must be rightly motivated. And they must all manifest simultane­ously. If anything is lacking in the financial drawing power of an individual or a group, these are the three requirements which must be examined.

5.                  World glamor and illusion have made the right evaluation of these three requirements subject to error.

6.                  Real need can only be assessed in relation to the Divine Plan (which calls for the “illumination of the mind”, the “revelation of love” and the “evocation of the will”).

7.                  Love must be judged according to its personal or impersonal nature.

8.                  Magnetism can be soundly or unsoundly based. Very often individuals and groups are powerfully magnetic for the wrong reasons. Glamor and illusion create huge magnetisms which support false values. So we must determine whether any magne­tism sensed (no matter how great its strength) is representative of Plan-aligned values.

9.                  In order to straighten out the very difficult financial condition in which humanity constantly lives, an entire re-patterning of thought and emotional energy is required.

10.              In all simplicity, we could follow one of the Christ’s golden precepts: “It is better to give than to receive”. Rightly adapted to the world situation, this mantram would go far towards ending the financial impasse.


By the transmutation of these factors and the expression of their higher correspondences — through right love, right thought or meditation and right technique — the financial requirements [Page 273] of the new groups and of the New Group of World Servers will be found. I would suggest that an elaboration of these ideas should be disseminated among all whom you know who could help. I would ask you to ponder much on these ideas for, in the education of the intelligent world servers, this question of money and of right attitudes towards money and right meditation upon money must be boldly faced. The emphasis laid by certain large groups on meditation for the raising of funds (usually for personal use or for the selfish ends of their own particular organisation or group) has been based upon this emerging concept of the group use of money. Being, however, selfishly and personally interested, the money was thought of in relation to the individual and not in relation to the group. This attitude must and will be changed.

1.                  The negative ‘needs’, ‘loves’ and ‘magnetisms’ can be transmuted into their higher correspondences. DK gives the method by which the NGWS can meet its financial requirements. Right thought and right meditation play a key role, as well as “right love” and “right technique”.

2.                  The NGWS is not yet a wealthy body, and the billions needed to finance the “Reappearance of the Christ” are not yet available.

3.                  The whole problem, says the Tibetan is to be “boldly faced”. Probably many of us know the reason why the word “boldly” is used. There is a fear which exists in relation to the presentation of financial needs for spiritual purposes, and this fear must be overcome (largely through a clear and correct understanding of the Divine Plan as it must manifest presently).

4.                  Some have mastered the technique of the “group use of money”. Usually the groups involved have been more selfish than spiritual and more personal than generously global. Always the negative pattern manifests first, followed at length by that which is rightly adapted to humanity’s need. This seems to be a characteristic of the fourth ray which learns through conflict-producing-error a more harmonious and widely-beneficial response.


One thing more I would ask of you, my brother, and of the group who read my words. Money is the manifestation of energy. All energy can be applied in differing ways, being in itself an impersonal and blind force. It can be selfishly or unselfishly used. That, in itself, constitutes the main difference. Motive and creative thought determine the magnetic power of any individual, group or centre. Determine your motive; see that your group ideal and group love are dominant; use skill in action; this will involve right preliminary meditation, plus correct thinking; then you will find that that which you need will be forthcoming.

1.                  DK offers to RVB and to all who read this instruction, the secret of supply.

2.                  The impersonal nature of money is stressed. It is a blind force which can be used selfishly or unselfishly. If the motive is correct; if group love and the group ideal predominate; if skill-in-action based upon right meditation and thinking is employed — then, the need will be met.

3.                  In these few paragraphs, the approach to money which should be followed by the world’s spiritual people is clearly offered. Interestingly, further instructions about the right approach to the use of money are offered in the Libra chapter of Esoteric Astrology. As the sign Libra is growing in power in the planetary horoscope, we can expect that important steps will be taken to the correct solving of this problem which has, until this moment, resisted all adequate solution.


I have little of a personal nature to give to you at this time. With you as with all the group there is much knowledge. You have been given and taught much, both by your own souls and by myself in instructions and in my various books. It is not possible for me to continue ceaselessly telling you that which you already know in theory and which you need now to work out in practice. That working out lies with you individually; when you have worked out that which you know, then more will be forthcoming. I can, however, teach you somewhat anent the newer aspects of group work and this I seek to do and you seek to know.

1.                  Master DK seems to vary His approach in these instructions. Some are strictly personal, and some aspects of such instructions have been withheld from general publication. Other aspects are impersonal, of a general nature and are meant for wide distribution.

2.                  A danger is here pointed out. One can go on accumulating unapplied knowledge forever; it serves no useful purpose and will but increase responsibility.

3.                  DK is calling for the “working out in practice” of that which has been imparted.

4.                  A principle is again stated: when that which is given is worked out, then more will be forthcoming. “Use. Demand. Take”. First we must use what we have, and this, obviously, involves assimilating that which is given.

5.                  Throughout His vast Teaching, Master DK seeks not to repeat Himself (except deliberately and for a purpose). He mind is cognizant of what He has said in this book and that; it is the work of the students to gather what has been said into a coherent whole. Theirs is the search.

6.                  It seems, however, that He always has something new to say. One is mindful of the fact that DK knows He is writing for students in future decades and even centuries. He has a program in mind; He knows what Teaching must be presented whether or not the students to whom He is initially presenting it, assimilate it in its entirety. We have to be grateful for that fact that He persisted despite the incomplete assimilation of those in the earlier groups.

7.                  The Ashram is, after all, an “international group” operating on many levels of consciousness. No small group “owns” the entirety of the Teaching. It is for all who may be drawn to it, value it and wish to assimilate it.


One thing only would I say to you at this time of a personal nature: Rest much this summer; be much out of doors and lay [Page 274] the foundations for work in the coming winter months by much quiet thinking in the open air.

1.                  These bits of personal advice reveal the Master’s deep knowledge of His chelas — in regard to both their abstract-spiritual nature and to their concrete-form nature.

2.                  In the astrological analysis which will accompany this commentary, the astrological reasons for this advice will be offered.

3.                  DK understands the value of interludes. RVB has a Libran Sun-sign and Libra is a sign of interlude.

4.                  Further, the third keynote of for RVB is “the Breath”. There is a need for right rhythm and the ability to breathe both pranically and spiritually.

5.                  The term “open air” may be a hint suggesting intuitive access to the buddhic plane — the plane of “air”


January 1937



Again there is little that I feel the need of saying to you. You are responsive to much teaching upon the inner side and a form of definite reflective intercourse has been established between

a. Your inner, psychical nature.

b. Your soul.

c. Your brain.

This should be gradually developed and cultivated. It is one of the major integrating forces and an adjuster of right conditions.

1.                  Things are going well in the instruction of RVB. Often, when DK has no need to say a great deal in a particular instruction, it is a sign that evident progress has simply to be continued. Sometimes, of course, it may mean that that the disciple has not assimilated that which has been given and must simply continue working along already presented lines.

2.                  We are reminded of how much of the teaching we receive is given inwardly, not only during the hours of sleep, but subtly offered even during waking hours.

3.                  Much of the instruction to RVB has been about cultivating a sensitive response to that which is subtle, and then, about applying that which is subtly learned.

4.                  It is evident that DK has been attempting to promote a more integrated and soul-infused stated in this disciple. The suggested means to this end have been, for the most part, subtle — except, perhaps, for such advice as ‘be more outgoing’.

5.                  We can say that no great, outward adjustments have been required of RVB. His strongly Libran, Virgoan nature requires many internal, subtle, esoteric adjustments.


There is only one thing that perhaps I might at this time emphasise for you and I can do it best in certain occult sentences which I have chosen for you and which take the form of four dynamic injunctions. If you grant them an obedient acquiescence and an intelligent understanding of their meaning, that obedience will increase your vibratory rate and, consequently, your magnetic influence. It will also hasten or quicken your practical output upon the physical plane and enhance your value in the work which you, as a member of the New Group of World Servers, are seeking to do. Let me phrase them for you without comment:

1.                  We note the continuing emphasis on dynamism, an increased vibratory rate and greater magnetism. The earlier mentioned physical quickening is also still a necessity.

2.                  We note that while preserving and repeating the emphasis upon certain qualities to be developed, DK chooses various means of presenting this emphasis..

3.                  We note that for the first time, DK tells RVB that he is a “member of the New Group of World Servers”. At the time of this writing there were only a few thousand members, perhaps less. The following sentences are most interesting in this respect:  

One by one, here and there they are being gathered out and are gathering to them those who are free from the limitations of past political, religious and cultural theories.  They, the members of the one group, are organising these forward looking souls into groups which are destined to bring in the new era of peace and of good will.  These latter who are being influenced by the group members are as yet only a few thousands among the millions of men, and out of the four hundred accepted disciples working in the world at this time, only about 156 are equipped by their thought activity to form part of this slowly forming group.” (TWM 417)

4.                  Is it not interesting that being an “accepted disciple” is not sufficient to ensure than one is a member of the New Group of World Servers?

5.                  It is also interesting that one qualifies to be a member of the NGWS as much by one’s “thought activity” as by more outward criteria.


1. See your outlines clear and let no haze of any kind veil the sharpness of their contours.

2. Let both aspects of the truth emerge within your consciousness — the good, the bad, the true, the false, the real and the illusion. Face both, for both are facts — the one in time and space and the other in eternity.

3. Live on the mountain top and walk there with your brothers. Thus keep the vision clear above the fogs of earth.

4. Fear not to speak the truth, whate'er it be. You love enough.

1.                  The seventh ray is the ray of form; the fourth ray, the ray of color. The fourth ray artist expresses through color, but his grasp of form is not great. DK seeks more sharpness and directness for this disciple.

2.                  The second sentence appeals to the RVB’s fourth ray and Libran characteristics; both the real and unreal are to be faced. It is interesting to note that while both the real and unreal are facts, they are facts in different contexts. The unreal is a fact in time and space; the real is a fact in eternity. Again, RVB is enjoined to link two worlds, holding both in his consciousness.

3.                  Which mountain top? Is Master DK again urging upon him a transfigured life and consciousness? From this injunction, it would seem that RVB had transcended many glamors and was capable of holding the proper ‘altitude’ in consciousness. (Later developments revealed that there may have been areas of his life where glamor still persisted, unsuspected.)

4.                  An important formula is given in sentence four. RVB has had trouble with direct speech. After all, he had so much of the fourth ray and Libran energy, and sought not to disrupt harmony for the sake of truth. Master DK wants him to overcome that particular semi-glamorous sensitivity, encouraging him to speak the truth in love. DK assures him that he has sufficient love to be truthful, for when enfolded by love, the direct speaking of the truth loses much of its power to wound, though not its power to release.


July 1937



As you study your rays, the reason for the close relation between you and some of your fellow disciples will emerge into your consciousness more clearly. It is a relation not only of age-long mutual service and of understanding but also of analogous energies and forces and similarity in use.

1.                  “My Brother”; “Brother of Old”; “Brother of Mine” — these are some of the appellations with which Master DK greets His disciples as He begins various of their letters.

2.                  Within this series, “Brother of Mine” takes the disciple closer to the Master — a step in the growing process of “ashramic intimacy”.

3.                  DK points to one of the values of the study of the seven rays. The affiliation of these disciples with each other is the result of “age-long mutual service and of understanding” but it is also based upon “analogous energies and forces and similarity in use”.

4.                  Some of our own human associations may be based on shared experience through many life cycles. On the other hand, such shared experience is often based upon similar ray structures or on identicality or complementarity of important rays in the energy system. While affiliation is probably not based on identical or complementary physical or astral rays, it can be based on identical or complementary mental, personality or soul rays. The ray of the monad also is very determining in human relations. (cf. TWM 111-112)


Your mental body is on the fourth ray; hence your power to harmonise and to avert conflict, thus acting as a calm centre in the whirlpool of activity with which you are surrounded. This is your dominant contribution to the work; I would have you ponder on this and intensify your effort to play this part and above all to play it dynamically. It is a vital service which you can render, my brother, and you have hitherto rendered it with success. I would have you render it more consciously and, therefore, more dynamically.

1.                  It is interesting that DK begins His analysis with the mental body, apparently a very effective instrument in RVB’s life of service.

2.                  The fourth ray capacity to avert conflict is certainly aided by the presence of so much Libra in the astrological chart. In the proposed chart, Aries is also suggested as important (the proposed Ascendant), but the Sun in Aries is a more ready producer of common conflict than will be the Ascendant in Aries.

3.                  RVB’s calmness is also aided by the second ray astral body, apparently, usually in a condition of emotional poise.

4.                  DK at various points emphasizes each disciple’s contribution to the work. The capacity to work as a calm and harmonizing center is here singled out as “your dominant contribution”. The Master calls for greater intensification in playing the part of a harmonizing center.

5.                  Interestingly, DK is very frequently calling for the intensification of various aspects of RVB’s life. This would fit well with the Aries Ascendant, signaling the manner in which the soul can be reached during a particular incarnation. Aries, we know, is an intensifying energy and dynamic. DK is calling here for greater dynamism.

6.                  This brings up an important point. When a disciple has a certain astrological sign rising, does this mean that the disciple has the qualities associated with that sign in full measure, or needs to cultivate those qualities so as to possess them more fully? Probably, the truth lies somewhere between the two options. Those with a given sign rising are seen to possess the qualities associated with the sign (especially, at first, on the physical and personal level), but the Rising-sign is definitely a ‘sign of intended cultivation’, and its qualities, in a spiritual sense, are meant to grow consistently in the life. It will often be the case that a disciple seems to have more of the qualities of his/her Sun-sign and (at first) less of the qualities associated with his/her Rising-sign (though there are certainly exceptions).

7.                  If Aries is, indeed, RVB’s Rising-sign, it would seem that he needed an infusion of such qualities. Such an infusion would have contributed to the general intensifica­tion of his entire life. In DK’s constant call for intensification, He is simultaneously invoking the presence of RVB’s proposed Rising-sign, Aries. In esoteric astrology, it is the higher qualities of the Rising-sign which are to be invoked and demonstrated in the life expression.

8.                  In relation to RVB’s fourth ray, DK is calling for a more conscious, dynamic expression of its harmonizing power. We can see how if the Aries Rising-sign were enlisted in this cause (the esoteric ruler of Aries being fourth ray Mercury in harmonizing Libra), RVB would be able to more successfully meet DK’s expectations in this regard.

9.                  As any one of DK’s disciples read over the series of instructions addressed to them (as they would, no doubt, do from time to time), they could not help but be struck by the repetition of certain key words and ideas. In RVB’s case, such words or thoughts would be dynamism, speed, magnetism, radiation, poise, stability, crisis, achievement, transfiguration, etc. Thus, does the Master drive the point home until the often-resistant lunar vehicles of His chelas are forced to yield to His insistent impression.


Your emotional body is upon the second ray and your development along this line is sound and good.

1.                  Not much is said here. It would appear that much work had been done in previous lives and in experiences pre-dating RVB’s participation in the groups-of-nine.

2.                  For disciples on rays two, four and six the second initiation is often very difficult, for control of the “formidable astral nature” must be demonstrated.

3.                  RVB, so it would appear, has mastered that particular lesson and probably (given the mention of “transfiguration”) may have mastered the second initiation as well.

4.                  It is rare that DK has such brief and thorough commendation when it comes to the discussion of a disciple’s astral nature.


Your physical body is on the third ray; it is here that your major problem lies. It is closely connected with your mental problem which is that of an increased dynamism. The dynamic power of your soul must pour through your fourth ray mind, galvanising it into a renewed, inclusive, loving, harmonising activity. Be more outgoing (as a part of your self-initiated training) to those, for instance, with whom your daily lot is cast. They need help. Give them of that help freely and fully. The third Ray of Activity which governs your physical body is unduly quiescent and should be awakened by the soul to increased coordinated purpose.

1.                  The third ray is the only hard-line ray in RVB’s entire energy system (though we do not know what the monadic ray may be).

2.                  RVB requires “increased dynamism” in both his mind and physical nature.

3.                  The soul (regardless of its ray) is always dynamic compared to the personality. The dynamism of the soul must galvanize both the mind and the body.

4.                  The mind (note, not the personality) must be galvanized into “a renewed, inclusive, loving, harmonising activity”. This is probably not difficult for RVB, but the term, “renewed” suggests a tamasic aspect to the mind which needed to be overcome.

5.                  We know of the fourth ray that it presents a rather equal mixture of rajas and tamas, qualities which tend to war with each other. Libra, too, has its rajasic and tamasic qualities. The Taurus Moon is often tamasic and resistant to change. DK is asking for the overcoming of the tamasic aspect in RVB’s mind (prone, through the fourth ray, to ‘bouts of tamas’), and in RVB’s physical body on the third ray, which should not, generally, be prone to the state of tamas, for the third ray is the ray of activity. (Perhaps, some idleness is, however, associated with the third ray, as there are third ray types who demonstrate a degree of physical idleness and unconcern about appearances.)

6.                  The physical body is not on the ray-line of the soul (but, then, this would be true of most of those with second ray souls {or souls on the soft-line}, for the ray of the physical body is not usually a soft-line ray). But given RVB’s wealth of soft-line rays, the soul may have some difficulty “getting through” to the physical body, and animating it. This, however, is what DK wishes to see happen. “Increase, coordinated purpose” is the phrase applied to the objective for the physical body. We can see in this phrase the blending of the first and third rays, or, at least, the blending of the will aspect of the soul with the third ray, coordinative qualities of the physical brain.

7.                  With regard to DK’s comments about the quiescence of the third ray, we learn something of importance. Just because a ray is present does not mean that it is sufficiently active. When assessing our own ray condition, we should be attentive to this possibility. Some of our rays may be strongly activated; others may be relatively unexpressive or, as in this case, “quiescent”.

8.                  Determining our rays is one important step in the process of self-knowledge. Discovering the degree of intensity with which they are functioning is yet another.

9.                  DK seeks to produce in RVB a more active and “outgoing” nature. Perhaps the relative closeness of retraining Saturn to the seventh house cusp (where the “other people” are met) inclines towards greater inwardness.

10.              We consistently see Master DK trying to energize RVB, “shake him up”, make him more expressive and spontaneous. The Master knows His disciples before He begins to work with them. He also knows that some of their conditioning is very resistant to change. It is not as if He could give a suggestion or directive only once and see it immediately fulfilled. This is almost never the case.

11.              We could ask ourselves, “If a suggestion or directive were to come from our Master, would we or could we comply with it immediately?” The answer, probably, should be “No”. Besides, the suggestion or directive might refer to something in our nature totally unexpected or surprising to us. Such was the case in relation to a number of the disciples.


The following rays must, therefore, be taken into your consideration as you seek to live as a soul and to coordinate your personality:

1. The soul ray — the second Ray of Love-Wisdom.

2. The personality ray — the fourth Ray of Harmony.

3. The ray of the mind — the fourth Ray of Harmony.

4. The ray of the astral body — the second Ray of Love-Wisdom.

5. The ray of the physical body — the third Ray of Active Intelligence.

You will, from this tabulation, notice the relation existing between your personality ray and your mental ray and that between the ego and the emotional body. These indicate to you lines of least resistance.

1.                  Important information is given here. Before this point, the Tibetan has not mentioned RVB’s fourth ray personality, though the soul ray has been mentioned and inferred.

2.                  One could wonder why no direct mention of the fourth ray personality, nor description of its actions has occurred. Usually, DK spends considerable time talking about the personality and its liabilities.

3.                  Perhaps in this case, the disciple has gone far to making the personality a subray of the soul ray, and it is not causing so very much trouble.

4.                  DK points out obvious lines of least resistance. The personality ray and the mental ray are the same, and thus connected. The same is true for the soul ray and the ray of the astral body.

5.                  DK seems to be saying that the soul expresses itself primarily through the astral body and the personality through the mind, though He is not explicit as He is in the instructions for other disciples.

6.                    The alliance of two fourth rays has made RVB a calm and harmonizing center in the midst of the “whirlpool of activity” which surrounds him. The alliance of the two second rays point very much to the spirit of the mantram offered by DK, which includes such words as these:

“My plea goes forth to reach the hearts of men. I seek, I cry to serve your need. Give me your hand and tread the Path with me.”

7.                  We can see how powerfully RVB’s ray equipment suits him to express as a soul of love.


January 1938



The four injunctions which I gave you earlier have done their work, have they not? You see yourself more clearly now and know yourself, for you have the various aspects of yourself more definitely visioned — the good, the bad, the true, the false, the real and the illusion. This clearer vision — envisaging some aspects hitherto unrealised — will necessitate your living on the mountain top, and in the clear air there to be found to see life true, your task and your co-disciples as they are. You have needed this more definite discovery of yourself in order to advance towards greater usefulness. Some of this knowledge has come to you during the past year, awakening you to certain values, revealing to you many hidden things within yourself and others, and consequently bringing into your life new complications and emerging personal difficulties.

1.                  By using the four injunctions given by DK, RVB has entered more clearly into self-knowledge. Hitherto unrealized aspects of his nature have been revealed to him. It was a necessary revelation to prepare for greater usefulness. With respect to himself he has achieved a more balanced point of view — the gifts of the fourth ray and Libra rightly used. As well, the second ray conduces to extensive self-knowledge.

2.                  DK wants for RVB a deglamorized vision. Given immediate future developments, this kind of perspective would be most advisable.

3.                  DK is speaking of some shocking discoveries made my RVB anent himself and others. Uranus was transiting opposite its own position during 1937 (and over the Moon the year before — 1936).

4.                  There is no use pretending things do not exist when, in fact, they do. All must come to light. We find that revelatory Pluto (by solar arc direction) was also highly active at this time. If a disciple is to live in the clear, clean air of the mountain top, he must know, as well, what is in the depths. The question is, “Will he succumb to that which is discovered?”

5.                  DK foresees “emerging personal difficulties”. These problems appear to have been sufficiently difficult to remove RVB from the work for a few years.


I shall have more to say to you later when the adjustments necessary to your chosen change of circumstance and of life have been made and quiet has settled down again. These periods of upheaval and re-arrangement come at times — sometimes soul induced and sometimes as personality events. They must be lived through, the veiled lessons learnt and the possible expansions of consciousness induced. We facilitate or hinder these expansions by the moves we make; we hasten or delay our growth by our enacted decisions. The true disciple, however, proceeds upon his way at any cost and naught can arrest his progress on the Path.

1.                  Although the matter will be treated extensively in the accompanying astrological analysis by ED, it is useful to point out that during this period the planet of upheaval and re-arrangement, Uranus, was transiting opposite the natal position of the planet Venus (love), the exoteric ruler of RVB’s Sun-sign and of his seventh house cusp (the cusp of relationships and marriage).

2.                  DK is careful and oblique in what He says. He implies that the new arrangements may not last forever when he says that the period of upheaval “must be lived through”. Indeed, this is what happened to RVB; he entered a new arrangement; left the work; “lived through” the new arrangement and returned to the work, some four to five years later.

3.                  DK is not saying whether He thinks the new arrangement is “soul induced” or whether the upheaval and rearrangement is a personality event. He knows it is up to his disciple to arrive at a conclusion. One suspects, however, that the cause was somewhat personality-based as the exoteric ruler of the Sun-sign was involved. Also, the final result of the re-arrangement was not lasting.

4.                  DK implies that there are “veiled lessons” to be learnt in the present upheaval and possible expansions of consciousness to be achieved.

5.                  Clearly DK is presenting RVB with a Libran consideration: facilitation or hindrance, hastening or delay. Life-changing decisions were obviously being made. DK seeks to hold before the eyes of his disciple the possible consequences, but we note that He does not attempt to sway him one way or the other. The important values are presented; the decision is left to the disciple. Besides, it appears to have been something of ‘fait-accompli”. DK could not have forestalled the effects even had He wanted to; the changes were in process.

6.                  DK, looking ahead, is painting a picture of the future. RVB is a “true disciple”. There will be a cost to pay arising out of the present circumstances, and there may be a temporary arresting of the disciple’s progress, but at length the true disciple will pay the cost and break free of all that tries to arrest him.

7.                  We have to note the tact and attitude of non-interference with which DK approached the whole matter. Disciples must be left free to choose their own course of action and resultant fate. The Teacher can only stand by, and, in this case, the Teacher did.

8.                  What DK apparently hopes to accomplish is to have RVB clearly contemplate the consequences of the course of action in which he is already engaged.


I have asked myself what I can say to you at this time that will be of definite value. Four things — brief and to the point — come into my mind as I look at you and feel for you a sense of [Page 277] gratitude for your past consecration to the Plan and a sense of hopefulness for your future service.

1.                  Despite the emerging difficulties and complications, DK emphasizes His gratitude for RVB’s past service rendered and hopefulness for service to come.

2.                  Indeed, such service did come, resumed in 1942 or 1943. Through the emphasis of that which is positive and essential, DK, perhaps, hoped to swing His disciple towards the higher values in relation to the kinds of decisions which he was making and which lay immediately before him.


First: I would say — Deepen your consecration and put first things first. Let nothing and no one stand between you, the vision, the Plan and your fellow disciples.

1.                  DK is asking for prioritization. The two worlds of soul and personality had been raised for consideration. “Let both aspects of the truth emerge within your consciousness…” RVB had pondered on this and had seen eternal and temporal values, soul and personality values clearly.

2.                  At the moment, however, it appears that he is being swept by personality values (perhaps newly discovered in his nature during the period in which the suggested meditation was performed).

3.                  DK sees that circumstances, and perhaps an individual (RVB’s partner?), may stand in his way, unless he deepens his consecration and prioritizes his life.

4.                  It is a Libran moment, and a Libran decision lies before him. On the one hand we find his soul, the vision, the Plan and RVB’s fellow disciples, among whom his soul/Solar Angel has place him; on the other hand we see new circumstances, upheaval, re-arrangements, and a partner whose presence may not have been entirely conducive to the continuance of his work with DK, AAB and his group. DK sees the consequences of the decisions RVB may make. RVB does not see as clearly.


Second: Prepare for complications in your life, for now you travel not alone. Your life has been relatively free up to this time, but the choosing of a comrade must and does in every case bring other issues and other values into being. Upon the planes of soul and mind, you still must stand alone and if you grasp this from the very start you will not find the complications of any great importance. They will only evoke a greater emotional livingness and understanding; this you have needed much and this you now can have. This also you can handle wisely if you live upon the higher arc and do not descend into the world of glamour and illusion. Remember, my brother, there can be equality in love and purpose (from the basic and the essential point of view) but not equality of inner understanding or of point achieved upon the Path. The disciple can do much for the probationer from the angle of the soul. The probationer cannot do the same for the disciple.

1.                  Was this one of the crises which RVB might not notice or appreciate as a true crisis?

2.                  Other issues and values are being brought into RVB’s life, and they are not, it would seem, spiritual issues and spiritual values.

3.                  DK issues very clear advice: stand alone on the plane of soul and mind. Libran people, however, often seek to stand with others, even if the spiritual development of the others is not equal to their own. Such an attempt would bring compromise into a process where compromise is both unwise and counterproductive.

4.                  The relationship (whether a partnership or an actual marriage) is a complication in RVB’s spiritual life, but can have great value for him, as it evokes from him “greater emotional livingness and understanding”. Good can come of it, if he does not descend into glamor and illusion.

5.                  He is to live “upon the higher arc”, but the possibility of descending into the world of glamor and illusion is very real — such are the temptations of ‘romantic’ partnership.

6.                  Librans are egalitarians and seek equality with their partners. Provided that both partners stand at approximately the same place in their “inner understanding” and “point achieved upon the Path” this is very good. Also, there are many areas of life where equality can and must be demonstrated — as DK puts it, “equality in love and purpose”.  But to ignore the difference in inner understanding and spiritual attainment is a decision fraught with difficulty and the possibility of arrested development — for both parties.

7.                  DK plainly states that the partner chosen by RVB is a “probationer”. DK advises that RVB can do much for the probationary disciple from the angle of the soul. The opposite is not, however, true.

8.                  It appears that RVB had to learn this lesson the hard way — leaving the work and returning later. It would appear that the more normal Libran tendencies prevailed, and only later did the proposed Aries Ascendant assert itself.

9.                  We do not know whether the partnership was broken by his return to the work, but certainly the values which originally animated him had taken the dominant position. Nothing and no one were standing in the way of his commitment to the work. Nothing and no one were allowed to arrest his progress.


Third: Go forth upon the future way with courage and no fear. Stand in strength beside your fellow disciples, intent with them upon the chosen path. They stand unfailingly beside you.

1.                  Note that DK does not tell RVB to stand in strength beside his partner.

2.                  The true Path had already been chosen long ago. DK asks for a reaffirmation of that Path, that RVB be “intent” upon it, just as his fellow disciples are.

3.                  He subtly asks RVB to call upon them for strength.


Finally, my brother, become more definitely a radiant centre of magnetic life, fusing the people with whom you may work through love and understanding. That is a hard and difficult task for it means bringing together in the bonds of service many elements which might not otherwise fuse and blend. This involves an understanding, an analysis of human beings and a slow and patient work. As your work may grow and its boundaries extend, you will be faced increasingly with the perplexities and difficulties incident upon human relationships. These must be handled with impersonality, love and silence.

1.                  The Libran person must learn many lessons of relationship. From the earliest instructions in 1931, Master DK was attempting to teach RVB certain subtle lessons concerning soul relationships and expression. Later life developments began to teach him in other ways.

2.                  RVB’s ray structure and astrological chart were ideally suited for leaning such lessons. He had much of the fusing and blending power, much loving understanding, and the ability to persist.

3.                  Only the intuition can handle the perplexities with which an individual is faced when he/she tries to fuse and blend in the bonds of service many of those who might not otherwise fuse and blend.

4.                  RVB in this incarnation is being taught many subtle and difficult lessons about human relationship. The Master adivses, “impersonality, love and silence” — as the way through all perplexities and difficulties.

5.                  One can imagine that even RVB’s experience with “falling in love” eventually served a purpose, widening his range of response, and making of him a more animate being.

6.                  We can understand that RVB was definitely passing through a crisis at this decisive time. Perhaps, however, his eyes were blinded to the full implications of the crisis. Given the potentials of his Uranus/Venus conjunction in Scorpio, perhaps he was swept off his feet and remained during that critical time insufficiently consecrated to the spiritual values which for so many years he had cultivated.

7.                  It is difficult to know how lessons will come to us. The path of progress is rarely steadily linear. There was much of routine during RVB’s early association with the Tibetan. Life had simmered down to the dead level, useful, unexciting and without sufficient crisis to evoke the full powers of the soul.

8.                  Suddenly this all changed. Crisis, great change, upheaval and re-arrangement entered. New choices were inevitable and perhaps the correct decisions were not always made. But life brings good out of evil, light from ignorance, and reality from glamor and illusion. In the last analysis, it was, in the words of Mary Bailey, “a learning experience”.


Seek to integrate others into the service of humanity by yourself standing in spiritual being and radiating love and wisdom. I repeat again for your consideration and help during the coming months the third phrase which I earlier gave you:

"Live on the mountain top and walk there with your brothers. Keep the vision clear above the fogs of earth."

Preserve your meditation as you are now doing. My blessing rests upon you.

NOTE: This disciple is working steadily in the Tibetan's Ashram.

1.                  DK closes by enjoining upon his disciple the need to work occultly by “standing in spiritual being and radiating love and wisdom”. These actions relate particularly to the realm of soul and triad and not to the turbulence which had come into RVB’s life.

2.                  The final piece of advice reaffirms the need to “live on the mountain top and walk there with your brothers”. DK knows the glamor into which RVB seemed to be falling. Perhaps He also knew how long it would take to clear.

3.                  From the mountain top perspective, the usual romantic relationships are all part of the “fogs of earth”. DK held out the hope that His disciple could keep the proper ‘altitude’ during his relationship with another disciple (although a probationary disciple).

4.                  Much of the personal detail of this relationship will not be available. Probably the friends and relatives of RBV are no longer alive and if they were there might be very little they would really know about what happened.

5.                  Other instructions relating to the groups-of-nine continue until 1939 and 1940. RVB’s instructions ended in 1938 which indicate his departure.

6.                  We, too, do not need to know the details. It is sufficient for us to know that he left the work and returned, having again gained a sufficiently clear perspective to do so.

7.                  DK’s final words in this series of instructions to RVB are words of blessing.  The Master can only “stand by” He is not allowed to sway His chela. Immense patience is required of one who sees the contrast between spiritual and normal human values so clearly.


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