Commentary 33: DINA II Studies

Aries FMN/SFF 2006

LAWS-Living Ageless Wisdom School

January 1949


This new year of 1949 is a peculiarly momentous one from the angle of spiritual values.

  1. In 1942, the seven year cycle of the New Group of World Servers coincided with the nine year cycle of Hierarchy. As the three year cycles of the NGWS are contained within the nine, 1942 was also the beginning of one such cycle.

  2. Thus, we find that 1949 was a year in which the Festival Week of the New Group of World Servers would be celebrated—albeit in December, and this letter was written in January.

  3. We note that AAB died during the month of December, 1949, though in the sign Sagittarius and not Capricorn.

Last year was one of decision—as public affairs have demonstrated—decisions which were not always sound and which infringed the principle of right human relations.

  1. It may be that Master DK is referring to the creation of the State of Israel, which had its birth on May 15, 1948. It is clear from the writings of DK that, despite His great understanding for and valuing of the Jewish People, He saw the assimilation of the Jew into the substance of humanity as a far better solution than the creation of a separate Jewish state.

  2. Other decisions within the newly formed United Nations may also have been the target of the Tibetan’s critique.

    “The United Nations has already made a major mistake by their original admittance of Russia—a totalitarian power, as was Germany—to their councils.” (R&I 636)

  3. In the three year cycles of the NGWS, 1948 was a year of Crisis and also, by another terminological method, of Consolidation. 1949 would be a year of Tension and of Expansion.

It was a year of decision for the Hierarchy as well as for many world leaders, both secular and spiritual.

  1. Interestingly, 1952 would be the year of the Great Decision, just as was 1903 and 2001.

  2. During that immediate post-war period, humanity was determining its fate for many years to come. The Tibetan confirmed the analysis of one astute disciple—that as a result of various decisions, the “door where evil dwells” was left ajar.

The disciples of the world were under great and peculiar strain, many of them working off and handling severe personal karma,

  1. This is most interesting. It is as if there was so much concentration upon planetary karma during the war that confrontation with much personal karma was reserved for the post-war years.

and some of them descending into the very depths of realisation—depths where world iniquity and world sorrow confronted them and world issues were made very clear to them.

  1. Indeed, much sorrow and iniquity remained after the war. The Second World War was a great “broom”, but it did not clean all; the paroxysms continued—in India and China to name but two areas of grave social unrest.

  2. The descent to the “depths of realisation” here referenced can be understood as a “dark night of the soul”.

It was therefore a year of peculiar testing and trial, and the more advanced the disciple the greater has been his problem, involving as it has done both personal and world problems. The load upon them has been heavy.

  1. No doubt other cycles were involved in making 1948 so arduous. For much of that year Pluto and Saturn (two first ray planets) were conjoined in the first ray sign Leo, but this was also the case in 1947, and therefore cannot account for the entirety of the difficulty.

To this condition the members of the New Seed Group and those affiliated with them and with my Ashram have been no exception. This new year holds in it great potentialities for expansion and growth and for the progress of all movements, particularly those oriented to the work of the spiritual Hierarchy of our planet.

  1. We note how DK emphasizes the keynote of “expansion and growth” which correlates perfectly with the three year cycle of the NGWS beginning in 1948.

The inflowing force is beneficently potent and the destructive forces which have prevailed during the last few years are not so dynamic.

  1. We see that even though the war ended in 1945, the destructive forces continued potent and prevailed. The following sentences may relate the destructive forces to the planet Mar and the sign Scorpio. Perhaps these influences began at last to wane from the physical plane as well as the astral:

    These subtler senses will supersede the physical senses over which Mars has so long had a successful control, and hence again the growth in the world today of the psychic senses and the appearance on every hand of the subtler and more esoteric powers of clair-voyance and clair-audience. This development is inevitable as the influence of Scorpio and of Mars begins to lessen, as is the case today. The year 1945 saw this influence almost completely vanish, particularly from the astral plane. Astrologers would do well to remember that the influence of the constellations, signs and planets, work out upon three levels of awareness—three descending levels—and are felt first of all upon the mental plane, then upon the astral plane and finally upon the physical plane. (EA 216)

This should be a year of moving forward and of expansion (implemented and directed by the Hierarchy).

  1. Hierarchy works ever with cycles and, accordingly, can foresee potentials.

The spiritual vortex of force which is moving nearer to manifestation will [Page 82] make possible certain moves and will clear away some (though not all) of those forces which have held back the proposed expansion and which have limited the work that disciples all over the world have sought to do. Every disciple has been tested; unsuspected weaknesses have emerged and characteristics which should be straightened out have come to the surface; a few—a very few—have fallen by the way, but a large majority have passed the test.

  1. This is an optimistic assessment.

  2. Within DK’s group and among the remaining disciples, the testing was evident. See for instance, the later instructions of RSU. Those few who remained after the 1946 closure of the New Seed Group had passed many tests.

  3. It is quite important to realize that we all have “unsuspected weaknesses” of which the Master is well aware.

Weaknesses of motivation, of purpose, of technique and of personality faults have been exposed and recognised by truly earnest disciples; this has been necessary, for the incoming energies will render excessive the weaknesses (if they are recognised for what they are) and will enhance the contribution to world service of those disciples who can stand the strain and face themselves with truth and sincerity.

  1. Let us tabulate that which has been exposed by the incoming energies:

    1. Weaknesses of motivation

    2. Weaknesses of purpose

    3. Weaknesses of technique

    4. Weaknesses based on personality faults

  2. It is clear that weaknesses may emerge and yet not be recognized for what they are.

  3. We are told what we must do under the impact of demanding energies: we must

    1. Stand the strain

    2. Face ourselves with truth and sincerity

  4. This is always a most difficult task—humbling, even humiliating, and utterly necessary. This facing is one of the necessary psychological mortifications on the Path of Renunciation.

The call is going out from every Ashram to all workers to close their ranks and to stand together in the closest comradeship of loyalty and understanding;

  1. In these times when criticism between individuals and groups is so rampant, the Tibetan’s advice is immediately applicable.

the challenge is for them to subject themselves (and by that I mean their personalities) to a drastically applied self-discipline, to a purifying process, and to effect those reforms within their own natures which will make them more effective instruments in service.

  1. The call is still of imperative importance.

  2. We note that DK is careful to discriminate between the Self and the personality.

  3. DK is speaking to His disciples even though they have been deep students of the Teaching. Nevertheless, they need a drastically applied self-discipline, a purifying process and a number of reforms within their nature. Shall we take the hint?

I am impressing the minds of those members of my Ashram of whom you have never heard with these same ideas in connection with the work that they may be doing for the Hierarchy.

  1. We see that Master DK is moving forward in a powerful and assertive manner—impressing the minds of all members of His Ashram. One can feel Him using the expansive energy of the second phase of the three year cycle.

It was the knowledge of this coming inflow and opportunity for increased usefulness which prompted A.A.B. to put through the reorganisation of the Arcane School, to close its ranks and to deepen the proposed trend of the teaching and thus to take those steps which will make the work more effective and potent. She has also taken and will in the near future take the needed steps for the effective functioning of the Arcane School after she passes to the inner side of service.

  1. Preparations for AAB’s passing are under way. The Tibetan can foresee the time, and perhaps AAB, herself, also knows. She has about a year remaining at the time of the writing of this letter.

  2. Even though the outer work of AAB is drawing to a close, both she and the Tibetan are asking for mobilization. In fact we see that the motivation to continue the work impelled by Master DK and AAB has continued for many years with keen aspiration and determined purpose on the part of thousands.

  3. The Masters work with the great advantage that they are aware of the cycles of inflow and outflow of spiritual energy. We have access to the timing of only a few cycles; they are cognizant of many.

  4. The principle is clear, however: when there is an inflow, disciples and groups of disciples must work with it. When difficult energies and forces are present, they must learn to hold stead under the inevitable adversity.

The organising and work of the Arcane School is the spiritual project of A.A.B. and with it I have nothing whatsoever to do, nor shall I ever in the future guide or take any part in the affairs of the Arcane School.

  1. This is clearly a protective statement. With the rash of psychic channeling that the Tibetan could well foresee, it might only be a matter of time before claims arose (following AAB’s death) stating that the Tibetan was guiding the Arcane School.

  2. Fortunately those who followed AAB’s footsteps as leaders of the Lucis Trust and Arcane School had the highest integrity and, thus, no hint of the Tibetan’s possible guidance emerged.

That is the task of those whom A.A.B. will choose to carry on.

  1. We note that the one who started the School was at liberty to choose her successors. Given the nature of hierarchical work, this is as it should be.

  2. We note that the Tibetan was not speaking of only one individual for He uses the word “those”.

It is a living organism [Page 83] which will grow of its own inherent potentialities and under the spiritual inspiration of the energy coming from the Ashram of the Master K.H. in which A.A.B. is a worker and disciple.

  1. It was certainly anticipated that the Arcane School would continue to grow even after AAB’s passing. This was indeed the case.

  2. The Arcane School would grow “of its own inherent potentialities”—i.e., by means of the utilization of its own spiritual resources. We see that Master DK predicted that it would be supported by energy from the Ashram of Master KH. AAB is a member of that Ashram. May it be that some of the supporting energy might come from her after her passing?

  3. The blessing of the Master and of His Ashram is sure to descend upon useful instruments, of which the Arcane School is and was certainly one. Having grown out of the Ashram of Master KH, it was sure to evoke His continued blessing if it held true to its original intention.

I seek now to make a few comments anent the work for which A.A.B. has been responsible and for which F.B. will be responsible when she passes over.

  1. The mantle of authority is passing, we see, to F.B (Foster Bailey)—JWK-P, as he is known in the DINA books.

During the years in which I have been in touch with all of you, much world work has been started, and the influence of the group of workers whom A.A.B. and F.B. have gathered around them has spread all over the world. I refer here to what they stand for internationally and—as a result of the spread of the teaching for which I am responsible—to the change which has been wrought in the general consciousness. That is far greater than you know.

  1. It is clear from this description that AAB and FB are to be considered world disciples; the influence of their work has a world impact.

  2. It is both interesting and heartening to realize that due to the work of AAB, FB and their band of workers, there has been a change (presumably for the better) “in the general consciousness”.

  3. The Master is always in a much better position to assess the value of esoteric work; human beings are, by comparison, short-sighted.

The world-wide spiritual ferment which has been consequently set up has been due to two main causes:

  1. DK seems to be equating the change in the general consciousness with the world-wide spiritual ferment. Is it surprising to us that the work of the Lucis Trust, the Arcane School and the Tibetan’s work has had such an effect?

1. The Arcane School as members have adhered to it in every land and have each in turn become distributors of light.

  1. The work of the Arcane School is one of the causes of the “world-wide spiritual ferment”. The implication is that adherence to the program of the school of is importance if the student is to become a distributor of light.

2. The publication and distribution of my books everywhere; they are far more widely read than you have any idea.

  1. This is a potent and heartening sentence. There is so little we know about the actual spread of the teaching. DK, however, can follow the distribution and the reading of His books.

Out of the apprehension of truth by many thousands in many lands and the need for it to be put to practical use in these days of dire world need, two other modes of work were initiated: the Triangles and the Goodwill work. There is here no need for me to go into details anent these two spiritual enterprises. You know them well, though only a few of you have been truly interested or thrown yourselves, heart and soul, into assisting.

  1. The reasons for the arising of the Triangles and Goodwill work is given:

    1. The apprehension of truth by many thousands in many lands

    2. The need to put that truth into practical use

  2. As on a few other occasions, the Tibetan comments on His chela’s relative lack of interest in the Triangles and Goodwill work. We see what He really hoped for—that they would throw themselves heart and soul into assisting.

  3. Thanks to the Internet, today the Triangles of Light are beaming from millions of websites.

The Arcane School is not one of my activities or enterprises, and has never been.

  1. DK repeats this assertion. It is probably as important that the AS never has been one of His enterprises as that it never will be. The lines are kept clear.

In view of the condition of esoteric schools (so called) in the world, when A.A.B. organised the Arcane School she deliberately refused to let me have anything to do with it, and I fully concurred in her decision.

  1. We see that AAB’s sole management of the AS was a dual decision, mutually arrived at by AAB and DK.

  2. The suggestion is that the condition of esoteric schools at the time of the founding of the AS was dismal. In fact, DK is suggesting that such esoteric schools were not esoteric schools at all.

  3. We understand that AAB had a strong will which served her high integrity.

The extent of my connection with the School lies in the fact [Page 84] that I outlined for her the degrees of the School, and once or twice—in my instructions used in the Disciples Degree—I appealed to the students for cooperation in some matter. Forget not that these instructions were not School instructions, but were the early form of my books and went out unchanged to the general public. Also, it has only been within the last five years that any correspondence course for the School has been arranged around one or other of my books.

  1. The extent of Master DK’s minimal connection with the AS is given:

    1. The outlining of the degrees of the School (and thus we see a very deep wisdom lay behind the outline)

    2. Occasional words of appeal for cooperation

  2. This letter is written in the beginning of 1949, and so we see that only since 1944 has any of the correspondence courses of the Arcane School been focussed on one of Master DK’s books. This may come as a surprise.

  3. DK takes care to distinguish between instructions which were really an early form of His books, and true Arcane School instructions.

The policy of the School, its principles, curriculum and techniques, have been entirely those of A.A.B., working in conjunction with F.B. and after consultation with one or two senior students living in or around New York or in Europe.

  1. A disciple is solely responsible for his or her service project, however much its motive might derive from hierarchical inspiration.

  2. The Masters do not wish to cultivate a state of dependency in their disciples. Disciples are to be independent, enterprising people, fully capable of inaugurating, guiding and sustaining their own service projects.

There has necessarily been questioning among senior students and in this group as to what will happen when A.A.B. passes on.

  1. One must examine such questioning carefully, as it can arise from a hotbed of ambition.

The past record of this group in effective and steady work would not incite A.A.B. to have much confidence in your leadership. You have shown no organised group ability to take a piece of work embodying some one or other of my suggested spiritual enterprises and effectively work together for its furtherance.

  1. We have more very straight talk from the Master to His chelas.

  2. One wonders to whom this letter was distributed—perhaps to a wider group than the few chelas remaining focussed on DK’s work in 1949. And yet, the Tibetan speaks of “leadership”, presumably because the remaining chelas are precisely those from whom leadership in the coming years could be expected.

  3. AAB’s lack of confidence proved prophetic as the major schisms within the group in the early and mid 1950’s demonstrated.

What have you done as a group to aid the Triangle work or the Goodwill work, or to throw yourselves successfully behind the work of the School? There are many outside the New Seed Group who have done a more consecrated and selfless task than have you, though there are a few exceptions. But, my brothers, out of fifty-one, how few!!

  1. DK has wanted His chelas to focus principally in one or more of three areas—the Triangle work, the Goodwill work or the work of the Arcane School. Few, apparently, did so, or did so successfully.

  2. We note the words “as a group”. Some of His chelas, apparently, did consecrated and selfless work in these areas of service, but not the group as a whole.

  3. It is a sad judgment that many outside the NSG did a better job of assisting the Tibetan’s enterprises than the members of his own group.

When A.A.B. passes on she will leave the Arcane School and, with my full approval, all the other activities in the hands of F.B. She will leave also, in the departments, dedicated men who will continue to assume, as far as in them lies, the direction of the work, in consultation with F.B.

  1. The first statement is again, one of protection. One can only imagine the fights that could arise concerning the best successor to AAB. The major responsibility goes to Foster Bailey.

  2. We have also to question the Tibetan’s use of the word “men”. Does He mean males and not females? The following quotation from DINA II, 85-86 is of interest in this regard:

    “Keep the personnel of the work as far as possible masculine and put no sixth ray people in positions of influence; they know not how to cooperate and are frequently points of dissension and dislike.”

  3. Have times changed since the Tibetan wrote this? Would He write it again or has there been an important equalization of genders? Varying points of view exist in regard to these questions.

There will be no need whatsoever for any reorganisation. Why should there be? A.A.B. has been interested in and has initiated, with F.B., all departments. She has never been a worker in any of them, which may be a new idea to you. When she finishes her job there is no gap in any department. So why reorganisation?

  1. These are also protective statements. Upon the death of a presiding figure, co-workers inevitably seek to put their own long suppressed ideas into effect. This can be beneficial, but in this case would disrupt and retard well-established work.

  2. All departments have already been organized and AAB has never been a worker in any of them. Her impending death, therefore, does not threaten any continuity.

The work will go on with the same workers, and new ones will be added as need arises.

  1. The Tibetan clearly desires the smoothest possible transition.

Young workers must be chosen who may not see things as all of [Page 85] you see them, and in that lies the hope of the work's persistence, for most of you are too old for the work of reconstruction and too crystallised;

  1. DK is asking His chelas to be flexible and to recognize potential co-workers even when they do not see things in the same way.

  2. The work will not persist if left solely in the hands of crystallized people. DK is offering a very frank assessment.

you can, however, form a strong foundation and give courage to the young ones. Most of you are too anxious to see the old methods and modes of work perpetuated. I and A.A.B. are more interested in seeing that the need of the youth of the world is met. The principles of the Ageless Wisdom must be preserved, but all outworn forms must go.

  1. DK alerts His chelas to the fact that He is more interested in substance than in form.

  2. He states clearly how the older chelas can help and how they must avoid getting in the way of change.

  3. The last statement is critical and must be applied now as then: “The principles of the Ageless Wisdom must be preserved, but all outworn forms must go.”

The success and growth of the work will depend upon the smooth transition which can be made between the past and the coming new world; it will be dependent upon the determination of the workers to continue with what they are doing, to renew their dedication and above all, their vision; to eliminate all desire for prominence in the work and all ambition, and with a will to meet the need in the new ways, with the expanded truths and with no dogmatism.

  1. Let us tabulate DK’s description of the meaning of a smooth transition between the past and the coming new world:

    1. Workers must be determined to continue with what they are doing

    2. Workers must renew their dedication

    3. Workers must, above all, renew their vision

    4. Workers must eliminate all desire for prominence in the work

    5. Workers must eliminate all ambition

    6. Workers must cultivate the will to meet the need in the new ways

    7. Workers must continue to cultivate expanded truths and avoid dogmatism

I am looking for no new "stenographers" to take the place of A.A.B. and shall dictate to none of you.

  1. Here is a most potent and important sentence, stated emphatically. There is a rash of those who are, today, supposedly channeling or taking dictation from Master DK. If those chelas who were specifically trained by Him were not to be used as “stenographers”, how much less would those with little training be suitable! Yet the delusion persists and many people with confidence take down the words of the astral thoughtform of the Master.

You have masses of undigested material with which to work, and enough teaching to express and make available to the public for twenty-five years to come.

  1. Might this be an underestimation? When considering books like A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, and Esoteric Astrology a span of one hundred years might be more suitable.

You have enough information from me to enable you to make your individual contact with me if you follow the rules and live the outer life of a disciple.

  1. Direct contact with the Master is possible, despite the danger of astralism. Within the teaching, the method is given. Fulfilling the requirements indicate the difference between success and failure:

    1. One must follow the rules

    2. One must life the outer life of a disciple

  2. If we would have such direct contact, let us ponder the requirements.

It is the books which bring people into the various phases of the work; you can aid in keeping them in constant circulation, and you can also hold together subjectively so that the relation of the group to the Ashram is still preserved and externalisation later can still be possible.

  1. The value of the books as a magnet is emphasized. These books, even today, must be kept in constant circulation. This would mean the promotion of the AAB CD ROM as well—a great synthetic tool.

  2. Although DK has disbanded the outer group, He is asking the remaining group members to perverse their subjective cohesion. He appears to be looking to the future possibility of externalizing His Ashram. This will only be possible if the “relation of the group to the Ashram is still preserved”.

  3. We may wonder: “How much later is later?” It is important to remember that certain of the Masters must be (with their outer groups) well established and well recognized before it will be possible for the Christ to return.

Those are the two major undertakings with which I present you;

  1. Distributing the books and maintaining the subjective cohesion of the outer remaining group.

and these with your intensified individual approach and the work of the Triangles and Goodwill, will provide you with much to do.

  1. DK is also asking for an intensified individual approach. The need for individual striving must never be overlooked. The DINA disciples had been given so much of individual as well as group import. So little had been applied, not only to the group process but individually.

Throw yourselves behind those who have made themselves responsible—under F.B.—for the Triangles and Goodwill work. Make their work possible and avoid interference; they will make mistakes, and these you will be prompt to note; your sole duty is to stand by. Mistakes do not matter if clarity of vision, spiritual persistence and love accompany them.

  1. DK is becoming almost directive. He is urging His chelas to take up certain lines of work and to follow the guidance of FB. He knows their spirit of criticism and tries to warn them against it.

  2. If we take this advice to heart we will realize that when we notice mistakes in our co-workers, our immediate task is not to criticize and interfere, but to “stand by”. “Lo, I am with you, even unto the end of the Age.”

  3. Let us see if we are possessed of clarity of vision, spiritual persistence and love. If so, our mistakes, too, will not matter. We have but to persist spiritually, lovingly and with clarity of vision. This is a remedy against discouragement.

Keep the personnel of the work as far as possible masculine [Page 86] and put no sixth ray people in positions of influence; they know not how to cooperate and are frequently points of dissension and dislike.

  1. In today’s world this is a controversial statement. Later we will know whether the statement was conditioned by the social circumstances of the times or whether there was some deeper occult import.

  2. The divisiveness towards which those upon the sixth ray tend is referenced. In general, one ray is as good as another, and true disciples and initiates are obviously found upon all the rays, but there are certain sixth ray tendencies which, apparently, did not accord well with the kind of work DK was seeking to see done.

  3. In today’s world we easily see the violence and dissension arising from the blatant misuse of sixth ray energy. It is a ray which can incline those it influences to be most resistant to reason.

You see, my brothers, I am making no startling plans for handling the work in the event of the death of A.A.B. I suggest no changes. I would like to see the work left in the hands of those who are already doing it;

  1. DK repeats Himself, as is so often necessary if there is to be perfect clarity. It is a shame that despite the care He took to create a smooth transition, group unity and cohesion broke down within a relatively short time after AAB’s death.

I suggest the addition of young people to the group of workers as need arises and place occurs. I suggest that the work be kept fluid, as A.A.B. has always kept it.

  1. DK is summarizing His points:

    1. No changes

    2. The work is to be left in the hands of those who are already doing it

    3. Young people are to be added to the work

    4. The work is to be kept fluid, as AAB kept it.

  2. With regard to fluidity, we must remember that AAB was a Gemini—a sign known for its intelligent fluidity.

Above all else, remember that the work of the Triangles, the Goodwill work and the Arcane School is that of an organism and not an organisation, and it will grow through its own inherent life and not through planning.

  1. As students of occultism we often speak of the contrast between an “organization” and an “organism”.

  2. Two distinct approaches are noted with respect to the factor of growth:

    1. An organism grows through its own inherent life

    2. An organization grows through planning

  3. The first method suggests the use of the second ray and the second method, the use of the third.

  4. DK did not want to see His work subject to manipulation—an external method. He sought to preserve the subjective attitude.

  5. Of course, it is difficult to prevent an organism from becoming an organization. The organizational approach is the line of least resistance for concrete-minded man.

If this is borne in mind, you will see where some of you have been in error, both in criticism and in planning the future of the various aspects of the work.

  1. Sensing that AAB was moving towards her transition, some of the DINA disciples, apparently had been both criticizing the present set up and ‘planning’ for a better one. DK notes their error in approach and corrects it.

  2. One can only imagine the objectivity of AAB as she took down dictation on these points.

The work will go on in the strength of its own inherent life; it will be damaged by planning, interference and organisation. Let the work alone, giving it assiduous attention and meeting its needs as they arise.

  1. DK repeats the value of the “inherent life” of the work. He also definitely states that planning, interference and organization will damage it. Planning belongs especially to the third ray, interference to the sixth and organization to the seventh.

The Triangle work and the Goodwill work are in the hands of young people who must be strengthened, trusted and encouraged. The Invocation work, tied in with the Goodwill work, the Triangles and the School, is moving steadily forward and is the responsibility of all three. If rightly handled, its distribution will be automatic, mechanical and momentous.

  1. Several kinds of work are discussed, but the task of distributing the Great Invocation is shared by all three—Triangles, World Goodwill and the Arcane School.

  2. DK uses arresting words to discuss the right handling of the Invocation work: the distribution of the Great Invocation will be “automatic, mechanical and momentous”. The Great Invocation has a stupendous magnetism, and the disciples are not to interfere with the natural working of that magnetism.

  3. Elsewhere DK tells us that the Great Invocation is our greatest means to prepare men’s minds and hearts for the Reappearance.

The various phases of the work will proceed as desired if all talk of executive heads, of assumed responsibility, and of the need for the New Seed Group is ended.

  1. DK knows well what is in the minds of His chelas—thoughts which relate to organization rather than to organism. One can detect in some an ambitious response to AAB’s inevitable transition.

The thought of reorganisation must be dropped; it would immediately disrupt the present smoothly working organism. A transition carried forward without any change or difficulty will greatly reassure all groups.

  1. It is very interesting how often DK repeats certain points—in this case the need for a smooth transition.

Young people should be found and trained—trained in the principles. There should be no doctrinal teaching given. If it is, inevitably the School will die. The new truths are being fast recognised, but it is youth which is recognising them.

  1. The Tibetan gives advice concerning the continuance of the work. It will not continue without young people properly trained.

  2. Training in principles rather than in doctrine and dogma is essential. He offers a very flat statement—the School will die if the teaching becomes doctrinal. The young people of that day would not stand it; neither will the young people of our own era.

  3. Can we say that in our present time, it is the youth which is recognizing the new truths? How much are we (often older students of the work) caught in doctrine and dogma?

Those who have for twenty years absorbed a system of thought are apt to be so absorbed by it [Page 87] that it is hard for them to recognise the new and vital incoming truth, and the sad part is that they are often sure they do. The new truths are overshadowing us today; if the Invocation means anything, it is what must be expected.

  1. Master DK warns of a danger—that long-term students of the work will fail to recognize the newer truths overshadowing humanity at this time.

  2. The use of the Great Invocation will, of course, invoke the descent of that which is new.

  3. How to break through the delusion that one is not deluded!? Everything said to His students some sixty years ago, applies directly to ourselves today.

The principles to be emphasised are:

1. The Arcane School trains disciples. Its curriculum is therefore eliminative. Its standard cannot be lowered. It is not a school for probationers. It will consequently always remain relatively small.

  1. There are those who seek ever to expand the esoteric offering to the public. This can be a sound approach as long as it is realized that truly deep training will never be appreciated (at least at this point in history) by really large numbers of students.

  2. One of the key distinctions which AAB made between the Arcane School and the normal Theosophical approach was that the School was for disciples and the TS was in the process of training, for the most part, probationary disciples.

  3. Those of us who are involved in promoting esoteric teaching in a relatively pure form must remember what is here said of the membership of the AS.

  4. This list of points concerning the Arcane School is precisely that which appeared in the pamphlet describing the School.

2. It is a school for adults wherein occult obedience is developed. This is not obedience to man-made rules or school obediences, but involves soul obedience.

  1. The second principle emphasizes obedience to the soul and not to persons. The average devotee may find such an approach impersonal.

3. This is a school wherein belief in the Hierarchy is scientifically taught, not as a doctrine but as an existent and provable natural kingdom; the rules of the Ashram and the dual life of the disciple are emphasised.

  1. In the Arcane School the Hierarchy is presented as “an existent and provable natural kingdom”—the Kingdom of Souls. One need not only believe in it; one may establish for oneself whether or not it is existent.

  2. If we are sincere disciples two factors will be at the forefront of consciousness:

    1. The rules of the Ashram

    2. The dual life of the disciple

4. This is a school wherein the student is taught that "the souls of men are one."

  1. All trace of separativeness is eliminated in the training offered by the Arcane School. Further, as we find in Rule V for Disciples and Initiates—there is no “my soul and thine”.

5. No claim for place or power is made, and the claim of being an initiate is never heard. The Headquarters Group and the workers in the School are there because of spiritual inclination.

  1. It must be established in our consciousness that claims of initiate status guarantee that one is not what one claims. This is one of the preliminary tests involving the subjugation of the lower ego.

  2. Hierarchy is a meritocracy and no hierarchy of persons in the conventional sense. One’s fruits alone will proclaim one’s hierarchical status.

6. The Arcane School is non-sectarian, non-political and international in its thinking. Service is its keynote. Its members can work in any sect and in any political party, provided they remember that all paths lead to God and that "the One Humanity" governs all their thinking.

  1. An indispensable note of inclusiveness is sounded. The Arcane School avoids all partisanship and thinks in terms of the “the One Humanity”

7. The fundamental doctrines of the Ageless Wisdom, recognised all over the world and as expounded in my books, constitute the foundational teaching of the Arcane School. This is so, not because they are my books but because they are part of the continuity of the Ageless Wisdom and constitute the latest emanation of the Ageless Wisdom issued by the Hierarchy.

  1. There are many teachings which claim to issue from the Hierarchy. All such claims must be carefully evaluated. As the Blue Books began to be written, the Tibetan was an anonymous author and did not claim any hierarchical status. Word that He was Master Djwhal Khul emerged later in the process and by accident.

  2. In this letter, Master DK is speaking to His accepted chelas and not to the general public, though it is certain that He realized that His words would reach the public.

  3. The teaching presented by Master DK is trustworthy and foundational. It is a teaching too big for possession by the lower ego. Facing this teaching, the initial sincere response will be humility.

  4. There is an implication in what DK says: namely, that emanations of the Ageless Wisdom issued by the Hierarchy are not frequent—nowhere near as frequent as today’s thousands of channelers would have us believe.

They must not be permitted to become a Bible of a sect, as has been the case with The Secret Doctrine and the [Page 88] Theosophical Society.

  1. DK seeks to avoid for the second installment of His teaching (with AAB) the fate that befell the Secret Doctrine. Once the concrete mind fastens upon a teaching and attempts to make it its own, the true spirit of understanding disappears and crystallization sets in.

  2. What is stated here is that the Secret Doctrine has become a ‘Bible’ and the Theosophical Society a sect. May a word to the wise be sufficient!

  3. Of course, one of the ways of overcoming incipient ‘bible consciousness’ with respect to the Blue Books, is to attempt to choose all that is best from classical Theosophy and merge it with what has been given through AAB.

  4. Close students of the second installment of DK’s teaching will find that it opens doors to all manner of intellectual disciplines usually appreciated as valuable by humanity. His teaching does not draw a hard, cold line between esoteric knowledge and the knowledge of the world as may sometimes be the case in early Theosophy. But we must remember that HPB’s task was often necessarily a destructive one and she had much materialism to overcome.

This incidentally has been a profound disappointment to the Hierarchy. A.A.B. must not be turned into an occult authority. Those connected with the Great White Lodge favour no Bibles or authorities—only the freedom of the human soul. The teaching matters, not the source or the form.

  1. The Masters of the Wisdom can, indeed, experience disappointment. So much was possible and so little achieved. The ancient habits of humanity ever resist that which is new and better.

  2. Important fundamental principles are reiterated. We are moving out of the sixth ray Age of Pisces—an age of Bibles and authorities. The Age of Aquarius is an Age in which the human soul and its freedom are emphasized. But people seek to “escape from freedom”; they are still in an adolescent state.

Let me reiterate for the sake of clarity:

  1. Because of the importance of the transition, DK is certainly driving the point home!

None of you has any responsibility for the Arcane School or for the service activities though you can work helpfully, with humbleness and pure motive in any or all of them, under the direction of A.A.B. or of those into whose hands she has put responsibility....

  1. DK is asking for humility and pure motive. He does not want His chelas (simply because they have been His chelas) to think they are therefore entitled to interfere with the workings of the Arcane School. He is trying to help them understand their true place.

It is in these relationships that you will develop the humility and pure motives which are the outstanding hallmarks of the disciple.

  1. Again an assessment. His disciples do not yet entirely possess humility and pure motives—the hallmarks of the disciple. Certainly this letter from DK must have had a humbling effect upon its readers.

One thing I would however like you clearly to grasp and that is the pattern which underlies the various aspects of the work now in process of expansion.

  1. Expansion—the second of the three phases in a NGWS three year cycle. However, expansion, in this case, must mean much more than a phase in such a cycle. DK foresaw a necessary expansion of the Work for decades to come.

A brief diagram should make the relationship clear, and these relationships are factual today:

  1. Master DK seeks to offer an enlightening perspective so that His chelas can better understand where they fit in the scheme of things.


working through



using many agencies, among them



working through



the Triangles, the Goodwill work, the Invocation work

allied with



  1. The descent is clear. It should be noted that NGWS is of greater importance than the Arcane School and that it supersedes the Service Activities. The arrangement is hierarchical.

The energy of the New Group of World Servers could be likened to the antahkarana which connects humanity with the Hierarchy and provides a channel of contact with the Ashrams of the Masters.

  1. We can see that the NGWS is no insignificant group of worldly servers. It has a deeply occult meaning and includes within its ranks initiates perhaps even of the fourth degree. As the ajna center of Sanat Kumara it lies midway between His throat center, humanity and His heart center, Hierarchy.

The Arcane School can be considered [Page 89] as one of the results of the activity of the New Group of World Servers. There are many others scattered all over the world. The same holds true of the Service Activities.

  1. Both the Arcane School and the Service Activities grow out of the New Group of World Servers. The NGWS is the beacon light for humanity from within humanity.

No esoteric group is soundly handled and correctly motivated unless the spiritual energies which are available to it and the knowledge and the wisdom unfolded find expression in definite service. The service activities are, therefore, an expression of the livingness of the Arcane School and that relationship must be valued and preserved.

  1. The preeminence of service is emphasized. All spiritual energy accessible to individuals and groups is to work out in definite service. The “livingness” of any spiritual group is dependent upon its service.

As disciples, your place is in the senior ranks of the New Group of World Servers and your responsibility, as a group, is to aid a phase of the work to be done which is strictly the project of the Hierarchy as a whole.

  1. The place of the disciple within the NGWS is clearly stated—“in the senior ranks”.

  2. The responsibility of disciples (as a group) is to aid a phase of the work sponsored by Hierarchy. If the work aided is not that which Hierarchy is “strictly” sponsoring, then a group of disciples should change its emphasis.

I ask you to throw your efforts into the work of preparation for the reappearance of the Christ, to further in all possible ways the distribution both of the pamphlet so entitled and the book which deals with His reappearance. The world must be flooded with the information and through the hope and expectancy thus engendered may move forward into greater light, better human relations and a newer happiness.

  1. DK submits a very direct request. His remaining group of chelas is to do everything possible to assist in the preparation for the Reappearance of the Christ. Word of His impending Reappearance is the hope of the world and will serve as a great stimulus “forward into greater light, better human relations and a newer happiness”. The Tibetan could hardly be more direct in His request.

The results of your activities along this line should enhance the usefulness of the service activities of the Arcane School and swell the ranks of those who are working on mental levels in the Triangles and for right human relations through the medium of the Goodwill work.

  1. The effect of such work for the Reappearance will assist the Triangles and the Goodwill work. DK is surely helping His disciples prioritize.

Begin, my brothers, to do your own work, leaving others to shoulder their assigned responsibilities and waste no time in interfering in any phase of work which does not call for your attention. You are in my Ashram. The Arcane School is not a project of my Ashram and is, therefore, no responsibility of yours. It has been the means of giving you a greatly needed esoteric training and will continue to do so if you so desire, but the work of the Christ (to which all Ashrams are pledged) calls for your cooperation; it is this responsibility which I lay upon your shoulders.

  1. One of the major messages of this letter has been one of non-interference. The Tibetan has wanted His chelas to discriminate between the work of the Arcane School and the work related to His own Ashram. Now, in addition, he calls for an enlargement of their point of view so that they can more directly serve the Christ.

  2. It is as if the Tibetan is transferring the attention of His chelas from a focus within His own Ashram to the greater Ashram—the Ashram of which the Christ is the heart and head.

  3. Disciples can be pledged; Ashrams can be pledged as well (an interesting point). DK is calling upon His chelas to honor the pledge of His Ashram to the Christ.

That the years may see developed in all of you a firmer dedication, a self-sacrificing service and a deepened humility, is the hope and prayer of your friend, collaborator and Master.

  1. Here is a final benediction.

  2. DK asks of His chelas the following:

    1. A firmer dedication

    2. A self-sacrificing service

    3. A deepened humility

  3. Let us review His request in terms of our own life.

  4. Master DK also hopes and prays, indicating His uplifting aspect of His love nature.

  5. We leave a consideration of this letter with the realization that a Master is both a “friend” and a “collaborator”. It is important to understand this so that we may form a truer image of the nature of a Master.