Study Questions for

Treatise on Cosmic Fire

Fourth Semester - Section 2

A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, pp. 417-457


IV: The Future of Manas


 1.     p. 418:  Elucidate in general the three major characteristics of manas: discrimination, ordered activity and adaptability.


 2.     p. 418:  Discuss the value of discrimination as a method of distinguishing the Self from the Not‑Self.


 3.     pp. 418‑419:  Discuss the role of manas in the three kinds of discrimi­na­tion here listed: 1) discrimination between the I‑consciousness and that which is cognised in the external world; 2) discrimination between the Ego and the Personality; 3) discrimination between the soul and Spirit.  On what stages of the Path are these three stages of discrimination operative?  By what means does manas achieve discrimination?


 4.     p. 418:  Discuss the need for humanity's early separative instinct as a necessary nursery.  Why are segregation and intense self‑assertion a necessary prelude to the voluntary merging of interest and of aim in the interest and aims of greater entities?


 5.     p. 419:  Discuss the assertion of "I am" as the "mantric word which preserves the integrity of all groups".


 6.     p. 420:  Elucidate the meaning of "I am That" on three levels: individual, group and logoic.


 7.     p. 420:  Speculate on the duration of a "year of Brahma" and relate the processes which occur after such a year has elapsed to the sounding of the mantram "I am That" by the solar Logos.


 8.     p. 420:  Analyze the progression of "I am", I am That" and "I am That I am".  Why are these three mantra considered related respectively to the realization of man's place upon a globe, a chain and a scheme?  Discuss briefly the three types of consciousnesses to which these three mantra refer.  In what ways is it justifiable to relate the globe to personality consciousness, the chain to egoic and triadal consciousness and the scheme to monadic consciousness/ being?


 9.     p. 412:  If the second occult assertion, "I am That" culminates at the fifth initiation at what initiation does the assertion "I am That I am" culminate?


10.    p. 421:  How, in terms that are meaningful to you, would you discriminate between Spirit, Soul and Matter?


11.    p. 421:  Discuss the relationship between intelligent purpose and the mental plane.


12.    p. 422:  What are some examples in the world today of recognizing the oneness of self‑interest?


13.    p 422:  Why is the vibration of "I am" considered cruder and coarser than the vibration of "I am That"?


14.    p. 422:  What are the implications of the following?: "The time of the sounding of the final mantric phrase by ordered active groups lies ahead in the sixth and seventh rounds, and will not reach its full vibration in this solar system at all".  Is there an "ordered active group" on our planet now sounding the final mantram?  If it exists, what is it?  What is suggested by the fact that the group application of the final mantram will not occur until the sixth and seventh rounds?  Who are the individuals of whom you are aware who have sounded this final mantram as the keynote of their lives?


15.    p. 422:  Why is it that at the third initiation the initiate comprehends the mantric force of "I am That"?


16.    p. 422:  Why will initiates of the sixth and seventh initiation not preponderate in this system?  As you answer this question consider the relationship of the monad to the numbers six and seven.


17.    p. 422:  Consider the proportions of humanity which will sound one or other of the three mantrams during the fifth round.  Link this information with that found on p. 842 anent the Primary Lotuses and the Lotuses of Passion and Desire.   What do you learn about how the majority of today's human beings will be positioned during the fifth round?


18.    p. 422:  If two fifths of our Earth Scheme's human units will enter obscuration during the fifth round, how many billions will remain (ignoring for a moment those units who will be coming into our scheme from Mars).  Apply the proportions given on p. 422 to the post‑Judgment totality of human units pursuing development upon the Earth.


19.    p. 423:  What thoughts come to you when you read that during the coming centuries we may look for "the intensification of business organisation, and the bringing (under law and order), of the entire life of families and groups of families, cities and groups of cities, nations and groups of nations, until the human race in every department of its exoteric life will conform to rule,—this voluntarily and with manasic realization of group need"?


20.    p. 423:  What astrological and cosmic‑energic factors support the "synthesis of endeavor" which during the coming centuries will ensure "the good of the corporate body involved"?


21.    p. 423:  Discuss adaptability as the "attribute of intelligence which adapts the matter aspect to the Spirit aspect, and is a characteristic inherent in matter itself".


22.    p. 423:  Give your interpretation of how the factor of adaptability "works under the two laws of Economy, and of Attraction and Repulsion".


23.    pp. 423‑424:  Why are all the Rays of Attribute fundamentally concerned with manas and its future, even though one or two of them seem decidedly non‑manasic?  Are they really non‑manasic?  How do these four minor Rays participate in the "adaptation of matter to Spirit (through the building into form)"?


24.    p. 424:  Contemplate the meaning of "Abstract Idealism" and explain what it means to you.  In what way does this name for the Sixth Ray relate it to manas?


25.    p. 424:  Why are the Rays here considered as planetary influences? Are they merely that? Are they that for all practical purposes?


26.    p. 424:  When the Tibetan discusses the four types of force He writes: "One of them, being the influence of our own planetary Logos, is ever present with us, and is the major influence or vibration on the planet".  To which of the four do you think He is referring and why?


27.    p. 424:  Consider point "d" concerning the Ray cycles in relation to the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh rounds.  Do the powerful appearances of the Rays seem appropriate to the rounds in which they are slated to appear?  Why or why not?


28.    p. 424:  Discuss the explanation of the three Aspects--Shiva or Maha‑Deva; Vishnu and Brahma—given in the footnote from the Pranava‑Vada.  Note particularly the relationship of the Shiva Aspect to desire as well as to repulsion.


29.    p. 424:  What is the justification for saying that "fifth rounders" evidence a high development of the third ray while "sixth rounders" evidence a high development of the second ray?


30.    p. 425:  Consider the first impact of the first ray upon the human family of our globe.  Why, do you think, was the destruction of so many of the forms of "animal‑man" necessary at the time of the coming of the Lords of the Flame?


31.    p. 425:  If you were to speculate, how do you imagine that the strength of vibration of the implanted spark of mind could case the death of the animal form?

32.    p. 425:  Why is it fitting that the power of the first ray should appear again at the "Judgment Day"?  Apparently a great and seemingly catas­tro­phic destruction of human form will occur at that time.  Can you imagine by what means this destruction will occur?


33.    p. 426:  Discuss the idea that "as regards the human family (the manasaputras in incarna­tion), the fourth, fifth and seventh rounds hold hid the key to the first aspect.  For the devas it is the first, second and sixth".  Further, what is the "spirit of the planet "and why would the third round hold the key to its functioning?


34.    pp. 426‑427:  Four scientific processes are here listed; 1) the utilization of the power in the air; 2) the building of form and machines to contain and distribute the electrical forces of the atmosphere; 3) the harnessing of the activity of matter; and 4) the employing of the electrical forces in the air to vitalise, rebuild, and heal the physical body.  What is meant by "the air"?  There are four minor ray and in this section the "air" is constantly discussed.  Why?  What, do you speculate, have these four developments to do with the comprehending of the cyclic activity of the rays?


35.    p. 427:  What is the significance of the fact that the fourth Ray of Harmony, Beauty and Art is the second manasic aspect?


36.    p. 427:  What has the fourth ray to do with higher mathematics?  Why is the study of "rhythmic movement in all forms" pursued in relation to the fourth ray?


37.    p. 427:  Discuss from you knowledge and experience the use of music in building and destroying.


38.    p. 427:  What has the fourth ray to do with the "laws of levitation"?  Speculate.


39.    p. 427:  Speculate upon the twenty seven occult laws in which are summed up the basic laws of color and of music and rhythm.  Why twenty seven?


40.    p. 427:  Share your thoughts upon reading the following: "When music produces warmth or stimulation, and when pictures ... glow or reveal the subjective within the objective, then will this fourth Ray of Harmony be coming to fruition".


41.    p. 428:  Consider the tabulation on the top of the page.  What do you learn from comparing and contrasting the numbers?  What relationships are revealed?


42.    p. 428:  Although the fourth ray of Harmony will not begin to come into full power until the year 2025, we read that after 1924 there was a "coming into power of this fourth Ray"?  How can we account for such a statement?


43.    pp. 428‑429:  Discuss the results to be achieved with the discovery and utilization of the fourth ether.


44.    p. 429:  Discuss the two methods of healing which will result from the discovery of the fourth ether.  To what extent are these methods now being employed some seventy years after the writing of A Treatise on Cosmic Fire?


45.    p. 429:  In the paragraph on transportation the Tibetan clearly prophesies teleportation "by means of the instantaneous use of the force or energy inherent in the ether itself".  Do a little research on teleportation and offer an explanation of how it may work.


46.    p. 429:  With reference to the Tibetan's ideas, discuss how the ancient warfare between religion and science may be brought to an end.


47.    pp. 429‑430:  What is the relation existing between the Planetary Logoi and the fourth cosmic plane?  Usually planetary logoi are associated with the cosmic physical, astral and mental planes—their causal bodies being found upon the cosmic mental plane.  What aspect of them, do you suppose, may be found upon the cosmic buddhic plane?  Consult the chart on p. 344, and remember that the Rishis of the Great Bear, each intimately related to one of the principal planetary logoi, are charted as resident upon the cosmic buddhic plane.


48.    p. 430:  Read carefully what is said about scientific, religious and philosophic thinking then discuss the following: "In these three lines of thought,—scientific, religious and philoso­phic,—we have the beginning of the conscious building, or construction of the antaskarana of that group which we call the fifth root‑race".  Why is the Tibetan justified in saying this? What have each of these groups to do with the process of linking?


49.    p. 430:  What is the practical difference in emotional behavior between those focussed upon the fourth subplane of the astral plane and those focussed upon the fifth?


50.    p. 430:  Why should the growing desire for harmony incident upon the stimulation of the fourth subplane of the astral plane work out relatively well in the sixth subrace?  What is its prognosis during the fifth subrace?


51.    pp. 430‑431:  What leads you to expect an influx of "old Atlaneans" during the next centuries?


52.    p. 431:  What numerological factors suggest the correctness of the idea that in the sixth subrace the "deva evolution will be exceedingly prominent"?


53.    p. 431:  We read that the "the fourth Creative Hierarchy and the sixth Deva Hierarchy have a pronounced karma to work out together".  Have we any information upon the nature of the sixth Deva Hierarchy?  Is it the sixth Hierarchy in the table of Creative Hierarchies found in Esoteric Astrology pp. 34‑35.  Or is this Deva Hierarchy quite different?  If different, why do you think so?


54.    p. 431:  Discuss the relationship between the four and the six, the reason for their harmony and the various planes upon which they are harmoniously interactive.  Utilize numerological correspondences as you do so.


55.    p. 431:  Study the tabulation designating the plane and subplane locations of the various cosmic, systemic, planetary, human and sub‑human beings.  What do you learn from their numerological interlocking?


56.    p. 431:  What kind of mental processes can be expected to occur upon the fourth subplane of the mental plane and why?  Justify the following statement: "We have on the fourth subplane of the fifth plane the centre of interest for the present race and the day of its opportunity".


57.    p. 431:  Why would the "first ripple of perception of, and vibratory response to, the causal body" occur on the fourth subplane of the mental plane?  Why not upon the fifth subplane?  Is there any systemic law which facilitates this response?  What has the fact that the peri­phery of the causal body contains the permanent atoms to do with this type of response?


58.    p. 432:  Relate what you know of initiation to the following: The fourth subplane "... is the plane of testing, of the major initiation of the Threshold; it is the battleground in man, and from this plane he must secure the right to enter the Path, and procure that control over his lower bodies which will make him a master and not a slave".  Tie this thought to the fourth systemic law—the Law of Magnetic Control.


59.    p. 432:  Discuss this summary statement by the Tibetan: "... the immediate future achieve­ment consists in the utilization of force and of electrical energy for the more harmonious adjustment of the life of man".


60.    p. 432:  Consider well the following: "Each planetary Logos pours forth His influence in different rounds, planes, chains, globes, races and subraces according to their numerical relationship to the scheme of which He is the vitalising Life".  Assess the current historical moment from a planetary perspective.  What planetary Logoi may be involved in what cycles, large and smaller, at this present time?


61.    p. 433:  Consider carefully the magical, aggressive, illuminating, harmonising, blending, unifying and dynamic forces of the seven logoi in relation to the seven initiations.  Justify why each of these kinds of forces should be used in relation to the specific initiation at which it is applied and compare the ray forces here given to the list of ray forces associated with the seven initiations given in The Rays and the Initiations.


62.    p. 433:  Discuss the fifth Ray of Science as the ray which "concerns itself with the building of the form, with the utilisation of matter, with the embodying of ideas, or of entities, whether cosmic, systemic, lunar or subhuman".


63.    p. 433:  Please explain the following: The planetary Logos of this fifth systemic Ray holds a peculiar position in the scheme of things.  He is the embodiment of the fifth logoic principle of manas.  His is the synthesising scheme for the five schemes of the five Kumaras Who are Brahma when viewed as the sum total of the third logoic aspect, though He is not the synthe­si­sing factor for the seven schemes which are the sum total of logoic manifestation considered as the union of the second and third aspects".  Which planetary scheme is meant?  Can it be Venus?  Can Venus be considered a synthesizing scheme for manas?  What might contra‑indicate this choice? (Consider p. 406, top).  Consider the Venusian schedule of obscuration.  Is obscuration final absorption?  We are told that the planet Venus endures throughout the system.  What other planetary scheme is possible and why?  When consider­ing the quotation above, what leads you to suspect that non‑sacred planets may be included among the five Kumaras Who are Brahma?


64.    p. 434:  What does it mean when speaking of this fifth Logos to say that "His is the life that unifies ever the three and the five"?  Three plus five equal eight.  Is there a planetary scheme associated with the number eight?  Can this scheme also be associate with manas?  How?


65.    p. 434:  Is Venus or is it not part of the logoic Quaternary?  Consult Esoteric Astrology and also the top of p. 406 in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire.


66.    p. 434:  Consider the immediate future of humanity and this globe and discuss the relative potencies of the fourth and fifth Logoi.  Why can we expect a great augmentation of the force of the fifth Logos?  Why eventually can we expect and even greater augmentation of the power of the fourth Logos?


67.    p. 434:  Would you say that the last paragraph suggests conclusively that the fifth Logos is here associated with Venus?  Why would you say so?  Why not?


68.    p. 435:  Share your thoughts upon reading the following: "Until the race has further evolved the mystery lies securely hid, and the inability of man to find out the enumeration of the schemes, chains, and globes, or to discover whether they are counted from within outwards, or vice versa, conceals that which must be hid".  What does the Tibetan mean by the phrase, "from within outwards"?


69.    p. 435:  Why does the Tibetan consider the term "the bottom up" erroneous?

70.    p. 435:  Explain the connection between the mental unit, the fifth subplane (counting from below), the fifth spirilla and the first initiation.  When the first initiation is here mentioned, is it the first or the third initiation which is meant?


71.    p. 435:  Discuss the achievement of astral control through the desire for harmony.  Why is this type of control inferior to the type which is stimulated by the influence of the fifth ray?


72.    p. 435:  What, in your opinion, would be the "scientific, intelligent manipulation of astral matter"?  Why will this bring about the greater development of the higher psychism?


73.    p. 435:  Consider some of the following influences of the growing fifth ray and offer your thoughtful response: "On the physical plane a great deal of interesting electrical phenomena will be seen, and the opportunity of the Manu to separate races, to segregate types, and to submerge and detach continents will be great".  Consider the growing power of Venus in relation to the Earth and as well the fifth ray potency conveyed through the sign Aquarius.  What do these thoughts suggest about changes during the coming Age?


74.    p. 436:  If the fifth ray is the "ray of separative force" what has this to do with its role in the erection and destruction of forms?  Consider well, in this regard, the Law of Cleavage.


75.    p. 436:  Read carefully the central paragraph concerning the "Mystery of Electricity" and share the ideas that come to you.  Why or how is the energy of electrical manifestation respon­sible for all the kinds of activities enumerated in this paragraph?  How is it possible that "he who has solved what lies back of electrical phenomena has solved not only the secret of his own Being, but knows his place within his greater sphere, a planetary Logos, is conscious of the Identity of that cosmic Existence we call a solar Logos, and realizes some­what the place of our system and its electrical relationship with the seven constella­tions".  Tie these thoughts in with those concerning position, relation and limitation earlier studied (pp. 408‑411).


76.    p. 437:  What does the following suggest about the magnitude of Ray influences?: "These Ray influences work through their focal points in all cases (macrocosmic and microcosmic) and these are the etheric centers".


77.    p. 437:  Tie the influence of the zodiacal constellations to the following: "Cosmic or extra-systemic rays, impinge upon or circulate via centres found on the second cosmic ether ...".  What aspect of the human being is found upon the second cosmic ether?  How does that aspect relate to zodiacal stimulation or to stimulation from the three great constellations?


78.    p. 437:  Elucidate the relationship existing between the "six other cosmic Rays" and the Heavenly Men of our solar system.


79.    p. 437:  What do we learn from the following?:  "The whole system of ray influence, or radiatory warmth, considered both physically and psychically is one of an intricate circula­tion and interaction".  Set forth some idea of the various kinds of colorings, sub‑colorings, shadings and superimpositions of "notes" and which presumably exist between the rays of cosmic Logoi, solar Logoi, planetary Logoi, chain Lords, globe Lords, rounds, the manus of various races, sub‑races etc. Consult the final pages of Esoteric Psychology, Volume I, for an example of overlays.


80.    p. 437:  Discuss ray force as both "the energizing factor in matter" and as "qualitative faculty".  In your life, do you experience ray force as both?  How so?


81.    p. 438:  Explain why the Tibetan, while calling the devas "Builder" associates "active intelligence" with the human units.


82.    p. 438:  Consider the tabulation.  Why are the centres in a Planetary Logos referred to as "human group units" rather than chains?


83.    p. 438:  Why is a Heavenly Man called a "Divine Hermaphrodite"?  What has this appella­tion to do with human and deva monads?


84.    pp. 438‑439:  Discuss the dualism presented by the constant cooperation of deva and human units.


85.    p. 439:  Why has the Tibetan chosen to discuss the deva evolution in a section dealing with the nature of the sixth Ray of Devotion?


86.    p. 439:  With respect to ray influence, discuss the difference between reception and absorp­tion on the one hand and channeling and transmis­sion on the other.


87.    p. 439:  Share you thoughts on the following statements anent the withdrawal of sixth ray Egos: "Egos who are on that particular Ray will take form elsewhere on other globes, and in other chains, and no so much on our planet".  Does it sound to you that the impending withdrawal will be complete or incomplete.  Reference p. 26 in Esoteric Psychology, Volume I.


88.    p. 440:  From what the Tibetan says anent the Kumaras, should Sanat Kumara be consid­ered an esoteric Kumara in a category of His own?


89.    p. 440:  Why are the Kumaras associated particularly with the wielding of the Law?  In what manner are the Kumaras associated with Shamballa?


90.    p. 440:  What might it mean that the various Kumaras "work exoterically or esoterically according to the Ray in power"?


91.    p. 440:  Elucidate the following: "In the knowledge of cycles and of the manner of differentiating the one hundred years of Brahma into its component parts "lies hid the mystery of Being itself, of electrical force and of fohatic synthesis".


92.    p. 441:  Discuss why the manifestation of the seventh Ray is so favorable at this time.  Bring into the discussion the various ways that the number five is reinforcing this manifestation.


93.    p. 441:  Why are the fourth ray and the seventh ray so important to the evolution of man?  Why are they so facilitative of coherency?


94.    p. 441:  What references demonstrate that the Kumaras are systemic Beings and not only planetary Beings?


95.    p. 441:  Elaborate upon the fifth Kumara, the Lord of the seventh Ray, "as one of the points of the five‑pointed Star of Brahma, and as one of the Triangles in the sevenfold logoic body".  Would His function change in these configurations?


96.    p. 441:  Why do you suppose the stimulation of the etheric brain renders the physical brain more receptive to the higher revealing truth?


97.    p. 441:  Why is the seventh Ray so closely connected with the develop­ment of the brain?  Consider the factor of numerical resonance in your answer.  What will be the effect upon human intelligence of the stimulation of the fifth spirilla in the atomic matter of the brain?


98.    p. 442:  Give your interpretation of the following anent the Heavenly Man of the seventh Ray: "The Heavenly man of the scheme in which the Ray of Ceremonial Magic is embodied is one of the main transmitters of radiation from the Sun to the system and has a close connection with logoic kundalini. Herein lies a hint".  Elaborate upon the particular connection of this planetary Lord with the Sun.


99.    p. 442:  Discuss the cooperation between two great Entities presented in the following statements: "The Raja‑Lord of a plane is the sum total of the substance of that plane.  The planetary Logos Who is most closely connected with any particular plane is its quality and colouring.  By the united action and work of these two Entities all is accomplished—the Lord of the Builders constructing the forms which the Lord of Life utilises to develop consciousness within".  What do you think are the names of these two Lords?


100.  p. 443:  What do you learn by examining the fivefold tabulation explaining in various way the effects of the vibration of any Ray?  Give your interpretation of the relation of the activity aspect of Heavenly Man to Fohat.  What does the following mean to you?: "The Heavenly men are, by virtue of physical manifestation, Fohat and His Brothers".


101.  p. 444:  Examine carefully Tabulation III.  There are many things to learn from this tabula­tion.  Who or What are the Seven Cosmic Entities associated with the Will Aspect?  Why are the Seven Rays associated with the Love‑Wisdom Aspect.  Why are Seven Hierarchies associated with the Will Aspect of divinity?  What is the difference between the Seven Hier­archies and the Seven types of deval and human Monads?  Are not monads the consti­tuents of Hierarchies?  Is there any connection between the Seven Brothers (repre­sen­tatives of the third Aspect) and the Seven Deva Lords of the Seven Planes?  What else do you notice?


102.  p. 445:  For what reason, do you suppose, does the seventh Ray (fifth manasic ray) ever manifest in a period of transition from one kingdom to another?  What is the form of service of the planetary Logos of this Ray?


103.  p. 445:  Discuss the function and service of the seventh Ray in relation to the processes of transmutation, incarnation and transference.


104.  p. 445:  Why is it said that the seventh Ray Lord presides over the processes of blending, merging and adaptation.  Can you give examples of these processes in relation to the seventh ray?


105.  p. 445:  Discuss sound as a means of guiding the life forces of solar and lunar entities from form to form.  Discuss also this ray as the "link between the soul awaiting incarnation and its body of manifestation".


106.  p. 445:  Do you have any idea what might be the cosmic Deity Who is the higher prototype of the Lord of the seventh Ray?  What sort of Cosmic Deity is Draco, and with what Ray is He involved?


107.  p. 445:  What characteristic or characteristics of the Lord of the seventh Ray involve Him in processes of transference?  Are there any names for this Ray Lord (found in Esoteric Psych­ology, Volume I) which suggest this ability to preside over the processes of transference?


108.  p. 446:  Why are the presence and power of the Lord of the seventh Ray so needed at this time of planetary history?


109.  p. 446:  What do you think it would mean on the monadic and causal levels for "certain groups of human and deva Monads [to be transferred] out of the human kingdom into the fifth or spiritual kingdom"?


110.  p. 446:  The cycle of the seventh Ray Lord is here said to be some twenty‑five hundred years.  Compare this figure with figures given in Esoteric Psychology, Volume I.


111.  p. 446:  What are the implications of the fact that the cycle of the Lord of the Seventh Ray affects not only our chain but other chains within our planetary scheme?


112.  p. 446:  What thoughts come to you in relation to the "cosmic Transferrer" who is making possible the transference of certain members of the occult Hierarchy to another scheme altogether?  What might be the reason for such a transference?  Which scheme might be involved in this transference?


113.  p. 447:  What is the relationship between the seventh ray and radio­activity?  How is radioactivity in general related to the process of transference?


114.  p. 447:  Discuss the following: "... the prime function of the Logos of the seventh Ray is beyond all else, that of adaptation, or the moulding of the form and the rendering of it suitable to the needs of any particular Entity".


115.  pp. 447‑448:  Discuss the relationship of the following to the work of the seventh Ray Lord: 1) the will; 2) the material; 3) the Builders; 4) a plan; 5) certain words or mantric sounds.


116.  p. 448:  Enlarge on the importance of the following statement: "The fact of the identity of the deva evolution with the essence they manipulate must ever be born in mind".


117.  p. 448:  What is the reason that accurate rules of pronunciation must be followed in order to achieve real effectiveness in the magical process?  How do magical words make of man a master over lesser lives?


118.  p. 448:  Elaborate upon the idea that sounds and colors, as well as odors metals and planets are all spiritual numerals.


119.  p. 448:  The footnote from the Theosophist states that "the sphere or aura that surrounds every human being has one very important 'fold' or 'layer', which invariably bears the color of the metal or planet to which that particular individual has most affinity and it is on this layer that the magnetic part of odors and all sound vibrations impinges".  What aspect or layer of the aura is here indicated?


120.  p. 449:  It is said that a threefold Word uttered by "the Monad ... gives rise to a sevenfold vibration".  What, in other terms, is this sevenfold vibration?  Does it have anything to do with the permanent atoms or the seven principles of man?


121.  p. 449:  Study carefully the tabulation on p. 449.  The Tibetan states that "the analogy existing between these four should be carefully noted".  In noting the analogy, what do you note?


122.  p. 449:  The Tibetan speaks of the "seven cycles of solar systems".  What do you think He means?  If there were solar systemic "rounds" what might their structure be?


123.  p. 449:  What do you learn in reading that the mantrams which reflect the Words of Brahma bring the manasic aspect "into contact with the first aspect and produces that which we call the 'Conscious Son' or Sun"?


124.  p. 449:  In your own knowledge of words, words of power and mantra, which do you know which correspond or might correspond with each of the three aspects?  For instance, OM is a World of the second Aspect.


125.  p. 449:  What is the number of the archetypal plane?  What are two other names for it?  Why it this plane called by these three names?


126.  p. 450:  Study the tabulation listing the results on the physical plane of words uttered by the seventh Logos.  In your own words explain your understanding of the three points in this tabulation.  The operative words are anchoring, guidance and transference.


127.  p. 450:  Explain the manner in which the fifth ray produces "self‑consciousness within the conscious form".


128.  p. 450:  Discuss the two principal effects of the utterance of sound along a line of force by a trained adept.  What, in practical terms, is the "extreme danger" of knowledge of such mantrams.


129.  p. 450:  Discuss the three requirements for those who would have power over form and force.  From examining these requirements, where do you think the various esoteric groups of the world stand in terms of their readiness to have power over form and forces?


130.  p. 451:  Discuss the range of influence of an adept and the limitations of that influence.  Why do you suppose an adept can only work with forms and force within the ring‑pass‑not of his own planetary Logos within the three worlds; within the polar opposite of his Logos and within its complementary Logos—i.e., within the range of a close systemic triangle including his own Logos?


131.  p. 451:  The Tibetan mentions the synthesising and neutral schemes?  What, do you suppose, are the neutral schemes?


132.  p. 451:  Why is the extension of power of a Chohan of the sixth Initiation a logical extension beyond the power of a Master?  What gives a Chohan power over forms and forces in the five worlds of super‑human evolution?  And also over "the totality of the schemes of the five Kumaras who are Brahma"?  Notice that the Kumaras here mentioned are scheme‑Kumaras.


133.  p. 451:  Comment upon the powers of a seventh degree Initiate such as the Christ.  How will the powers here discussed be of value to Him in His work for humanity during the Aquarian Age?


134.  p. 451:  Examine carefully the Words of the seventh Logos in their five groupings.  What ideas come to you from this examination?  Why are the Words which bring different groups of devas into line with the will of the utterer withheld "from men below the rank of initiates of the third order"?  What powers might the Words specifically connected with the human Hierarchy confer?


135.  p. 452:  What would it mean to embody a scientific formula in sound?


136.  p. 452:  Do you believe, with the Tibetan, that "the time is not yet" for the general imparta­tion and publication of the kind of mantric forms here discussed?  His reasons are interest­ing.  Firstly, that "knowledge of things occult does not suffice for their wise utilization".  With this it is easy to agree.  What do you think of the next reason: "The develop­ment of the intuition by means of aspiration, endeavour, failure, and renewed effort ending in success is of far more profit to the Ego than the quick results brought about by the uses of sound".  Why would this be the case?


137.  p. 452:  Why is clairvoyance a virtual necessity before the knowledge of mantrams is profitable and even safe?


138.  p. 452:  The Tibetan advises for us to think out the following: "When a man can see a need for correction and for adjustment in a brother's vehicle, and can awaken in his brother a desire to adjust that which is amiss, wise assistance can be given by the one who sees and sounds".  He states: "Think this out, for it holds the key to the reason for the safeguarding of the words".


139.  p. 452:  Notice the Master Teacher at work in the way the following is imparted: "Selfless­ness, sight and sincerity of purpose must all three exist before the sounds can be imparted".  What is the Tibetan's method of imparting this truth and why is it useful?


140.  p. 453:  Consider the coming causes for the universal development of etheric vision.  What experience do you have with either of these two points?  Through science and the approach of the deva kingdom the growth of etheric vision will be greatly facilitated.


141.  p. 453:  Why should the advent of the seventh Ray result in increased mental activity?  Why will this increase in mental activity result in "increased competition between units and between groups"?  Does this result seem fitting in the Age of Aquarius?


142.  p. 453:  What kind of groups, do you imagine, will the synthesizing groups here mentioned be?  According to the Tibetan's description would they be utilizing the seventh Ray?  Why?  Do you recognize any groups today who are undertaking this kind of activity?


143.  p. 454:  What about the prophecy concerning schools of medicine? Is this happening today?  Where?  To what extent?


144.  p. 454:  On this page is discussed the founding of a New Church.  What are the mental forms through which the outgrowth of the old idealism will demonstrate?  How would you describe "accurate scientific ceremonial"?  Why does the Tibetan call this the "universal church"?  What does it mean that the Church will be founded upon the "mental unity of all peoples"?  Explain what the following might mean: ceremonial through "the guarded, guided scientific utilization of sound and color to bring about certain desired ends"—which are then listed.


145.  p. 454:  How can the right utilization of sound and color bring about the aligning of the Ego, the influencing of groups, the making of contact with the Occult Hierarchy, and the cooperation with the devas in order to further the constructive ends of evolution?  Are these worthy ends for a new Church?  Why?


146.  p. 454:  How does the seventh Ray contribute to "increased facility in approaching the Path"?  How can the seventh Ray contribute to the eliminating of the present thwarting scepticism?


147.  p. 454:  Why would the following be a danger?  " ... the dangers of crystallisation into form so that the true spiritual devotee may become rare, and the scientific aspirant will take his place".


148.  p. 455:  Give your interpretation of the following: "The true occultist is a scientist and a devotee, and where these two are not merged, we have the mystic and the man in danger of black magic, being governed by the intellect and not by selflessness".  Are you both a scientist and a devotee?  Towards which of these do you lean or are they relatively in balance in your life?  What planet or planets would assist in bringing the two together?


149.  p. 455:  The Tibetan speaks of "the coming into incarnation of numbers of old magicians and occultists, and the rapid growth therefore of recognised psychic powers among the people".  To what extent do you think this is already happening?  Are the dangers which He foretells also occurring?  Why is psychism tinged with intellectuality even more dangerous than purely astral psychism?  The word "menace" is a strong one.  Why does the Tibetan use it?  What, particularly, might constitute the menace?  In what way is recognition of the Law of Service an antidote to the negativity which could eventuate?


150.  p. 455:  From the words of the Tibetan a battle seems to be looming between those seventh Ray magicians linked to the Brotherhood and those who are strictly manasic, and presum­ably, materialistic.  Why is the offsetting of the possible difficulty in the hands of Master R and Master H?


151.  p. 456:  Reading about the revelation of the next three truths concerning electrical phenom­ena during the seventy‑five years following 1925 when this book was published, what present groups seem to be involved in this revelation?  Which Ashram or Ashrams are involved in the revelation?  What do you make of the fact that the formula has five parts?


152.  p. 456:  If the Hierarchy usually makes an attempt to promote evolutionary development at the close of every cycle of one hundred years, what is going on now, do you think, which is part of their inevitable effort at the close of the twentieth century?


153.  p. 456:  Discuss the following anent the sixth subrace of the fifth root‑race: "During the sixth subrace, the emphasis will not be so much on the development of mind, as it will be on the utilisation of the concrete mind, and its acquired faculty, for the development of the powers of abstract thought".  Rather than being a strictly intuitive race, "... the outstanding characteristic will be the ability of the units of the sixth subrace to think in abstract terms and to use the abstract mind".  Do you see any evidence of this among the aspirants and disciples of the world?  Can you confirm the Tibetan's statements anent abstraction through numerological deduction?


154.  p. 457:  Notice that the sixth subrace will be involved in the develop­ment of the group antaskarana, or "the link between the mental and the buddhic".  This is somewhat different that the emphasis upon the antahkarana as usually presented to the individual disciple, correct?  What has the emphasis upon the number six to do with this difference?


155.  p. 457:  Discuss the development of intuition in the fifth root‑race, in the sixth subrace of the fifth root‑race, and during the sixth root‑race proper.  The sixth sub‑race is therefore a transitional phase, correct?  What is the "real intuition" of which the Tibetan speaks and why, do you suppose, there is so little of it extant at this time?


156.  p. 457:  Do you agree with the Tibetan that the "development of animal consciousness and its immediate future is as yet but little understood".  Why does He say this?