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Preamble to S9S7 pt 2

Dear Fellow Students in the Fellowship of Cosmic Fire,

We have a very fascinating section of text to consider in Commentary S9S7 Part II.

We will deal with:

  1. The various kinds of Lipika Lords and Agents of Karma. As far as our solar system is concerned there are four varieties.
  2. The great number of "agents of karma" which work under the Lipika. They all work in a highly organized manner and no B/being or cyclic period (such as a round) remains unsupervised by its karmic overseer.
  3. The amazing nature of the Law of Cycles. DK hints at the kinds of advanced mathematical computations which are required if even the rudiments of this law (as it affects our planet) are to be understood.
  4. Many of us are interested in the nature of cycles. DK lays out the requirements if we are to develop some degree of understanding of this law.
  5. He also discusses the complex nature of the forces involved in the individualization of the human being and also in the production of any particular human incarnation. It is very interesting to note the pivotal importance of the monadic ray in both processes.
  6. DK also discusses the contrasts between the two types of human beings who have individualized in two different chains: the Moon-chain and the Earth-chain. We begin to realize the many important distinctions between these types.
  7. The innate materialism of those who individualized on the Earth-chain is also of interest.
  8. A little social philosophy is incorporated, as it becomes apparent that no attempts at social rehabilitation or regeneration will be successful unless the contrasts between these two types of human beings are seriously considered by would-be reformers.

    I think you will find much of clarification in the text for this particular commentary. We really learn about the complexity of karmic administration. There is so much to be considered if the mathematical formula which determines the heat, radiation and magnetism of any unit of life is to be determined. The Lipika Lords and their numerous agents are intent on increasing the heat, radiation and magnetism of every unit under their supervision.

    Perhaps when we study mathematics we will have a refreshed idea of some of its greater spiritual applications.

    Many Blessings,