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  Preamble to S9S7 pt 1


Dear Fellow Students of A Treatise on Cosmic Fire,


Please find attached the text and commentary for TCF S9S7 Part I.


In this commentary we deal with seven groupings of lives (and perhaps, by implication, ten). There are three groups of super-human lives; three groups of subhuman lives (elemental in nature); and the human being itself, interestingly referred to as a manasaputra—a solar life. It thus becomes necessary to distinguish between man-as-man (apparently a solar life), and man-as-Solar Angel.


The whole commentary deals with involutionary and evolutionary lives—though, as it progresses, it is more concerned with the involutionary lives and the three lower kingdoms with which they are associated.


We probably realize by this time that the systemic planes are really the spirillae of the physical permanent atom of the Solar Logos. DK develops and applies this idea.


He also speaks much of the periodical manifestation of the three major elemental groups, discussing the intricate cycles of group souls, each with its seven sub-groups.


One of the very interesting footnotes is also discussed. It deals with symbolism and symbolic reading. Some very important information is given about methods of accessing symbolic books in the archives of the Masters and the manner in which they are to be read.


There arises an important question. What is the relationship between the three lower kingdoms—all of them evolutionary—and the three major elemental groups, all of them involutionary? The three elemental groups express through the three lower kingdoms. But how does this really occur?


We being to form the idea that a real explanation of the workings of the elemental groups is deeply obscure and will have to be left to the elucidation of specialists in the occult science.


DK closes this section with a discussion of the “Law of Cycles” and its importance to the Manu’s Department, as that Department has so much responsibility for the appearance and disappearance of all manner of forms within the planet.


DK refers to certain “records” in the Master’s Archives which it would be of great interest for us to read. The time will come when we have prepared ourselves.


We continue attempting to penetrate (to some extent at least) this marvellous book.


In Light, Love and Power,