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Preamble to S9S6 part II



The material for this Commentary, Semester 9 Section 6 Part II, is as rich as it is technically occult in many respects. We are dealing with the following subject and questions.


  1. Seven types of hierarchically ascending lives to be absorbed in greater groups as they are nearing perfection. Such are the three lower kingdoms, man, Planetary Logoi, Logoi of the Three Aspects and Solar Logoi.

  2. Who are the “major three planetary Spirits”—are they the Logoi of Uranus, Neptune and Saturn or the greater Logoi of the Three Persons—Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma?

  3. Is our solar system simply a solar system or is it in some way a “constellation”? Is every solar system to be regarded as a constellation of associated Planetary Logoi and their schemes?

  4. Do only self-conscious units have permanent atoms or do the members of the three lower kingdoms have permanent atoms as well? Or are the permanent atoms associated with the group souls in the three lower kingdoms really the permanent atoms of greater Beings working through those kingdoms and their constituent group souls?

  5. Are the seven spirillae of the logoic physical permanent atom all seven of the solar planes or are these seven streams of force consisting of only the forces of the seven atomic subplanes of the seven subplanes of the cosmic physical plane (i.e., of the seven solar planes)?

  6. A number of interesting perspectives on permanent atoms are included in this text.

  7. What do the lower kingdoms contribute to the permanent atoms of man?

  8. Are the permanent atoms of man actually a gift of the three lower kingdoms or can the Monad appropriate permanent atoms without the presence of kingdoms of nature on the three lower planes?

  9. What is the “negative basis” of permanent atoms and of the mental unit? How do the best expressions of the various kingdoms contribute to the establishment of the “negative basis” within man’s lower permanent atoms? What has this “negative basis” to do with the south pole of various permanent atoms?

  10. What is the relation of the mental unit to the animal kingdom, the astral permanent atom to the vegetable kingdom and the physical permanent atom to the mineral kingdom?

  11. How many triplicities of positive, negative and equilibrised energies are set up within the constitution of man?

  12. What is the relation of the Three Gunas to the three lower kingdoms and to the three members of the atomic triangle?

  13. What is the relation of the Tetraktys to the three formative aspect of the Universal Self?

  14. What is the “Kosmic Quaternary” and what is the Tetraktys’ relationship to it?

  15. How is Spirit related to Sattva? How is Wisdom related to Sattva? How is atma related to Rajas?

  16. What are the transitional forms bridging between from one lower kingdom to the next higher? How are the Three Gunas involved in this process?

  17. Why does the onset of Sattva signal the moment of merging of a lower kingdom with a higher? What is the meaning of the intense rajasic period which precedes the onset of sattva?

  18. Man’s Spirit or Monad is really cosmic vitality?

  19. What condition has to exist in the dense physical body of the Solar Logos before it is possible for man to be ‘created’?

  20. How are “God” and “Energy” identical?

  21. Why is the manifestation of the lower kingdoms ever “group” manifestation? What are the implications of this?

  22. What is the relation between the seven parts of each of the three lower group souls (associated with the three lower kingdoms) and the seven root-races of man?

  23. What are the implications of the fact that every group soul (even the mineral group soul) has a point of focus on the astral plane?

  24. What role does esoteric numerology play in indicating the possibility of transference of the units of one kingdom into a higher?


The journey of a thousand miles begins with but a single step. Our study of A Treatise on Cosmic Fire is analogous to first steps on a very long journey, but at least we are walking!


Study hard and make the necessary correlations.


In Light, Love and Power,