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Preamble for:  Semester 9, Section V, pt 1


Dear Fellow Students of A Treatise on Cosmic Fire,

Thank you for your patience as my responsibilities to the Morya Federation leave me with rather less time to offer these commentaries than heretofore.  

The short section under consideration in Semester IX, Section V, Part I, is really fascinating. I guess I say this often, but I am amazed at how much information Master DK is conveying to us if we read carefully and also read between the lines.We are continuing our discussion of Motion in the Causal Body. One day we will see the spectacular processes of development for ourselves and with accuracy.

For the moment, we are relying upon the trustworthy perception of our Elder Brother, Master DK. He is allowing us a glimpse of an internal process which takes place over millions of years and which arrives, at length, at a glorious consummation.   We find that the energy centers within the causal body (the petals and tiers) are extremely influential in promoting the final integration of the lower man--within himself and with the soul.  

We take up the revolution of the tiers and attempt to correlate them with the various initiations both major and minor. This is an interesting task and firm conclusions are somewhat elusive.   In this section of text DK discusses the relation of the three gunas (tamas, rajas and sattva--inertia, mobility and rhythm) in relation to the unfoldment of the causal body and, through its influence, of all parts of the personality. The interplay is utterly 'reasonable' and fascinating.  

Some very occult information is offered about a certain stabilizing rhythm which emanates from the Jewel in the Lotus (and ultimately from the Monad and its Planetary Logos) and which affects, according to the monadic ray (the sub-monadic ray) the condition of the egoic lotus. The names of these seven types of rhythm are not given, but one realizes that all that happens within the causal body is ultimately the effect of monadic energy and quality.  

One gathers a growing sense of the intricate feedback-loop existing between the personality and the egoic lotus/Solar Angel. The Mystery deepens constantly, even as the light of revelation shines.   Read carefully and see if you cannot arrive at a deepened understanding of these developmental processes within the causal body.  

In Light, Love and Power Michael