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Preamble for Semester 9, Section 4, Part II


Dear Fellow Students of A Treatise on Cosmic Fire,


In the attached Commentary, Semester 9, Section 4, Part II, we deal with the devas of the spiiritual triad and the way they are animated, via Saturn, from the "cosmic moon" associated with our present solar system. This "cosmic moon" is a dying solar system which was, we may infer, the solar system which preceded our own and through which our Solar Logos previously manifested. Its effect upon our present solar system is analogous to the effect of our Moon upon the Earth-scheme.


An interesting discussion of the rings of Saturn also is undertaken. The rings are likened to an antahkarana and Saturn as the Builder of the bridge between the previous solar system and our own--the fifth in a series of six or possibly seven. Are there three rings or perhaps thirty? DK focuses on three. Science has discovered thirty.


In this section we learn of some of the higher parallels of the antahkarana process. We also learn about how important Saturn is to the functioning of the manasic permanent atom. There is no question but that we must link Saturn with the abstract mind of the spiritual triad as well as with the atmic permanent atom and vehicle.


DK then looks at the tiers of petals of the egoic lotus and discusses the energy streams which animate these tiers and their petals. Some of the streams come from within the personality, others from within various sections of the egoic lotus, others from the spiritual triad, and still others from very high sources.


The section of text studied is very interesting for the alignments which DK proposes linking very high Sources with the tiniest atom, and also with us, the human being, along the way.


I have commented on the first and second tiers of petals. In the next commentary we will undertake the dynamic sacrifice tier so closely associated with the process of initiation.


There is some fascinating occult information found in this section of TCF.


Many Blessings,