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Preamble Letter to TCF S9S3 Part II

Dear Fellow Students of A Treatise on Cosmic Fire,

The substance of this commentary covers four factors or activities: Separation, Momentum, Frictional Activity and Absorption. Normally, one thinks of such activities as related to the realm of physical plane physics and this is true, of course. But we find that these activities are also directly applicable to the realm of inner physics and, in this case especially, to the mental body and its relations to the other personality vehicles.

One of the most important discussions and one of real interest concerns devachan in relation to the activity of absorption. The importance of devachan, not just as a ‘place’ of relief from worldly stress but as a “workshop” for the building in of human faculty is accented. Some very interesting thoughts about the symbolism of the “Garden of Eden” are related to the structure of the mental unit and the mental plane.

I think you will agree upon close study of this section of TCF that it is full of fascinating occult information most necessary to produce a deeper understanding of processes within the mental vehicle and in the personality in general.