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Semester 9 Section 3 Part I, preamble


Dear Fellow Students of A Treatise on Cosmic Fire,

The subject for this commentary—Semester 9 Section 3 Part I, is “Motion and the Mental Sheath”. We will find that the energies which influence the mental sheath of man originate on levels far higher than the systemic mental plane and involve types of devas of which we would know nothing if Master DK had not informed us of their existence.

It is primarily the lower mental body which we are studying and, therefore, the number four becomes very important as there are four subplanes comprising the lower mental plane. The relationship between the four cosmic subplanes of the cosmic mental plane and the four levels of our far more familiar concrete mental vehicle is elaborated.

We find that the heart is involved in these relationships and Master DK draws our attention to some very occult correspondences involving a ventricle and one of the valves of the heart. Illustrations are included in the commentary; they will help us orient ourselves to the physiology involved. As we read, it becomes clear to us that Master DK is a master occult anatomist and physiologist and we are reminded of the value of studying the human form if we seek to understand the macrocosm.

We may think of the cosmic mental level as so remote from the live we live as to be inconsequential, but this not the case. The Solar Angels are actually emanations from the cosmic mental plane and the functioning of the lower mental plane would not occur without cosmic mental influence.

Important relations between the numbers four and five are also brought forward in this somewhat technical section. We must not shy away from the occult technicalities. A single technicality may provide for us the missing link permitting us to enter into a wide range of understanding.