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Dear Fellow Students of A Treatise on Cosmic Fire:

In this Commentary (Semester 9 Section 2 Part II), we continue our discussion of the Monad and its relation to the various wheels--solar systemic, planetary, the wheel of a chain, the wheel of a globe, etc.  We note that the section we are studying has shifted its emphasis to the Spirit, the Monad. We find that there are many particulars concerning this highest aspect of our nature, an aspect about which we may heretofore have had only vague thoughts. But the evolution of the Monad occurs under cyclic laws just as do the evolution of the soul and personality and there are many specifics which it will be of value to learn.  

In this particular commentary we learn much about the structure of the wheel as a cosmic symbol.

We also are given some really interesting thoughts about the sequence of possibly seven solar systems or seven monadic incarnations, one of which may have related to a wheel with unextended 'spokes'.   There is also much about the spheroidal forms of all living things--i.e., the ideal form is the sphere.   Let us say that we are entering into occult technicalities regarding the kingdom of the Spirit--and concerning the mineral kingdom as well, representing the failed lives of a previous solar system.

  From a practical perspective, there is also much about true vision, what it sees and how it may be cultivated.   In general, these sections of TCF hold much that is unusual and of great interest.