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Dear Fellow Students of A Treatise on Cosmic Fire,

In this commentary, S9 S11, Part 1 we begin our study of the Law of the Schools which is responsible for lifting human beings (and still greater Lives) from one kingdom or division to the next.

The Law of the Schools which we can associate with both Aquarius and Gemini, and Mercury as well, begins to be effective from the time a human being steps upon the Path of Probation and is in effect until the seventh initiation. For Greater Lives, the span of its effectiveness begins at a higher point and ends at a much higher point.

We remember that we are still dealing with minor laws subsidiary to the Law of Attraction. The Law of the Schools is therefore works through attraction and magnetism.

The Law of the Schools is particularly interesting as it informs us of the kind of educational training we are undergoing on Earth and the nature of the training as it is administered on other planets. This we will take up specifically in the next commentary.

We learn that the Law of the Schools does not apply to all human beings. It does not apply, for instance, to those less developed groups in which the mental unit was merely “fanned” by the Solar Angels without the implantation of the spark of higher mind.

DK takes us on a journey through the solar system to non-sacred, sacred and synthesizing planets and even to planetoids to discuss the manner in which the Law of the Schools applies.

We also given some fascinating though heavily veiled information about the “inner round” with its advantages and temptations (which are not described, but they seem to be abstractive temptations). It seems that certain prepared units from the Earth-scheme, the Mar-scheme and the Mercury-scheme can pursue this inner cycle of development which relates to the higher three etheric subplanes and perhaps to the cosmic ethers.

What is given in this commentary is in the nature of an introduction to more specific information about the distinctive schools

As serious students of esotericism we are coming under the influence of the Law of the Schools. We are mostly affected by the type of training we are receiving on Earth School—The School of Magnetic Response, but according to our sensitivity to the other planetary spheres, the impact of their schools will reach us through certain channels.

Education is meant to be elevation; the means of transferring from one ring-pass-not to a higher, from one kingdom to a higher.

We shall learn of our vast future opportunities by studying the Law of the Schools.

LL&P, Michael