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Preamble to Semester 9; Section 1


Dear Fellow Students in the Fellowship of Cosmic Fire,


As we continue through the later pages of A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, the occultism deepens--sometimes to the point of unfathomability--for us!


The subject under discussion is the seven or ten or more etheric chakras and the sources from which a variety of energies flow through them. These sources are not the ones usually considered and demonstrate that even the human chakric system is the recipient of cosmic energies.


We must be very alert to the hints which Master DK seems to give in every other paragraph. Finally, it is possible to read almost anything He says as a hint, pointing to unsuspected connections with subtler dimensions.


Of particular interest is the so-called "manasic centre" located between the shoulder blades. A questions arises: "Is this center distinct from the heart center and highest pranic center or is it, in fact, the highest pranic center?" As we ponder the possibilities, we see that it is likely to be an occult center rarely discussed if at all perhaps related to eight centers on the lower mental plane.


The text is full of interest. Another point of interest is the relation between the Pleiades and the Solar Angels.


Also, in the section of text studied, DK seems to relate the alta major center to the second aspect rather than the third, thus offering a very thought-provoking perspective.


We have been working with these commentaries for about five and a half years, so by now you should be used to penetrating some of the deeper levels. Mystery after mystery is indicated. Let us seek to penetrate together.


In Light, Love and Power,