Fellowship of Cosmic Fire

Commentary Semester IX Section XII

TCF 1185-1188: S9S12, Part I

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The Law of Attraction produces certain effects which it might profit us to touch upon here, provided we remember that only a few effects out of many possible are being considered.

1.                            Master DK intends to touch lightly on the subject, but that touch will surely give us more than enough to ponder.

2.                            We must always be wary if we think that DK has said all that might be said on a subject. For instance, on the types of second ray souls—He describes three types but adds, “there are naturally numerous exceptions”.

1. Association.

The first effect might be called association.  Under this law the karmic Lords are enabled to bring together those lives (human, subhuman, and superhuman) which have earlier been associated, and have, therefore, somewhat to work out.

3.                            This thought leads us to the conclusion that there are many human beings with whom we have never been personally associated and that the human beings with whom we are now associated are likely to be those with whom we have been associated many times before.

The seven Heavenly Men, for instance, are a few out of the great band of associated Lives who have chosen to come into incar­nation in this kalpa for purposes of mutual help and mutual cor­rect­ion.

4.                            The Planetary Logoi Who comprise this solar system are of long association. This suggests that throughout our galaxy there are many Heavenly Men.

5.                            It is interesting to read of their purpose for association: “mutual help and mutual correction”. They all have somewhat to learn from each other and each is helped by the other in his or her next step ahead.

6.                            When we think of those individuals with whom we are closely and inevitably associated, do we find the ways in which our mutual interaction is for “mutual help and mutual correction”?


 They are really destined to work together, but never­the­less on other cosmic planes have points of contact unknown to us.

7.                            DK seems to be speaking of the psychological interaction of the Heavenly Men on the cosmic astral and cosmic mental plane.


Under this attractive pull the informing existences of the various kingdoms of nature are engaged in mutual interaction,

8.                            The same idea seems true of any members within one of Nature’s wholes—kingdoms, Hierarchies, and various other structural groupings.


and thus swing into lesser but similar activity all the lives of these various bodies of manifestation. 

9.                            For instance, it seems that the informing life of the human kingdom and of the animal kingdom are long associated.


These lines of attraction are veiled in mystery, and all that it is possible to indicate is the karma of the Lord of the second or vegetable kingdom with the Lord of the fifth kingdom, and a close line of linking energy between the Lord of the mineral kingdom and the human. 

10.                         In the relation between the Lords of the second and fifth kingdoms, we can see the influence of Venus.

11.                         In the relation between the Lords of the mineral kingdom and the human, the role of Vulcan stands out. The structure we know as the “stone” is prominent in each—in the first, literally, and in the second, metaphysically.


These points are only for reference to our own planetary scheme.

12.                         The kingdoms of nature as they express on other planetary schemes may be different, and differently related.


 The Lord of the Moon chain and the Lord of our present animal kingdom are "blood brothers"

13.                         Presumably the Lord of a Chain is of much higher status than the Lord of a Kingdom.

14.                         One wonders about the present ‘location’ and activities of the Lord of the Moon chain. We know that the animal kingdom certainly exists. And notice the word, “are”, is in the present tense, telling us that the Lord of the Moon-chain is still very much with us. Has He been absorbed in some way into the Earth-chain? Is our Earth-chain supervised by two such Lords?

15.                         There is a mystery of “blood” in their relationship. Mars is one of the planets which rules the blood and there is a close connection between the Moon and Mars through the lunar lords.


 and in their relationship and the esoteric interference of the "Man of Men" (the human family personified) is hidden the mystery of present animal karma and the slaughter of animal forms, the terror of wild beasts and the work of vivisectionists.

16.                         We are being told of the origins of matters which are still deeply troubling upon our planet.

17.                         The human kingdom has somehow interfered esoterically with the relationship between the Lord of the Moon-chain and the Lord of the animal kingdom and this has led to the great sacrifice of the animal form. The animal forms of human beings (for they are animal forms) were constantly attacked by animals in olden days, we are told, and this has figured into the development of the kind of retributive karma, discussed above.

18.                         The phrase “Man of Men” to personify the nature of the human kingdom is interesting and unusual. We are being led into the mystery of two kingdoms sharing forms which are similar in many ways.


Under this Law,

19.                         The Law of Association…

 too, is found "the Path" upon which [Page 1186] men lift themselves out of the human state of consciousness into the divine, but on this there is no need to enlarge.

20.                         It seems that when and as we fulfill karma with those with whom we have been long associated, we are led into an association with those who are already treading the Path. These individuals, too, are those with whom we have been long associated, but all along (given the normal progression) they have been ‘ahead of us’ in their degree of evolutionary unfoldment.


2. Form Building.

21.                         This is another subsidiary law related to the Law of Attraction.


The second effect is form building.  Upon this we will not enlarge at any length, as all that it is at present possible to impart anent this subject has already been given in this Treatise, and other works of a similar nature.

22.                         Much has been given in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire and later was given in A Treatise on White Magic. If we examine the Tibetan’s later writings, we shall see how pervasive this type of information is.


 It is the middle, or second aspect which is ever responsible for the construction of a form around a central nucleus.

23.                         The first aspect sustains all with power, but the second aspect builds.


  Students would find it useful to study and meditate upon the appended tabulation of energy streams and their objectivising through mutual interplay.

24.                         This tabulation is on the next several pages.

25.                         The principle to grasp is that energy-streams are objectivized through mutual interplay. We say an example of this in the way that chakras and other types of centers (such as the third eye) were objectivized by the interplay of three energy-streams.


As time goes on, science will become aware of the basic nature and fundamental accuracy of the method whereby every form can be divided into its three aspects, and viewed as an Entity ener­gised by three types of force, emanating from various points extraneous to the form under consideration.

26.                         We have just been studying this process in relation to our Solar Logos and solar system, energized by three sources extraneous to our solar system—the Great Bear, the Pleiades and Sirius.

27.                         The threefold nature of all form is naturally assumed by all of us (if we have studied the Tibetan with any degree of persistence) and yet it is not generally recognized by most human beings when they consider the nature of form.

28.                         Man as a personality is mind, emotions and body and, likewise, three sources extraneous to the man himself have provided these three aspects of his lower nature. The same is true of man’s threefold physical body, etc.


It can be considered also as expressing in some way or another, in its various parts, force or energy originating in the three forces of manifestation, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.

29.                         This is the great Triplicity (in our solar system) lying behind the threefold division of each form.

30.                         As we ascend the “Ladder of Evolution” we shall find Entities Who represent Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva on various higher planes and within various higher dimensions.


 Where this is the case and the premise admitted, the entire outlook on life, on nature, medicine and science and on methods of construction or destruction will be changed.

31.                         Such a simple realization will change so much about the way humanity lives its life.


 Things will be viewed as essential triplicities,

32.                         This is shown in how Tabulation VII below is constructed.


 men will be regarded as a combination of energy units, and work with things and with men from the form aspect will be revolutionised.

33.                         A great simplification of perception is on its way and with it the possibility of bringing greater balance to human living. The triangle is the symbol of balance.

34.                         Five great orders of life are described in the tabulation below. These are the types of lives with which we have been dealing throughout this book.

It has been necessary to somewhat alter the spacing of Tabulation VII so that comment may be interleaved.

35.                         I would recommend that you study what is said below with the original form of Tabulation VII before your eyes so that the comparisons discussed can be easily seen.

[Page 1187]                    
TABULATION VII  [Reconstituted by VSK]





Focal Point


Type of Energy

Nature of Fire

36.         We notice that the first three categories correspond to the first three aspects of divinity in the following order: first, third, second.

37.         We notice also that the “Type of Energy” is discriminated from the “Nature of Fire”, though energy and fire are in many ways equivalent.


38.         For the purposes of this tabulation the Solar Logos is the macrocosm.

39.         The next greater Macrocosm about which Master DK says anything extensive is the "One About Whom Naught May Be Said".


Causal Body


Central  Spiritual Sun

Cosmic Will

Electric Fire

40.         Like man, the Solar Logos has a causal body. There is something strange about this first listing and it is repeated for the lesser beings: the causal body is listed twice and appears in the row in which the first aspect of divinity is described.

41.         One can wonder why the ‘Monadic Body’ or ‘Monadic Vehicle’ is not offered, with its "Jewel". This corresponds well to the presence of the Central Spiritual Sun.

42.         Yet just as man cannot yet access his Monad and can somewhat access his causal body so it may be for the Solar Logos at His present stage of development. Thus, it is the first aspect of the causal body which is used to represent the first aspect of divinity. The "Jewel in the Lotus" is the reflection of the Monad and its source is the Central Spiritual Sun, which is the monadic nature of the Solar Logos.

43.         In this second ray solar system this representation will have to do. In the next solar system, the solar logoic Monad and the "Jewel", which we may presume to be found within it, would probably be listed.

44.         For now, the main source of the first aspect for the Solar Logos, our Planetary Logos and man is the first aspect of divinity as it manifests through the causal body of all these B/beings.


Causal Body

(two petalled)

Heart of the Sun

Cosmic Love
(The Son)

Solar Fire

45.         Here the emphasis is upon the second aspect of the Solar Logos. The causal body is the expected source of this type of energy.

46.         Probably the “Lotus” discussed is the egoic lotus of the Solar Logos. Elsewhere, we are told that this lotus consists of seven tiers of petals and a triple flame. It number is thus, ten. If there are three petals in each of the seven circles the number to be associated with the lotus is twenty-four. Yet here we read that it is a “two-petalled” lotus. The lotus usually considered as two petalled is the ajna lotus—at least this is the case for man. So what can these two petals indicate, especially if they are to be associated with the solar logoic egoic lotus?

47.         We have something of a mystery here. The only ‘twoness’ in the way the egoic lotus of the Solar Logos is usually described is the relationship between the seven tiers of petals (taken as a whole) and the triple flame—and the flame cannot be counted as petals.

48.         The Heart of the Sun is predictably aspect of the solar logoic nature which works through is causal body. There are a number of thoughts concerning the nature of the Heart of the Sun, but it should rightly be associated with the soul-demonstration of the Solar Logos on the higher three cosmic subplanes (to be specific, the first subplane) of the cosmic mental plane.

49.         Since the energy is “Cosmic Love” we notice a relation to cosmic buddhi, and thus to the Pleiades and the Dragon as sources of cosmic buddhi.

50.         A very high form of solar fire expresses through the solar logoic causal lotus. Since this fire brings harmony and equilibrium, it too must be associated with the buddhic energy—the cosmic buddhic energy.


Physical Plane Nucleus

Permanent Atom

The Physical Sun

Cosmic Activity
(Universal Mind)

Fire by Friction

51.         The words “Physical Plane Nucleus” are usual and vague. Perhaps DK is speaking of the entirety of the Sun as it manifests on the cosmic physical plane, a plane which has two aspects—the dense physical body of the Solar Logos and the four cosmic etheric planes.

52.         The permanent atom here mentioned is likely to be the solar logoic physical permanent atom, which has been related to the planet Saturn.

53.         We are dealing with solar energies related to the third aspect of divinity. The “Physical Sun” is the medium of transmission for these energies.

54.         Thus far we have had Cosmic Will, Cosmic Love and now Cosmic Activity. Notice how when we speak of the Solar Logos the adjective “cosmic” is used. The Solar Logos is considered not a systemic Being but a cosmic Being.

55.         What are the sources of these great Energies. It would be right to say that Cosmic Will, Cosmic Love and Cosmic Activity are sourced from the cosmic planes—the cosmic atmic plane, the cosmic buddhic plane and the cosmic mental plane, respectively.

56.         Although the systemic atmic plane is closely related to Universal Mind, this plane is certainly not its source, but only its expression on the cosmic physical plane.

57.         We see the close relationship between “Mind” and “Activity”. Mind is that factor which arranges and re-arranges all in keeping with the perceived archetype.

58.         Fire by friction is negative fire, just as solar fire was equilibrizing fire producing equilibrium.

59.         For the Solar Logos, and cosmically considered, fire by friction is found on the lower eighteen cosmic subplanes.

60.         For the Solar Logos, the lowest form of fire by friction is found on the cosmic physical plane and especially on the three lowest subplanes of the cosmic physical plane.





Planetary Causal Body


Heavenly Man (On his own plane)

Systemic Will

Electric Fire

61.         We have the same situation for the Planetary Logos as we had for the Solar Logos. The first aspect is expressed through the causal body—the planetary causal body in this case, found on the third subplane of the cosmic mental plane and not, as in the case for the Solar Logos, upon the first subplane.

62.         Again, as for the Solar Logos, the “Focal Point” is the "Jewel" and the “Medium” is not the Central Spiritual Sun but the “Heavenly Man (On his own plane)”. In this case the term “Heavenly Man” is equivalent to “Planetary Logos”, and we may suspect that the monadic nature of the Heavenly Man or Planetary Logos is indicated.

63.         If for the Solar Logos the macrocosmic Central Spiritual Sun is found on the cosmic monadic plane, there is no reason why this should not be the case for the Planetary Logos as well. Their causal bodies are found on the same cosmic plane (though not the same cosmic subplane) and we may expect that the monadic nature will also be found on the same cosmic plane (the cosmic monadic plane) though probably not on the same subplane of that cosmic plane.

64.         The nature of planetary logoic Will is similar to solar logoic Will, but of lesser scope, being systemic rather than cosmic.

65.         The type of fire is the same: “Electric Fire Positive”.

66.         As we study this tabulation, constructed very much under the Law of Analogy, we should notice the slight differences in wording. These can reveal blinds.


Planetary Causal Body


Egoic Groups

Systemic Love

Solar Fire  Harmony  Balance

67.         As in the case of the Solar Logos, the source of the second aspect is again the causal body—this time of the Planetary Logos.

68.         Again the “Focal Point” is the “Lotus” but there is no designation of it being “two-petalled”. We learned of the tenfold structure of the egoic lotus of the Solar Logos, but not much about the structure of the Planetary Logos’s causal body.

69.         The following may be indicative though not conclusive:

We have, therefore, a direct stream of energy flowing through:

a. The logoic twelve-petalled egoic lotus, cosmic mental plane.
b. The solar twelve-petalled lotus.
c. The planetary logoic heart, also a twelve-petalled lotus.
d. The twelve-petalled human egoic lotus on the mental plane.
e. The twelve-petalled heart centre in a human being. (EA 47)

70.         It is interesting that in this reference the egoic lotus of the Solar Logos is referred to as twelve-petalled. In the other significant reference regarding this lotus it is said to have seven tiers. Perhaps it is an assumption that each tier has three petals. Perhaps this is not the case—we don’t know. Perhaps it is possible that the number of petals of the solar egoic lotus actually is twelve but how would they be arranged? We do have a seeming contradiction here and will have to reconcile it.

71.         The “Medium” in this case is interesting: “Egoic Groups”. This term is the equivalent of “Heart of the Sun” for the Solar Logos and “Solar Angel” for man (below). For man, the Solar Angel contributes to the energy of the microcosmic “Heart of the Sun”. One would think that there must be a planetary logoic Solar Angel, just as there is a solar logoic Solar Angel and a Solar Angel for the individual human being. Somehow the various “Egoic Groups” must be the constituents of the planetary logoic Solar Angel or “Heart of the Sun”.

72.         Now, where will these “Egoic Groups” be found? Shall we look for them only on the mental plane of the cosmic physical plane? To do so would not follow the analogy, for the “Heart of the Sun” for the Solar Logos is found (as usually considered) upon the cosmic mental plane, and the Solar Angel for the human being works upon the higher mental plane. It would seem that the “Egoic Groups” should have some relation to the cosmic mental plane (albeit on a lower subplane than the “Heart of the Sun” of the Solar Logos). I do not think we can solve this at this time.

73.         If we confined our search for “Egoic Groups” to the cosmic physical plane, in Letters on Occult Meditation that there are various groups which could be called “Egoic Groups” found on planes higher than the systemic higher mental plane:

                                  (  1st subplane            35 groups, 7 x 5
Mental plane             (  2nd subplane        42 groups, 7 x 6
                                  (  3rd subplane           49 groups, 7 x 7

                                  (  3rd subplane           28 groups, 7 x 4
Buddhic plane          (  1st subplane          21 groups, 7 x 3

Atmic plane              Atomic subplane       14 groups, 7 x 2

Monadic plane                                           7 great groups (LOM 38-39)

74.         It would seem reasonable that when looking for the ‘heart function’ for the Planetary Logos (on the cosmic physical plane) these groups should not be overlooked.

75.         The type of energy for the Planetary Logos in relation to the second aspect of divinity is “Systemic Love”. And, just as we would expect, the type of fire is again solar fire, but this time the words “Harmony” and “Balance” are used as descriptors and not “Harmony” and “Equilibrium”. There is not much difference. The term “Equilibrium” seems richer and more demanding that the term “Balance” but maybe there is little indicated by these two related words.


Physical Plane Nucleus

Permanent Atom

Physical Planet

Systemic Activity

Fire by Friction Negative

76.         Again, as in the case of the Solar Logos we have the same ambiguous term for the “Source”, “Physical Plane Nucleus”. One would think that this nucleus would be the physical permanent atom, but apparently it is not.

77.         One angle of vision might point to the mental unit (on cosmic planes) and its connection to the collection of mental units found on the systemic lower mental plane). The Solar Logos does seem to have a mental unit according to the following: “…the force flowing through the mental unit of the Logos.” (TCF 623) We will not go far in understanding this type of “mental unit” for the following reasons: “What we understand by the fifth principle is but the expression on the causal plane of that force or energy which emanates from the logoic causal body on the fifth cosmic plane, via the logoic correspondence to the mental unit.  (These correspondences involve a concept far in advance of what is possible even to an initiate at this time).” (TCF 691)

78.         Since for these great Beings the physical plane relates to either all of the twenty-one systemic subplanes (in the case of the Solar Logos), or to the eighteen lower subplanes (in the case of the Planetary Logos), the physical plane nucleus could be found on the mental plane as a collection of lesser mental units connected with the Logos’ mental unit. Through such a concentration of energy, the dense physical plane expression of the Logos could be organized. This is merely a speculation attempting to deal with the vague term “Physical Plane Nucleus”.

79.         The focal point should be the physical permanent atom of the Planetary Logos. While we are told that Saturn is a correspondence to the physical permanent atom for the Solar Logos, we are not given any recognizable center which corresponds to the physical permanent atom of the Planetary Logos. If to the Solar Logos, planetary schemes are as chakra-chains, could the correspondence to the physical permanent atom of the Planetary Logos be one of its chains? This may seem a little far-fetched.

80.         Whereas for the Solar Logos the physical permanent atom is found on the logoic plane (probably on the first subplane), would the physical permanent atom for the Planetary Logos also be found on the logoic plane, though on a lower subplane?

81.         The terms “Systemic Activity” and “Fire by Friction Negative” have an exact correspondence to the terms used to describe the energy and type of fire of the Solar Logos.

82.         If “Universal Mind” is associated with “Cosmic Activity” of the Solar Logos, what kind of activity should be associated with the Planetary Logos? Perhaps a lower stratum of the Universal Mind? The Planetary Logos and the Solar Logos are, after all, “Brothers”. Perhaps we still should look towards the higher mental plane for the stratum of Universal Mind related to the Planetary Logos. At the same time, the atmic plane (an expression of Universal Mind) should be indicated.



Causal Body


Monad Spirit


Electric Fire Positive Force

83.         We now enter more familiar territory with a consideration of man.

84.         The “Source” is the “Human Causal Body”. Again the "Jewel" is found as the “Focal Point”. The “Medium” is the “Monad Spirit” (in this case, equivalent terms). The use of this term for man points to the justifiability of thinking that the “Heavenly Man (On his own plane)” refers to the monadic nature of the Planetary Logos. This is interesting because it has sometimes been stated that the term “Heavenly Man” refers only to the egoic nature of the Planetary Logos where as the term, “Planetary Logos” refers to the monadic nature of that great Entity. We would see, however, that this distinction should be considered false. It appears that “Heavenly Man” refers to the entirety of that great Entity we, in different terms, call the “Planetary Logos”.

85.         Atma-Buddhi is the correspondence to Cosmic Will and Systemic Will. What is unusual here is that buddhic is included in the type of energy which corresponds to will when the usual correspondence of buddhi is with love. We see that in the correspondences we are studying there is not always an exact equivalences—at least seemingly so. We learn then, that as far as man is concerned, buddhi is considered a directing force, akin to will.

86.         When we compare Cosmic Will and Systemic Will to the Atma-Buddhi of man, we might come to the conclusion that Cosmic Will and Systemic Will are monadic in origin (as cosmic atma and buddhi and systemic atma and buddhi are not mentioned), but that the will which man must apply is not purely monadic in origin, but originates from the atmic-buddhic expression of the human Monad.

87.         The Nature of Fire for man is exactly the same as the Nature of Fire for the Planetary Logos, but there is subtle difference distinguishing both from the Nature of Fire for the Solar Logos: the word “Force” is not used, but “Positive”.


Causal Body


Solar Angel

Manasic Ego

Solar Fire
Equilibrising Force

88.         The Human Causal Body is the exact parallel of the solar logoic causal body and the planetary logoic causal body. Similarly, this category remains the same for category one and two of the human group.

89.         Similarly, the “lotus” corresponds to the planetary logoic lotus and the solar logoic lotus (“two-petalled”).

90.         It is interesting to consider the Solar Angel as a “Medium” in this context and not a “Source”, as one would normally think of the Solar Angel as superior to the causal body which it informs and sustains and participated in creating. But there are various ways of thinking about the Solar Angel. One is as a superior Being Who was responsible for creating the causal body. The other is as the part of that Being (not the whole of it) which has informed the causal body and ‘takes up residence’ within it. So we would be dealing with the Solar Angel, itself, and that emanation of the Solar Angel which “having pervaded the entire universe [of the causal body] with a fragment of itself, remains”.

91.         We must notice that for man, under the category “Type of Energy” a vehicle is listed and not an energy at all, though presumably the vehicle listed is the repository of the love energy for man. The “Manasic Ego” is clearly a vehicle, but Cosmic Love and Systemic Love are not.

92.         Perhaps there is an analogy between the “Son” (for the Solar Logos) and the “Manasic Ego” for the man. The “Son” is sometimes considered the solar system on the cosmic physical plane, but it might also be considered as the logoic egoic lotus which has parallels with the human Ego on the higher mental plane.

93.         The point is, however, that the term “Manasic Ego” emphasizes an energy encapsulated in the humanity causal body, or a state of consciousness which is typical of consciousness within that causal body, whereas “Cosmic Love” and “Systemic Love” are definitely energies rather than an energy within a vehicle.

94.         For man, the type of fire is “Solar Fire. Equilibrising Force”. This is slightly different from the parallels on the solar logoic and planetary logoic levels where we have “Solar Fire. Harmony. Equilibrium” for the Solar Logos, and “Solar Fire. Harmony. Balance” for the Planetary Logos.

95.         I have spoken of the contrast between equilibrium and balance. All three groups have “Solar Fire”, but the word “Force” is mentioned only for man. While there are definite parallels for all three, the word “Force” usually signifies a process which derived from an “Energy”. What we can gather is that “Equilibrising Force” derives from the “Manasic Ego”.


Plane Nucleus

Permanent Atom

Lunar Angels

Three-fold Man

Fire by Friction.  Negative

96.         When it comes to the “Source” for the third category under “MAN”, the qualifier “Physical” is missing. We have only “Plane Nucleus”. It would seem then, that the nuclei on all three planes is indicated and the associated permanent atoms.

97.         We have still to solve the question of whether the term “Nucleus” represents a energetic structure of a higher order than “Permanent Atom”.

98.         It becomes clear that the “Physical Plane Nucleus” indicated for the Solar Logos and the Planetary Logos refers to a nucleus on the cosmic physical plane, probably as a whole. Nothing much is said about the expression of the Solar Logos and Planetary Logos on the cosmic lower mental and astral planes.

99.         In the world of man, the planes involved are the three planes of the lower three worlds which are part of the dense physical body of the Solar Logos and Planetary Logos.

100.      The term “Nucleus”, however, remains vague and is hard to discriminate from “Focal Point”, which position the “Permanent Atom” holds, and reasonably so.

101.      When comparing the “Lunar Angels” to the “Physical Sun” and the “Physical Planet”, one wonders about large physical elementals or entities of which the “Physical Sun” and “Physical Planet” could be considered the expression.

102.      If there are Solar Angels on a solar and planetary scale, there, likewise must be lunar angels and elementals also on that scale.

103.      When we deal with the category “Lower Threefold Man” we see a vehicle rather than an energy. For man, this is true in two of three instances, as “Atma-Buddhi” is a principle and not a vehicle. There is an atmic vehicle and a buddhic vehicle (both eventually organized) but not until a high level of evolution is reached.

104.      The type of lower fire for man is identical to the type of lower fire for both the Planetary Logos and the Solar Logos. We have to be alert for three things when comparing the way the five types of E/entities are described: identicality, similarity and definite contrast. Attention to these three categories of comparison hold important clues regarding the nature of the E/entities under discussion.



Plane Raja Lord

A Deva Hierarchy

Atomic Sub-plane


Central Fire Initiatory

105.      When we begin to discuss “PLANES” and “ATOMS” we enter the world of the third aspect of divinity. Important contrasts will appear.

106.      The Entity in this case is the “Plane Raja Lord”, as each of the systemic planes has one.

107.      It is curious however that with regard to the three previous E/entities (the Solar Logos, the Planetary Logos and Man) the true B/being is listed under the category of “Medium” and not under the category, “Source”.  What is curious is that the solar logoic Central Spiritual Sun should be considered a “Source” and not the solar logoic causal body which derives from the solar logoic Central Spiritual Sun.

108.      The same is true for the Planetary Logos, for the “Heavenly Man on His own Plane” is one of the principle causes of the planetary logoic causal body.

109.      The same for man—his “Monad Spirit” is the cause of the causal body.

110.      The only way that the term “Medium” would make sense in these contexts is if the very highest part of these three E/entities (the Spirit Aspect) was the “Medium” for a still higher force. But there seems to be some logic missing as the term “Source” represents a point highest on the pyramid of causation, andit is listed first in the fivefold row of categories under discussion. And yet the terms listed under “Source” seem derivative from the categories listed under “Medium”, at least with regard to the first three E/entities (the Solar Logos, Planetary Logos, and Man). There is much, therefore, to be worked on in relation to Tabulation VII.

111.      In the second position in the row, it is fascinating to realize “A Deva Hierarchy” holds the same position as the term "Jewel" for the three higher E/entities.
As an aside, one wonders why the term “PLANES” follows that of “MAN”, as the Raja Deva Lord of a plane is a far greater Entity than man. Probably it is because the Tabulation is divided in two parts—the first part, threefold, relates generically to all that we call “Man” (cosmically, systemically and planetarily). The second part relates to the deva kingdom and the third aspect of divinity.

112.      What is the analogy between “A Deva Hierarchy” and the term "Jewel"? Could the "Jewel" be composed of a number of deva entities?

113.      The tabulation seems to be saying that a “Plane Raja Lord” works through a particular “Deva Hierarchy”. We may that for the particular “Plane Raja Lord” of each plane, there is a particular “Deva Hierarchy” which serves as its focal point.

114.      For the Raja Deva Lord of the atmic plane, would the Deva Hierarchy called the “Triple Flowers” serve as its focal point? For the Raja Deva Lord called “Kshiti” would the Deva Hierarchy known as the “Baskets of Nourishment” serve as its focal point? One can see the trend of this line of thought. One of the most important things to determine is what a focal point does.

115.      We know somewhat what a "Jewel in the Lotus" does; it is the seat of the will of the Monad for three types of B/beings (Solar Logos, Planetary Logos and Man). Could the Deva Hierarchy serving as the focal point for the “Plane Raja Lord” also be a transmitter of a certain kind of will, and likewise the “Nucleus” of the atom which hold the same position?

116.      The category “Medium” holds the term “Atomic Subplanes”. We see that we are dealing with perhaps seven different “Planet Raja Lords” each of which has for a focal point a “Deva Hierarchy” and each of which uses as a medium of transmis­sion a particular “Atomic Subplane”. We can presume that the atomic subplane of any particular plane is the subplane of major focus for the “Plane Raja Lord”. Just as the highest point of power and expression for Sanat Kumara within Shamballa is the logoic plane, which is the highest cosmic etheric subplane, so the highest point of power and expression for the “Plane Raja Lord” is the atomic subplane of the plane which that Lord rules. We can infer that the highest specimens of the “Deva Hierarchy” which serves as the focal point for the Raja Deva Lord are also ‘located’ on the atomic subplane of the particular plane in question.

117.      The “Type of Energy” involved in the expression of the “Plane Raja Lord” is “Fohatic”. We immediately can see the first ray nature of Fohat even though it is much associated with the third aspect of divinity. Fohat is essentially “cosmic electricity”.

118.      The nature of the fire involved with the “Plane Raja Lord” is “Central Fire. Initiatory”. This is the correspondence to “Electric Fire” in the three previous categories of E/entities. The centrality of the fire indicates its connection to the first ray. When we read the term “Initiatory” one wonders whether this type of fire is utilized by the Hierophant in the process of initiation. It is likely the atomic subplane energy is applied in the initiatory process.

119.      From another perspective, the term “Initiatory” may indicate that that which occurs on the lower subplanes is initiated on the atomic subplane.



Plane Devas



Solar Energy

Form building Fire

120.      The next category of entity (and lower than the Plane Raja Lord) consists of “Plane Devas”. This is potentially a huge category. The greatest of these Plane Devas may be the ones who rule each subplane of a particular plane. Of these there are seven.

121.      In a way a Plane Raja Lord of a systemic plane is a Plane Deva if we consider the systemic planes as subplanes of the cosmic physical plane.

122.      In addition there are many lesser types of devas, each type associated mostly with one of the subplanes of any particular plane. These, too, could be called “Plane Devas”.

123.      Each subplane of a systemic plane, has certain etheric centres usually associated with it. The head center is usually associated with the atomic subplane and the heart center with the sub-atomic subplane. The throat center is usually associated with the super-etheric subplane and the other etheric centers with the etheric subplane (the fourth and lowest subplane).

124.      The “Centres” have, within the constitution, lesser “Plane Devas”.

125.      In this enumeration the strictly physical centers such as glands (and their correspondences on subplanes other than the lowest three physical subplanes)  may also be considered. The first four subplanes of any systemic plane can be considered the ‘etheric’ subplanes of that systemic plane; the lowest three subplanes can be considered correspondences to the dense subplanes of the systemic physical plane.

126.      One would presume that a “Deva Hierarchy” would have its centers of force just as has a man, a Planetary Logos, or a Solar Logos. Perhaps these centers are distributed on the various subplanes.

127.      DK has not revealed much about the internal structure of devas. We do know they have centers as has a man, because He has spoken about the heart center of the Solar Angel. If there is one center, there are others.

128.      We know that the egoic lotus is considered a “centre”, in fact the heart center of the Monad which expresses through it. The “centres” of Plane Devas are the correspondences to the lotus appearing in the first three categories.

129.      The medium of expression for the Plane Devas is “Prana”. Usually prana is considered as existing on all the four etheric subplanes of the systemic physical plane and also, we may infer, on the four ‘etheric’ subplanes of any systemic plane. We may question, however, whether the energy of the atomic subplane is to be excluded from that which is designated as “Prana”.

130.      The higher correspondences of “Prana” are the “Heart of the Sun”, “Egoic Groups” and “Solar Angel”—a mixed assortment. We can see by this grouping that “Prana” is definitely considered a solar force and possesses on its own level the same factor of coherence as it found in the higher three categories.

131.      We remember that the Solar Angels are emanated from the Heart of the Sun. From a higher perspective can they be considered a type of cosmic prana?

132.      The “Type of Energy” is “Solar Energy” which is predictable and which contrasts with “Fohatic”. “Solar Energy” in this context expresses the second ray just as “Fohatic” Energy expresses the first.

133.      The “Nature of Fire” is predictably “Form Building Fire” which is a lower correspondence to solar fire. We may infer that “Prana” is a form-building and form-sustaining expression of “Solar Fire”. We may also infer that the “Plane Devas” are primarily ‘Form Builders’.



Elemental Essence

Molecular Substance

Lunar Force

The Mother’s Heat

134.      The third category of “Source” under division, “PLANES” are the “Elementals”. The use of this term in the third position suggests what a wide range of E/entities must have been included amongst “Plane Devas”, because “Elementals” are lower than the lowest unconscious devas.

135.      We must consider these “Elementals” as higher than the living atoms and tiny living particles or lesser atoms which constitute “Elemental Essence”. Sometimes these tiny lives have also been called “Elementals”, and yet, if this name is appropriate, they are “Elementals” of a much lower order than the “Elementals” here discussed.

136.      The “Elementals” have “Elemental Essence” as their focal point, just as the “Plane Devas” have “Centers” as their focal points, and a “Plane Raja Lord” has a “Deva Hierarchy” as its focal point. A focal point is a specific concentration of energy through which an E/entity can work and express.

137.      The terms used are somewhat vague, or at least lacking is structural specifics. This is understandable until man comes into closer relation with the deva kingdom.

138.      The medium of expression in this third category under the major category “PLANES” is “Molecular Substance”. We much watch the terms used closely. “Elemental Essence” is a lower expression of “Monadic Essence” and “Molecular Substance” is a lower and more aggregated expression of “Atomic Substance”.

139.      The divisions suggested are 1—3—3. It would appear that “Prana” applies on three subplanes and “Molecular Substance” on the lowest three subplanes. Technically, however, any substance less than atomic substance (which is confined to the first subplane) can be considered molecular substance.

140.      The term “molecular” suggests “aggregation”.

141.      Putting together the first three factors of the third row under “PLANES”, we find that “Elementals” use for their focal point “Elemental Essence” which uses as its medium of expression “Molecular Substance”.

142.      It is important to read not only in rows but in columns as well to understand the hierarchical order of the items found in the columns. Obviously “Prana” is of a higher order than “Molecular Substance”. It seems suggested that “Molecular Substance” is to be found on the three lower subplanes of each of the three lower systemic planes. Perhaps the three lower subplanes of all the systemic planes can be considered “molecular”, as each systemic plane is divided in two parts—four subplanes correspondentially ‘etheric’ and three subplanes correspondentially ‘physical’.

143.      Again “molecular” means “aggregated” and that which is aggregated is denser than that which is not.

144.      What emerges is that the “Elementals” express through both “Elemental Essence” (focally) and “Molecular Substance” (distributively).

145.      “Lunar Force” follows naturally after “Solar Energy” in the column related to the “Type of Energy”. We consistently see that force is considered a lower and more concrete expression of energy.

146.      The “Nature of Fire” is “The Mother’s Heat” which sustains the constituents of the form. “Heat” is almost always associated with fire by friction and the third aspect of divinity (which is the “Activity Aspect”). We know that the degree of heat corresponds to the degree of activity of the constituents of any field.





Plane Deva



147.      We now deal with the lowest of the five E/entities which have been selected for comparison.

148.      The “Atom” is the correspondence to the Solar Logos, Planetary Logos, Man and the Plane Raja Lord.

149.      The “Nucleus” of the “Atom” corresponds to the “Jewels” (in the lotus) of the first three E/entities and to the “Deva Hierarchy” through which the Plane Raja Lord expresses itself focally.

150.      It is reasonable to think that the “Atom” works through its “Nucleus” as a focal point.

151.      But now we come to the same kind of ambiguity (heretofore encountered) related to the term “Medium”. Is the “Medium” a medium of expression for the “Source”, or is the “Medium” actually higher than the “Source” and a “Medium of Expression” for an E/entity still higher than itself? As I pointed out, the “Monad Spirit” considered as a “Medium” is much higher than the “Causal Body” considered as a “Source” in the first row under “MAN”. And, likewise, the “Central Spiritual Sun” of the Solar Logos is much higher than the “Causal Body” of the Solar Logos considered as a “Source”, and so for the Planetary Logos as well.

152.      Similarly, a “Plane Deva” is, it would seem, depending on its scope, a greater entity than an “Atom”, unless we are thinking of a “Plane Deva” as extremely minute and as a constituent of an “Atom”. Yet such constituents, or particles of an “Atom” should be called “Elementals” and not “Plane Devas”.

153.      Perhaps it begins to dawn upon us how very occult Tabulation VII really is and how much is concealed under the naming the ordering of the terms. Through comparison much can be discovered, but the possible illumination is not always easy to evoke.

154.      It is no surprise to see that the “Nucleus” is considered to possess a “Type of Energy” which is “Positive” and a representative of a fire called “Electric”.

155.      The mystery is the term “Plane Deva” as representing the “Medium”. Much will depend upon how we consider the term “Medium”. Perhaps we can consider it as the “Medium” in which the “Source” is immersed. This would be different from considering the “Medium” as a medium of expression.

156.      But there seems to be no true consistency in the relationship between “Source” and “Medium” that would allow us to do this. Whereas we might say that the three types of causal bodies are immersed in the greater scope of the  “Central Spiritual Sun” for the “Causal Body” of the Solar Logos, “Heavenly Man On His own Plane” for the “Causal Body” of the Planetary Logos,  and “Monad Spirit” for the “Causal Body” of the “Man”, it is surely difficult to say that the “Plane Raja Lord” (considered as a “Source”) is immersed  in an “Atomic Subplane”.

157.      Of course there are at least two types of Plane Raja Lords—one which rules a plane within the constitution of a Planetary Logos. Such a one would be Varuna in relation to our planetary logoic astral plane. The other rules an entire systemic plane (throughout the solar system) and would be, in this case, the higher correspondence to Varuna.

158.      Let us say that although the relationship between a “Plane Raja Lord” and an “Atomic Subplane” does not seem to correspond with the other relationships between “Source” and “Medium”, for four of the E/entities, it is possible to consider the “Source” as immersed in the “Medium” given.

159.      An “Atom” can certainly be considered immersed in a “Plane Deva”, yet, there is a degree of ambiguity concerning the scope of the “Plane Deva”. Is it meant to be the same kind of “Plane Deva” mentioned in the second row under the large division called “PLANES”? If so, quite large Entities are indicated (i.e., they are rulers of systemic subplanes) and so it would be natural for an “Atom” to be immersed in such a “Medium” within which the “Atom” can express.


Atomic Unit of Form


Plane Devas


Solar Fire

160.      In the first column of the second row under “ATOMS” we have an unusual term—“Atomic Unit of Form”. Form relates to the second aspect of divinity, so it is fitting to be discussing it in the second row. But how does the “Atom” per se, differ from the “Atomic Unit of Form”?

161.      Since, under “PLANES” the “Plane Devas” are subordinate to the “Plane Raja Lord” we would expect the “Atomic Unit of Form” to be subordinate to the “Atom”.

162.      Perhaps the term “Atom” signifies the atom as a life where as the term “Atomic Unit of Form” signifies the atom as a form.

163.      We may be speaking of the formal relationship and unity of all constituents within an atom.

164.      We may also wonder whether that constituent within the “Atom” called the “neutron” is not implicated. It has neither a positive nor a negative charge but is related to the factor of balance and equilibrium.

165.      There are simply a number of terms which are conspicuously unusual, and so the correspondences are not entirely straightforward.

166.      In the second row and second column under “ATOMS” we have the term “Sphere”, which indicates that the wholeness of the atomic form may be referenced. In this case the sphere has an inclusive, second ray connotation.

167.      Noting the correspondences we see that the “Sphere” corresponds to the “Centres” under PLANES, and to the term “Lotus” under each of the three types of “Man” (Solar Logos, Planetary Logos and Man).

168.      The correspondence between a “Sphere” and the terms “Lotus” and “Centre” can easily be seen.

169.      Instead of the term “Plane Deva” related as a “Medium” to “Atom”, we have “Plane Devas” as the “Medium” to the “Atomic Unit of Form”. Using the idea of the “Medium” as indicating ‘immersion in a medium within which expression occurs’, we can understand “Atomic Unit(s) of Form” immerse in the “Plane Devas” of various kinds.

170.      “Plane Devas” are included within the larger “Plane Deva”.  The “Atom” considered as a life finds its place within the greater “Plane Deva”. The “Atomic Unit of Form” finds its expression within the medium of various kinds of “Plane Devas”. Admittedly, there is ambiguity in this comparison. We must assume that the “Plane Devas” are lesser than the “Plane Deva”.

171.      The term “Balancing” fits well with the second aspect and is predictably placed between “Positive” and “Negative”.  Again one things of that type of electricity which is called neutral or equilibrizing. The atomic constituent called the “neutron” again comes to mind.

172.      The “Nature of Fire” is predictably “Solar Fire”.






Fire by Friction

173.      “Electrons” are the correspondence within the atom to the third or substantial aspect. They are a part of the atomic whole.

174.      Considered as a “Source” the “Electrons” work through “Nuclei”—their own presumably, and not through the “Nucleus” of the “Atom” itself. “Electrons” are still mega-structures compared to still lesser particles which comprise them. So even the tiny electron has its nucleus and those lives which are to it as “Electrons” are to “Atoms”.

175.      The electron is an elemental life, so when we reach the third column of the third row and read the word “Elementals” we have to wonder about the scope and size of the “Elementals” concerned.

176.      Are the “Elementals” listed here (presumably smaller than the “Elementals” listed under “PLANES”) a “Medium” within which “Electrons” express themselves, or are these “Elementals” lives of even lesser scope than the “Electrons” through which the “Electrons” express themselves. Perhaps both are possible.

177.      The “Type of Energy” of the “Electrons” is, of course, “Negative” and the “Nature of Fire” is, predictably, “Fire by Friction”.

178.                      Analyzing Tabulation VII has been an exacting process and far more is left unanswered than answered. The Tibetan has veiled, or perhaps disclosed to some, certain very subtle relationships. He has shows that analogies presented in this tabulation are not exact though naturally there are striking similarities. When He has presented a term which is at variance with one which we might expect, He has revealed, perhaps, some ways in which the five types of E/entities and the forms through which they express are at variance with one another.

179.                      Perhaps we have often wondered why analogies and correspondences may not be exact. What is it about the structure of things which correspond which make analogies possible but exact correspondences impossible? I think DK has hinted at structural attributes which make exact correspondences amongst these E/entities impossible.

180.                      Obviously, in this analysis we have only scratched the surface of illuminating the nature of these E/entities and their relationship with one another.

[Page 1188]
In the tabulation much information is given anent the form building aspects of energy and the Law of Attraction

181.                      We remember that in this section of the book we are still dealing with the Law of Attraction.

as it shows itself in the working of the various groups of the Army of the Voice.

182.                      Did we realize as we were studying Tabulation VII that the Army of the Voice was under discussion? I think that it is the information given regarding the last two types of E/entities “PLANES” and “ATOMS” that the greatest amount of information is given on the Army of the Voice.

183.                      The Tibetan is amazing with regard to the amount of information He can compress in a small space.

184.                      The term “Army of the Voice” is, of course, relative. There are Beings in relation to whom the human being can be considered a member of the Army of the Voice. There are still greater Beings in relation to whom even Planetary Logos and Solar Logos may be viewed as tiny devas and, thus, members of a far vaster Army of the Voice.

185.                      Tabulation VII will be very useful to the occult scientists of the future.


  It is this Army which is responsible for the attraction which is the medium of bringing together the material required by the free Spirits in order to construct their bodies of manifestation.

186.                      This is an excellent description of the function of the Army of the Voice and its relation to the Law of Attraction.

187.                      The term “free Spirits” suggests the Monad as the ultimate Creator, commanding the Army of the Voice.

188.                      It is clear that the “bodies of manifestation” are constructed through the use of sound. It would seem that the vehicles of the spiritual triad and the causal vehicle are both constructed by monadic sound (the latter with the assistance of the Solar Angel).

189.                      Sound and the Voice are factors inducing coherence. (Of course, they can also be destructive, but we are speaking of their magnetic qualities.) We are dealing with the second ray nature of Sound and Voice.


The vibration initiated by the Sound, which is the expression of the Law of Synthesis, is succeeded by the Voice or Word,

190.                      The “Sound” (sometimes called the “O”) always precedes the “Word” enunciated by the “Voice” (that Word being the “OM”). We might consider the “O” as a blend of the first and second rays, just as synthesis represents the second aspect of the first ray.

191.                      The “Sound” expresses on the monadic plane (though not necessarily exclusively so). On the monadic plane the “Law of Synthesis” prevails as the rounded “O” suggests. The “A” is reserved of the logoic plane.

192.                      Each of the seven great monadic groupings is expressive of unique sound. That “Sound” is carried into the lower five planes and expresses the will of that monadic grouping which is but an aspect of the Will of the One.


 and that Word as it progresses outward from the centre to the peri­phery (for, occultly understood, the Word is "spoken from the Heart") becomes

193.                      The heart is the centre.

a. A phrase.

b. Phrases.

c. Sentences.

d. Speech.

e. The myriad sounds of nature.

194.                      This is the progression from  simplicity to complexity. Sentences are composed of phrases and speech of sentences. The myriad sounds of nature are composed of the ‘speech’ of all entities.

195.                      Another section in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire  which deals with these matters specifically can be found in TCF 926-929. A necessary amplification of these ideas exists there.

Each of these terms

196.                      A phrase, phrases, sentence, speech, the myriad sounds of nature…

 can be explained in terms of attractive energy,

197.                      Because they depend upon the coherence of their constituents…


 and this attractive energy is likewise the demonstration of the life of an Existence of some grade or other.

198.                      Various lives demonstrate through the expression of attractive energy. The capitalization of the term “Existence” tells us that we are dealing with an Entities of great scope—“Gods”.


"God speaks and the forms are made."

199.                      Through speech the forms of nature arise. God’s Speech produces the coherence of the constituents of which forms are made.


 This tabulation should form the basis of a complete phase of study along this line and is one of the most basic given in this Treatise.

200.                      The tabulation gives us information regarding a wide span of E/entities—from a Solar Logos to an atom.

201.                      We offered many thoughts regarding the tabulation, but this effort only represents the beginning of much more exhaustive study.