Fellowship of Cosmic Fire

Commentary Semester IX Section XI

TCF 1180-1184 : S9S11 Part III

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Students of the Law of Attraction must be careful to bear in mind certain things.

1.                            There will be students of the various laws. Since the Law of Attraction is paramount in our second ray solar system, it will be among the laws most studied.

 These should be carefully considered and realised as the subject is studied.

2.                            We have seen the wide variety of laws which arise as expression of the Law of Attraction and can, therefore, see its importance to the evolutionary process on Earth.


They must remember first, that all these subsidiary laws are really only the manifestation of the One Law;

3.                            In this case we are speaking of the Law of Attraction as the “One Law”.


that they are but differenti­ated terms, employed to express one great method of manifest­a­tion.

4.                            Our task is to locate and understand the specific contexts in which the various subsidiary laws apply. These are sometimes surprising and may not be deducible by the name of the law itself.

Secondly, that all energy, demonstrating in the solar system, is after all the energy of the logoic physical permanent atom, having its nucleus on the atomic subplane of the cosmic physical.

5.                            Shall we think that all energies manifesting upon the cosmic physical plane derives from “the energy of the logoic physical permanent atom”? This is an astonishing statement giving that physical permanent atom great emphasis.

6.                            Since Saturn is the correspondence to the logoic physical permanent atom, the energy of Saturn must be intimately related to the all energies demonstrating in our solar system.

7.                            If we follow the analogy, then all the energies demonstrating in any particular human vehicle is really the energy of the permanent atom from which that vehicle derives.

8.                            This seems to place the power of the permanent atom over the power of the chakras which manifest through particular vehicles.


This physical permanent atom (as is the case with the corres­ponding atom of the incarnating jiva), has its place within the causal body of the Logos on His own plane;

9.                            This means that although the logoic physical permanent atom has its nucleus upon the atomic subplane of the cosmic physical plane, it also “has its place within the causal body of the Logos on His own plane”.

10.                         Lesser planes are included within the sphere of greater planes.

11.                         To understand planar structure we must disabuse our minds of the ‘pancake model’ with which we are so often presented as a preliminary aid to understanding.


 it is, therefore, impressed by the totality of the force of the egoic cosmic lotus, or the attractive quality of cosmic love.

12.                         Since the logoic physical permanent atom is within the logoic causal body, the energy of that causal body impresses that permanent atom and, therefore, impresses all energies which manifest upon the cosmic physical plane.

13.                         In this manner, via the permanent atoms, cosmic love makes its way into the personality vehicles of the Solar Logos.

This force is transmitted to the solar system in two ways: 

Through the medium of the Sun, which is in an occult sense the physical permanent atom;

14.                         This sounds much more reasonable than considering Saturn as the correspondence to the physical permanent atom of the Solar Logos.

15.                         If, in an occult sense, the Sun is the physical permanent atom of the Solar Logos, then the Sun is the source of all the energies expressing within our solar system. This, of course, makes a great deal of sense.


 it, therefore, attracts, and holds attracted, all within its sphere of influence, thus producing the logoic physical body:

16.                         The Sun is given the responsibility of producing the logoic physical body, which includes Saturn, of course.

17.                         We must question, “What aspect of the Sun is found upon the systemic logoic plane?” where the physical permanent atom of the Solar Logos must be located?


through the medium of the planes which are the correspond­ences to the seven spirillae of the physical permanent atom of a human being.

18.                         Here is the flat statement that the systemic planes correspond to the seven spirillae of the physical permanent atom of a human being.

19.                         The Sun expresses the energy of attraction and coherence through all the seven systemic planes.


Thus a dual type of attractive force is found: one, basic and fundamental; the other more differentiated and secondary.

20.                         The fundamental attractive force is that of the Sun, per se, and the differentiation of that force occurs through the seven systemic planes.


[Page 1181]


21.                         Here we have the diagram, one would think, of a physical permanent atom as seen on the atomic subplane of any particular plane.

22.                         This is a diagram which admits of almost endless amplification. Analysis of Babbitt’s atom has been undertaken by those who are interested in occult chemistry and physics. To go into a detailed analysis of this figure would not be worthwhile at this point as other texts have done so in much fuller scope than would be here possible.

23.                         There may also be some books in which the atom is drawn in color, as “electric colors” and “thermal colors” are suggested.

24.                         We note the direction of the circulatory flow of energies into and out of the atom is suggested by the numbers from 1 to 10. There seems to be constant reciprocity. The top of the atom is not only for influx but an efflux is also suggested. The same for the bottom of the atom; it does not demonstrate only efflux but influx as well.

25.                         It is noteworthy that the entirety of the atom is not represented—a challenge for future modes of depiction. Probably now in the 21st century we have at our disposal the means of representing greater subtlety and intricacy.

26.                         Even the picture thus far presented is one of amazing intricacy. If there is truth and merit to this representation, it will be the responsibility of some occult physicist to compare and contrast modern science’s view of the atom with that presented by occultism. The differences now seem very great, but it is certain that the two models cannot remain forever dissonant. Where will the adjustments have to be made. Probably in the domain of modern physics, which still does not accept the actuality of the ether, which is the very foundation of the representation of the atom as here given.

27.                         We also have to remember that modern physics is dealing mostly with dense physical atoms and their relation to phenomena of the fourth ether. The atom here depicted may well be found upon the atomic subplane of the systemic physical plane and is thus entirely etheric. The etheric nature of the occult atom immediately presents a difficulty to the investigator who would reconcile its nature with that of the atom as conceived by modern science.

[Page 1182]

These streams of energy, judged by their effects, are called in human terminology laws, because their results are ever immut­able and irresistible, and their effects remain unchangeably the same, varying only according to the form which is the subject of the energic impulse.

28.                         Here DK has given us a very solid definition of an “law”. There are certain words here which we should have constantly in mind when we contemplate the nature of law: “immutable”, “irresistible”, ‘unchangeable’.

29.                         Different forms will, however, respond to laws in different ways.


Thirdly, the student must bear in mind that the seven planes, or the seven spirillae of the logoic permanent atom,

30.                         We continue to note this occult definition of a plane.

31.                         The “logoic permanent atom” mentioned above must be the logoic physical permanent atom.

32.                         By inference we must assume that the seven subplanes of the cosmic astral plane are the seven spirillae of the logoic astral permanent atom, and that the seven subplanes of the cosmic mental plane are the seven spirillae of the logoic manasic permanent atom.

33.                         We may run into difficulty, however, if the structure of the logoic higher permanent atoms is similar to that of the higher permanent atoms of the man, for the permanent atoms in the spiritual triad of man have only three spirillae. As there has been nothing to indicate that there are not seven subplanes in each of the cosmic planes, this problem will have to be solved for the cosmic mental plane and planes above. If there is logoic mental unit on the cosmic mental plane, and this mental unit corresponds to the human mental unit, then the problem is solved for the cosmic mental plane: the mental unit will possess four spirillae (four subplanes planes) and the manasic permanent atom will possess three spirillae (three more planes). Thus the full seven subplanes will appear.

 are not all equally vitalised by the attractive pull emanating from the logoic lotus via the heart of the Sun. 

34.                         We are clear about the meaning of the “heart of the Sun”; it is the logoic egoic lotus on the first subplane of the cosmic mental plane. But what is meant here by the “logoic lotus”? If it is not the logoic Heart of the Sun, is it the solar logoic etheric heart center found, presumably, on the monadic plane of the cosmic physical plane?


Five of them

35.                         The systemic or solar planes…

 are more "alive" than the other two; these five do not include the highest and the lowest. 

36.                         It is interesting that the highest and the lowest are not included. The relatively-reduced vibrancy of the highest and lowest of the seven solar planes that correspond in the human being, the base of the spine center and the highest head center, are the last to fully awaken.


The words "the heart of the Sun" must be understood to mean more than a locality situated in the interior recesses of the solar body,

37.                         Actually, the “Heart of the Sun” is usually related to the solar logoic egoic lotus on the cosmic higher mental plane.


and have reference to the nature of the solar sphere.

38.                         Then is Master DK saying that the Heart of the Sun does have reference to the nature of the solar sphere?


This solar sphere is closely similar to the atom pictured in the book by Babbitt and later in Occult Chemistry by Mrs. Besant. 

39.                         This is a statement which it will be necessary for the science of the future to digest.


The Sun is heart-shaped, and (seen from cosmic angles) has a depression at what we might call its north pole. 

40.                         We have to understand the nature of the cosmic vision involved. Presumably, we are dealing minimally with etheric vision.

41.                         Does the Sun, then, not have a depression at its south pole?

42.                         The astral permanent atom of the human being is also said to be relatively “heart shaped” which may tell us something about the function of our astrally polarized Solar Logos and His astral-buddhic system.


This is formed by the impact of logoic energy upon solar substance.

43.                         A human being has the fontanel at the top of the head, formed, we may infer, by the impact of higher energies upon the substance of the head.

44.                         The “logoic energy” in question is that emanating from the Solar Logos. Again, such energy must be minimally etheric, but other and higher energies could be involved.


This energy which impinges upon the solar sphere, and is thence distributed to all parts of the entire system, emanates from three cosmic centres

45.                         Each of the sources below is considered to be a “cosmic centre”, presumably a center within the "One About Whom Naught May Be Said".

46.                         Logoic energy impinges upon the solar sphere, but, it appears that this logoic energy is impulsed from the three cosmic centers.

47.                         When we think of sources of energy, we can think of evident sources, penultimate sources and ultimate sources. For instance, what seems to originate from the soul (and for all practical purposes, does) may really be impulsed from the Monad and mediated via the soul.


and, therefore, is triple during this particular cycle.

48.                         One wonders about the energies impinging upon the solar sphere in other cycles. Permutation is ever active.

a.  From the sevenfold great Bear.

49.                         Considered, let us remember, as a single center—a sevenfold center in the head, so it would seem.

b.  From the Sun Sirius.

50.                         Does He mean the single “Sun”, Sirius, or does He consider Sirius (with Sirius Body, and a potential Sirius C) to be a constellation.

c.   From the Pleiades.

51.                         The Pleiades are definitely a constellation. We are, however, probably speaking only of seven or nine of them.


It must be remembered that the possible cosmic streams of energy available for use in our solar system are seven in number, of which three are major.  These three vary during vast and incal­culable cycles.

52.                         Here is a very important statement. A number of great importance for the previous solar system was five.  The number of similar importance for our present solar system—the second major solar system of our Solar Logos—is seven. The corresponding number for the next solar system will be nine.

53.                         There must be seven sources of energy for our solar system—three of which are the energy of the Great Bear, the energy of seven of the Pleiades, and the energy of Sirius (the Sun, Sirius, or the constellation).

54.                         It is very interesting that different energy-streams may be major at different times in the long evolutionary history of the Solar Logos. At the moment it would seem that the three centers mentioned carry the first, second and third rays, but there are also other rays which may be rightly associated with these three sources, and these rays may be operative at this time in the solar logoic process.


Students may find it of use to remember that,

55.                         The words below offer important differentiations.

a.  The Law of Economy demonstrates as an urge,

56.                         Usually the source of an “urge” is quite unconscious. The urge arises from within the substance of the form.

b.  The Law of Attraction as a pull,

57.                         A  pull” arises from without the form.

c.   The Law of Synthesis as a tendency to concentrate at a centre, or to merge.   [Page 1183]

58.                         If we could reduce all apparent “extension” (philosophically considered) to point, we would be operating under the Law of Synthesis.

59.                         The term “merge”, however, cannot be completely dissociated from the second ray.

60.                         In relation to the Law of Synthesis, we are dealing with the ‘merging of essences’. The form may suffer destruction in this process.


The streams of energy which pour forth through the medium of the Sun from the egoic lotus

61.                         The “egoic lotus” here mentioned seems to be the egoic lotus of the Solar Logos.


and which are in reality "logoic Soul energy" attract to them that which is akin to them in vibration.

62.                         The soul of the Solar Logos attracts to the souls of all, and especially those who are conscious as souls—spiritually awakened human beings (and, of course, Be/beings higher still).


 This may sound rather like the statement of a platitude, but is susceptible of really deep significance to the student, being accountable for all systemic phenomena. 

63.                         From the solar logoic soul, there is exerted a “pull” upon all souls. This “pull’, is for practical purposes within the solar system, the “Cosmic Magnet”—perhaps, more properly, the ‘Systemic Magnet’. It arranges all things according to the logoically-intended archetype.

64.                         It seems that the pull of the solar logoic soul is even responsible for the revolution and rotation of the planets and all process which occur on those planets.


These streams pass in different directions, and in the knowledge of occult direction comes knowledge of the various hierarchies of being, and the secret of the esoteric symbols.

65.                         I suppose we should know when an esoteric ‘bomb’, full of blinding revelation, lands. I think one just dropped.

66.                         There seems to be an implication that various “hierarchies of being” are found in certain “directions”—occultly considered. Symbols, also, will indicate the six directions of which we are presently aware.

67.                         The solar system is a great sphere and the direction taken by various energies within the sphere are of great importance in interpreting the dynamics of the system.


The main stream of energy enters at the top depression in the solar sphere and passes through the entire ring-pass-not, bi­sect­ing it into two halves.

68.                         Here we have an occultly factual basis for Sacred Geometry.

69.                         Is the stream from the Great Bear and its Seven Rishis to be considered as the “main stream”. Certainly the Great Bear has a direct connection with the head. And yet, as we read further, we may find a surprising reversal of our first estimation. In fact we may find the for our Solar Logos, the main stream of energy comes from Sirius. We will reserve judgment at first.


With this stream enters that group of active lives whom we call the "Lords of Karma." 

70.                         The “Lords of Karma” are, for our Solar Logos, Sirian Lives.

71.                         It would seem that at least eight “Lords of Karma” enter.


They preside over the attractive forces, and distribute them justly.  They enter, pass to the centre of the sphere and there (if I may so express it) locate, and set up the "Holy Temple of Divine Justice," sending out to the four quarters of the circle the four Maharajahs, their representatives.

72.                         The systemic and cosmic occultism is profound!

73.                         Those Lords of Karma (greater than the "Four Maharajas") locate themselves in the midst of the “Holy Temple of Divine Justice” within the center of the sphere of the Sun!

74.                         There can be a debate concerning whether there are three or four Lipika Lords. Perhaps on Sirius there are three major Lipika Lords. In this context, it seems that there must be four Lipika Lords and four Maharajas.

75.                         The following reference suggests four, each corresponding to one of the "Four Maharajas".


2. The four Lipika Lords.

The four Maharajahs. (LOM 229)

76.                         The following reference, however, indicates that there is a group of three Lipikas (or Cosmic Karmic Lords) Who may be superior to the four Lipikas which enter through the solar depression.


“The Lipika Lords, controlling the periodical manifestation of life are, roughly speaking, divided into the following groups, which it might be of interest to note:

1. Three extra-systemic or cosmic Lords of Karma, Who work from a centre in Sirius through the medium of three representatives.  These form a group around the solar Logos, and hold to Him a position analogous to the three Buddhas of Activity Who stand around Sanat Kumara.

2. Three Lipika Lords Who are the karmic agents working through the three aspects.

3. Nine Lipikas Who are the sumtotal of the agents for the Law working through what the Qabbalah calls the nine Sephiroth.

4. Seven presiding agents of karma for each one of the seven schemes.” (TCF 1142-1143)

77.                         The groups of four Lipikas are not here discussed. While the representatives of the three “cosmic Lords of Karma” as it were “surround” the Solar Logos, the four Lipikas and the four Maharajas Who enter through the top depression of the solar sphere, are, as it were, within the center of the etheric-physical body of the Solar Logos—His spherical solar system.

78.                         If the Lords of Karma are Sirian in origin, and if they enter through the top of the solar sphere, then does the stream from the Great Bear enter via the top of this sphere, or does the Sirian influence accompany the influences of the Great Bear? Or does the stream from the Great Bear not enter at the top of the sphere?


So is the equal armed Cross formed

79.                         This is also the “Aquarian Cross”.

—and all the wheels of energy set in motion.

80.                         The “wheels of energy” may be considered, the various Planetary Logoi in their orbits.

  This is conditioned by the karmic seeds of an earlier system,

81.                         Is Master DK saying that the motion of the wheels is dependent upon the “karmic seeds of an earlier system”.

 and only that substance is utilised by the Logos, and only those lives come into manifestation who have set up a mutual attraction.

82.                         We have here an example of ‘systemic group work’. Those who are to work together must be mutually attracted to each other. We are told that this is so on macrocosmic levels. We can infer that this is the case on microcosmic as well.

83.                         The Planetary Logoi of our solar system, no matter how different to each other they may seem, are a ‘systemic group’ and are mutually attracted to each other.


These five streams of living energy (the one and the four) are the basis of the onward march of all things; these are sometimes eso­terically called "the forward moving Lives."

84.                         This is a clarification. DK has described the energy-basis of the pyramid.  One can consider the enter solar system to be in the form of the pyramid.

85.                         Thus we have a major vertical energy and, apparently, four horizontal energies.

86.                         We continue to hold in mind the sources of the three major energy-streams which DK is in process of describing—the Great Bear, Sirius and the Pleiades.

87.                         Yet, at this point we should recall that energies from the highest and lowest planes are not among the five!

88.                         The idea of “forward moving” suggests the first ray. It is very possible that Sirius, actually can be associated with the “forward moving Lives”, since in relation to our Sun (the heart center of a Cosmic Logos), the Logos of Sirius and His system may hold a first ray function.

89.                         It has been hypothesized that within the sevenfold Cosmic Logos within whom our Solar Logos expresses as a heart center, the Logos of Sirius expresses as a head center. This would bring in the first ray implication.

 They embody the Will of the Logos.

90.                         These five streams embody the Will of the Solar Logos. We can conceive that our Solar Logos looks to the Logos of Sirius and ‘says’, “Not my will but Thine be done.”

  It is the note they sound and the attractive pull which they initiate which bring into contact with the solar sphere a group of existences whose mode of activity is spiral and not forward.

91.                         The motion of the energies we have been discussing is “forward”. They are, thus, to be related to the first ray the motion of which is “progress onward” or “driving forward through space”.

92.                         Now we are to contrast two modes of activity—the one we have been discussion the motion of this is “forward” with another group of existences whose mode of motion is “cyclic”.


These groups are seven in number

93.                         The number seven is more readily correlated with the Great Bear than it is with Sirius as usually understood. If, however, we were to understand the term “Sirius” as representing the leading Logos and His star within the "Seven Solar Systems of Which Ours is One", then we could relate the number seven to Sirius as well.


 and pass into manifestation [Page 1184] through what is for them a great door of Initiation.

94.                         The nature of this “door” is not specified. But we notice that the top depression of the solar sphere is not discussed.


 In some of the occult books, these seven groups are spoken of as the "seven cosmic Initiates Who have passed within the Heart, and there remain until the test is passed." 

95.                         We are now speaking of a great group of Lives associated, it would seem, with “cyclic” activity or with “spiral-cyclic”.

96.                         The energies of the Great Bear are sevenfold and much associated with the first ray. The energies of the Pleiades (are from this point of view) also sevenfold and are to be associated with the third and second rays.

97.                         What is the source, then, of the “seven cosmic Initiates Who have passed within the Heart, and there remain until the test if passed.”?

98.                         Notice that we are speaking of seven “groups” and not just of seven Entities, per se. The Entities in question manifest through groups.


These are the seven Hierarchies of Beings,

99.                         These are seven great groups or hosts of Monads. It is possible to correlate them with the Seven Rishis of the Great Bear.


 the seven Dhyan Chohans.  They spiral into manifestation, cutting across the fourfold cross, and touching the cruciform stream of energy in certain places.

100.                      We see that the groups which take up their position “within the Heart” are the Informing Lives of the Seven Creative Hierarchies.

101.                      The term “Dhyan Chohan” has various uses. Here we see it applied to those Lives Who inform or express through vast hosts of Monads. Creative Hierarchies are hosts of Monads.

102.                      We see that the “certain places in which these seven Dhyan Chohans “spiral into manifestation” are not specified.

103.                      Thus far, we have the one, the four and the seven, making twelve in all.

104.                      We have three major groupings and, it would seem, we will have to find a way to related the three great constellations to one or other of these three groups.


The places where the streams of love energy cross the streams of will and karmic energy are mystically called the "Caves of dual light"

105.                      We can conceive of this “dual light” as the light of fate and the light of destiny. Fate is associated with karma and destiny with the destination of the Monad.

and when a reincarnating or liberated jiva enters one of these Caves in the course of his pilgrimage, he takes an initiation, and passes on to a higher turn of the spiral.

106.                      The “caves of dual light” then, are also places of passage from the lower to the higher.

107.                      This is some of the most occult information DK has ever given. He is defining the cause of human initiation from a solar systemic perspective.

108.                      The one and the four are streams of will and karma. One stream, the major one, seems related to will. The group which reaches the center of the solar sphere, and divides in four, is the fourfold stream of karmic energy. The sevenfold energy are seven streams of love associated with the Creative Hierarchies.

109.                      The major stream of energy is propagated along all four karmic streams. Thus each of the four karmic streams is also a stream of will. Will and karma are closely related.

110.                      The first, second and third rays are all involved just as are the energy-streams from the Great Bear, Sirius and the Pleiades.

111.                      Assigning these three to the three types of direction under discussion, however, may not be entirely straightforward.

112.                      The seven Creative Hierarchies are not usually associated with the second ray of love. The forces from Sirius, from whence the Lords of Karma emanate, can be associated with the third or manasic ray, but often with the second. Are the forces of the Pleiades to be associated with the seven Creative Hierarchies, or are the forces of the Great Bear (representing Monads) more appropriate? Are those from Sirius to be seen as generating the Cross of Karma which is established within the solar sphere and which emanates from “Holy Temple of Divine Justice”? Then would the forces of the Great Bear be the main stream entering through the top of the solar sphere? Yet the “main stream” and the “karmic stream” may be one.

113.                      Yet, we must not jump to conclusions, as perhaps only two influences have thus far been mentioned and not three. Another is going to be revealed as we will see.


Another stream of energy

114.                      We can call this the third stream of energy.


 follows a different route, which is a little difficult to make clear.  This particular set of active lives enter the heart shaped depression,

115.                      It seems that three streams of force have entered through the heart shaped depression: the main stream, the karmic stream, and now, what DK will call the “lunar stream”. But it is very possible, depending on our interpretation, that the “main stream” and the “karmic stream” are identical.

116.                      Is this stream following a different route to be associated with the Pleiades?


 pass around the edge of the ring-pass-not to the lowest part of the solar sphere and then mount up­wards, coming into opposition therefore with the stream of down­pouring energy. 

117.                      This is really interesting. We see that the solar system is looking more and more like a vast version of Babbitt’s Atom.

118.                      In one way, the energy of the Great Bear and the energy of the Pleiades do stand in opposition as male energy to female energy.

119.                      In another way, the forces of matter so often represented by the Pleiades are opposed by the forces of Sirius, which create an abstraction or a drawing away from matter.


This stream of force is called "lunar" force for lack of a better term.

120.                      It is probably not the term which DK desires to use but it does suggest the third aspect and association with matter.


 They form the body of the raja Lord of each of the planes, and are governed by the Law of Economy.

121.                      We are learning about the way which certain major forces establish themselves within our solar system.

122.                      This group of forces are sounding more Pleiadian all the time.

123.                      We must determine whether there are three such streams or four. There would be four if the will stream were divided from the karmic  stream, and yet in the preamble to this section, DK discussed only three great energy sources—the Great Bear, the Pleiades and Sirius.


All these streams of energy form geometrical designs of great beauty to the eye of the initiated seer.

124.                      “God Geometrizes.” We are studying the Sacred Geometry of our solar system.


  We have the transverse and bisecting lines,

125.                      These form the “Cross of Karma”

 the seven lines of force which form the planes,

126.                      Are they stratified?

127.                      Seven is a number conventionally associated with the seven Pleiades who are the “Wives” of the Seven Rishis of the Great Bear.


 and the seven spiralling lines, thus forming lines of sys­temic latitude and longitude,

128.                      We recall from earlier references the lines from east to west are lines of latitude and in this case would be associated with the seven planes and the Pleiades.

129.                      The lines running from north to south are lines of longitude and would be associated with the seven rays.

130.                      We realize that the Great Bear is the most noted source of the seven rays in our solar system.


 and their interplay and interaction produce a whole of wondrous beauty and design.

131.                      I suspect it will soon be the destiny of some esoteric artist to convey his impression of these interacting lines of force.


When these are visualised in colour,

132.                      We may presume that each of the three or four lines or spirals of force has its own color.


 and seen in their true radi­ance, it will be realised that the point of attainment of our solar Logos is very high, for the beauty of the logoic Soul is expressed by that which is seen.

133.                      Beauty (which is the degree of conformity with the intended archetype) reveals attainment. Attainment means approximation to the archetype.

134.                      Clearly there is great beauty to be seen, but what is the meaning of “very high”? Our Solar Logos is apparently a Cosmic Initiate of the second degree, but not yet of the third degree. Is this very high?

135.                      It would seem that the fourth ray must be involved (perhaps monadically) in relation to our Solar Logos, Who is a Logos of the fourth order—at this time.

136.                      If there are only three sources of energy, then perhaps Sirius is responsible for five of them—the major stream and the resultant cross. Then the Great Bear would be associated with the seven Creative Hierarchies and the Pleiades would provide the forces through which the Raja Deva Lords work.

137.                      The entry of the main stream will have to be considered carefully.

138.                      If Sirius is considered major, it will not be because it is absolutely major, but is major in relation to our Solar Logos. Then both the Great Bear and Pleiades (which are really of greater advancement than Sirius) will play secondary roles—at least with respect to our Solar Logos.