Fellowship of Cosmic Fire

Commentary Semester IX Section XI

TCF 1173-1177 : S9S11, Part I

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11. The Law of the Schools.  (The Law of Love and Light.) 

1.            The name of this law is unusual, especially when it is translated as “The Law of Love and Light”.

This is a mysterious term used to cover the law as it affects the expansions of consciousness which an initiate undergoes,

2.            In “schools” one undergoes expansions of consciousness. The idea of the “school” is related to the second aspect of divinity under which this expansion occurs.

3.            The higher expression of teaching on the second ray is “The process of initiation as taught by the hierarchy of adepts.” (EP I 50)

 and his ability to attract to himself through knowledge,

4.            The initiate is endowed with certain attractive powers. We notice, importantly, that it is the knowledge of the initiate which serves as an attractive power.

a.  His own Higher Self, so as to produce alignment and illumination,

5.            The initiate is the soul-in-incarnation who has awakened to a certain level of consciousness. The “Higher Self” in this case can stand for both the supervisory Solar Angel and also the spiritual triad and Monad.

6.            It is also hinted that there are known methods of attracting these higher aspects of the self.

b.  His Guru,

7.            The “Guru” does not appear unless the knowledge of the initiate has reached a certain sufficiency. It would be against the Law of Economy for the Guru to waste His time on the unprepared.

c.   That which he seeks to know,

8.            The desire or aspiration to know is important, but a sufficiency of knowledge is magnetic and attracts still higher knowledge; revelation of a certain scope attracts revelation of a still greater scope. There is always a next step ahead related to the quantity and quality of knowledge accumulated.

d.  That which he can utilise in his work of service,

9.            The knowledge of the initiate is sufficient to attract those resources and energies needed for the service he intends.

e.  Other souls with whom he can work.

10.         This is an important point. The consciousness of the initiate and his knowledge are radiatory and call to those who can fit in with the plans of the initiate. Not all are called—only those who respond to the level of consciousness and knowledge of the initiate and recognize that they have something of importance to gain from association with this level.

It will be evident, therefore, to the thoughtful student that this Law of the Schools is primarily applicable to all units of divine life who have arrived at, or transcended the stage of self-consciousness.

11.         When we speak of “self-consciousness” we are not speaking of “Self-consciousness”. The first relates to the consciousness of the fourth kingdom of nature, the second to the consciousness of the fifth kingdom.

12.         Strictly speaking, “self-consciousness” began, inchoately, at individualization and ends (though its ending is not a full ending) at the first initiation.

13.         When one enters the fifth kingdom (and especially when one graduates from the fifth kingdom at the fifth initiation) one transcends the stage of self-consciousness. This transcendence is ‘engineered’ upon the Fixed Cross.

14.         From the first initiation onwards, one identifies as a self which is more than the individual, lower ego. The objective is become in consciousness the Higher Self which one believes oneself to be and which one more authentically is.

15.         In deciding the various levels at which this law applies to humanity, we will have to think of the transcendence of self-consciousness as a gradual process—something which does not immediately occur at the first initiation.

It has consequently a vital connection with the human kingdom,

16.         This is the kingdom in which self-consciousness is expressed and in which the movement towards the transcendence of self-consciousness is commenced.

 and there is an occult significance in the fact that this is the eleventh [Page 1174] Law.

17.         Perhaps we can relate the number eleven to the initiate. “Forget not that eleven is the number of the Initiate and that today it is the eleventh house which is so dominant; forget not that Aquarius, the eleventh sign, is the sign of universal relationships, interplay and consciousness.” (EA 542)

18.         By absorbing and expressing the meaning of the number eleven the human being moves from individual self-consciousness into group consciousness represented particularly by the energy of the Aquarius. Group consciousness represents a transcendence of ordinary self-consciousness. The human being who identifies as the Higher Self is group conscious.

19.         The number eleven also suggests the sign Gemini and its relationship to the great second ray—the ray, per se, of consciousness and its expansion.

20.         More mundanely, Gemini is often associated with the educational process and with schools.

It is the law which enables a man to unite two of his aspects (the personal self and the Higher Self).

21.         It seems that many laws, including the Laws of the Soul contribute to this merging.

22.         Since there is a considerable merging of the man and the "Angel of the Presence" at the third initiation, one wonders whether the Law of the Schools should have particularly applicability to this stage of initiation.

23.         The statement above concerning the uniting the personal and Higher Self again point to Gemini in which the existence and interaction of these two selves are highlighted. There is much similarity between the number 11 and the glyph of Gemini.

 It is the law which governs the transition of the human atom into another and a higher kingdom.

24.         So far we see that this law governs a uniting and now a transition. The higher kingdom here mentioned is, of course, the fifth kingdom.

25.         That transition must occur across a ‘bridge’ and Mercury (the ruler of Gemini and conveyer of the bridging fourth ray) can represent that bridge.

26.         A school is a greater concentration of light which magnetically draws a lesser such concentration towards magnetically. The lesser is drawn towards the greater across a ‘Bridge of Light’, a kind of Mercurian antahkarana.

  It is the law which (when comprehended and conformed to) enables a man to enter into a new cycle.

27.         Life within the fourth kingdom of nature follows a particular cycle ruled by the numbers four and seven. Life within the Kingdom of Souls is governed by cycles related to the numbers seven and three.

28.         The cycle entered into will be the cycle of expanding consciousness as a conscious soul-in-incarnation.

29.         We note that the law must be understood and that there must be conformity to this law if it is to have its proper effect of creating union with the soul on its own plane and a merging into a higher kingdom of nature. Laws exist, and to a degree force compliance, but they are far more effective when they are understood and when voluntarily obeyed.

30.         The cycle of reincarnation into the lower three world is one which will shortly be abrogated when the Law of the Schools is rightly accepted.

It is the law of the adept, of the Master, and of the perfected man.

31.         This means it is the law of those who are truly and definitely initiate. This means they have taken at least the third initiation.

32.         Who is the “perfected man”? Really, only the Master of the Wisdom. In a sense, the Chohan of the sixth degree is no longer considered a “man” per se.

 For this reason it might be of profit here if we dealt with it a little more fully than with the other laws, for mankind is now at the stage where a number of its units are ready to come under the specific influence of this law,

33.         This indicates that there has been considerable development within the human race and that the possibility of true initiate lies not far ahead for many.

34.         Under this law enough light can be received by the lower concentration of light to lift it, by approved methods, into the radius of the higher concentration of light. The magnetic force of this law facilitates a dramatic change of the point of tension.

 and thus be transferred out of the Hall of Learning, via the Hall of Wisdom, into the fifth or spiritual kingdom.

35.         This is an interesting progression because usually entry into the Hall of Wisdom occurs at the first initiation and is considered to be entry into the fifth or spiritual kingdom. It seems from what is here said, that after one enters the Hall of Wisdom, of which one is a full member by the time the third initiation has taken place, true entry into the fifth kingdom can occur. Graduation from the fifth kingdom of nature occurs at Mastership at which time one begins to turn one’s attention to become a member of the Kingdom of Planetary Lives. 

36.         The true overcoming of self-consciousness does not occur at the first initiation, and yet the Kingdom of Souls, the Hall of Wisdom, and the period of the Fixed Cross are all entered at the first initiation. Usually entry into the Hall of Wisdom and into the fifth or spiritual kingdom are usually considered synonymous, but here they are considered sequential.

37.          It would seem that the Law of the Schools does not fully apply to initiates of the first degree but that, by the time they have fulfilled the third degree, it surely does.

This Law of the Schools does not specifically apply to the deva evolution.

38.         Perhaps this is the case because the devas do not participate in the process of initiation as does the human being.

  They come under another law called "The Law of Pas­sive Resistance" which does not concern us here, nor would it profit us to consider it.

39.         If we compare these two laws, we can see that the Law of the Schools suggests a type of activity which is definitely more assertive and expansive. It concerns initiation or an active “entering into”. The “Law of Passive Resistance” suggests receptivity and a certain kind of resistance to that which intends to mould substance.

40.         Passive resistance requires work from the influencing, moulding agency. It requires occult knowledge for the human unit to master the deva kingdom which, though passive, is resistant to the will of the human being as well.

Three main groups of existences are controlled by it:

41.         We are speaking of the groups of existences ruled by the Law of the Schools.

1.  Human beings from the moment they tread the Probationary Path.

42.         Thus, the law begins to operate well before the first initiation. We can say that certain activities within the illuminative fifth petal of the egoic lotus may come under the Law of the Schools.

43.         We may judge that the factor of illumination is an aspect of the Law of the Schools and that the sign Leo, which rules the fifth petal of the ego, is one of the major signs of illumination. Leo expresses the Will-to-Illumine.

2.  All the units of the fifth kingdom, therefore, all the members of the Hierarchy.

44.         Here, first and second degree initiates should be included as, technically (judging from Chart XIII, 1238, in TCF) they are members of the planetary Hierarchy.

45.         We see that the application of this law is broad. It applies to those who are only beginning to transcend self-consciousness to those who have transcended it entirely.

3.  The planetary Logoi throughout the system.

46.         We see that the Law of the Schools is a very advanced law and will apply to the form of life expression who is now a human being for vast cycles ahead.

47.         One wonders whether there is not a manner in which this law can even be applied to Solar Logoi and still greater Lives.

48.         While this law does apply incipiently to those who are treading the Path of Probation, its extends vastly beyond that preliminary stage.

49.         There are many kingdoms into which one can enter as a being possessed minimally of self-consciousness. It would seem that the Law of the Schools will apply to those entering true Self-consciousness which is group consciousness; to those moving from group consciousness to planetary consciousness; to those moving from planetary consciousness to universal consciousness—etc.

It will be apparent, therefore, that this law concerns the great experiment which has been inaugurated on earth by our planetary Logos in connection with the process of initiation,

50.         Again the sign Gemini is suggested for its glyph signifies the Pillars of Wisdom through which the candidate for initiation must pass.

and it has only held sway since the Door of Initiation was opened in Atlantean days.

51.         The Law of the Schools is related to initiation. Upon our planet there is a particular experiment occurring. This does not mean, however, that there are not other planets on which various methods of initiation are also employed. On our planet, however, the process of initiation involves a particularly intensive solar angelic intervention. It would seem that initiation as a process must be universal in cosmos.

52.         That Venus (the planet which conveys illumination and initiation to humanity) is the esoteric ruler of Gemini seems significant in relation to the Law of the Schools. Mercury another ruler must also be brought into consideration.

53.         In a way, Gemini undertakes the higher education of man. It is interesting, in relation to the A.A.B. Movement, how many of the leading figures had prominent Gemini in their horoscopes. One suspects a prominent Gemini in the horoscope of the Tibetan Teacher since He is called the “messenger of the Masters”.

54.         We could say that the Law of the Schools has only been applicable on Earth (with respect to man) since middle Atlantean times when the Door of Initiation was opened.

55.         We shall be alert to the manner in which this law could be active on other planets. Certainly, on other planets, various kinds of “Schools” exist.

It does not, therefore, apply to all the members of the human family; some of whom will achieve slowly and under the sway of the basic Law of Evolution. 

56.         DK makes this distinction in various places throughout the text. The process of initiation is not for all. Some human beings will rise through a more general process inherent in the Law of Evolution. 

57.         Probably, then, the particular type of initiation now current on our planet will only have a limited duration, until those for whom it is intended have, as much as possible, passed through the initiatory process.

58.         The current period is said to be the time of achievement for third ray Monads, who, presumably, have been involved for a longer period of time in the process of evolution than the majority of those whose monadic rays are the second and first.

It does not affect, in any way, for instance, those members of the human family who have individualised on the earth chain through the fanning of the spark of mind—one of the methods employed by the Lords of the Flame, as earlier seen.  [Page 1175]

59.         We have here a very important distinction. There are certain members of Earth-chain humanity to whom initiation does not apply and others to whom it does.

60.         Two methods of individualization were used in relation to Earth-humanity. The first method was “implantation” and the second was “fanning”.

61.         Implantation of the spark of mind was only used for the more advanced of the animal-men destined to because human beings. Through implantation the Solar Angel became ‘present’ in the consciousness of the developing man.

62.         The method of “fanning” was more ‘distant’ in a way. The nascent mental faculty of certain animal men was stimulated to the point at which individualization became possible, but the Solar Angel did not remain ‘within’ such emerging human beings as a presence.

63.         Here is the quotation from The Secret Doctrine  which applies:

Mankind is obviously divided into god-informed men and lower human creatures. The intellectual difference between the Aryan and other civilized nations and such savages as the South Sea Islanders, is inexplicable on any other grounds. No amount of culture, nor generations of training amid civilization, could raise such human specimens as the Bushmen, the Veddhas of Ceylon, and some African tribes, to the same intellectual level as the Aryans, the Semites, and the Turanians so called. The "sacred spark" is missing in them and it is they who are the only inferior races on the globe, now happily -- owing to the wise adjustment of nature which ever works in that direction -- fast dying out. Verily mankind is "of one blood," but not of the same essence. We are the hot-house, artificially quickened plants in nature, having in us a spark, which in them is latent. (The Secret Doctrine  421 Vol. 2)

64.         This distinction should be held clearly in mind when thinking about the fate and destiny of various groups within the human race. The same destiny and method to that destiny are not for all.

65.         The Law of the Schools…

can be studied in two main divisions, first, in connection with the human units passing under hierarchical influence in the Hall of Wisdom,

66.         Presumably this will be a study of the human units found within the Earth-scheme.

67.         We would be studying, minimally, those human beings in whom the aspiration towards an unseen “higher power” has awakened. The Hall of Wisdom holds many grades of human beings including those who are true initiates.

 and also in connection with the various planetary schemes.

68.         This would represent an expansion of our subject and must obviously remain beyond the possibility of confirmation for us.

Each scheme exists in order to teach a specific aspect of con­sciousness,

69.         We note this. The relationship between schools and consciousness is inseparable.

70.         These aspects of consciousness are being cultivated with the ring-pass-not of our Solar Logos (on the cosmic physical plane), the solar system.

71.         Each such type of consciousness is influential on Earth via various Ashrams, globes and chains.

 and each planetary school or Hierarchy subjects its pupils to this law, only in manners diverse.

72.         Some conceive as the entire universe as a school. Through occult study we come to learn that each of our system’s Planetary Logoi is certainly a ‘Teacher’ of some kind.

73.         The particular mode of ‘education’ is most intense on the planet  on which it originated, but does manage to spread its influence to the other planets via various sympathetic channels of energy.

 These planetary schools are necessarily governed by certain factors of which the two most important are the peculiar karma of the planetary Logos concerned, and His particular Ray.

74.         We have been told that the karma of our Planetary Logos has much to do with the factor of “personality”.

Herein lies the mystery of our planet, the most mysterious of all the planets.  Just as the karma of individuals differs, so differs the karma of the various Logoi, and the karma of our planetary Logos has been a heavy one, and veiled in the mystery of personality at this time. (TCF 207)

75.         Which ray is meant? On our planet, presently, the quality of the school is probably not influenced by the quality of the monadic ray because on non-sacred planets the monadic ray is occultly “non-effective”.

76.         Will it be the soul ray then?

77.         The name of Earth School suggests a ray in which the Law of Attraction is prominent: the School on our planet is called the “School of Magnetic Response”. So, perhaps, it is the soul ray of our Planetary Logos which, at this time, conditions the nature of His School.

It is not possible at this stage to convey to students the informa­tion as to the nature of each planetary school.

78.         Master DK lists only some.

  They exist in five great groups:

1.  The exoteric non-sacred planets, called in occult parlance "the outer round" or outer circle of initiates.  Of these our earth is one, but being aligned in a peculiar fashion with certain spheres on the inner round, a dual opportunity exists for mankind, which facilitates, whilst it complicates, the evolutionary process.

79.         Diverse definitions exist for the state we call “the inner round”. Are we to infer from what is here said that sacred planets or spheres have types of schools which have an inner circle of initiates related to an “inner round”? Or are only some Planetary Logoi Who manifest through sacred planets (for instance those who manifest through the synthesizing planets) expressing through the “inner round”?

80.         We can see that Earth is a planet in transition. Perhaps it is meaningful to recollect at this point that, inwardly, the Earth is considered a “sacred planet” but outwardly its sacredness is not fully in expression.

81.         We might, then, understand something more about the complexity of living as a human being within the Earth-scheme. Facilitation and complication go hand in hand. It seems that a contradictory, perhaps fourth ray experience, is natural to those who are ‘schooled’ within out planetary scheme.

82.         We note that we are speaking of the Planetary Logoi as “initiates” of a certain kind. Planetary Logoi Who manifest through non-sacred planets are members of “an outer circle of initiates”. They are part of what is called “the outer round”.

83.         This does not mean, however, that the Logoi of all sacred planets are part of the “inner round”.

2.  The sacred planets, called sometimes (when this Law of the Schools is under consideration) the "seven grades of psychic knowledge" or the "seven divisions of the field of knowledge."

84.         We note that for the sacred planets, per se, the term “inner round” is not mentioned.      

85.         The term “psychic” is particularly connected with the second ray. The initiate on the second ray becomes the true “Psychic”. This is what the Christ has become just as the initiate on the first ray becomes the true “Occultist”.

86.         Just as the non-sacred planets are connected generically with the third ray, so the sacred planets which are not synthesizing planets are connected with the second ray  and the synthesizing planets more with the first ray (under the first ray Law of Synthesis).

87.         It would seem that the type of knowledge taught or acquired on the sacred planets is a more inner type of knowledge, thus psychic.

88.         All Planetary Logoi are “Dragons of Wisdom” and have achieved a quite full expression of the second aspect of divinity. This associates Them with a high type of psychism.

89.         Notice that the planets are called “grades” and “divisions”. It the energy they represent which is emphasized and the fact that this energy is only one of a number of grades or divisions. The Planetary Logoi and Their planets are known by the energy patterns they expression.

3.  The inner round, which carries with it vast opportunity for those who can surmount its problems and withstand its tempta­tions.

90.         One wonders whether its “temptations” have to do with the ‘Path of Exaltation’. Can it be that when pursuing the inner round it is possible to ignore the requirement to serve within the lower spheres? Temptations are not always pulls from ‘below’ but from ‘above’ as well.

91.         We  might be tempted to must ask whether the “inner round” has any particular relation to the synthesizing planets. Later, it seems confirmed that it does not.

92.         We are told, however, that the inner round is connected with Mercury and Mercury is not a synthesizing planet.

93.         A round is a ‘cyclic path of development’

 This inner round has a peculiar appeal to units on certain Rays, and has its own specific dangers. 

94.         DK is not telling us which rays these may be. Perhaps we can gather more by dealing with developments which DK suggests as associated with the inner round.

The inner round is the round that is followed by those who have passed through the human stage and have consciously devel­oped the faculty of etheric living and can follow the etheric cycles, functioning consciously on the three higher etheric planes in all parts of the system.

95.         So, those who follow the inner round must be members of the fifth kingdom which those who have passed through the human stage necessarily join.

96.         Is DK speaking of the systemic ethers or cosmic ethers. Obviously, once having passed through the human stage there is no longer a necessity to have dense physical body and so etheric living would be natural.

97.         If He is referring to the cosmic ethers, then such individuals would be ‘living’ on the atmic, monadic and logoic planes—the three higher cosmic ethers.

98.         If one has passed through the human kingdom, then one is an initiate of the fourth degree who no longer has to incarnate, and who has his ‘home’ upon the first of the cosmic ethers, the buddhic plane. There would no longer be a need for evolution within the solar ethers and on the first three subplanes of the etheric plane.

99.         If etheric living is involved, is there a possibility that the ray most associated with the ether—the seventh ray—conditions some of those most attracted to the inner round? The third ray could also be involved, as Mercury, a planet much associated with the inner round is a profoundly third ray planet. And what of the fifth ray—also a ray much associated with Mercury?

100.      Could it be possible that those who pursued the inner round are not bound by any planetary ring-pass-not, as they can function “in all parts of the system”—as, in a way, Mercury, the Intermediary, can? Or could it be possible that planets in all parts of the system provide inner round opportunities?—less likely, perhaps.

101.      In any case, no one can follow the inner round who is not an advanced human being.

They have—for certain occult and specific purposes—broken the connection between the third etheric and the four lower subplanes of the physical plane. 

102.      Here, however, even though these beings have passed through the human kingdom, the three higher subplanes of the solar physical plane seem to be involved, and not the higher ethers.

103.      It would seem that those who follow the inner round are, in a sense, remote from the affairs of ordinary human living.

104.      We note that their actions have emphasized a three/four division. They are, in a sense, living in abstraction and their experiences must be related to the number three, to Brahma. Are the third ray and Saturn then involved? Yet Saturn seems to lead to manifestation. Uranus (as the planet of the seventh ray) and a planet strongly connected to the ethers could certainly be involved. With Uranus there could be what we might call ‘abstractive temptations’.

105.      Later we will see that the three particular planets quoted as associated with inner round opportunities form an “etheric triangle” in relation to one planetary Lord. We will wonder whether Saturn or Uranus could be that Lord.

106.      It begins to seem more and more that the “temptations” may be the shunning of embodiment for purposes of service.

This [Page 1176] round is followed only by a prepared percentage of humanity,

107.      Is it, then, a matter of choice or not? We will be interested to know something of the nature of the preparation which must be undergone.

108.      DK is not giving us the percentage, which would certainly be of interest. Probably the percentage is not large.

109.      We can see that the entire matter of the inner round is dealt with in a manner veiled. Only a few hints are given.

 and is closely associated with a group who pass with facility and develop with equal facility on the three planets that make a triangle with the earth, namely Mars, Mercury, and Earth.

110.      Here there is a clarification concerning which types of human units may be associated with the inner round: those who pass through, let us say, or who develop upon Mars, Mercury and the Earth.

111.      So we have established that inner round opportunities are available to those who are undergoing development on Earth.

112.      Mercury certainly has an etheric connection. The fourth ray which is transmitted through Mercury and the four ethers are certainly related. The etheric nature of Mercury is also related to the ethers.

113.      Why opportunities to pursue the inner round should be related to Mars remains in question.

114.      We see that following the inner round is a group opportunity. It must be that certain groups are prepared to follow this path.

115.      What is being said here is that units who develop on these planets may pass in groups into the Inner Round, but we are not told that the ‘location’ of the inner round is within the ring-pass-not of all of these planets.

116.      We do remember that when the names Mars, Earth and Mercury are used in relation to globes of the Earth-chain, they represent, sequentially, the third, fourth and fifth globe.

117.      The Earth-chain and the Mercury-chain are sequentially the fourth and fifth chains, but the Mars-chain is not the third, but rather they sixth. Still, they are sequential, beginning with Earth and moving through Mercury to Mars.

These three planets—in connection with this inner round

118.      What is meant by “this” inner round. Are there more than one inner round in our solar system? Are we speaking of an inner round to which the human beings on Earth have particular access?

—are considered only as existing in etheric matter, and (in relation to one of the Heavenly Men) hold a place analogous to the etheric triangle found in the human etheric body. 

119.      We are given an interesting piece of occult information. Even though we are dealing with dense, material planets, they are only viewed etherically. Dense physical bodies are never considered ‘real’, but only as aggregations built upon the real physical body—the etheric.

120.      What is this “etheric triangle” found within the human etheric body. Can we call it the pranic triangle? If we do so, this triangle consists of the spleen, a center just above the diaphragm and a center located between the shoulder blades and called “the shoulder centre”. (TCF 169)

121.      It is clear that the cycle of development called the “inner round” is pursued etherically, and now it is quite certain that whether or not the higher ethers are involved, the lower ones certainly are.

122.      Is “one of the Heavenly Men” a Logos expressing through the planet Saturn or Uranus?

123.      We might consider the Earth as the splenic center, Mars as the center just above the diaphragm, and Mercury (so connected with Gemini, the breath and the lungs) to be found in the lower part of the space between the shoulder blades.

124.      After the “pranic triangle” (which may here be designated as the “etheric triangle”) we have the astral triangle, followed by the mental triangle, etc.

125.      It is interesting that DK remains vague about the nature of this triangle calling only “the” etheric triangle, when in fact there are many etheric triangles.

126.      It is interesting to realize that all the three planets mentioned (Mars, Earth and Mercury) are associated with the base of the spine center which, itself, is fourfold and has an etheric connection. “The other two centres have to do primarily with the etheric body and with the astral plane. (TCF 167)

127.      DK gives an analogy which places the Earth as the base of the spine center of the Solar Logos. He also calls Mercury “kundalini active” and  Mars “kundalini latent”. “Mercury demonstrates kundalini in intelligent activity, while Mars demonstrates kundalini latent.” (TCF 181)

128.      So we might think that the base of the spine center has much to do the inner round, and with three basally associated planets which are considered to be etheric in nature—not dense.

I have here conveyed more than has as yet been exoterically communicated anent this inner round and by the study of the human etheric triangle,

129.      Again, we may infer the pranic triangle (cf. TCF 169)…

130.      Does the word “etheric” in this context, mean “pranic”? It may and we may, therefore, be dealing with a blind.

 its function, and the type of force which circulates around it, much may be deduced about the planetary inner round.

131.      It would seem that we should study what DK has said about the pranic triangle and its circulation of force in order to learn something about “the planetary inner round” or planetary inner rounds.

132.      If Mercury rules the solar logoic ajna center and if the base of the spine center is involved, then we are reminded of how the being must be “seated on the throne between the eyebrows” in order to direct the kundalini.

We must bear in mind in this connection that just as the human etheric triangle is but the preparatory stage to a vast circulation within the sphere of the entire etheric body,

133.      If the etheric triangle is equivalent to the “pranic triangle” then it is followed in development by five other triangles. By the time the sixth triangle is functioning the circulation of energies in the human etheric body is extensive.

134.      The fact that DK speaks of the preparatory nature of the “etheric triangle” makes one think it could representative the most primitive of the etheric triangles—one which substands all the others, called also the “pranic triangle”.

 so the etheric planetary triangle—passing from the Earth to Mars and Mercury—is but the preparatory circulatory system to a vaster round included within the sphere of influence of one planetary Lord.

135.      Can planets be assigned to more than one chakra in the chakric system of the Solar Logos? We have suggested at various times that this is possible.

136.      Who is this “one planetary Lord”? Given the planets involved, it would seem that either Saturn or Uranus could be considered candidates. Earth, Mercury and Mars are all within the greater Saturn Scheme. Earth and Mars are, respectively, the physical body and astral body of a great third ray Entity which may be ‘Greater Saturn’ (cf. TCF, Chart VI) or the Brahma of our solar system. Mercury is certainly related to Uranus (Uranus is for Mercury the final absorber) and Earth shares the same monadic ray with Uranus—the first ray.

137.      So we have Earth and Mercury related to Uranus and Mars and Earth related to Saturn.

138.      Uranus is also a planet much associated with etheric life. It rules the systemic etheric body and also, generically, the four cosmic etheric planes.

139.      Uranus, however, is one of the last two synthesizing planets (to retain their planetary integrity) and may be the final synthesizing planet which merges into the Sun. It must be established whether Uranus absorbs Neptune or Neptune absorbs Uranus. The fact that our present solar system is a second ray system may have to be taken into consideration.

140.      Via Uranus comes the first ray power of abstraction or disconnection. Since it is also a planet energizing ethers of various types, it may signify a round of development in which there is no connection with the redemptive purposes of our Solar Logos in relation to the vestigial matter of the previous solar system.

141.      The accuracy of our interpretation will depend upon the meaning of the term “the etheric triangle”. Is it or is it not equivalent to “the pranic triangle”?

4.  The circle of the planetoids.

142.      These are not asteroids. The two types of solar systemic lives have to be kept distinct.

 Students of the Ageless Wisdom are apt to forget that the Life of the Logos manifests itself through those circling spheres which (though not large enough to be regarded as planets) pursue their orbital paths around the solar centre

143.      Therefore, they are not “moons”, per se, as moons seem to circle a particular planet and these planetoids pursue their orbital paths around the solar centre.

144.      Should Chiron be considered a planetoid? What of Pluto and other extra-Plutonic spheres?

 and have their own evolutionary problems

145.      This is interesting. Every Planetary Logos (major or minor ) seems to have its own evolutionary problems. The problems of Earth are distinct, considerable and, from what we understand, complicated.

 and are functioning as part of the solar Body. 

146.      The “solar Body” is the solar system, which cosmically is confined to the cosmic physical plane.

They are informed—as are the planets—by a cosmic Entity

147.      Note, then, that Planetary Logoi are cosmic Entities. This must be so if even the Logoi of planetoids are cosmic Entities. One can be a cosmic entity and still express within the solar system.

 and are under the influence of the Life impulses of the solar Logos as are the greater bodies.

148.      All planetary bodies are subservient to the central Life—that of the Solar Logos.

  The evolutions upon them are analogous to, though not identical with, those of our planet,

149.      There are evolutions upon and within planetoids which are analogous to the evolutions which are pursuing their path on Earth. There must be an immense variety of lives within our solar system.

150.      Do we think that Master DK is singling out our planet in particular and drawing a particular comparison between our Planetary Logos and the Logoi of the planetoids?

 and they swing through their cycles in the Heavens under the same laws as do the greater planets.

151.      We are probably dealing with Kepler’s laws of planetary motion. There are probably subtler laws as well.

5.  The absorbing Triangles.  This term is applied to the evolution­ary schools found located in the three major [Page 1177] planets of our system—Uranus, Neptune and Saturn—and to those found in the three major chains, and three major globes in a planetary scheme.

152.      If there are “evolutionary schools” are there also “involutionary schools”?

153.      We see that there are indeed schools associated with the synthesizing planets but the inner round is not mentioned in this context, though one of these synthesizing planets if probably involved, as discussed above.

154.      We notice that in any type of system—a solar system, a planetary system or a chain system, there are three spheres which, together, can be considered an “absorbing triangle”.

155.      Just as there are major planetary schemes, there are major chains and major globes. It would seem that the sixth and seventh chain or globe have to be considered as of a synthesizing nature, just as (if we begin with Vulcan and exclude the non-sacred planets like Earth and Mars, then) Neptune and Uranus (two definitely synthesising planets) are the respectively the sixth and seventh planetary schemes.

156.      Should the fifth scheme, chain or globe (which are usually called the “Mercury” scheme, chain or globe) be considered “major”? Rather, if we count outward from the Sun (excluding again, Earth and Mars) another synthesizing planet, Saturn, is found to be the fifth in order.

157.      In any case, we can infer that the fifth, sixth and seventh chains or globes are of a more synthetic nature than the ones preceding it, but are these three necessarily the major ones as DK is here using the word “major”?

158.      So much, however, depends on whether we count seven schemes, chains and globes or ten! If we are dealing with a model like that of the “Tree of Life” then the three synthesizers are found ‘above’ the seven and correspond to Kether, Chochma and Binah.

The Rulers of these planets, chains and globes are called the "Divine Examiners," and Their work concerns the human kingdom specifically and entirely.

159.      Something about the name “Divine Examiners” suggests the forty-two “Assessors” in the Egyptian Mysteries.

160.      It is interesting that the work of the “Divine Examiners” rises no higher than work with the human kingdom. What is not being said?

161.      From what is here said we can infer that the Logoi of Saturn, Neptune and Uranus are called “Divine Examiners”. This appellation has its parallel on the chain and globe level, but we must determine with certainty which, really, are the three major chains and globes of our solar system. The major chains and globes may not correspond to the three synthesizing planets.

162.      The following table which includes at least the major chains of our Earth-chain (probably that is the meaning) is indicative, but the term “major” may be relative and time-dependent:

7 Rays       Major 1-2-7         Four subsidiary converging on the fifth.

7 Principles         3 Major      Monad, Ego and Personality, synthesising at various stages the four subsidiary.

7 Chains    Major 1-4-7, etc. (TCF 600.)

163.      The first, fourth and seventh chains are Neptune, Earth and Jupiter chains, respectively, and constitute a triangle which is different from the triangle of the three synthesizing planets.

They are responsible for the work of

a.  Transferring men from one school to another, and from one grade to another.

164.      The three major rulers (whether on a planetary, chain or globe level) seem to give ‘permission for passage’. They control the process of elevation.

165.      It may be necessary to deduce that there are “schools” on globes and chains as well as planetary schools. Perhaps the planetary schools have their different divisions on different chains and globes.

166.      It is hard to believe, however, that the three synthesizing planets operate only with respect to the human kingdom. The human kingdom, of course, is found throughout the solar system, but such great Logoi it seems, would have other and higher work.

167.      Perhaps we are speaking of planetary function only with respect to the Law of the Schools.

b.  For the expanding of the human consciousness under the law,

168.      Are not other Planetary Logoi responsible for expanding human consciousness under the law? Only these three? What of Jupiter?

169.      At least we can see that these three Lords of the schemes Saturn, Neptune and Uranus are definitely responsible for expanding human consciousness. They are rulers of the spiritual triad in which human consciousness undergoes an extraordinary expansion beyond its strictly ‘individual’ ring-pass-not.

c.   For the transmutation of the forms of the human unit in the three worlds and the consequent negation of the form,

170.      From this we can assume that the influences of Saturn, Neptune and Uranus definitely lift the human consciousness towards and into the cosmic ethers—the true arupa levels of two thirds of the spiritual triad.

171.      Saturn, Neptune and Uranus are abstractors and absorbers and would naturally promote the disengagement of the human consciousness from lower form, considering even the egoic lotus as a lower form.

d.  For the radioactivity of the fourth kingdom in nature.

172.      The initiatory process induces human radioactivity. The man is potently radioactive by the time the fourth initiation is reached and it is this radioactivity which contributes to the destruction of the causal body.

173.      It makes sense that the synthesizing planets (and probably within those planets the synthesizing chains and synthesizing globes) tend to produce the climactic result that radioactivity represents.

174.      This must mean that the three synthesizing planets are associated with the "Jewel in the Lotus" and its ‘setting’ in the synthesizing petals.

175.      Among these three, Uranus is known as the “Hierophant” or “Initiator”.

We might regard the presiding lives in these departmental schools

176.      Is DK still discussing the schools on the three synthesizing planets or is He speaking generally of all planetary schools?

177.      From what is said immediately below about the “final stages” of the Path, He seems still to be dealing with the synthesizing planets but this is not certain and, in fact, seems to be abrogated below. What exactly does He mean by “final stages”?

 as the custodians of the Path, and responsible, therefore, for the divine Pilgrim during the final stages of the treading of the Path of Evolution.

178.      When thinking of these “final stages” do they concern only the very highest initiations? Below we learn that even the Path of Probation is considered included within the final stages of the Path of Evolution.

179.      The “divine Pilgrim” is the Monad-in-incarnation.

 They begin to work with men from the moment they first set foot upon the Probationary Path and They continue Their work until the seventh initiation is taken.

180.      Here our questions are answered. The Path of Evolution discussed is, indeed, the entire Path of Evolution and the later or final stages are considered to begin from the Path of Probation onwards until, at last, the ultimate or seventh initiation is taken. The eighth and ninth initiations we have learned, are rarely taken within our planetary ring-pass-not.

181.      So, even before the first initiation is taken, the Lords Who preside over the various planetary schools become active influences upon such relatively advanced human beings.

182.      The very final phases of training for the human Monad are, it would seem, under the sway of the three synthesizing planets and their Logoi.

The Masters, therefore, Who take pupils for training, are number­ed amongst them, whilst the Masters Who do not concern Them­selves with individuals and their development are not.

183.      The Masters active with humanity are to be considered “presiding lives in these departmental schools”.

184.      There are many Masters, however, who are not concerned with human initiation and they are not considered presiding lives in departmental schools.

It is not possible to give fully the types of schools and teaching which is given on the different planets.  All that can be done is to give an occult phrase which will convey to the intuitive student the necessary hint.

185.      So we are given important occult hints about quite a number of the schools. A few of the schools are missing from the enumeration and it would be interest to speculate why this might be so.

186.      Notable as missing is the School on Saturn, a planet closely associated with the Earth (and Mars) and of great importance in our solar system. If there is a School of Pluto, it too is missing.

187.      The order in which these schools are discussed is also a matter of interest. Why begin with Uranus? And then go immediately to Earth? Probably there are important hints in the order. Both of these Planetary Logoi have the same monadic ray.

188.      If we knew something about the School on Saturn, we would know of three schools on three closely related planets—Earth, Mars and Saturn.