Fellowship of Cosmic Fire

Commentary Semester IX Section X Part III

TCF 1170-1173 : S9S10

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5. The Law of Radiation. 

This is one of the most interesting of the laws for it only comes into activity in connection with the highest specimens of the various kingdoms,

1.            This is a most important statement. We usually consider radiation to exist only in terms of the mineral kingdom. To be a “radiant” human being is considered a metaphor rather than a fact, but under the influence of occultism, the understanding of human radiation and radiation as expressed in the other kingdoms will change.

2.            One is reminded of Rule XIII for Applicants to Initiation:

“Four things the disciple must learn and comprehend before he can be shewn that inmost mystery:  first, the laws of that which radiates; the five meanings of magnetisation make the second; the third is transmutation, or the secret lost of alchemy; and lastly the first letter of the Word which has been imparted, or the hidden name egoic.

 and concerns itself with the attraction that a higher kingdom of nature will have for the highest lives of the next lower kingdom.

3.            We note that even thought radiation is often and largely associated with the first ray, its expression is dependent upon the Law of Attraction. It is as if radiation is drawn forth by the magnetism exerted by a higher kingdom upon a lower.

4.            Really, it is impossible to separate radiation from magnetism.

It governs the radioactivity of minerals, the radiations of the vegetable kingdom and (curiously enough) the entire question of perfumes.

5.            Perfume is a form of essential radiation.

6.            Since the upward thrusting stem of a plant is ruled by the sixth ray, the color by the fourth ray, the perfume must be ruled by the second ray. Again we see the connection of radiation to the second ray. Is the perfume being drawn forth and drawn up by the magnetism of the second ray?

 Smell is the highest of the purely physical senses;

7.            It is also considered to be, from the strictly physical point of view, the lowest and most primitive.

8.            The higher correspondences of smell represent the highest occult senses available to man on each plane.

 so in the vegetable kingdom a certain series of perfumes are evidence of radiation in that kingdom.

9.            This “series of perfumes” may be a septenate, one perfume correlated with each of the seven rays. While there are many types of natural scents and perfumes, perhaps only seven are fundamental.

10.         The book “777”, by Aleister Crowley (with many ‘borrowed’ tables of correspondences) offers lists of the important perfumes.

There is, moreover, an interesting link between those who are members of the fifth kingdom (the spiritual) and the vegetable, for in esotericism the two and the five, the Son, and the Sons of Mind, are closely allied.

11.         One type of human egoic lotus called “Lotuses with Perfume”. It is the phase of development following “Radiant Lotuses” and preceding “Lotuses of Revelation”.

12.         The “Lotuses with Perfume” may indicate a stage of evolution in which the second initiation (correlated with the vegetable kingdom) has been passed.

13.         As an example of the close relation between the five and the two, we have Venus expressing both the fifth and second rays and intimately associated with both the vegetable kingdom and with the Solar Angels and their expression through the egoic lotus.

It is not possible to indicate more, but it is not without significance that certain Rays are, through the initiates and Masters, repre­sent­ed by vegetable perfumes.

14.         One of the Tibetan’s last living disciples said that Master DK was connected with the fragrance of carnation; Master KH with the white rose; Master M. with freesias. This cannot be immediately verified. One wonders whether the Lord Maitreya could be associated with the fragrance of the red rose, but then there is no uniformity in such fragrances (and some red roses may have no fragrance at all).

15.         The sevenfold correspondences of gems, perfumes, colors, notes, etc. to the seven rays is worthy of very serious study.

It signifies radiation, and to those who have the key reveals the quality of the egoic lotus

16.         Each egoic lotus, probably according to its ray, will eventually, when sufficiently unfolded, radiate a certain quality of perfume.

 and the place it holds in any particular planetary lotus, as well as a con­nection with certain devas who are the sevenfold life of the veget­able kingdom.

17.         As egoic lotuses, we all have a certain “place” in our own “planetary lotus”. Maybe according to the ray of our Ego we are also related to a particular “planetary lotus” which is not the Planetary Logos of the Earth!

18.         So the following factors are correlated:

a.            This quality of the radiation or perfume of an egoic lotus

b.            The quality of the egoic lotus

c.            The place of the an egoic lotus within a “planetary lotus”

d.            One type of deva (of seven) connected with the deva kingdom

We must not forget that man is occultly a "seven-leaved plant, the saptaparna."26  [S. D., I, 251; II, 626.]

19.         This is an alternative way of thinking of man. Often he is conceived as an animal. To conceive of him as a “saptaparna” is a more occult conception and reveals man’s septenary nature as well as his spiritual connection to the vegetable kingdom and the planet Venus.

This law in a mysterious manner, inexplicable to those ignorant of the karma of our planetary Logos,

20.         We are speaking of the Law of Radiation.

21.         As those who are merely students of the Great Tradition, we are certainly among those who are ignorant of the karma of our Planetary Logos. We have been told a few things, but of the entirety of the mysterious karmic process through which our Planetary Logos has passed, we really know nothing.

 is not operative in the animal kingdom during this Cycle or chain.

22.         Interestingly this tells us that animals are not ‘radiant’ in the manner here discussed. The reaching forth of their nascent intelligence towards the human kingdom can, however, be considered  a form of radiation. Can the love and devotion the domestic animals feel towards their human master also be considered a form of ‘radiation’?

 One of the problems of the next chain

23.         This will be the fifth chain in our planetary scheme.

 will be the bringing in of animal radiation; thus off­setting the method of initiation now pursued.

24.         The method of divine intervention (by solar angels Beings) is to be offset.

25.         Perhaps animal radiation was involved in the individualization process as that process was practiced on the Moon-chain.

26.         Perhaps these future developments will bring the animal kingdom in line with the method of radiatory advancement of the other kingdoms of nature.

27.         One wonders whether the animal kingdom (associated as it is with the number three) has not fallen behind in its evolutionary progress. The number three, is for us, in many ways, as symbol of retardation. It may well be the third star of the Great Bear which is out of alignment and a major contributor to cosmic evil as it affects our solar system.

It must never be forgotten that the chain process of individuali­sation, and the earlier three Initiations concern the animal king­dom and man is viewed therein as an animal

28.         Is there a process of individualization which is not a “chain process”?

29.         Usually man at the first two initiations is still considered to be in the “animal” state. However, since Mars is one of the prominent planets at the third initiation, we can understand why even at that initiation man is viewed as an animal.

30.         Perhaps at the third initiation may truly achieves a kind of liberation from the animal kingdom. The peculiar testing potency of Scorpio, which is esoterically ruled by Mars, is no longer applied after the third initiation.

In the final Initiation or the offering up of the entire bodily nature,

31.         Here it appears that Master DK is calling the fourth initiation the “final initiation”, for it is at that initiation that the “entire bodily nature is offered up”—both the first of the four elementals within the personality and the personality as a whole; the personality can be considered “body” in the trinity of Spirit, soul and body.

 [Page 1171] this part

32.         The tiny part that the individual initiate represents…

 of the general karma of the planetary Logos and the Life of the informing Spirit of the animal kingdom become adjusted. 

33.         The fourth initiation is a highly karmic initiation. The individual initiate is expiating a tiny part of the general karma of the Planetary Logos in relation to the Life of the Entity informing the animal kingdom.

If this is meditated upon, some light may be thrown upon the problem as to why the Adepts of the left hand path in Atlantean days were called "the Trees,"27 [S. D., II, 519, 520, 521]  and were destroyed with the entire Atlantean vegetation.

34.         We must connect the fact that man is called the “Saptaparna” with the fact that Adepts of the left hand path were called “the Trees”.

35.         It is fascinating to realize that no vegetation now found upon the Earth can rightly be called “Atlantean vegetation”, though there must necessarily be some kind of continuity between that earlier form of vegetation and the type now found—shall we call it ‘Aryan vegetation’?

36.         The Adept of left hand path was reaping karma in relation to the vegetable kingdom and not participating in the fulfillment of planetary logoic karma in relation to the animal kingdom, as does the one who presently passed through the fourth initiation. So many of them were destroyed in the great “floods” of the times. It is noteworthy that Noah took into his ark pairs of animals. Animals were mobile. The standing “Trees” rooted in the Earth (the past) were destroyed.

37.         The title, “the Trees” may suggest that such Adepts may have stood very tall. One wonders whether these “Trees” produced any “fruit”, and if so, about the nature of such “fruit”.

In the oldest of all the Commentaries the mystery is expressed thus:

"They (the Adepts of the Left Hand Path) became thus separated through their own fault.  Their smell rose not up to Heaven; they refused to merge.

38.         The stench of separatism characterized them.

39.         They had no fragrance such as flowering plants produce. From another perspective they refused to flower. If they did flower, they likely produced what could be called “flowers of evil” (after the French Poet, Baudelaire).

 No perfume was theirs.

40.         They did not express the radiation of the second ray—perfume, the subtle emanated essence expressing beautiful, coherent qualities.

41.         They had no true relation to the fifth kingdom of nature which expresses the second ray, nor to the Fifth Creative Hierarchy of Solar Angels, also largely expressive of the second ray.

 They hugged to their greedy bosoms all the gains of the flowering plant."

42.         They did not release, did not share, the advanced qualities (the fruits or “gains”) which they cultivated. They used such qualities only for their own selfish purposes. Various siddhis, for instance, are such qualities. Strong intelligence is another such quality.

43.         They did not conform to the Law of Radiation and consequently did not (through radiation) begin to merge with the fifth or spiritual kingdom of nature.

6. The Law of the Lotus.

44.         As we continue to study these laws, we notice that they have increasingly advanced applications.

This is the name given to the mysterious influence from the cosmic Law of Attraction which brought in the divine Sons of Mind,

45.         In this case, the “divine Sons of Mind” are to be considered the Solar Angels who, at the individualization of animal-man, intervened in order to bestow that which would flower as self-consciousness upon certain advanced members of the third kingdom, thereby transforming them into human beings.

46.         Solar Angels, we are told, are trained on or in Sirius. Sirius might be considered a source of “the cosmic Law of Attraction”. Of course, our Solar Logos is a cosmic Being and is the source of the Law of Attraction which we feel most intensely within our solar system.

 and thus linked the two poles of Spirit and matter, pro­ducing upon the plane of mind that which we call the egoic lotus, or "the Flower of the Self."

47.         The egoic lotus of the human being was produced under the Law of the Lotus. Since there are higher forms of egoic lotus, we can imagine that a higher aspect of this law was operative in their production—for instance the production of the egoic lotus of the Planetary Logos or Solar Logos.

48.         We note with care that the egoic lotus is also known as “the Flower of the Self”—an important and revelatory name. It seems that consciousness is always associated with the symbol of the flower because consciousness unfolds just as the flower unfolds.

It is the law which enables the lotus to draw from the lower nature (the matter aspect and the water aspect) the moisture and heat necessary for its unfoldment,

49.         The life of man lived in the three lower worlds produces moisture and heat which are built into the egoic lotus as quality.

50.         The Law of the Lotus (related as it is to the Law of Attraction) produces that ‘drawing power’ which draws that which is below and builds it into that which is above.

51.         There must be greater and lesser (macrocosmic and microcosmic) applications of this law

52.         It is interesting that the unfoldment of the egoic lotus does not occur with the aid of spiritual energies alone.

53.         All this suggests that there would be no unfoldment of the egoic lotus unless man lives his life in the lower three worlds and offers up his experience to the Solar Angel.

54.         One may gather that the building of substance into the egoic lotus occurs under the direction not only of the Spirit of man but that the Solar Angel (identified with the Spirit aspect) has its part to play.

 and to bring down from the levels of the Spirit that which is to it what the rays of the sun are to the vegetable kingdom. 

55.         The rays of the Spirit are to the egoic lotus what the rays of the sun are to the vegetable kingdom. The substance required for the unfoldment of a plant is drawn from earth and moisture, but without the rays of the sun it could not be built into the plant and contribute to the growth of the plant.

56.         Thus it is for the substance drawn from the lower worlds into the egoic lotus; in order for this substance to be built into the egoic lotus and contribute to its unfoldment, the rays of the Spirit are required.

57.         The rays of the Spirit, in this case, are identified with solar fire and not with electric fire.  

58.         We see that Master DK is speaking in rich analogical language.

It governs the process of petal unfoldment,

59.         The Law of the Lotus governs the process of petal unfoldment.

 and therefore itself demonstrates as a triple law:

a. The Law of Solar Heat.....Knowledge petals.

b. The Law of Solar Light....Love petals.

c. The Law of Solar Fire.....Sacrifice petals.

60.         The Law of the Lotus demonstrates as a triple law.

61.         The three types of petals are related to the three aspects of divinity. Thus we see (in this context) that heat is related to the third aspect, light to the second aspect and fire to the first aspect.

62.         We usually speak principally of “solar fire”. It is interesting and instructive to see it divided into three parts.

63.         From a planetary perspective, we can understand the non-sacred planet Mars as related to heat; the sacred planet Venus as related to light; and the planet of spiritual will, Vulcan, related to Fire.

64.         From a certain perspective, these three planets can be considered the rulers of the three circles of petals. Another set of rulers is Saturn, Neptune and Uranus.

7. The Law of Colour.

To get any comprehension of this law students should remember that colour serves a twofold purpose.  It acts as a veil for that which lies behind, and is therefore attracted [Page 1172] to the central spark; it demonstrates the attractive quality of the central life.

65.         Master DK has given us two purposes of colour. If it is a veil for the central spark, it prevents the full nature of that spark from demonstrating. We have the triplicity colour, light and darkness. “That which lies behind” could be considered as light—light attracted to darkness.

66.         Another way of understanding this is that color, itself, (considered as quality) is attracted to the central spark and is magnetically held by the central spark.

67.         The second purpose is the demonstration of the attractive quality inherent in the central life or spark. Color is more related to the second aspect of divinity (the attractive aspect) than to the first aspect (the central life or spark). Through color (which is, in a way, identical to quality) living energies and forces which can be served by the central spark or life are attracted around it. The inherent sevenfold nature of the central spark (with some aspects of that nature emphasized over others) is also demonstrated through the colors associated with the central spark—seven colors, yes, but with some emphasized over others.

68.         We may judge that the central life is threefold (just as the Monad is shown as threefold on a number of the charts) and that it is the second aspect of the Monad which is involved in determining the colors which represent the life of the central spark.

All colours, therefore, are centres of attraction,

69.         As human beings we are attracted or repelled by colors (i.e., by qualities). The colors or qualities which any being represents (or through which it expresses) determine whether we will draw near to that being or distance ourselves from it.

 are complement­ary, or are antipathetic to each other, and students who study along these lines can find out the law, and comprehend its work­ing through a realisation of the purpose, the activity, and the relation of colours to or for each other.

70.         Under the Law of Attraction, harmonious colors are drawn together. This drawing reflects the purpose of the archetypal world. Antipathetic colors are not drawn together. When (through the application of the energy of ignorance) there arise combinations of antipathetic colors, such combinations do not reflect the patterns of the archetypal world and are characterized by dissonance (not only of color but of sound).

71.         Clashing colors are like clashing notes or tones. They do not contribute to the intended harmony of the Divine Purpose and are tolerable (sometimes piquant) only in passing.

72.         So we are to endeavor to determine the workings of the Law of Colour by learning about color harmony and color antipathy.

73.         If there were a Law of Music (considered as a subset of the Law of Sound) we would determine its nature in an analogous manner.

8. The Law of Gravitation. 

This law is for the non-occult student the most puzzling and confusing of all the laws.

74.         And yet modern physics seems to be making some penetration into it nature. The true nature of gravitation, however, has not been solved as it is essentially an occult phenomenon.    

  It shows itself in one aspect

75.         It, therefore, has more than one aspect. 

 as the power, and the stronger urge that a more vital life may have upon the lesser, such as the power of the spirit of the Earth (the planetary Entity, not the planetary Logos) to hold all physical forms to itself and prevent their "scattering."

76.         Master DK immediately launches into an occult interpretation of this law.

77.         The “Planetary Spirit” is different from and far higher than the “spirit of the Earth”. We note too, that in the phrase “spirit of the Earth” the term “spirit” is not capitalized.

78.         We can see that this interpretation of the Law of Gravitation is related to systemic Law of Cohesion. We see the greater Entity (though, relatively, not a highly developed Entity) holding together many lesser entities preventing their “scattering”.

79.         We see, too, that vitality is involved. Gravitation, from this perspective, is a kind of ‘vital grip’ which a B/being of greater vitality exerts upon a being of lesser vitality.

 This is due to the heavier vibration, the greater accumulative force, and the aggregated tamasic lives of the body of the planetary Entity.

80.         Not much is said about the “planetary Entity”. This is one of the clearest explanations of one of its functions. It is, in a way, a positive function though it can also be understood as a retarding function.

81.         The “planetary Entity” has a heavier vibration and greater accumulative force than the many physical forms which it aggregates and holds to itself.

82.         It should be remembered that “form” per se, is related to the second aspect of divinity, whereas matter/substance is related to the third.

83.         One of the major purposes of the advancing unit of consciousness is to gain release form the “planetary Entity”.

This force works upon the negative, or lowest, aspect of all physical forms.

84.         This is the lowest aspect of the Law of Gravitation. Physical forms have higher and lower aspects and this force works upon the lowest, we are told.

85.         Physical forms may also be considered to have their etheric aspect. From this perspective the dense material aspect of physical form is naturally lower than the etheric aspect.

 The Law of Gravitation shows itself also in the response of the soul of all things to the greater Soul in which the lesser finds itself. 

86.         Here we have a higher application of the law. When studying these laws we must always remain open to their application on various levels of systemic and cosmic life.

87.         The “greater Souls” have an occult gravitational effect upon the ‘lesser souls’.

88.         We seem to be told that in relation to this law, the greater always attracts the lesser, whether in the world of matter/form or of consciousness.

89.         In the following excerpt from the second ray Technique of Integration, this higher form of the Law of Gravitation is at work:

  'Release thyself from all that stands around, for it has naught for thee, so look to me.  I am the One who builds, sustains and draws thee on and up.  Look unto me with eyes of love, and seek the path which leads from the outer circle to the point.

I, at the point, sustain.  I, at the point, attract.  I, at the point, direct and choose and dominate.  I, at the point, love all, drawing them to the centre and moving forward with the travelling points towards that great Centre where the One Point stands. (EP II 355)

This law, therefore, affects the two lowest forms of divine life, but not the highest.  It emanates in the first instance from the physical sun and the heart of the Sun.

90.         It is interesting to hear the soul aspect called one of the “two lowest forms of divine life”.

91.         We are here given the sources of the Law of Gravitation: first the physical sun and then the “Heart of the Sun”.

92.         The type of gravitation sourced in the Heart of the Sun provides eventual release for those entities who are held in the gravitational field sourced in the physical sun. Thus does the world of the soul overcome the world of lower form.

93.         We may infer, the, that the Law of Gravitation is not related to the Central Spiritual Sun—at least not in the way here described.

The final synthesising forces which might be regarded as forms of spiritual gravitational activity are, nevertheless, not so, but are due to the working of another law, emanating from the central spiritual Sun.  The one is purely systemic, the other a cosmic law.

94.         Can we say that this other law (a comic law) is the Law of Synthesis?

95.         Master DK acknowledges that this final drawing together seems like “spiritual gravitational activity” but is not. The law involved is not a systemic but a cosmic law. It emanates from the Central Spiritual Sun which, in this case, seems not to be the monadic nature of the Solar Logos, but a cosmic Source altogether. Can this Source be the "One About Whom Naught May Be Said"?

96.         So, gravitation pertains to the physical sun and to the Heart of the Sun, but not to the level of Spirit (the Central Spiritual Sun), howevermuch similarities may appear.

9. The Law of Planetary Affinity. 

This term is used in the occult teaching specifically in connection with the interaction of the planets with each other and their eventual marriage.

97.         We see that this ninth law is operative on a rather macrocosmic level, though for man, the true macrocosm is the Solar Logos and His solar system.

98.         It would seem that in the process of synthesis and absorption, the planets do marry and merge before their final absorption into the synthesizing planets and into the Sun.

99.         The number nine, numerologically indicates completion.

  As we know, the planetary schemes (the seven sacred planets) will eventually synthesise, or absorb the life of the planets which are not termed sacred and the numerous planetoids, as far as the four kingdoms [Page 1173] of nature are concerned. 

100.      It seems that this synthesizing and absorption concerns only the lower four kingdoms.

101.      The lesser planetary Entities are absorbed into greater planetary Entities and these into the synthesizing schemes, and finally into the Sun, the final synthesizer.

102.      We note that what is absorbed is the “life” of the planets and probably the life aspect (the monadic aspect) of the lives of the four kingdoms of nature.

103.      It is difficult to say which planets will be “sacred” by the time absorption comes. The Earth may well be “sacred” by the time the process begins. Earth, itself, may absorb planets expressing a lesser degree of sacredness. I have speculated upon the order of possible planetary absorption in earlier commentaries.

The absorption of the Spirit aspect proceeds under the Law of Synthesis.

104.      Yes, here it is directly stated. The Law of Synthesis is a cosmic law. It is concerned with the Central Spiritual Sun, as mentioned above. It is, however, connected to the monadic aspect of the Solar Logos (when that aspect is named the “Central Spiritual Sun”)?

105.      Are we hear speaking of the absorption of Monads into great Monads? Yet in all of cosmos the Monad (essentially) is One.

106.      The Monad of man is not a pure Monad. It is accompanied by its vehicle. Even the One Universal Monad has its vehicle—on the highest of all possible universal planes.

 The minor four planetary schemes become first the two, and then the one.  This one, with the major three, forms a second and higher quaternary which again repeats the process, producing from the four, the two, and from the two, the one.

107.      In a previous commentary I have discussed this paragraph in some detail.

108.      As we presently know of only three minor planetary schemes, it would seem that the minor four planetary schemes still consist of sacred planets. Some absorption among non-sacred planets will have already occurred before the absorption here discussed is in process.

109.      Among the sacred planets the four minor planetary schemes are Venus, Mercury, Vulcan and Jupiter. There are various pairs which could be proposed: Mercury with Vulcan or Mercury with Jupiter; Venus with Vulcan and Mercury with Jupiter; Mercury with Venus and Vulcan with Jupiter.

110.      Justifications can be found for any of these types of pairing. What is probable, however, is that Jupiter will be the remaining planet of the sacred lower four and that it will face the three synthesizing planets.

111.      When thinking of the pattern of pairings among Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Uranus, there are again a number of possibilities. Since it seems advisable to leave Neptune and Uranus for the final pairing, it seem logical that Jupiter would merge into Neptune and Saturn into Uranus. Then Uranus and Neptune would merge. Which would be the final planet—Neptune or Uranus? Justifications could be found for either one.

112.      Uranus is the ultimate first ray planet and Neptune the ultimate second ray planet. Usually the first ray is considered the last to remain, and yet we live in a second ray solar system.

113.      This final planet (whether Uranus or Neptune) would merge into the Sun.

114.      At this stage of our knowledge and understanding, the accurate patterns of merging must remain a subject for speculation. It would be important to know the relative status of the four lesser sacred Planetary Logoi as then we could see which planet would be the absorber and which the absorbed. It can be presumed that Jupiter is of higher evolutionary status that Vulcan, Venus or Mercury, but which among these latter three is the most and least advanced. Certainly, Mercury is the ‘oldest’ of the three and Venus (for all its accelerated unfoldment), perhaps spiritually the ‘youngest’, but we have no certainty.

This final one is eventually merged in the Sun, producing in this prolonged process, and over a vast period of time, the appear­ance of the "seven Suns who run together, and thus blaze forth, producing one flaming ball of fire."

115.      DK is here speaking of the climactic solar systemic display of glory. 

116.      Are the seven sacred planets in their etheric natures the “seven Suns who run together” with the absorbing etheric Sun representing “one flaming ball of fire”? Or does the Sun in its etheric nature seem to subdivide in this final demonstration?

117.      Spiritually, we must think of the Planetary Logoi as expression of the chakric nature of the Solar Logos. Since all chakras come from the Monad, the Planetary Logoi may be thought of as emanating from the Monad – at least spiritually or divinely—which is a better descriptor.

118.      However it may be, it is likely that the final demonstration is etheric in nature.

119.      This would precede the taking by the Solar Logos of the fourth initiation, which is also ‘scheduled’ by the conclusion of our solar system. Even the fifth cosmic initiation is a possibility but would not be associated with a phenomenal display as it is possible that for its fifth initiation, the Solar Logos’ phenomenal vehicles (its personality vehicles) would have been destroyed and dispersed – though taking the analogy from the human being, it is also possible that the personality vehicles may remain for the taking of a fifth initiation, as among men, it is possible to take the fourth and fifth initiations in the same life.

On a lesser scale the same law governs the merging of the chains in a scheme.

120.      Again there are higher and lower applications of a given law: in this case, The Law of Planetary Affinity. We must not think of these laws as confined to only one level.

121.      If we are astute we may be able to study the merging of chains and learn something about the merging of schemes and vice-versa. 

122.      When dealing with these mergings we must realize that DK often speaks of ten planetary schemes or even twelve. The correct pattern of merging will have to take these numbers into account. 

123.      One general principle may be correct: the lesser Entities merge into greater Entities, and these greater into still greater. Greater Entities do not begin to merge before lesser Entities have completed their merging.

124.      To understand the systemic mergings is beyond our ken, but to understand the microcosmic mergings within the human energy system (which reflects the greater system) is practically possible.

10. The Law of Solar Union .

When the interplay of the Suns is being dealt with from the material aspect and from the consciousness aspect, this term is occultly used.  It is not possible to enlarge upon it, but only to point out the universality of this Law of Attraction.

125.      This law appears to rule the merging of solar systems. Our Solar Logos for instance, has His polar opposite, and this is probably true of other Solar Logoi Who are related to our Solar Logos.

126.      But our Solar Logos is a member of the lower quaternary in a great being, whereas, Sirius may not be—in fact, probably is not (though Venus, its lower correspondence, is a member of the solar logoic lower quaternary).

127.      Will our Sun/Solar Logos merge with the Sirian Sun/Logos? If so, we would be dealing with the merging of a Sun from the lower quaternary with a Sun from the higher triplicity. This would be an important consideration, and is certainly beyond the possibility of ascertainment—for us.

128.      Would our Sun then correspond to the planet Jupiter when it, hypothetically, merges with one of the three synthesizing planets?

129.      If the Law of Attraction is universal, the merging of Suns/Logoi must be followed by the merging of Constellational Logoi and Their constellations. The process would continue until galaxies are found merging and families of galaxies and still greater groupings. Eventually all would merge into the One and Only Form of Cosmos—the Form of the Universal Logos.