Fellowship of Cosmic Fire

Commentary Semester IX Section VIII

TCF 1152-1154 : S9S8 Part II


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3. Triangular Linking.

Enough has been indicated in this Treatise to show the general plan underlying and accounting for systemic emergence


1.            This denotes incarnation as a rhythmic process.


 or incarnation, and it is not my purpose here to enlarge at great length.  Just as it is not possible for man in an early incarnation to conceive of the effects of evolution upon him and to realise the nature of the man upon the Path, so it is not possible for even great [Page 1153] systemic existences to conceive (except in the broadest and most general terms) of the nature of the solar Logos, and of the effect evolution will have on Him.


2.            We might consider the Planetary Logoi as “great systemic existences”. We can imagine that there is much about the life and evolution of the Solar Logos which is beyond their understanding.

3.            And yet the Tibetan tells us a great deal about the Solar Logos (in general terms). We are far from being “great systemic existences”, but we have been told enough to gather some conception of the life, nature and destiny of this great Being, the Solar Logos, and of our evolution within His ring-pass-not (for as long as we, as Monads, express within that ring-pass-not).


Suffice it to add, anent this matter, that when certain vast cosmic alignments have been made and the energy from the logoic causal ovoid


4.            Thus, we are told that the causal body of the Solar Logos is an “ovoid” and is not a sphere, as is the case with some human causal bodies.

5.            The “vast cosmic alignments” are probably occurring within the "One About Whom Naught May Be Said" in which our Solar Logos plays a small but significant part.


 on the cosmic mental planes is able to flow unim­peded through to the physical plane atom (our solar system) great eventualities and unconceived of possibilities will then take place.


6.            This alignment is a higher correspondence to the type of alignment which must occur for the human being on the physical plane in relation to his own causal body.

7.            Even our higher microcosmic possibilities are not revealed until this type of alignment occurs—for the human being.

8.            From the macrocosmic perspective, we can assume that the logoic astral body and mental body present some form of impediment to this type of unimpeded flow from the logoic causal body. Microcosmically, so it is for a human being. As above, so below.

9.            We note that our solar system is called a physical plane atom. By analogy, and microcosmically, the etheric-physical nature of a human being could be called a “physical plane atom”.

10.         We note that DK did not call the solar system the physical permanent atom.

11.         The cosmic mental plane is intended to be a great source of inspiration for our solar system. So it is for the human being on the physical plane; the higher mental plane is intended to be a great source of inspiration.


Certain phenomena likewise of a secondary nature to this major happening will also take place as the cycles slip away which may be generally summarised as follows:


12.         We are being informed of a very big picture, the acquisition of which serves to stabilize our consciousness and inspire us. The details which are given to us are not immediately practicable, but they serve as points of motivation towards the “Great Beyond” and thus heighten our aspiration—always useful.


        First.  Certain systemic triangles will be formed which will permit of the interplay of energy between the different planetary schemes, and thus bring to more rapid maturity the plans and purposes of the Lives concerned.


13.         We can apply this idea microcosmically. When certain of the chakric triangles in the human energy system are formed, the chakras themselves will undergo more rapid evolution.

14.         We could think of a number of important triangles within the solar system and how a better flow of energy within these triangles could advance the development of the Planetary Logoi involved. I will list a few important triangles involving the Earth.

a.            Earth—Venus—Mercury

b.            Earth—Mars—Venus

c.            Earth—Jupiter—Saturn

d.            Earth—Vulcan—Pluto

15.         I have undertaken an analysis of many systemic triangles long ago, and must bring this forward in coherent form.



It should be noted here that when we are considering the trans­mission of energy through alignment and through the forming of certain triangles, it is always in connection with the energy of the first aspect.


16.         The three and the one are united as is the case in esotericism. The third aspect of divinity and the first are closely aligned.


  It deals with the transmission of electric fire.


17.         This reminds us that in esoteric astrology when dealing with triangular relationships between signs or planets as opposed to stars or crosses, it is the Spirit that is indicated.


“The squares or quaternaries relate to material appearance or form expression; the stars concern the states of consciousness, and the triangles are related to spirit and to synthesis. In the archives of the esoteric astrologers connected with the Hierarchy, charts are kept of those members of the human family who have achieved adeptship and upwards. They are composed of superimposed squares, stars and triangles, contained within the zodiacal wheel and mounted upon the symbol of the Cardinal Cross. The squares, having each of their four angles and points in one or other of four zodiacal constellations, are depicted in black; the five-pointed star is depicted yellow or golden colour and its five points are in contact with five of the constellations on the great wheel; the triangles are in blue and have, above each point of the triangle, an esoteric symbol, standing for the constellations of the Great Bear, Sirius and the Pleiades. These symbols may not here be revealed but indicate the point of spiritual consciousness achieved and the responsiveness of the initiate to these major cosmic influences. A glance at these geometrical charts will indicate in a moment the status of the initiate, and also the point towards which he is striving. These charts are fourth dimensional in nature and not flat surfaces as are our charts. This is an interesting piece of information but of no value, except in so far that it indicates synthesis, the fusion of spirit, soul and body, and the point of development. It [Page 306] proves also the fact that "God geometrises" where the soul is concerned. These charts are most interesting.” (EA 305-306)


  It is important to bear this in mind, as it preserves the analogy between the macrocosm and the microcosm with accuracy.


18.         Within our own microcosmic energy system, the spiritual triad is a triangle and represents the Spirit. The Monad or Spirit is also a triangle consisting of Will, Wisdom and Activity.

19.         The one and the three are everywhere connected.


        Second.  A final systemic triangle will be formed which will be one of supreme force,


20.         Because this triangle is a “systemic triangle” we can see that it must occur within the solar system.

21.         This triangle “of supreme force” might well be the triangle of synthesizing planets—Saturn, Neptune and Uranus.

22.         The triangle between the Three Persons of the Logoic Trinity could be considered super-systemic. Such a triangle might or might not have planetary expression.


 for it will be utilised by the abstracted essence and energies of the septenate of schemes


23.         Does Master DK mean the seven schemes appearing in Chart VI, in TCF? Or is does the septenate consist only of the sacred planetary schemes?


 as the negative basis for the reception of positive electric energy. 


24.         This is a deeply occult statement and there is no certainty that we will be able to interpret it accurately.

25.         We must question whether this triangle will exist between planetary schemes as they exist now (i.e., materially), or between the abstracted essences of planetary schemes.

26.         On the other hand, this triangle may not consist of the three synthesizing planets at all, but may be a lower type of triangle which acts as the “negative basis” for higher planetary energies already abstracted which may have merged with the higher two synthesizing schemes.

27.         In this case we could have:

a.            The source of the positive electrical energy—perhaps the energies of Uranus and Neptune

b.            The abstracted essence of the seven planetary schemes (including Saturn), together acting as intermediaries between positive and negative

c.            The triangle in question acting as a negative basis or pole for the positive energies.

28.         Or, Uranus could be the point of positive electrical energy; Neptune a planet of meditation; and Saturn and six surrounding planets (once in a state of abstracted essence) serving as “the negative basis for the reception of positive electric energy”. All triangles must have three points and so, in this case, an intermediary point would be needed—Neptune perhaps serving as that point.

29.         If the triangle in question is a “negative basis” it is hard to conceive of it as the triangle of the three synthesizing planets.

30.         Of importance to realize is that many events and relations occurring in the later days of our solar system will occur between the abstracted essences and energies of the formerly fully embodied planetary schemes.


This electric energy is able to circulate through the schemes owing to the bringing about of a cosmic alignment.


31.         We need to gather that circulation is always dependent upon the quality of alignment.

32.         The source or positive energy of which we are speaking seems to be cosmic in nature rather than systemic.


  It is the bringing in of this terrific spiritual force during the final stages of manifestation which results in the blazing forth of the seven suns.23


33.         What analogy can we draw from what we know about the conflagration of the human causal body at the fourth initiation? The "Jewel in the Lotus" is sevenfold and may display as seven jewels in the blazing forth of the causal body.

34.         The “seven suns” however, are probably cosmic etheric in nature rather than demonstrations upon the higher levels of the cosmic mental plane where the solar "Jewel in the Lotus" is found.

35.         We must question whether there is an etheric reflection of the causal blazing forth at the time of the fourth initiation.

36.         The destruction of the logoic causal body will, we suspect, occur towards the end of this present solar system, even though another solar system is to follow, for our Solar Logos is to take His fourth or fifth cosmic initiation in this solar system!

37.         This means that our next solar system might be more in the nature of a mayavirupa—a will-created body, just as is the case for the manifesting human being following the fourth initiation.

38.         Will the cosmic source of the energy which will cause the disintegration of the solar system have an analogy to the human Monad, for some of the force which destroys the human causal body is drawn from the human Monad.

39.         Some idea of the process may be gathered from the following, though it refers Planetary Logoi rather than to the Solar Logos:


Again the Kumaras are embodied principles, but in this connection we must remember that this means that the force and energy of one of the principles of the Logos are pouring through Them via that which—to Them—corresponds to the Monad.  Through Them, during Their period of incarnation and voluntary sacrifice, the great Prototype of the planetary Logos begins to make His Presence felt, and force from the constellation of the Great Bear faintly vibrates on earth. (TCF 752)


Footnote 23:
The rising and setting of the Sun symbolises manifestation and obscuration.—S. D., II, 72.


40.         This is one of the great symbols of the universal process.


Pralaya is of different kinds:—

1.   Cosmic pralaya....The obscuration of the three suns, or of three solar systems.


41.         We assume there is a very lengthy period which occurs after the major three solar systems have run their course.

42.         Generally, in the old chronologies, periods of pralaya are equivalent to periods of manifestation. Thus, the pralaya would last as long as the duration of the three solar systems, IF those solar systems are sequential as seems to be the case.

43.         Additionally, such a Cosmic Pralaya might include a period as long as three solar systems and the pralayas of those solar systems!


2.   Solar pralaya....The obscuration of a system at the end of one hundred years of Brahma.  Period between solar systems.


44.         This, of course, is a period of immense duration. We can read the numbers but they cannot mean much to us because (if the Hindu Chronology is correct) we are speaking of trillions of Earth-years.

45.         We should bear in mind that pralayas of far greater duration than the ones here listed are also part of the entirety of the Great Cosmos, the Universe in its totality. Pondering on these durations should put our little incarnations into perspective.


3.   Incidental pralaya....The obscuration of a scheme.  Period between manvantaras.


46.         The term “manvantara” is deeply blinded. We do not know whether we are speaking of the duration of a planetary scheme, a planetary chain or the duration of planetary globes. The term “manvantaras” can also indicate a chain round.

47.         There are also what we might call ‘systemic rounds’ during which the solar life-impulse moves from planetary scheme to planetary scheme. Such great rounds would account for periods of planetary activity and relative latency.

48.         We can judge that there are many kinds of manvantaras.

49.         How many incarnations does a Planetary Logos undergo in a single solar system. There is sound reason to think—only one, for the Planetary Logoi are as chakras to the Solar Logos Who has but one incarnation, and chakras cannot ‘come and go’ in any coherent energy system though they can go through periods of activity and latency.

50.         But the different parts of a planetary scheme may undergo obscurations and pralayas. Still there will be laws to be followed for they, too, are chakras and a certain number of chakras are necessary if the life of any system is to be sustained.

51.         If “manvantaras” mean “rounds” then we are taking about periods of activation within a planetary scheme and periods of quiescence or pralaya. This is understandable.


Man repeats this at seventh, fifth initiations and at each rebirth in three worlds.


52.         This is a fascinating piece of occult information. We are told of a long interval (a kind of pralaya) which may follow the fifth initiation. Of course we may wonder whether the changes which have occurred in hierarchical procedure have not affected this process. Much that was once undertaken at the fifth initiation has been deferred until the sixth initiation. Choosing one of the Seven Paths used to occur after the fifth initiation; now it occurs at the sixth.

53.         We are to expect, probably, an even longer pralaya after the seventh initiation. What could be the duration of such a pralaya? Would it last as long as the time taken to reach the seventh initiation from the time a human being passed through individualization? Are the Buddha and the Christ (now in process of completing the seventh initiation) due to experience such a pralaya?

54.         We know, on a smaller scale, that each human incarnation is followed by a kind of pralaya on the subtle planes and later within the causal body before renewing approach to incarnation.

55.         Clearly, there is so much about the Science of Cycles which is unknown to us and without which no true interpretation of the timing in the development of man can be determined. The Masters know the “times and seasons” and thus their judgment of time is far wiser than ours. They know the periods in which tasks must be completed. Additional opportunities to complete may be a long time in coming.


The Pleiades are the centre around which our solar system revolves.—S. D., II, 251, 581, 582.


56.         This is one of those amazing statement with which present day astronomers will take great exception. They do not think it is possible, based upon the laws of physics as presently understood.

57.         Yet, this assertion is frequently repeated in our literature and, if true, represents a stupendous statement. Of course it is true—but there still remain important questions about whether the statement is to be interpreted literally on the dense physical plane, or whether it represents a deeper, inner truth—or whether both are true.

58.         We do know that the Pleiades are hugely important to our solar system, our zodiacal constellations and to the various constellations in our local cosmosystem. In fact, the Pleiades may be the “Hub of the Wheel” as far as that cosmic system is concerned.


The Sun is the kernel and matrix of all in the solar system.—S. D., I, 309, 310, 590, 591.


59.         These words are not used arbitrarily. We are speaking of centrality and etheric extension. The solar system is underlay by the etheric body of the Solar Logos.


Kernel comes from the same word as corn.

Compare the words in Bible:—

"Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die it abideth alone, but if it die it bringeth forth much fruit."


60.         Through this Biblical saying, we are being taught something about the Solar Logos’ relation to sacrifice. The will of the Solar Logos is to sacrifice for all B/beings contained within His ring-pass-not.

61.         We have a similar though far lesser destiny which we will discover when we identify with the nature of solar energies within our energy system.


The Sun is governed by the same laws as all other atoms.—S. D., I, 168, 667.


62.         The Sun is an atom. Through the Law of Analogy, if we know the laws according to which the Sun expresses its nature, we will know the same for the tiny atom of substance. Likewise, knowledge of the nature of the atom of substance will throw light upon the nature of the Sun.


Though the seven have become the three, this is only in [Page 1154] connection with the dense physical planets.


63.         We have much to learn about the nature of synthesis, obscuration, absorption and pralaya at the end of a solar system. The processes described such as the blazing forth of the “Seven Suns” are etheric in nature.

64.         It can be expected that as the solar system moves towards its pralaya, fewer and fewer dense physical planets will exist, but what of the planets which have dropped their dense physical shell? They may exist in their etheric bodies. Later those etheric bodies may be absorbed into the etheric bodies of greater planets.


 The blazing forth spoken of in the occult books and in the Secret Doctrine is in etheric matter;


65.         This is the statement on which to focus. We are not speaking of a final dense physical conflagration.


it is this etheric fiery energy which brings to a consummation (and so destroys) the remaining three major schemes.


66.         This destruction, we may suspect, is not simultaneous but sequential.

67.         Is DK telling us that the blazing forth of the “Seven Suns” is instrumental in destroying the remaining planetary schemes

68.         As is said in Esoteric Healing when describing the processes of the fourth initiation, “the form then severs the connection”

69.         DK’s statement above leads us to wonder how the earlier schemes (no longer existent physically) were destroyed. Is the destruction of the final three a special type of destruction compared to the destruction of the other planetary schemes?

70.         We note the phrase “the remaining three major schemes”. Could there also be minor schemes remaining (three perhaps) providing the negative basis for positive electrical energy as discussed above?

71.         To know these things is not of immediate practical value except to suggest the beauty of the Divine Plan. We also must learn something of value concerning our own chakra system during the final days of necessary expression through the human kingdom.


In this we have a correspondence to the burning of the causal body at the fourth Initiation through the merging of the three fires.  It is only a correspondence, and the details must not be pushed too far.


72.         We can see that Master DK is sounding a cautionary note.

73.         The analogy to the three major schemes (as found in humanity) can be understood in various ways. Perhaps this is one way: Saturn represents the three atomic units in the atomic triangle; Neptune represents the nine petals in the egoic lotus or perhaps even twelve petals; Uranus could represent the "Jewel in the Lotus" or the "Jewel in the Lotus" and the synthesis petals.

74.         There are many possible correspondences. For man at the fourth initiation, we can also expect an etheric “blazing forth”. Additionally, for man, we find a blazing forth upon the plane of higher mind whereon the causal body is focused.


The Saturn scheme is esoterically regarded as having absorbed the "frictional fires of systemic space"; Neptune is looked upon as the repository of the "solar flames," and Uranus as the home of "fire electric."


75.         Here we have another occult statement of profound value. The “frictional fires of systemic space” concern the personality natures of perhaps all planets, but certainly the non-sacred planets and lesser sacred planets.

76.         Neptune has a correlation with the Heart of the Sun and no doubt expresses the energy of that “Heart” within the solar system. It is in the Heart of the Sun (upon the higher cosmic mental plane) that the “solar flames” reside.

77.         A connection of Neptune with the petals of the solar Egoic Lotus can certainly be reasoned, for Neptune is ultimately the planet of love and the petals of any type of egoic lotus express love.

78.         The Monad of Uranus is on the first ray (EP I 420) and so its association with the electric fire of the "Jewel in the Lotus" is not farfetched.

79.         We can be quite sure that Saturn, Neptune and Uranus are the last three dense physical planets to remain in our solar system. By that time all the other planets will have lost their dense physical bodies and will be in an etheric state—a state perhaps initially independent of the synthesizing planets or later absorbed into the etheric nature of those synthesizing planets.


When, through extra-systemic activity based upon three causes:

1.  Logoic alignment,


80.         Presumably between the systemic body and the causal body of the Solar Logos.


2.  The taking of a logoic Initiation,


81.         Presumably the fourth initiation of the Solar Logos.


3.  The action of the "ONE ABOUT WHOM NAUGHT MAY BE SAID,"


82.         This is cosmic stimulation and is analogous to the manner in which the human Monad participates in the destruction of the human causal body and dense physical body (and personality) at the time of the fourth initiation.


these three schemes are simultaneously stimulated and the fires pass from one to another in a triangular manner, they then too pass into obscuration.


83.         The obscuration of the dense physical planets is, we see, based upon three grand requirements: alignment, initiation and superior, extraneous action.

84.         Might we not say that the activation of the various triangles within our own energy system would be based upon the same three factors? We align; we take initiation; the Solar Angel or our Monad takes action.


 Naught is left save the blazing etheric suns and these—through very intensity of burning—dissipate with great rapidity.


85.         DK presents a vision of fiery consummation—etheric consummation. The destiny of incarnational life (whether human, planetary, systemic or cosmic) is cessation through fire.

86.         We are on our way to this fiery consummation, and once it is completed, countless such consummations lie before us.

87.         The following from A Treatise on Cosmic Fire may shed light upon the process from the microcosmic angle:


“The centres, therefore, when functioning properly, form the "body of fire" which eventually is all that is left, first to man in the three worlds, and later to the Monad.  This body of fire is "the body incorruptible"72 or indestructible, spoken of by St. Paul, and is the product of evolution, of the perfect blending of the three fires, which ultimately destroy the form.  When the form is destroyed there is left this intangible spiritual body of fire, one pure flame, distinguished by seven brilliant centres of intenser burning.  This electric fire is the result of the bringing together of the two poles and demonstrates at the moment of complete at-one-ment, the occult truth of the words "Our God is a consuming Fire."73 (TCF 166-167)