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Dear Fellow Students of A Treatise on Cosmic Fire,


We have a very deep section of text for this fortnight's work. It deals with motion--the usual three types of motion are included. But important and perhaps unexpected discriminations exist. There are five types of motion discussed, when only three are usually considered.

1. Rotary Motion

2. Cyclic Activity

3. Spiral-Cyclic Motion

4. Spiraling Progression

5. Progress Onward


It begins to dawn that spiral-cyclic activity, usually considered a solidly second ray type of motion, is rather a combination of the will aspect and the love aspect. 'Spirality' belongs to the first ray according to Master DK. 'Cyclicity' to the second ray. And spiral-cyclic motion is a hybrid of these two types.


We also have to learn to discriminate "cyclic motion" (which I might term 'gently progressive') from "spiral-cyclic motion" which is strongly elevative.


It becomes clear that the whole process of initiation represents the strong expression of spiral-cyclic motion and that those who simply go along, rising with the mass over time, are demonstrating "cyclic activity".


Master DK goes more deeply into these matters than He has in previous sections of text.


There are also some excellent analogies between the groupings of Lipika Lords in our solar system and the structure of the egoic lotus. It seems that the synthesis petals, the ordinary nine petals and the members of the atomic triangle, all correspond to certain categories of Lipikas. We see how karma is administered by groupings of Solar Angels Who underlie and pervade the structure of our egoic lotus. Truly the Law of Analogy is the great interpretive law of the system. We have to become adept at its use.


He also gives more information on the ray cycles. There are cycles which last under 1000 years, but also those which last 1000, 2500, 5000, 9000, and 15,000 years.


The intricacy of the tapestry of energies in which we are perforce involved is staggering. He warns us about dogmatizing concerning these ray cycles. Tantalizing hints are given which help us realize that we have only slightly lifted the hem on the garment of cyclic mystery.


I would suggest you go deeply into these matters. We will not be able to arrive at any firm conclusions about the intricate patterning of all cycles. In fact there are just so many major and minor cycles about which we know nothing, but we will get the impression that we are on our way towards the apprehension of the Science of the Initiates, as many hundreds or thousands of years as it may take to ascertain what They already know.


Many Blessings and Solid Endurance,