Dear Fellow Students of A Treatise on Cosmic Fire,

It is the New Moon in Taurus and I am writing you from Mesa Arizona, where we are holding the 23rd annual Conference of the University of the Seven Rays and Seven Ray Institute. We will be thinking of you as a group standing in support of the deepening and spread of the Ageless Wisdom.

In the Commentary for this period, Semester 8 Section 6 Part I.2, we are studying the last three Rules of Magic for the mental plane.

We are presented with some fascinating material concerning the use of the will as the magician “drives his thoughtform from him”. Certain petals in the egoic lotus (will petals) are involved in this process, but DK does not specify which one or ones.

The role of the Ego (egoic will) in the magical process is emphasized. Without the propulsive will of the Ego the white magical process would never occur.

The process of “driving the thoughtform from him” does not constitute its release onto the dense physical plane. In fact, the next phase of the thoughtform’s mission is to enter the astral plane and take to itself matter of that plane. (Matter of the astral plane definitely exists, even though from a certain perspective, we have been thought to consider the astral plane as non-existent.)

DK discusses the reasons why so many magicians fail in their task of driving the thoughtform from them, adding that their failure is fortunate. The modern magician lacks the knowledge of the words or sounds which will make this possible—though under certain circumstance the words or sounds can be recovered from the soul (under intensity of feeling) or are conferred to the magician by those who know. Also without their knowledge or cooperation, thoughtforms created by unwary magicians can be utilized by members of the White Lodge and also the Black Lodge.

We must conclude that only the power to meditate strongly and effectively will make it possible to take the first steps towards becoming true white magicians.

The ‘Age of the Magicians’ is rapidly approaching, and thus we have to become very cognizant of the magical methods which are sanctioned by the Great White Lodge. Additionally, we have to prove ourselves to be trustworthy if we wish to have the ancient formulas communicated to us by a Member of the Great White Lodge. Our moral orientation has much to do with our trustworthiness. DK informs us of the prevailing selfishness of most human beings; hence, at this time, the ancient formulas are for the most part unavailable to them.

It is very interesting that the Solar Angel knows the words and sounds. When a man is under the influence of his Angel the formulas may come to him. But when not under the Solar Angel’s influence, he cannot retrieve the formulas. This assures that the formulas will be correctly used.

The Fifth Rule deals with the safety of the magician as he creates. The alliance of the heart, throat and eye are discussed. Safety is at least partially assured if the magician allows no perversion of the Solar Angel’s original intent to enter his mind and heart. If the thoughtform is not properly released, it will return to the sender and will wreak havoc within his vehicles. The safeguarding of his desire nature is most important for the magician’s safety. It largely determines the “condition of the waters” into which the mentally created thoughtform is sent.

Students will find the Tibetan’s commentary very rich. There are imparted many jewel’s of occultism.

The astral devas are considered the most dangerous with which the magician must deal. DK explains why this is the case. The Solar Angel’s protection, available on the lower mental plane, is not to the same degree available on the astral plane. Hence the need for extreme caution!

Protection for the magician working on the astral plane is imparted by one of the petals in the love tier of the egoic lotus. The petals are seen to be active in the magical process and not merely passive recipients of accumulated quality.

Another interesting subject to be dealt with is the transmutative effect of contemplation—both the contemplation of the Solar Angel and of the magician in deep meditation.

Information relating the opening of the third eye to the opening of the sacrifice petals of the egoic lotus is given. This tells us that the opening of the third eye is not an instantaneous happening, but may span many lives—for it takes many lives to fully open the sacrifice tier.

Rule VI, the final Rule of the Mental Plane is also discussed briefly. These Rules are far more completely discussed in A Treatise on White Magic, a book which probably should be studied parallel to our present studies in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire.

Rule VI deals with the disempowering of the personality in the magical process. The four personality elementals lose their master; the personality is no longer in control.

Read very carefully, pondering deeply, what the Tibetan is saying. He is packing much essential occultism into just a few words. He is unfolding the practical occultism of the future.

In Light, Love and Power,